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Project Makeover WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

PROJECT MAKEOVER is an Android game with a release date of 11/15/2020 from Magic Tavern, Inc. Game genre: Casual. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Secrets of the passage of puzzles
  3. How to remove obstacles and use elements?
  4. All Kinds of Boosters
  5. Character Makeover Features
  6. Friends in the Game
  7. Your Account
  8. Pros and Cons of the Game

Project Makeover: A Beginner’s Guide

What kind of game is it? Project Makeover is an interesting casual game in which you will be a stylist and help your clients become irresistible. Use your creativity to attract a wide variety of people. Move through the levels, solve mesmerizing puzzles and collect prizes by updating and decorating your wardrobe, hair and makeup, and in the future - home and business!

How to play Match 3 levels? Each level has one or more goals that must be completed in order to move on. Objectives are displayed before the start of the level, and are also displayed on the left side of the screen during the game. Match 3 puzzles require you to create three or more of the same combinations in order to remove them from the playing field. You can also use boosters to overcome obstacles. Usually you will have a limited number of moves for each level, so use them wisely. The more moves you have left at the end of the level, the more money you will earn!

What are amplifiers and how do I get them? Composing a combination of 4 or more identical items creates an amplifier. Amplifiers will help remove objects or obstacles from the field, making it easier to complete the level. Boosters can also be earned as a daily bonus, through sales and events, or by completing exclusive levels. In the future, amplifiers can be obtained in other ways.

How to receive the money? As a reward for completing levels and completing series, you will receive money. Participate in events, open packs and receive a daily bonus to earn more money. Money can be spent on buying various clothes, accessories and furniture for your avatar!

Coins. Passing levels, you earn coins (passing exclusive levels, instead of coins, you will receive stars). Coins are required to complete the transformation quests for the guests of the show. Different tasks require a different number of coins. Complete tasks to meet interesting characters and help with their transformation!

How to get more lives and what is the maximum number? By default, you have 5 lives. If you cannot complete a level, you lose your life. One life is replenished in 20 minutes. The number of lives is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Sometimes you will receive infinite lives for a certain amount of time. They are especially useful when completing difficult levels. There are other ways to get life:

You can also send lives to friends, so invite them to the game!

Endless lives. Infinite Lives is a special reward that allows you to complete Match 3 levels without wasting a life. Endless lives are only available for a limited time. After its expiration, you will have as many ordinary lives as you had before getting infinite. Infinite lives can be obtained:

I lost the life that my friend sent me. If you have this problem, do the following:

In-game mail is kept for a limited period of time. If the letter has expired, you will not be able to get life.

Exclusive levels. When you complete all the main levels, exclusive levels will become available to you. New main levels will be added with every update. For completing an exclusive level, you will receive a star. After updating the game, these stars can be exchanged for special rewards. The more stars you have, the better the rewards.

How do I get more diamonds? You can get diamonds for free in several ways:

For several days I have not been able to complete the level, are there really some levels that cannot be completed? Some levels are really extremely difficult, but all of them can be completed! Here are some helpful tips:

What is a daily bonus? How do I get it? Players who have reached level 23 and spent more than 4 hours in the game get access to the daily bonus. The daily bonus brings rewards to players who log into the game regularly. In one series, there are 5 boxes with a daily bonus. The fifth box contains a super bonus. When the player receives the fifth box, the daily bonus streak is restarted.

To receive the daily bonus, you must be connected to the Internet.

What are the items in the baggage for? How do I use them? Items in Luggage are random accessories and decorations obtained from Mysterious Boxes. You can use these items for your character, during transformations or renovating rooms. If you used an item from luggage during the previous makeover, you will immediately receive a monetary reward. If you use the item at the current level, you will receive money along with the rest of the rewards at the end of the chapter.

Please note that items from luggage are permanently bound to heroes after use! Choose only those accessories and decor elements that will exactly fit the image or the room!

How do I change the language in the game? Project Makeover supports 11 languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian, Chinese and Arabic. To select your preferred language, do the following:

  1. Click the "Settings" button in the upper right corner of the main page of the game;
  2. Click the "Language" button;
  3. Select the desired language and click "OK" in the pop-up window;
  4. The game will restart and the language will be changed.

Project Makeover: Secrets of the passage of puzzles

Why do I need to go through the three levels in a row? Match 3 levels are an important part of the game. For completing them, you will receive coins and money, and during certain events, even stars.

How to pass the level "three in a row"? To pass this level, you must fulfill your goals. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the goals before the start of the level and view them on the left side of the screen during the game:

What to do next when all levels are completed? Congratulations on completing all levels! With each update, the developers add new levels that you can complete! Also, there are exclusive levels prepared for you, which you can go through while you wait for the next update.

Can I complete any level again? Unfortunately no. You cannot go through the levels again.

Tips for a Successful Game

1. Choose the correct order of combinations. It is best to compose elements from bottom to top, as this way you get more combinations available throughout the field and "clear" room for new elements that appear on top. Along with this, pay attention to the combinations that will help you complete the level faster. Even if they are at the top, remove them first.

2. Make combinations of more elements. The most successful combination includes 4 or more elements. Try to collect them as often as possible and remember to limit the number of moves. Use bonuses to upgrade items on the field. It is best to use several bonuses - this way their effect will be enhanced.

3. Use amplifiers wisely. Do not rush to use the appeared amplifier, wait until the moment when its use will be really necessary. We recommend analyzing the position of the elements on the field, calculating the possibility of making a combination without an amplifier, and giving it a move either at the end of the game, or in a situation when you do not have enough moves.

4. No need to rush. Match 3 puzzles are not limited in time, so you can think about making combinations as much as you like. Try to calculate your actions a few steps ahead and save moves.

5. Don’t be discouraged when you lose. All kinds of situations are possible in the game. If you failed to complete the level, try again in another location. Remember that items are dropped out in a random order, which means that next time everything can turn out much better.

6. Concentrate. It is best to play Match 3 if you have enough free time when you can concentrate on your task. After all, if you are in a hurry or think about something else, then you may well miss the advantageous combinations and miss the opportunity.

7. Listen to other players. We recommend subscribing to the official game community on Facebook, as well as watching video guides on YouTube, where players from all over the world share their tricks and secrets for completing the Project Makeover levels.

Project Makeover: How to remove obstacles and use elements?

Parquet. Parquet (picture above) is a background obstacle, so it can only be removed by making combinations or using amplifiers directly on top of the parquet. Some parquet boards are thicker than others and will require more combinations to remove.

Shirts. Shirts are fixed on the field. They can be removed by using amplifiers or by creating combinations next to them.

Sunglasses and fabric. Sometimes the goal of a level is sunglasses. They are hidden under the fabric. Make combinations on the fabric or use amplifiers to remove it. After that, you will see the sunglasses and you can collect them. Some fabrics are thicker than others and will require combining or using amplifiers twice to remove.

Hairbrush. Make combinations next to the comb or use boosters to remove it.

Camera. Cameras can only be collected when they fall from the bottom of the field. Remove items under the cameras so that they fall down.

Teleport. Teleports appear in pairs and connect different parts of the field. If an item gets into a teleporter, it will appear from another teleporter. Notice entry and exit points and strategize how to move elements between teleports when you come across such levels. To use a teleporter that is blocked by an obstacle, you first need to remove the obstacle.

Pomade. Use boosters or make combinations next to lipstick to collect kisses.

Belt. The strap prevents the element or obstacle from moving. To remove it, make combinations with the element that is tied with a belt, or use amplifiers. If an element or obstacle is tied with more than one strap, they will have to be removed one at a time.

Shoes and shoe boxes. Shoes are in shoe boxes. Use amplifiers or make combinations near the boxes to open them and find shoes. Caution! Some shoe boxes are empty!

Spray. Use boosters or make combinations near the spray bottle to fill it with water. When it is completely full, the spray bottle will sprinkle water three times and remove several obstacles to help you complete the level.

Thin wall. Thin walls appear between the cells of the field. They cannot be removed. You cannot move elements and obstacles or make combinations through them.

Washer. Make combinations next to the washing machine or use amplifiers to turn it on. The included washing machine will throw 3 pink items onto the field, which will color the elements on the field.

Assembly line. The conveyor belt moves elements and obstacles across the field every move. The direction of movement of the conveyor belt cannot be changed.

Red carpet and rolled red carpets. You can collect red carpets using amplifiers or by creating combinations with the elements on them. Note that amplifiers do not act on red carpets when there are no elements on them. Use boosters or make combinations next to a rolled red carpet to unroll it.

Paint. The paint comes in different colors. It will paint any element on which it is placed in its color.

Cream. With each stroke, the cream will spread over the field and absorb whatever is underneath. Make combinations or use boosters to remove cream from the field.

Note. The notes come in 7 different colors. Make combinations or use amplifiers to collect them. With each move, the notes will move up the field by one cell. If they reach the top of the field, they will fly away.

Clock. The watch is great on the pitch. Make combinations or use amplifiers to remove them. When you remove them, they will give you as many extra moves as indicated on the dial.

Mirror. Mirrors turn into those elements from which a combination was made with them. Using amplifiers will immediately remove the mirror. Some mirrors are foldable. Make combinations next to them or use amplifiers to open them.

Wardrobe and coat. Make combinations or use boosters to remove all coats from the closet. Once you remove all the coats, the closet will also disappear from the field.

Emerald. Use amplifiers to polish the emerald. Buff it 3 times to remove it from the field. The combination does not affect the emerald.

Cars and keys. Cars move on the roads. Make combinations or use boosters to collect keys and propel the car forward. You will receive the vehicle when it reaches the end of the road. If there is an obstacle in the way of the car, it will not be able to move. Remove the obstacle to keep the vehicle moving.

Fan. Fans can change the direction of falling objects onto the field. The fans are located at the edge of the field.

Buttons. Several buttons connected with a thread appear on the field at once. Make combinations or use amplifiers to break them. It is enough to break one button, and the rest will also break.

Brick wall. To break a brick wall, make up a number of combinations or use amplifiers. Be careful, the brick wall is not afraid of missile strikes!

Diamond. Elements in the game come in seven colors. Having made a combination of three or more elements of the same color, you remove them from the field.

Mole and sweater. The mole flies around the playing field in search of sweaters. Use boosters or make combinations next to sweaters to remove them. The moth will continue to fly from sweater to sweater until they are gone!

Package. Items inside a package cannot be picked up until the packages have been removed. Make combinations nearby or use amplifiers to open or remove packages. Packages go down the field, but they cannot be moved.

Roulette. Make combinations next to the tape or use amplifiers to shorten the tape. The obstacle is shortened by one inch each time. As soon as the roulette wheel is completely rolled, it will disappear from the playing field.

Hair dryer. Hair dryers come in seven different colors. To charge the hair dryer, make combinations of elements of the corresponding color anywhere in the field. As soon as the hair dryer’s readiness bar is full, it will turn on and blow off all the elements and obstacles in its row.

Ring box. The ring box lid opens and closes with your every move. Make combinations next to an open box or use amplifiers to remove it from the field.

Scented candles. Use boosters or combine alongside scented candles to light them. As soon as all candles are lit on the playing field, they will automatically disappear.

Bracelet. Unlike most obstacles, bracelets cannot be removed by making combinations side by side. To get rid of the bracelet, you need to place it in the center of the combination or close to the "bomb" amplifier.

Project Makeover: All Kinds of Boosters

Rocket firecrackers. A combination of 4 identical elements horizontally or vertically creates a horizontal or vertical petard-rocket. To activate the rocket firecracker, double-click it or swap with any element. The rocket firecracker will remove all elements and obstacles in a row or column.

Small firecrackers. The combination in the shape of a square will create a small firecracker. To activate it, double-click the small firecracker or swap it with any element. Small firecrackers will remove nearby elements or obstacles.

Large firecrackers. A combination of 5 identical elements in the shape of a T or L will create a large firecracker. To activate it, double-click the large firecracker or swap it with any element. Large firecrackers will remove many elements or obstacles.

Rainbow. A combination of 5 identical elements horizontally or vertically will create a rainbow. Swap the rainbow with any element to remove all elements of that color from the field. If you swap the rainbow with a different amplifier, you get a more powerful effect.

Scissors. With scissors, you can remove an element from the field without spending a move on it. To use this enhancer, click the scissors image and then the elements you want to remove. If you don’t have scissors, you can buy them by clicking on their image while completing a level. You can also get scissors as a reward during the event or as a daily bonus.

Initial amplifiers. Initial amplifiers can be selected before starting a level. When the level starts, the selected amplifiers will appear on it.

Endless amplifiers. Infinite Boosters are a special reward that allows you to complete levels with infinite starting boosters for a limited time.

Project Makeover: Character Makeover Features

How do I change the gender or skin color of a character? To change the gender or skin color of a character, go to your character’s room and click the "Personality" button at the bottom of the screen. On the top left side of the screen, you will see the gene icon, which opens the gender and skin color selection menu.

How do I change or buy clothes for a character? To change or buy clothes for your character, do the following:

  1. Go to your character’s room and click the "Style" button at the bottom of the screen;
  2. Press the various buttons on the screen to open selection panels;
  3. Select or buy the clothes you want to wear on your character.

How do I share a character transformation? To share the transformation of your character, click the camera icon on the right side of the room, wait for the pose you like and take a photo. Share your character makeover by clicking the Share button!

What does the number next to the eye mean? This number shows how many players have visited your avatar.

What do emoticons mean? When visiting a friend, you can click on one of the three emoticons and rate your friend’s avatar. There are three types of emoticons:

The emoji displayed next to your name shows you which emoji you’ve most often received from friends and random guests. Click on the smiley face and rate someone else’s image!

Project Makeover: Friends in the Game

How do I add friends? There are two ways to add friends:

How do I view my friends list? Click the Task button (the large button in the lower left corner of the screen). Click the second Social button at the bottom of the screen to open your friends list.

How do I remove friends? To remove a friend:

  1. Click the "Task" button (the large button in the lower left corner of the screen);
  2. Then press the second "Social" button at the bottom of the screen to open your friends list;
  3. Click the [-] icon in the upper left corner of the friend you want to delete.
Please note that you cannot remove Facebook friends.

Where can I see friendship requests? Friendship requests can be found in the mail. Click the envelope icon to open the mail. Next, click the fourth "Request" button at the bottom of the screen to see the requests pending.

My Facebook friends don’t appear in my friends list. If your Facebook friends don’t appear on your friends list, do the following:

If your Facebook friends still don’t appear on the list, do the following:

  1. Open your Facebook page in a browser;
  2. Go to Settings - Applications & Sites - Active;
  3. Select Project Makeover and make sure you allow access to your friends list;
  4. Reboot your device and start the game.

Project Makeover: Your Account

What are the benefits of connecting to Facebook? Players receive 300 diamonds for connecting to Facebook. Also, all your Facebook friends who are also playing will be automatically added to the game. Your progress will be linked to your Facebook profile, allowing you to play on different devices or restore progress if you have a new device.

How to connect the game to Facebook? You can connect the game to Facebook in two ways:

How do I transfer my progress to another device? Connect the new game to the same Facebook account you used on the first device and your game progress will be transferred automatically. Please note that both devices must have the same version of the game. Both devices must meet the minimum game requirements.

  1. Install the game from the App Store or Google Play on a new device;
  2. Connect the installed game to the same Facebook account that you used on your old device;
  3. Select the "iCloud Data" option in the data sync window;
  4. Enter "OK" to confirm.

How do I save my game progress? Your progress is saved automatically when you connect to the Internet. If you’ve connected the game to Facebook or Apple ID, your progress will be synced across multiple devices.

If you’ve reset your device to factory settings, you’ll be able to restore progress if the game was previously connected to Facebook or Apple.

Project Makeover: Pros and Cons of the Game

Project Makeover is a casual game where you act as a stylist and help other people become prettier, more confident and more successful. The engine of the gameplay and the way to earn currency is the solution of entertaining puzzles, where you need to use your ingenuity and choose the best solution to the problem. Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

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