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Olympus Rising WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

OLYMPUS RISING is an Android game with release date 2.05.2016 from Flaregames. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Hero and Item Guide
  3. Which Heroes to Choose?
  4. Hero Skills Guide
  5. Combat Mechanics Guide
  6. Hero Placement Strategy
  7. Secrets of Winning Battles
  8. How to Protect Your Island?
  9. City Buildings Overview
  10. Ways to Get Currency and Items
  11. Prestige System, how to play as Zeus and Hades?
  12. All About Trophies
  13. Alliance Guide
  14. Conducting the Alliance War
  15. Odyssey Event
  16. Collecting Titan Rewards

Olympus Rising: A Beginner’s Guide

What does the hero do on the defensive? The level of the hero does not affect the strength of your defense. Placing a hero on an island simply reduces the likelihood that the island will be lost to a hostile player. To lose a protected island, your defense must be passed a certain number of times. However, undefended islands can be lost and no one can break your defenses. If you are beaten a certain number of times, the hero will be thrown back to Mount Olympus. The Hero that is sent back is selected randomly, but the Heroes of the higher level are less likely to be sent back.

What determines which opponents appear on my islands? Matchmaking is based on levels. Players are matched by comparing their individual climbing levels. At the beginning of the game, there will generally be easier opponents, the level of which is the same as yours, or even slightly lower. As you level up and unlock more island areas, the game will begin to present you with opponents whose ascension level is higher than yours, which means that their defenses are potentially stronger, making them harder to defeat.

What is the difference between defended and undefended islands? Any of your islands are protected while the Hero is on it. Islands without Heroes are not protected. Protected islands are only lost when another player actually hits your defenses. Then the Hero who defended this island returns to Mount Olympus. Having strong defenses reduces the likelihood of losing defended islands as your base becomes more difficult to defeat.

The undefended islands are regularly conquered by new opponents with whom you have to fight. This happens automatically and they don’t need to defeat your base in battle. This way, you will always have enough opponents to attack. The number of islands you can defend at the same time is limited by the number of heroes you unlock. Having more heroes allows you to defend more islands. Protected islands produce far more resources than undefended islands.

You should always place your heroes on islands that produce a lot of gold, wisdom, or ambrosia, whichever you need the most. Unprotected islands produce fewer resources than protected islands, but the sheer number of unprotected islands you can occupy at the same time makes up for this. Defense fleets can be deployed on both defended and undefended islands to protect them from loss for a period of time.

How to unlock squads of monsters? Squads of monsters open after completing special missions of each monster. These missions are available as soon as you unlock the island that a particular monster lives on. Each mission can be completed as many times as you want until you manage to complete it. When the mission is completed, the corresponding island will become a regular island that can be conquered by other players. Example: To unlock Medusa, you must open the Gorgon Reef area and complete all 5 Medusa missions.

Why did my heroes return to Mount Olympus? When another player successfully attacks you a certain number of times, you will lose one of the islands you defended. The hero defending the island automatically returns to Mount Olympus when his island is lost. The Hero that goes back is randomly selected, but Heroes with a low level are more likely to return to Mount Olympus than Heroes with a high level. This will happen less often if you build a strong defense.

Why is Ambrosia so dear to battle? To cut down on ragweed costs, there are a few things to keep in mind:

What are decorations? Decorations are aesthetic elements for your island that allow you to optically customize it to your liking. You can use some decorations both in your city and in defense, but some cannot be used in defense. They currently do not provide any additional benefits other than improving the appearance of your Mount Olympus. However, they will play a more important role in future updates.

Olympus Rising: Hero and Item Guide

How can I get more heroes? You will receive your first hero for free during the tutorial. To unlock more Heroes, you first need to unlock the Temple of Heroes and get Domination. You can get it:

How do I choose which hero to use in battle? Just press and hold the Hero’s portrait and move it to the Island you want to attack / defend.

Are there any differences between the available heroes? Yes, each hero has different attributes, personal equipment and level. You can also set different force / troop configurations for each individual Hero.

Why can’t I change my Hero’s first Strength? Usually the first Strength of your Hero cannot be replaced, as it has a direct connection with the Hero’s history and, therefore, is constantly associated with him. However, you can change the other Powers of each Hero as you wish.

Items of the Hero. Your Hero can equip up to eight pieces of equipment:

Your Hero starts with an inventory of 25 slots. An additional 10 free slots are added every time a hero is unlocked. You can purchase additional slots for gems.

The color of the items. The color of the items determines their quality:

How can I buy items? You can get items for your heroes from item chests. Chests come in different levels of rarity. The higher the rarity of the chest, the better the items you can find inside.

How do shield mods that are part of certain items work? Magic shields, which are part of some items, reduce the percentage of damage that your hero will take from attacks. Therefore, your Hero has a better chance of surviving the battle. The exact amount of damage reduction is calculated by comparing the value of the shield and the hero’s hit pool. Obviously, better shields will block a higher percentage of damage.

Can I use every item with every hero? No, some items are associated with a hero and can only be used by that hero. Other items can be used by all of your heroes. To find out if a particular item is compatible with your hero (s), check the name under the item name.

Unique items. Unique items are very powerful items with exclusive perks that cannot usually be found on other items of the same type. They can only be found in Titan chests, and their drop rate is quite low. Each hero has their own unique items and they can only use one.

Olympus Rising: Which Heroes to Choose?

The most important parameters. Heroes who can move at high speed can profitably use the skill to quickly reach the final gate. Cooldown (or recharge of active skills) is good for heroes with 4 or more magic cells. This ability reduces the time it takes to reuse magic. So, if "Pandora" requires 30 seconds to recover, then with a 50% bonus you will use it twice as often (15 seconds).

+ 1% healing per hit (life per hit) is an extremely important parameter for heroes without a shield, whose defense is weaker. Combines well with high attack speed. This skill is perfect for Jason and (he has a + 4% bonus to the amount of life per hit) and Hercules. All of the above + the sum of the stats from your items = the strength of your hero.

The best heroes. Recommended heroes are:

Olympus Rising: Hero Skills Guide

Active skills and passive ones. What is the difference? Passive skills depend only on the amount of points from things on the hero and constantly increase with each Ascension level (1-150 lvl). Active skills are given as a percentage. You collect the amount of points from things, the amount eventually adds up, and the system gives out the total percentage of the indicator. With each level, the number of points increases, but the percentage drops when a new level is obtained, which requires an optional periodic reforging of things to return the maximum indicators. For example, if you have 5000 points of recovery speed at level 100 of ascension (for example, this is 30% of the recovery rate), then at 101 lvl these 5000 points will already be equal to 28% of the recovery rate.

Passive skills:

Hero healing also applies to passive skills:

Active defense skills. Active skills are divided into 2 types: hero defense and hero attack. Protection in order of importance - 75%:

Remember, with high levels of protection against damage, you do not need high levels of health, regeneration and healing per hit, thus you can afford to choose more things to attack. Physical damage, fire and lightning do most of the damage during combat, you must be prepared to face this threat first. Aim to achieve 75% resistance against these three threats.

Active attack skills. The choice of skill depends on the hero:

What skills do heroes need? Please refer to the list below:

Important information on the use of things. Initially, all things have two parameters for attack or defense. In the future, when you reach the maximum level of five titanium stars during the forging process, you can expand the number of parameters to four. However, you need to know that the initial parameters of a thing when reforging critically fall, leaving a quarter of the original indicator. The question of the cost-effectiveness of reforging is still an open subject of controversy, and everyone ultimately makes their own choice.

Olympus Rising: Combat Mechanics Guide

How can I attack the island? To attack the Island, you first need to go to the Map. Once there, select a Hero and move him to the Island. To do this, hold down the button and drag the Hero’s portrait. Alternatively, you can click on the Island you want to attack. If you then press the "Attack" button, the last selected or used Hero will be automatically selected to attack the Island.

What units are available in the game? The following units are available for battle:

Why can’t I use some of my troops? To summon some of your troops, you need to have enough morale points (displayed by a blue bar). The maximum number of morale points increases with the level of your Hero. You may not be able to use some troops until you level up your Hero - even if you just unlocked those troops.

How can I unlock mythological creatures? To unlock certain mythological creatures, you need to capture a specific group of islands associated with these creatures:

How are other players selected on my nearby islands? You are matched against players in your Ascension Level range. The system automatically selects suitable opponents who offer you a manageable task as well as worthy rewards. You can attack other players’ bases by moving one of your Heroes to their islands.

How are the trophies I can win in battle calculated? Why do I get fewer trophies if I attack the same player who attacked me? The game compares your offensive ability to the defensive strength of your potential opponent and uses this data to calculate the maximum number of trophies you can earn. The more difficult the task, the more trophies you can earn.

Note that it is also possible to lose a lot of trophies if you lose against a relatively weak defense - but only a few trophies if you cannot defeat a strong defense.

Heatmaps. You need to build your defenses and customize your waves in the Thanatos Guard to unlock access to the heatmap. The button will remain gray until another player attacks you. You can see on heatmaps:

The green flash on the heat map symbolizes the point at which the attacker’s Hero died but was resurrected. Black symbolizes death (no rebirth). If you changed the protection, your heatmap will be reset after restarting the game. As soon as another player attacks you again, a new heatmap will be available to you. The heatmap includes the last 20 attacks for a maximum of 72 hours.

Olympus Rising: Hero Placement Strategy

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the hero returns to the main island? Many are mistaken in thinking that the hero whose island was taken away returns to Olympus. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, the hero of the lowest level returns to the main island. Accordingly, the island on which he was had to be selected again.

How to arrange the heroes correctly? You must strategize for placing your characters at the most advantageous angle. In particular, it makes sense to keep on the island closest to Olympus the weakest hero in whose resources you are interested. But not on the most profitable, so that in the event of an attack, you do not lose the accumulated resources. The rest of the heroes, just put on the most juicy islands, where the most resources and domination (for beginners).

Ideally, you need to place all the heroes on certain islands, and go through the map with one character that you like most. In the event that your hero is on Olympus, you will need to spend less ambrosia to return him to his place. Those. it makes no sense to keep the sickly character at the base, the distance to which will cost 250+ ambrosia. It is better to place a stronger hero there, reducing the likelihood of losing the source of the resource.

The principle of capturing the island. Islands with no heroes are not necessarily conquered by opponents. On them, rivals approximately equal to you are simply exposed at random (as experience has shown, rivals on the lucrative islands are cooler). It turns out that on the screens of other players you drop out randomly. The mechanics of the game are such that most of your opponents are stronger than you, in particular, on good islands. Going from the opposite, we can say that you are also attacked by weaker opponents. Therefore, the value of military buffs is extremely important.

Olympus Rising: Secrets of Winning Battles

Wave arrangement. Choose the most pumped fighters. The selection of units is carried out based on the specifics of the defense itself (for example, in the presence of schemes with Charon towers, there is no need to use sirens). Form waves based not only on the power of the units, but also on the speed of their movement. The most commonly used unit in defense is the phoenix, capable of resurrecting your fighters and quickly moving around the map (much faster than the same griffin). A no less significant unit is the jellyfish under the military buff, the murder of which spawns several additional soldiers in the form of spearmen.

Griffins on the defensive are great in open areas with parallel intersections, then the Griffins attack the enemy army, delaying its movement. By choice, some use hydras in the scheme described in the previous paragraph (also under the buff) - which slows down the movement of the enemy around the map with the help of ice. The most commonly used wave combinations (total percentage taken):

If there is a choice about which wave to improve first, always start with the first. The fact is that after all the waves come out of your gate, they do not end, but simply start over. Therefore, 1 or 2 waves, and maybe even 3, can meet twice in battle. When you attack, the first 3 waves are already on their way to you.

Blind spot at the opponent’s goal. In front of the enemy gate, there is a blind spot in the upper right corner. When you attack, put your hero there, the waves of the enemy will not notice you. When you attack, you can summon units for the entire amount of morale in just a second. That is, you do not need to constantly tap on the screen to summon 10-15-20 spearmen - just click on the icon of the required army and, without lifting your finger, slide your finger to the side. These units will be summoned much faster. A very useful life hack, for example, for Ariadne. Saves both time and strengthens your attack.

Using magic. Types of magic:

If possible, be sure to open slots for crystals on your heroes. This will make your heroes much stronger. Each new Slot of Magic will increase your ability to overcome the enemy’s defense. To open slots, it is best to wait for promotions and purchase with bonus chests and at a discount.

Olympus Rising: How to Protect Your Island?

What are towers? With their help, you protect your Olympus from other enemies. Each tower has its own effects like Fire, Water, Positioning, Electricity. These towers will attack your enemies as they move along the path you have built. Your towers will attack in the direction you configured them to attack, while your units attack using wave settings.

What towers can I use to strengthen my island? You can use towers:

I miss the towers. Where did they go? Chances are, you just put them in your inventory without noticing it. To check your inventory, click on an empty spot on the defense path and select the type of tower you are missing. Then choose between building a brand new tower and the ones you have in stock. A small number will tell you how many towers of a certain type you have saved. To intentionally place a tower in your inventory, simply select it and click on the storage box icon at the bottom of the screen.

How can I change my path or increase its length? To increase the length of your path, you first need to upgrade the Apollo Gate. To change your path after updating the gate, follow these steps:

Why does the player earn trophies even if he / she was unable to defeat my base? Depending on the ratio between your defensive strength and your opponent’s attacking strength, your attacker can earn currency by simply advancing through your base and destroying only parts of it.

How can I protect my island from attacks? You just need to click on the island you want to protect and then on the boat icon. You will then be asked to hire a fleet to defend this island.

How do protective waves work? Defense waves move from the Apollo Gate to the attacker’s Olympus portal. As Sentinel of Thanatos levels up, the spacing between waves decreases, allowing more waves to be created. However, the number of waves in Thanatos Guard is not the actual number of waves sent towards the attackers.

Instead, after the last wave, they simply start over from the first. This makes the first waves more important, as they can appear twice, depending on the time allotted for the attack, which in turn depends on the length of the defensive path. The first waves also do not all start from the Apollo Gate at the beginning of the attack, but are already on the way when the attack begins.

How do you build a strong defense?

1. Check your protection. There is a sword-shaped button at the bottom of the screen when you view your own defense. Use this button to play against your own defense. It’s completely free to check your defenses, you can even resurrect and cast spells without spending ambrosia or gems. Keep in mind that people who attack you often have a lower Ascension level than you. This means that it will be more difficult for them to defeat your defense than it is for you.

2. Upgrade your towers and barricades regularly. The maximum level of each defensive structure increases every time you upgrade the Temple of Heroes. Even the smartest protection will fail if you don’t update it from time to time.

Rotate towers. Press the turn button at the bottom of the screen to rotate the tower of your choice. Some towers are much more efficiently rotated in a certain direction.

3. Set up protection waves. Guardian of Thanatos allows you to customize which units appear in the waves that attacking players must fight against in an attempt to overcome your defenses. Upgrading a building increases the number of waves, the time between them, and the refresh rate of each wave. Upgrading the waves increases morale, which you can use to build stronger units.

Olympus Rising: City Buildings Overview

Temple of Heroes. The Temple of Heroes is the center of Mount Olympus. This is the place your heroes call home. Upgrade the Temple of Heroes to become more powerful, expand the Acropolis and show your power to the gods.

Hall of the Union of Uranus. The Allied Hall of Uranus is the main hall of your Union It allows you to join another Union or create your own. By upgrading the Union Hall of Uranus, you can donate a lot more gold for the needs and strengthening of the Union.

Military Academy. The Military Academy is where Ares will train and upgrade your fighters. Upgrade the academy to unlock new fighters and improvements.

Theater of Dionysus. In the Theater of Dionysus, actresses and actors sing the choirs of famous tragedians such as Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. Your people listen carefully, becoming wiser with each act. This wisdom is necessary for you to develop Olympus.

Library of wisdom. The wisdom library is where your people gather knowledge. Staging dramas in theaters helps increase wisdom. Use your wisdom to improve certain buildings and ensure the prosperity of Olympus.

Hero statue. The hero statue will take the shape of the chosen hero to protect Olympus from the attackers.

Thanatos checkpoint. The Thanatos Checkpoint protects Mount Olympus. Recruit troops for defensive waves and let them fight offenders. Protect what is yours.

A sanctuary of power. The sanctuary of power is where you explore and develop your divine powers. Divine powers are necessary for every hero and in every battle. Each hero can summon different powers and use additional powers to become even stronger.

Golden Temple. As the god’s influence grows stronger, his followers will want to pay tribute. By upgrading the Golden Temple, you will allow your followers to donate more gold.

Temple of Ambrosia. The Temple of Ambrosia is where your people bring offerings to Nike in the hope that the gods will show them favor. In turn, Nika rewards your people with Ambrosia. Ambrosia is the food of the gods and is needed to send heroes into battle.

Gate of Apollo. The Apollo Gate represents the power of your defense. By upgrading the gate, you can build additional defensive fortifications and lengthen the path. Each update also increases the strength of the Apollo Gate.

Ambrosia Storage. The ambrosia vault contains ambrosia, which is necessary for your heroes and armies to move long distances.

Port of Ithaca. The port of Ithaca is the starting point where the Odyssey begins. Here you will find gallant ship captains ready to challenge the danger and start the Adventure in order to return with rewards.

The Golden Chamber. The Golden Chamber is where your gold is kept. The House represents the wealth of your people and bears witness to your power. Upgrade your gold chamber regularly to store even more gold.

Elite buildings. These include:

Olympus Rising: Ways to Get Currency and Items

Gold. This is the standard currency in the game. You can get gold:

You can use it for:

Crystals. It is the most valuable currency in the game. You can earn crystals:

You can use crystals for:

Wisdom. It is a secondary currency used to power up your island. You can earn wisdom:

You can use wisdom to build or improve buildings, defensive obstacles, defensive waves, units and forces.

Ambrosia. Ambrosia lets you play and fight. You can earn Ambrosia:

Domination. You cannot lose Dominance, and it will not diminish when you "spend" it to unlock something. There are several ways to gain Dominance:

Domination is necessary for:

Where can I get gear? New uniforms can be obtained:

How do I collect resources? Gold is best collected by attacking opponents on the map. For four passed enemies, you will usually get about one million. Also, you must place the strongest heroes on the islands with books where the growth has the maximum value. Books take much longer to collect than gold. Each island has a numerical value for its production. This is the amount that the island produces in 8 hours, not a day! For example, when a productivity of 2000 wisdom is indicated on an island, this means that it will be able to bring you 6000 wisdom per day.

Olympus Rising: Prestige System, how to play as Zeus and Hades?

How do I unlock the Prestige system? You must first purchase decorations. The very first decoration becomes available on the second level of the Temple of Heroes.

How do I activate or extend the Celestial Buffs? You can activate or extend Prestige Mode:

How to get / increase Prestige? Prestige can be obtained by decorating Mount Olympus. Prestige can also be obtained from daily blessing chests.

What are the benefits of an active Prestige mode? It depends on your Prestige level. The higher your Prestige level, the more heavenly boosts will be active when the mode is turned on.

How to play as Zeus and Hades? You must reach the required Prestige level to unlock Zeus or Hades. After performing an attack with Zeus or Hades, you will see a countdown counter on the attack button indicating when you can use them next time. The cooldown of the battle is reduced with each achievement of a certain level of the Hero’s Prestige.

Where can I see which buffs I have activated? You just need to press the "Active Boosts" button on the "Heavenly Boosts" screen.

Why are some power-ups not highlighted even though I’ve already unlocked them earlier? If you unlock two or more heavenly boosts of the same type (for example, gold production boosts or bonuses for alliance donations), only the best boost of that type is activated. It replaces all previous buffs of the same type.

Is there a maximum activation time for sky boosts? There is no limit on the amount of time for which you can extend the activation of heavenly boosts.

Olympus Rising: All About Trophies

Why am I losing trophies even though the intruder hasn’t destroyed my gate? The only way to earn trophies without destroying the Gate is if the other player has a lot more trophies than you. If you pay a large amount of Ambrosia and Gems to kill this player and get to the gate, despite being far superior to you in both rating and level, you deserve to get something. This keeps the game competitive and it will always be much more profitable to take over the island in the end.

Why can’t I win more than 3 trophies from my opponents, and they always take 25 away from me? If you’ve reached the point where all players only give you 3 points, and you can potentially get a lot if you lose, that means you’re already very high in the Hall of Gods for your Ascension Level. At the moment, Hall of Gods is very competitive and it takes a lot of play and a lot of patience to get to the top. It is important to remember that any other player above you in the Hall of the Gods will lose even more than you.

Why am I suddenly starting to lose a lot of trophies? The more trophies you have for your level, the higher your goal. Most people will choose their opponents (unless they are looking for a specific resource) depending on who gives them the most trophies in the easiest battle. Thus, the more trophies you get, the more likely it is that people will attack you and leave alone the one who gave them only 3. Since there is an average amount of trophies for each level of ascension, there is also a point at which you will bring 25 trophies to most players at your ascension level. If you get to this point, you can expect frequent attacks.

How is the number of trophies I can win determined? Trophies are awarded based on the skill and / or stamina of the player you are attacking. This is reflected in their trophy scores with very little adjustments based on the ascendant level of the attacking player. Most experienced players, especially players with strong defenses, have more trophies and therefore you get more trophies by defeating them. Weak players have fewer trophies and therefore don’t cost that much when attacked.

Olympus Rising: Alliance Guide

How can I access the various features of the alliance? You need to build the Hall of the Uranus Alliance (available at player level 5). Keep in mind that you will need crystals to build or upgrade this building.

How can I create an alliance? Click on the alliance emblem (3 helmets) on the right side of the screen. Then click "Create Alliance". You will have to pay 50,000 gold. You can choose the name you want to use for your alliance, customize the alliance message, and choose up to two languages to represent your alliance. You can also choose from three different options for joining your alliance:

Can I rename my alliance? You can change the name of your alliance after creating it, but note that this will cost you crystals. This can be done in the alliance menu.

How can I join an alliance? Follow the steps:

How can I leave the alliance? Follow the steps:

I’m a general. How can I exclude a player from an alliance? You just need to go to the player profile (by clicking on the "(!)" Next to the players’ names) and click on "Kick from Alliance".

How can I promote someone to an officer? Go to the player profile (by clicking on the "(!)" Next to the players’ names) and click "Promote". Be careful, if the player is already an officer, this action will promote him / her to general.

How can I communicate with other people in my alliance? You can access the alliance chat by clicking on the chat on your city screen.

How can I send a chat message? You need to press the "Enter" (arrow) button on Android or the "Return" button on iOS.

What are the different ranks in the alliance and what are their rights? The alliance has the following ranks:

What happens if a general is marked inactive? If a general is inactive for a long period of time, leadership automatically passes to another player. This automatic mechanism serves to prevent "leaderless" alliances if the alliance general decides to leave the game or take a longer break.

Olympus Rising: Conducting the Alliance War

What is the preparatory phase? The Prep Phase is the 24-hour period prior to the actual start of the Alliance Wars, which allows you to select the heroes you want to take to battle, make sure all members of your alliance are ready for war, reassign alliance ranks, and preview potential rewards you can earn in the Alliance War. All this allows your alliance to properly prepare for the upcoming war.

What are the conditions for joining? To be able to participate in the Alliance Wars, your alliance must have at least 8 active members.

Can an alliance join late? Although you can join the Prep Phase at any time within 24 hours, alliances cannot join the war itself once it has begun.

How long does the Alliance War last? Alliance Wars will take place once a week. The duration of wars and individual strikes can be seen on the respective information screens and on the Alliance War map after they start.

How many heroes can I take in an Alliance War? Each player has one hero slot available from the very beginning. Two additional slots can be unlocked by fulfilling certain requirements. The second slot opens after you have hired Ariadne as a hero. The third slot becomes available as soon as you reach level 19 of the Celestial Empowerment and activate these enhancements.

Please note that these slots must be unlocked before the end of the preparation phase if you want to bring two or even three Heroes into battle. In particular, the level 19 Heavenly Buff must be active at the moment the War begins. It is impossible to unlock and use additional hero slots after the war has already begun.

Can I bring Zeus and Hades? No, these two are not available for the Alliance Wars.

I miss some heroes after the start of the War / Prep Phase. All heroes selected during the preparation phase and used in alliance wars are no longer available for normal attacks or island defense during the preparation and war phases.

How are the enemies of my alliance determined? Automatic matchmaking takes into account the current number of torches for your alliance and your alliance level.

How do strikes work? Attacks on enemy islands can be announced every 8 hours only by generals and officers of the alliance. Your objectives should be right next to an island belonging to your alliance. Strikes can only be declared if the war itself lasts longer than it would take for a strike.

After successfully defeating an enemy player of the attacked alliance during a strike, the number of victory points displayed next to their name will be added to your alliance’s score for that particular strike. At the end of a strike, the winning alliance is determined by who earned the most Victory Points. If the attackers win, they take over the enemy island. If the defenders win, they will keep him.

How is the difficulty of each island calculated? Each island has a different difficulty. Island with difficulty 5.

Attacking islands is more difficult than defending, as the attacking Alliance must score significantly more Victory Points (VP) than the defending Alliance in order to win. The higher the difficulty, the more OP the attacking alliance must gain compared to the defending alliance in order to win. On the Strike Stance screen, a marker on the victory point track indicates the point an attacker must reach in order to win a strike.

Why do I get less VP when I attack an opponent I have already defeated? If you defeat your opponent, the number of Victory Points you can earn in future attacks decreases. This usually means that it only makes sense to attack each player once, although some very strong opponents will still give you a lot of VPs even after you defeat them once. Keep track of how many VPs you can win against your opponents, and attack different enemies to maximize your VPs!

How does Rage work? Rage is a new system that partially replaces Ambrosia during the Alliance Wars. Rage is used to start battles, while Ambrosia is still used to resurrect during battles. Each hero has a maximum of three charges of Fury, which recharge over time, as soon as the first charge is used up. Each battle started during the strike consumes one Fury charge.

What are torches? Torches are a measure of the strength of your Alliance and how well you have performed in Alliance Wars so far. You win or lose Torches at the end of each War, depending on how many islands your alliance controlled in addition to your 10 starting islands. For example, if you ended the war by losing 10 islands, but conquering 15, you will receive a surplus of 5 islands and earn 5 torches in total.

Can I earn Trophies and Gold in Alliance Wars? While it is impossible to obtain any trophies from other players in your war, you can still mine the usual amount of gold for successful battles.

What happens if a player leaves or joins an alliance after the war has already begun? If a player joins his alliance after the War has already begun, he will not be able to participate. If someone leaves their alliance during an ongoing war, any victory points they may have earned for taking strikes are no longer counted.

How is the winner of the Alliance War determined? Each alliance starts with 10 islands under its control. The alliance with the most islands at the end of the war wins. If two or more alliances must own the same number of islands, their rating will be determined by their total victory points.

What rewards can you earn in Alliance Wars? By successfully participating in the Alliance Wars, players can earn individual rewards in the form of trophies, as well as special military blessings and additional bonuses for donations for their entire alliance. War trophies can be obtained by each player individually, earning a certain number of victory points throughout the war. Each battle counts towards your progress in trophies of war, even if it does not count towards your Alliance Strike score.

Special military blessings are awarded to the three most successful alliances at the end of the war: 3 blessings for first place, 2 for second place, and 1 for third place. These Blessings can only be renewed until you win them again the next time, and will need to be re-earned in the next War in which they will be offered as a reward. Depending on how many torches an alliance owns, all members will also receive an automatic bonus applied to all donations they make to their alliance.

Olympus Rising: Odyssey Event

Features. Odyssey is additional PvE content for players of all levels. The Odyssey event takes place every week and lasts up to five days. Players can choose the difficulty level of their Odyssey and earn more rewards by taking higher risks. Each Odyssey consists of five adventures, and the Odyssey ends when the player completes all adventures or when they run out of time. Within a given period of time, the player decides for himself when he wants to play each Odyssey Adventure.

Adventures. Each adventure consists of several battles (islands) on the Odyssey map, which is separate from the regular island map. To start the adventure, you need to spend gold. The exact amount depends on the chosen difficulty level. The next Adventure becomes available only after the completion of the current Adventure (that is, all battles have been won). The player can start the Adventure only if there is at least an hour left before the end of the Odyssey. This is done so that the player has enough time to complete all battles.

How to join? To join Odyssey, you need to build a harbor. First, this can be done upon reaching level 20. Once built, you can enter the Harbor to plan your Odyssey and embark on an Adventure. The harbor also gives you an overview of advanced abilities that you can use to successfully complete the Odyssey.

Improving the harbor unlocks the ability to select higher difficulty levels. The maximum harbor level is 8 and the maximum difficulty you can select is 10. The higher the difficulty set, the more fame you can earn, which means you can get higher chests.

Olympus Rising: Collecting Titan Rewards

What is the Titan Reward System? Your chest inventory now has a new Titan Rewards screen. By visiting this screen every day, you can earn Titans Points - one default and one additional for each player you linked your account with. Share your code with new players so they can contact you and earn Titan Points together.

How can I earn Titan rewards? Accounts linked with the entered code can earn Titan Points for each other. These points open the titan chests as soon as you collect them (check the Titan Rewards screen to see when you will receive the next chest!). Titan Points will also unlock the powerful Ajax the Great, who will be able to gain new abilities as you earn more Titan Points. You can see which update you unlock next on the left side of the Titans rewards screen.

How do I earn Titan Points? Once you have linked your account with another player using the link code, both of you will earn Titans points for each other simply by playing the game every day. Additionally, each player will earn one Titanium Point per day simply by visiting the game. Over time, this will unlock the same rewards as those given for inviting new players. It just takes a little longer. Also keep in mind that the top 1000 players in the Hall of Fame will receive extra Titan Points!

What are Titan chests? Titan Chests are currently the only way to earn Titan items, equipment even more powerful than god-like items. You can recognize them by their dark red background. Titan Chests can be won in Alliance Wars, found in Daily Blessings, or received as Titan Rewards. Titan rewards must first be removed from the curse before you can open them by paying gems or completing a quest.

When can I enter the code? After reaching the 5th level of Ascension, you can enter the code by going to the Titan Rewards menu, accessible from the chest button.

How can I invite new players? Just share the invitation code that appears on the Titans Rewards screen.

How long is the invitation code valid? Each code is valid for 72 hours.

When should I generate a new code? You generate a new code every 8 hours. However, the previous code remains in effect until the end of 72 hours.

How many other players can I link to my account using the Titans system? You can connect up to 10 other players to your account using the Titans system.

What happens if I remove a linked player? You will no longer earn Titan Points from a remote player. Please note that you cannot re-enter the code if you have to delete the player whose code you originally entered.

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