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Puzzle Heist WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Puzzle Heist: Epic Action RPG is a racing game from Hutch Games studio. You have to lead a gang of racers and challenge your competitors. All battles take place during races in cars, while you control the heroes with the help of match-3 puzzles. Game modes: PvE and PvP. There is the possibility of joining alliances, where even battles are held in the 30 vs 30 format. The game is distinguished by bright drawing, colorful characters, peppy music and addictive gameplay.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Combat System Features
  3. Team Management
  4. Getting and upgrading cars
  5. Crafting Guide
  6. Game buildings, their improvement
  7. How to fight the leaders?
  8. Diamonds and Resources
  9. Account Questions

Puzzle Heist: Beginner’s Guide

What are raids? Raids are a fight with other players for valuable rewards. Do not forget to create a defensive squad - it will be attacked by other players. Before attacking, carefully study the enemy unit - if you do not like it, you can change the enemy for a small fee. To be able to participate in raids against other players, you need to reach level 6. Keep completing missions to earn experience and level up.

What are robberies? Heists are challenges with special rewards such as cash, recruits or diamonds. Rare heists with very valuable items to increase the rank sometimes become available. To participate in robberies, you need to reach level 8. Keep completing missions to earn experience and increase your level.

What are the goals in the game? Goals are achievements, the fulfillment of which conditions is rewarded with diamonds. By tapping the goals icon in the bar at the bottom of the screen, you will see your next goal, the rewards for completing it, and the current result.

How does fuel work? At the top of the screen, 3 separate fuel meters are displayed, consumed, respectively, in missions, attacks on leaders and raids. Stocks of all these types of fuel are gradually restored over time. Instant Fuel Recovery can sometimes be obtained as a trophy or purchased through a promotional offer. Increasing the level also instantly replenishes fuel reserves.

What are alliances? Alliances are teams of up to 30 players. Joining an alliance provides a number of privileges, such as speeding up construction, access to battles with leaders, and a chance to participate in clan wars with cool rewards.

What are Alliance Boosts? Alliance players can craft special enhancement tokens in their tech centers. Available tokens can be used for the type of alliance enhancement you choose. For example, strengthening the headquarters activates the collection van, which delivers free cash daily.

The game is too hard, I can’t go any further! If you can’t get past a certain level, it most likely means that you need to improve your team. You can replay previous missions as many times as you like, accumulating resources in the form of recruits and training materials. Once you have enough recruits, go to the gym and start training unusual team members there (for this you need to upgrade the gym to level 2).

Prepare as many people as you can. Once they are ready, use 1-star fighters to power up the rest. 2-star fighters can also be used to enhance others or replace 1-star fighters in your squads. Also, don’t forget to use items for missions created in the tech center - they will help you get through more difficult stages.

Puzzle Heist: Combat System Features

Team members. A combination of chips will cause damage only if there is a fighter of the corresponding color in the squad. For example, if there is no blue fighter in the squad, then all blue chips will not cause damage to enemies. If you use a "rainbow" unit, which has one fighter of each color, then the enemy will take damage from any chips.

It is recommended to strengthen the team in order to deal more damage with each chip.

Special skills. The color does not affect special skills in any way, but they can be aimed at a specific enemy by touching it before using the skill. In this case, an aiming icon will appear above the selected enemy.

Chip damage. The chip must hit the enemy in order to damage him. By long pressing on the enemy, you can see which columns will hit him. For maximum damage, try to use chips of the color against which the enemy is weak. For example, if the enemy is red, use blue chips against him. The diagram above illustrates the advantage and vulnerability of colors in relation to each other.

Is Puzzle Heist free to play? Puzzle Heist is completely free to download and play. The game offers in-game purchases (such as diamonds) for real money for those who want to increase the pace of the game. At the same time, the chances of getting trophies or fighters are the same for all players. All items offered for purchase can be earned in the process of beating the game. The purpose of diamonds is to make the game more fun if you decide to use them. They can be obtained for free in a variety of ways, including:

Puzzle Heist: Team Management

What do the different types of contacts mean (green, epic, daily)? Through contacts, you can instantly receive new team members, including especially powerful and rare ones. There are several different types of contacts available in the game:

How to increase the number of places in the team? Sometimes the number of places in a team will increase when you level up, but free places can also be added for diamonds. As soon as your team reaches the maximum number, you will see a message prompting you to add additional places for diamonds.

Why does the message "No team member" appear? During the game, you will notice that each team member has a specific color - red, blue, green, purple or yellow. These colors correspond to the pieces on the playing field. When you make a combination of 3 or more green chips, their damage will depend on whether you have green fighters in your squad.

If it consists entirely of green characters, then chips of all other colors will not cause damage to enemies. However,

green chips are capable of a lot! In some situations, such as in a fight with a blue leader, using a green squad can be a very effective tactic.

What is the maximum unit cost? Each team member has a certain cost for the squad, depending on his strength. In battle, there is a unit cost limit that increases with your level. If you see the message "The cost of a defensive unit exceeds your limit. Remove one fighter from the squad," this means that you need to level up in order to use the combination of fighters you have chosen in the squad.

How to change a team? By selecting the command section in the panel at the bottom of the screen, you can change it or increase its level. Select the Edit command. After that, you can select any of your fighters, and then touch the other team member you want to replace them with. It is recommended to include fighters of all colors in the squad - this will make the fights more balanced and make it easier to defeat many enemies. The game itself will also warn you if the squad lacks a fighter of a certain color.

What is a rank up and how do I get it? To fully unleash the potential of team members, you need to increase their rank, while unlocking new levels and improving characteristics. You can only increase the rank of a team member after he reaches the maximum level in the current rank. In this case, the level up button will be inactive until you increase his rank.

Each time a team member ranks up, their characteristics will improve, and the maximum level will increase by 10, however, the current level will be reset to 1st. To increase the rank, special materials are required, determined by the rank value and the color of the team member being upgraded. After a team member reaches the maximum rank, further promotion will become impossible.

How to improve the team? To upgrade a team, tap its button in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Select the team member you want to upgrade and tap the "New Level" button. Then select team members to prepare it. After the training is completed, they will disappear, providing the upgraded team member with experience points. You will see in advance how much experience and levels such training will give. When you level up, cash is also spent - the required amount will be indicated on the screen. Preparation is irreversible, so choose your team members carefully and read the warnings before taking action!

In general, it’s better to use low rarity team members to prepare the rarer ones. Campaign and Heist missions are a great source of cash and recruits to improve your team.

Which team members are on the prison break team? The following list contains all members of the Prison Break Team: Joe, Lucy, Oscar Muller, Matt B, Little Luca, Camille, Valeria, Renzo, Jess, Sid, Squalo, Kitchi, Sulten, El Difunto, Ha-Jung, Kim, Vlad, Auntie Techno, Arshbeer, Rocket, CC.

Puzzle Heist: Getting and upgrading cars

How to get new cars? The "Contact" tab on the main screen displays a menu for the team and wheelbarrows. Every day you will receive contacts, among which there may be a new car. Such cars can also be found in the game, for example, on the black market. As in the case of the team, with the help of diamonds or epic car tokens, you can establish contact with the car. After that, a wheelbarrow will appear on the screen, which can be picked up.

How to increase the level of cars? In the "Team" section, the items "Team" and "Cars" will be displayed. In the cars section, you can see all your cars, as well as increase their level. If you select a car for improvement, a corresponding button will appear. If there is not enough utility to level up, a message will appear. That means we’ll have to check out the Junkyard at HQ.

How does a landfill work? If there is not enough scrap to increase the level of the car, you can get an additional one by recycling cars in a junkyard. All this is available on the main map. You can improve the dump, like other buildings, and collect resources - in this case, by disposing of wheelbarrows. To dispose of a wheelbarrow, click "Dispose" and then select which wheelbarrow you want to get rid of.

Remember, if you dispose of a wheelbarrow, it will be lost forever, you cannot undo this action, but in return you will receive resources. A warning will appear at the top. Once recycling is complete, a confirmation window will appear. After that, you can continue to increase the levels of wheelbarrows.

How to combine a team with cars? If you select "Change Squad" on the "Team" tab, you can not only make changes, but also set a wheelbarrow for each member. Cars increase the performance of team members who drive them. Rarer cars have better benefits, and when the junkyard is rebuilt, it will be possible to increase the levels of cars to improve these benefits further.

In addition, if you combine the category of team and cars, power-ups for cars will open. When matched, the symbols will turn green, and a green line will appear between the fighter and the wheelbarrow. If you cannot match the categories, then only the Attack/Defense/Health buff will be applied.

Matching the category of a car and a fighter means that you get all the possible benefits of a combination of a fighter and a car. If the categories of the car and the fighter are different, you still improve the characteristics. But, of course, the improvement will be greater when the categories match.

Puzzle Heist: Crafting Guide

How does item creation work? To access the creation of items, touch the building called "Tech Center". Here you can also craft items used in missions like bandages and blinding grenades. By tapping the "Create" button next to the item you need, you will see a list of materials and resources needed to make it. Touching each of the items required to create, you will see where it can be obtained. As this building improves, you will be able to create more different items.

The production of identical items can be queued by touching the button with the plus icon.

Items made in the technical center. In the technical center you can make, including:

Puzzle Heist: Game buildings, their improvement

What is a residential building? This is a recruiting building. Its improvement will allow you to get more free recruits at your disposal.

What is a metal warehouse? This is a building for storing metal, a resource used mainly to upgrade buildings at the base and create items for missions in the tech center. By upgrading the warehouse, you will increase its capacity.

What is a tech center? This is the building where mission items are created - various effective things that you can take with you on missions and use them to achieve victory. Items require time and resources to create, such as cash, metal, or other items that can be obtained in the game. As you upgrade the tech center, you’ll unlock new items to research and craft.

What is a bar? This is a building for receiving cash, which gradually accumulates in it. To pick it up, tap the cash icon above the bar. Only a limited amount of cash can be stored in the building, so check back regularly to collect it. Upgrading a building increases the rate of accumulation of cash in it.

What is a gym? This is one of the most important buildings in the game, used to train new team members. They can be obtained by training recruits in the gyms available at the base, which were received for completing missions. Upgrading your gym will unlock new specialized training areas, so be sure to upgrade your base regularly.

What is auto disassembly? This is a building for the production of metal, which gradually accumulates in it. To pick it up, tap the metal icon above the auto-disassembly. Only a limited amount of metal can be stored in a building, so check back regularly to collect it. Upgrading the building increases the speed of metal production.

What is a cash vault? This is a cash storage building that also increases your maximum cash limit. As you improve storage, you will gradually increase this limit.

How does building upgrade work? If you have enough metal or cash, you can upgrade the building by selecting it and touching the "Upgrade" button. The maximum level of most buildings cannot exceed the level of your headquarters, so try to upgrade your headquarters whenever possible. At certain levels of headquarters improvement, additional sites will also be opened for the construction of new buildings. Please note that the demolition of buildings is not yet provided for in the game.

Puzzle Heist: How to fight the leaders?

Who are the leaders? Leaders are powerful bosses that the alliance must defeat together. They have a lot of health and very powerful attacks. To defeat them, you usually need a lot of attacks from a large number of alliance members. The leaders must be defeated within the allotted time, otherwise they will slip away. When you start attacking the leader, you will only have a short period of time to inflict as much damage as possible on him.

What determines the star level of the leader? By defeating the leaders one by one, the alliance increases the star level of future leaders - defeating them will bring more valuable rewards! If the leader slips away, the star level of the next leader will be lower.

What rewards are given for defeating the leaders? Players receive rewards for participating in battles with the leader. If the alliance manages to defeat the leader, the rewards will be more valuable. Players who deal more damage than the rest will receive more trophies. In addition, after defeating 5 leaders, the alliance gains access to the vault. If you manage to open it, there is a chance to earn rare rewards.

Puzzle Heist: Diamonds and Resources

What are diamonds for? Diamonds are used to speed up upgrades, unlock new characters, and purchase some promotional offers. Diamonds in the game can be purchased in a variety of ways, including:

What are resources (metal, cash, recruits)? Resources include metal, cash, and recruits. An excellent source of resources are campaign missions and robberies.

What are post-mission items? In addition to experience points, metal, cash, and recruits, you can also earn materials to create new items, items to increase the rank of fighters, and even new team members. The full list of rewards is indicated after completing the mission.

Puzzle Heist: Account Questions

How to change your name in the game? To change your name, select your profile in the top left corner of the screen. At the top you will see buttons for editing the name and confirming the new one.

How to back up saved data? You can use Game Center on iOS and Google Play on Android to back up saved data. Thanks to them, you can play on different devices, continuing from where the game was previously completed.

How can I recover saved game data? To get saved game data on a new device, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Google Play Games app on your device with your Google account.
  2. Go to "Settings".
  3. Make sure "Log in to supported games automatically" is checked.
  4. Launch Puzzle Heist to connect to your account. After logging in, your data should be restored.
If you’re on Android, check your Google Play Games profile as this may affect which account is used by default.

Purchase return policy. Hutch will refund an in-app purchase made on the Android platform if the following conditions are met:

  1. You contact support within 48 hours of making a purchase.
  2. The purchased item(s) has not been spent, consumed, altered or sold.

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