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OCEAN BLITZ is an Android game with a release date of 11/26/2015 from CHIH FENG CHEN. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Character Attribute Overview
  3. Skills and Abilities Guide
  4. Types and combat mechanics of warships
  5. Basic and Resource Structures Guide
  6. Worldwide Resource Sources
  7. Hull Features
  8. Donate Questions

Ocean Blitz: A Beginner’s Guide

How to level up faster? Most experience is given for completing the tasks of the main plot. In addition, experience rewards are awarded for daily quests and battles.

What to do if the energy value is insufficient? Either wait for a recovery, or click on the avatar area in the upper left corner of the main interface to open the player information panel and click on the arrow next to the energy value to buy.

Is it possible to get resources after the resource value has reached the upper limit? When using a resource box, the value of resources may temporarily go beyond the upper limit, but if the value of resources exceeds the upper limit, then production stops, collected and captured resources also cannot exceed the upper limit. If exceeded, the value will be reset to the limit.

Can a character’s abilities be reset? If you are unhappy with the current abilities of the character, then you can press the reset button in the abilities interface to reset and redistribute the abilities. To reset ability points, you need to spend gold coins.

How do I enter the store? Click the "Items" button at the very bottom of the interface and your backpack and store interface will be displayed on the screen.

How can I find out the coordinates of other players? Click on the screen icon in the lower left corner to switch the area. When you switch to "world", the "Coordinate Bar" button will appear in the upper right corner. Enter the coordinates and click "search".

Why, on the enemy invasion panel, I first saw that the enemy would not reach my base soon, and then the timer suddenly disappeared and the enemy captured the base? The enemy used gold coins or reduced the time for the advance of the troops and immediately began the battle.

How to build an oil well? When your command center reaches level 10, you will be able to build an oil well offshore at the bottom right of the screen.

What to do if the resources are insufficient? Raising the level of resource structures, seizing resource sources, robbing other players and making purchases in the store - all these methods can make up for a shortage of resources.

How do I activate more building structures? As your VIP level rises, you can activate the purchase limit for more building structures.

Will low tier warships be useless in the future? You can convert a low-tier warship to a high-tier warship with a refurbishment shipyard without making any difference in the total amount of resources spent.

What if I am constantly attacked? You can use the redeployment order and the base will leave the current coordinates. You can also use the protective cover tool to activate the game without opponents.

How to join the corps? When your command center reaches level 5, you will be able to request a list of buildings from which you can select one and apply for membership.

How to increase the number of led ships? The number of led ships can be increased as your leadership level increases.

How to improve your military rank? When you reach the appropriate level by spending a certain amount of rare earth elements, you can increase your military rank.

How to increase combat power? You need to make sure that all the elements of your battleships are of the highest level, increase the level of leadership and a variety of skills, abilities, etc.

How do I change my account? Select on the bottom of the functional panel "Settings" - "Change account".

How do I change the server? Select the "Settings" - "Server List" functional panel located at the bottom.

How to secure the base? Click on the war center construction at the base. In the interface that opens, select Build - Maximum Combat Merit. Create an army defending the base, this will take into account the influence of your leadership.

How do I add an advanced tuning? As your VIP level rises, you can activate the purchase limit for more advanced lines.

How to use the received tools? Click on the items on the lower function panel, then select the desired tool.

Why does the map look so blank? Wait. The game is currently reading the image on this card, the speed is limited by your network speed.

How do I move the base? When using the redeployment order, the base will randomly move to any empty place on the map, and using the superior redeployment order, you can yourself indicate an empty place on the map to move the base.

How do I send a private message to another user? Click on the name of the player you want to send a message to in the chat frame and select the option to start a private conversation.

How do I send an email to another user? Click on the name of the player you want to send the email to.

How do I complete the daily quest? Go to the quest interface, click on the daily quest on the right side, and then get one of the quests. You can get the next task only after completing the previous one. The higher the number of stars, the greater the reward and the more difficult the task.

Ocean Blitz: Character Attribute Overview

Leadership. Leadership is the number of fighters the player is leading. As the leadership level increases, the upper limit on the number of the player’s led ships can be increased. To improve the level of leadership, a "Leadership Book" is needed. The Leadership Book can be obtained by purchasing, attacking a resource source, or through related events.

Combat power. When calculating the combat power, only the combat merit of the strongest army, which can be made up of all current battleships, is taken into account. Combat power can be obtained by producing high-class battleships, researching skills, increasing abilities, increasing the level of leadership, etc.

If you cannot increase your combat merit through the production of battleships, then try to proceed according to the above methods.

Military rank. Raising a military rank allows you to receive more rewards in the form of reputation: The higher the military rank, the higher the reputation you can get. To increase the military rank, it is necessary that the character has reached a predetermined level. The increase occurs through the consumption of the corresponding amount of rare earth elements.

Reputation. The reputation level represents the upper limit of the skill research level. Reputation can be obtained in ceremonial awards, when capturing locations, donating to the Corps or in Events.

Ocean Blitz: Skills and Abilities Guide

Skill instruction. Increasing the level and disclosing the character’s skills should take place through the "research center". Increasing the skill level is limited by the level of reputation and requires a expenditure of resources and time. Only one skill can be researched at a time, but when the VIP level rises, a standby formation can be added.

Skill types. The hero has the following skills:

Character abilities. Increasing the level of abilities allows you to significantly increase the combat power of the Player’s army. To increase the level of abilities, it is necessary to spend a certain number of "Orders of Glory" of the corresponding level. The Order of Glory can be obtained in battles for locations, when attacking Resource Sources, in the Lucky Lottery, on the Corpus Instance and in events. Ability types:

Ocean Blitz: Types and combat mechanics of warships

Types of ships. You will find the following types of ships in the game:

Self-control. Note the dependence of warships:

Replace the type of troops. The strength level of battleships of the first 4 levels corresponds to the level of a shipyard, and the strength of each new battleship exceeds that of the previous one, but starting from level 5, in order to ensure equal rivalry between battleships of each type, all battleships have 58 strength levels.

Attack order. When attacking a location or world sources of resources, the attacking side goes first. When attacking a Base or Resource Sources belonging to another Player, the defending side goes first.

Capture. When defeating an army guarding another player’s base, you can get 10% of the protected resources not yet stored in the warehouse, but their total number should not exceed the maximum tonnage of the flotilla. When you defeat an army guarding the source of another player’s resources, you can get all the resources produced by the army previously stationed there, as well as continue the production of resources until it is fully loaded.

Combat losses. During a battle or battle for a location marked on the world map, 80% of damaged battleships can be sent to a repair plant.

Ocean Blitz: Basic and Resource Structures Guide

Command center. To increase the volume of production and the capacity of all resources, to increase the level of all other structures, it is necessary to increase the level of the command center. At each level 2, the command center unlocks one common resource source, can automatically select an Fe plant, an AI mine, or a Ti mine. The maximum number of active sources of resources is 29. An oil well is opened at every 10th level, currently the maximum number of active wells is 5.

Research Center. The Research Center allows you to improve resource skills and battle skills, increases resource production and strengthens fighting troops. The maximum skill level is limited by the character’s reputation level.

Shipyard. Allows the production of warships, for each increase in the level of structures by one, the production speed of a shipyard increases by 5%. Raising the level of the shipyard will allow the production of higher tier flotillas.

Shipyard for reconstruction of ships. Allows you to convert low-tier warships into higher-tier warships, with each increase in the level of structures by one, the speed of reconstruction increases by 5%. For example: to produce a medium-sized battleship, you need to consume a light battleship and a certain amount of resources and time.

Assembly workshop. You can make props, for the purchase of which you need to spend diamonds.

Warehouse. Increases the capacity of all resource warehouses, and also protects these resources from being captured by other players.

Resource structures. These include:

Ocean Blitz: Worldwide Resource Sources

Description. Global Resource Sources are a fast way for players to obtain resources Players can send troops to seize the world’s resource sources and obtain additional resources. The higher the level of the resource source, the faster the collection rate. After collecting, the player must return the army himself. Each resource source has a level from 2 to 50, the higher the level, the stronger the defensive army of the resource source. The player can determine the strength of the defensive troops of the resource sources using reconnaissance.

A type. The world’s sources of resources are divided into five types, namely:

Ocean Blitz: Hull Features

Corpus creation. When a player’s command center reaches level 5, he can spend resources to create his own corps. There are two types of spending on building a corpus:

Entry into the corps. Click on the building structure and open the list of buildings to join. Choose corps with active participants, preferably from the TOP-3 corps rating.

List of participants. Until a corps member is logged into the game, the member’s information in the corps ’list of participants’ will be grayed out. Through this interface, the player can view personal information and other information about the corps members, and the corps leader can use this interface to direct other corps members.

Exit the case. If the player leaves the corps, then his sacrifice becomes zero and when re-joining the corps is not restored. If a player leaves a corps, then he can no longer receive accruals of corps skills.

Hull level. Raising the level of the body allows you to open more skills, increase the limit of the skill level, increase the maximum number of people. Up to level 30 with an increase of 2 levels, the maximum number of people in the corps increases by 1. Also, the corps level is the limit of the corps skill level.

Corps mail. Corps mail is sent to all corps members. Corps mail can only be sent by the corps commander. No more than 5 letters can be sent every day.

Corps donations. To increase the level and skills of the corps, resource donations from all participants are required. Participants in the corps can make a donation from each resource every day no more than 6 times. As donations increase, the amount of each resource increases, the resources needed to consume resources also increase, and the rewards received become more generous.

If the user replaces the donation of resources with diamonds, then the skill points and the reward for the donation are doubled!

Corps skills. These include:

Assistance in the defense of the corps. Players of the same corps can send troops to each other to replace the defense forces. At the player’s base, more than 5 joint defense forces cannot be waiting for an order. Players can only select 1 pending joint defense force as a defense force. The Joint Defense Forces panel shows only the 5 Joint Defense Forces with the shortest time to reach the target.

If the number of troops in a state of waiting for an order does not reach 5, then you can continue to send joint defensive troops to the target. When joint defensive troops are deployed at the player’s base, he cannot leave the corps or change location.

Ocean Blitz: Donate Questions

How do I get the VIP level? Raising the VIP level allows you to increase the production, research and construction structure, increase the number of simultaneously fighting troops, and increase the number of attempts to buy energy. To increase your VIP level, buy diamonds:

My VIP has reached level 3. Why was no building order added? When your VIP level meets the requirements for adding a new building order, you need to click the plus sign on the shortcut bar on the right side of the main interface to buy a building order.

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