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Royal Farm WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Royal Farm is a simulation developed by UGO Games. You have to build your farm in order to receive products and fulfill the orders of fairy-tale heroes. Here you will meet characters familiar from childhood and even be able to build a Magic City for them. The game provides for collective events as part of the guild and competitions between farmers. It is also possible to add friends and help them. The game features great graphics, good music and a lot of activities.


  1. Complete Quests
  2. Decorations, Reputation and Territories
  3. All About the Seasons
  4. Rules for the sale of goods
  5. Maps of Esmeralda
  6. Your achievements
  7. How to serve travelers?
  8. Journey to Fairytale City
  9. Holding a Festival of Hearts
  10. Pet Guide
  11. Shepherd boy and Archibald’s shop
  12. How to use the Magic Beacon?
  13. The Importance of the Magic Tower
  14. Wheel of Fortune Work
  15. Wise Owl and Miraculous Chest
  16. Friends and help
  17. Guide to guilds in the game
  18. Running a Dragon Race
  19. Gameplay
  20. Diamonds and payment
  21. Pros and Cons

Royal Farm: Complete Quests

What is the Job Log for? At the fourth level, the Quest Log will open for you. The quest log will allow you to complete various tasks from the characters, which will bring you a useful reward. Please note that unlike the Tavern, the Quest Log does not write off your products.

Your task is only to fulfill the set conditions, for example, "Feed 5 cows" or "Bake 8 buns in the bakery". For completed tasks, you will receive coins, experience and a special resource - Fairy Dust. It will come in handy for removing the enchantment from the pages of the Book of Fairy Tales. You can earn additional amounts of it in Seasons.

Daily tasks. At level eleven, special Daily Quests will become available in the Quest Log. Such tasks are issued once a day and you need to have time to complete them in 12 hours. Unlike Regular Quests, Daily Quests require fewer resources to complete and give double the reward in the form of coins, experience and Fairy Dust. Don’t miss them!

What is the Book of Fairy Tales for? Completing the tasks of the inhabitants, you will receive Fairy Dust as a reward. Use it to remove the enchantment from the enchanted pages of the Book of Tales. For each opened page you will receive valuable rewards. To open the Book of Fairy Tales for the first time and activate its pages, you need to complete the first task.

Why disenchant the pages of the Book of Fairy Tales? As you disenchant the pages and complete the stories in the Book of Tales, you will receive rewards one after another. Your goal is to open the pictures and reconstruct the story one by one, page by page. For a fully open page you will receive a reward. The more pages of history you open, the higher this reward will be.

A story can have several pages, each illustrating a specific episode (one page - one picture). After studying a whole story, the pages of the next story will become available to you if you have not completed the last story currently available.

Where else can I earn Fairy Dust? Additional Fairy Dust can be given to you by Pets, and you can also earn it while participating in the Seasons.

Royal Farm: Decorations, Reputation and Territories

Why do you need decorations? At the third level, you will get access to special decorations, which are marked with a golden crown icon. These decorations will earn you the reputation you need to unlock new territories and buy new factories. You do not have to place all the decorations on the game map after the purchase. Some decorations can be sent to storage, while the reputation will not decrease.

What is Reputation and where can I get it? Reputation will allow you to open new territories and factories for your farm. It is marked with a golden crown. At the third level, you can buy special decorations in the store in the "Decoration" section, which are marked with this very icon.

Buy decorations with coins, diamonds or gems and increase your reputation to unlock new lands and gain access to new factory purchases. There will also be a number of special decorations waiting for you in Fairy Tale City, which will also add to your overall reputation score.

How to open new territories? At the seventh level, new territories will become available for you to discover. Meet Esmeralda, complete her first order and get a pickaxe, an ax and a shovel as a reward. With these tools and a small amount of coins, you can start to discover new territory. In the future, to open lands, you will need not only the indicated tools and coins, but also reputation. For each open block you will receive a reward.

Royal Farm: All About the Seasons

What are seasons? Seasons are the activity of earning points to unlock additional rewards. They will become available upon reaching level 15.

How to get season points? Complete quests in the Quest Log during the season to earn special points. The more points you accumulate, the more rewards you will receive!

Season stages. Each season is divided into several stages. The closer to the end of the season, the more points you will receive for completing tasks. To find out when the next stage will start, hold down the button with the name of the stage.

Season passes. There are several types of seasonal passes. The Silver Pass will unlock additional rewards. The Gold and Platinum Passes will also give you access to additional rewards and Season Points bonuses.

I received unique skins during the passage of the Season. How to apply them? Once you get your first skin, you will have a palette icon in the top left corner of your screen. Click on it, select the building whose appearance you want to change from the list, then select the appearance itself. You can also change skins by looking inside the buildings themselves and clicking the appropriate icon.

Royal Farm: Rules for the sale of goods

Sale of goods. To list your item for sale, go to the Counter, click on the empty box, select the desired item and set the quantity and price. You can sell goods that are stored in the Warehouse and Barn. The exception is tools.

Shopping. In addition to selling, you can also purchase the goods you need from other players on the Bulletin Board. Before buying goods, make sure that you have free space in the Warehouse and in the Barn!

Advertisements. To sell your product faster, do not forget to advertise it on the Bulletin Board. Advertised lots are marked with an ad icon. If you want to return the goods back to the Warehouse / Barn, you will have to pay three diamonds.

Royal Farm: Maps of Esmeralda

Why do we need decks of cards from Esmeralda? Reach the seventh level in the game and the beautiful Esmeralda will come to you! This mysterious fortune teller will reward you with decks of cards after you help her load baskets for her long journey. The decks will allow you to get tools for clearing the territory and increasing the capacity of the warehouse / barn, cards for improving recipes (available after opening the Wise Owl), scenery cards for the Fairytale City (available in a twelve-hour deck), as well as give coins and experience.

If all four places around the tent are occupied and Esmeralda provides a new deck, then you will not be able to unload the tent with new goods until you make room for the brought deck.

How to get bonuses from the deck? To receive bonuses from the deck, it must be opened. Depending on the type of deck and the number of cards in it, the opening time of the pack varies. During unpacking, you can speed up the process by paying diamonds, or open another deck, again for diamonds. After opening the deck, you will find out what is inside. These can be experience, coins, tools for clearing the territory, cards for improving recipes (available after opening the Wise Owl) and scenery cards for the Fairytale City (available in the twelve hour chest).

Where can I get more tools? There are many ways to get additional tools: for example, after opening a Miraculous Chest (the amount depends on its level), for increasing the game level (starting from the tenth), for completing the Book of Tales, for opening a Lucky Chest, for completing tasks in the Quest Journal, earning points Season, etc. There are also advantageous sets in the Treasury. They will become available from the thirteenth level. Such sets have a limited supply.

I get the same tools. This is fine? Yes, this is quite normal. The game gives out cards with tools randomly.

Royal Farm: Your achievements

Why do we need an Achievement Tree? When you reach the fifth level of the game, the Achievement Tree will become available to you. Now for performing certain actions on the farm, you will receive valuable rewards. All achievements of the Tree have three stages, which are marked with medals. Along with the medal, you get diamonds, new avatars and titles. For a list of all the achievements and what each achievement requires to complete it, just take a look at the Tree.

What are achievement medals for? Collect a certain number of medals to get extra diamonds. The more medals you collect, the more diamonds you can get.

Achievements limited in time. Please note that there are limited-time achievements, they are marked with a clock icon. If you do not meet the deadline, the achievement will have to start over.

Royal Farm: How to serve travelers?

Who are travelers? At what level are they available? Travelers are guests of your Fairytale City. They will be available from level 30. For them to appear, it is necessary to restore the station and the town hall. Travelers visit various service buildings.

For each service, you will receive coins, experience and prestige points, which are necessary to increase the level of the city. When the traveler is served in all the buildings he wanted to visit, he will give you an extra gift and go to the station to wait for the train to go home.

Railway station. On the left side of the city map is the station building. By clicking on it, you can find out additional information: when the next train will arrive and how many travelers it will bring. The train improves along with the improvement of the station. To improve them, you will need bricks, board and cement.

Each upgrade increases by one the number of tourists that will arrive by train. Initially, three travelers arrive at the first level of the station, and at the maximum level of the station (level 13), the train will bring fifteen travelers. The train always arrives every six hours.

City Hall. The town hall is responsible for the maximum number of travelers that can be in your city at a time. Initially, at the first level of the town hall, the player can have up to nine travelers, each upgrade of the town hall increases this number by three. The train will not be able to bring anyone (or will bring less than it should) if you have too many travelers in the city. Upgrading the town hall requires a trowel, a planer and a brush.

In the town hall window, you can conveniently distribute your travelers among the buildings they want to visit.

How to serve travelers? Travelers will arrive in your city by train. Each traveler wants to visit from one to three service buildings. Click on the traveler to see what he wants to visit, and then select the building where exactly to send him. The traveler will go to this building and wait there until you serve him, that is, give him a few goods that he wants.

What gifts do travelers give? Travelers desire the common goods you produce on your farm. If you have the right amount of goods, click the "Serve" button to give the traveler these items. After a while, which depends on which building the traveler is in, he will be ready to pay the bill. Click on it and get coins, experience and prestige points that are needed to increase the level of the city.

For the last building that the traveler wanted to visit, he will also give you an additional gift: either one of the new items for clearing the territory of the city (potions of joy, courage, wisdom), or items for improving the station, town hall and service buildings (bricks, board, cement , trowel, planer or brush). After that, the traveler will go to the station, where the train will be waiting to take him home.

How to see a traveler out of the city? Any traveler can be kicked out of the city if, for example, you have a lot of guests who want to go to the same building, or the traveler asks for goods that you will produce for too long. However, you will not receive a gift from him. Look into the town hall and find the round button under the traveler icon.

Service buildings. Your travelers wish to visit one or more service buildings. There are eight buildings in total: a tavern, a booth, a restaurant, a souvenir shop, a dance school, a theater, a fair and a school of magic. Access to them opens at a certain level of the city. They must be bought for coins and wait for their construction.

Each service building initially has one free space for a traveler. You can upgrade the building and increase the number of places, while travelers will be served at the same time in all cells, and not in turn like production in factories. The service time (after you gave the traveler what he wanted) is different for each building and ranges from one hour to four and a half hours.

Each service building can be upgraded many times using various combinations of city items and building materials.

Types of building upgrades. There are four types of upgrades for each maintenance building: number of seats, coin bonus, experience and prestige bonus, maintenance time.

Build new service buildings and upgrade them to make your resort more efficient.

Territory expansion. You can expand your city by opening up new territories and clearing the place of unnecessary trees or other objects. Opening a territory works the same way as on a farm, with one exception - you will need potions of joy, courage, wisdom and some reputation. All buildings except for the train station, the town hall and the Castle of Legends can be rearranged to create a beautiful and convenient city layout for you.

Board of orders of travelers. For your convenience, you can see what products travelers want while on your farm. You can open the traveler order board by clicking on the stand next to the Airship. This way you can see how many travelers are waiting for service in each building and what they want without going to the city map.

Royal Farm: Journey to Fairytale City

What is Fairytale City for? At level 20, the Fairytale City will become available to you. Discover new territories with new opportunities and rebuild the legendary city anew, returning it to its former glory!

Why do you need to rebuild the houses of the characters? At first, the game will offer you to build the first house of one of the characters. This house is also your first urban decoration. Look into it and fulfill the request of the tenant. For this you will receive a point of joy. Accumulate joy points for each completed order to get a golden key. Collect golden keys and buy fairy decks that will give you scenery cards and character cards.

What kind of gifts do the inhabitants of the Fairytale City give? Sometimes your fairy-tale heroes can give you gifts. It can be experience, coins or diamonds. Do not forget to collect rewards in order to get new ones after a while.

How many orders can I make? Each character asks to complete one order every three hours. Do not forget to return to him to fulfill his new request. For quick execution of orders, you can use special boards of "City Orders". One of them is located near the airship, and the second - near the Castle of Legends.

When six houses appear in your city, only five orders will be indicated on the order board. Let’s give an example: six houses - five orders, seven houses - six orders, etc.

How to pump decorations? To do this, complete orders in the characters’ houses, earn joy points, and along with them, golden keys. After collecting the required number of golden keys, you can purchase a fairy deck in which you can get cards with decorations - new or current. Leveling will help you increase the desired reputation.

How to open a new fairy-tale character? To do this, complete orders in the characters’ houses, earn joy points, and along with them, golden keys. After collecting the required number of golden keys, you can purchase a fabulous deck in which you can get cards with new characters. We advise you to buy fairy decks for 10 keys, so you are guaranteed to drop a character card.

If you get a card with a character in the collection, you will open his new thematic decoration.

Royal Farm: Holding a Festival of Hearts

What is the Festival of Hearts for? The Heart Festival is available from the twenty-fifth level of the game. During it, you can open a special chest and get a reward from it. If you do it faster than other players from your group, then you will receive an additional reward for this.

Days of the event. The festival of hearts takes place every weekend: on Saturday and Sunday. To participate, you need to click on the green statue with a heart to the right of Esmeralda. In the window that appears, you can confirm your participation or postpone it until later. Thus, you can choose the most suitable time to participate in the festival, because you only have 24 hours to complete all the tasks.

Why declare participation in the festival? You can choose a convenient time for yourself and get more chances to win a prize. The fact is that the first players in your group who have scored the maximum number of hearts claim additional rewards.

Will I be penalized if I cannot fully open a silver or gold chest? No, there are no penalties in these cases. If you reach level 9 of your current chest or below, then during the next festival, you will again compete for the rewards of your current chest.

I get hearts, but they don’t count. What to do? I can’t claim my reward! When you have collected the required number of hearts to fully open the chest, then further counting of hearts is not carried out. You will be able to receive a well-deserved reward after the end of the festival. Also, perhaps your time to participate in the festival (24 hours) has already expired. For this reason, hearts count towards the total score.

What reward can I get for participating in the festival? There are two types of rewards you can receive. The first is a competitive reward. It is received by players who have collected the maximum number of hearts faster than others. These rewards include coins, experience, cards to improve recipes, and a trophy cup.

You can also receive a reward from your current festival chest. To do this, you need to collect the specified number of hearts in a given period of time. You get hearts for completing orders with improved recipes. The rewards from the chest include: coins, experience, recipe upgrade cards, diamonds, festival crowns that show your status as a participant in the festival.

How can I compete for a reward from a more valuable chest? If you reach the tenth level of your current chest (for example, bronze), then during the next festival you will begin to fight for a reward from a more valuable chest (silver in this particular example). After taking the silver chest, you will be able to compete for a gold reward.

Can I open both a bronze and a silver chest in the same festival? No, you can only open one chest during the festival. The new one will be available during the next festival.

Royal Farm: Pet Guide

How to get a pet? Once you reach level 17, you will be able to have pets. To get started, the game will offer you to buy a dog house for a small amount of coins, after which you can get your first dog. Please note that pets are purchased with gems.

Why should I buy pets? What do they give? Each purchased animal will give you a certain amount of reputation. In the future, do not forget to feed them, and pets will reward you with experience and fairy dust.

How many pets can live in one house? All types of pet houses can accommodate up to three pets. Those. up to three dogs can live in one booth, up to three cats can live in one cat house. As soon as the house is completely filled, it will be possible to purchase the next one (after reaching the required level). Please note that you can buy multiple identical dogs or cats.

How long do you need to feed your pets? Dogs and cats require different feeding times:

Royal Farm: Shepherd boy and Archibald’s shop

What is the Shepherd for? The shepherd is available from the 18th level of the game. It will help you find any products you need. You can hire him for a certain number of days and for the corresponding payment in the form of diamonds. He can bring any product or crop, but he cannot get the tools to expand or open up territory.

How quickly will the Shepherd bring the right product? The shepherd girl takes your order and offers you options for buying depending on the quantity and cost, then runs away for 30-40 seconds in search of goods, and upon his return brings your order. After completing it, he will need to rest for 2 hours. You cannot select multiple products.

Does shepherd only accept diamonds? Yes that’s right. Other types of payment for his work are not provided.

Archibald’s shop. When you reach the fifteenth level of the game, a mysterious raven named Archibald will come to you. It is ready to provide you with a variety of recipe cards at a bargain price. Every day the raven will come with new cards to exchange. All offers are valid for 24 hours and change to new ones upon expiration. Don’t forget to visit his store, because Archibald always has various nice gifts in store for you!

Royal Farm: How to use the Magic Beacon?

What is the Magic Lighthouse for? After you reach the sixteenth level, the Magic Lighthouse will become available to you. Rebuild it and send the ships of the brave traveler Sinbad on long voyages. Get rewards and gems for it!

What are Gems for? Gems can be obtained after the complete filling of all decks of the ship. Stones can be used to purchase reputation decorations and pets. Please note that decorations purchased with gems mostly grant more reputation.

What gems will I get for sending a ship? It can be any of the three stones (green, blue or pink). All gems drop randomly.

Why am I not receiving gems for sending a ship? So you send it empty or incomplete. The gem is not allowed for this. The mechanics of the ship is very similar to the loading mechanics of Esmeralda’s tent - click on the box and load it with goods. Immediately after filling the boxes, you get money and experience for the used goods. If the ship has one or two decks full, then you will only get coins and experience.

Royal Farm: The Importance of the Magic Tower

Why is the Magic Tower needed? Reach level thirteen and open the Magic Tower! All the wisdom of the royal valley is hidden in the Magic Tower, and it is kept by the faithful servant of the kingdom - the Astrologer. He is ready to share with you the secrets of how to efficiently manage all the affairs on his farm, and the scrolls of acceleration will help you with this!

What are Haste Scrolls? Scrolls of acceleration will help you produce goods faster and more. Activate the scroll with diamonds to apply the necessary magical effect on your farm for a while. Only three scrolls can work at the same time! Find the rarest and most powerful scrolls. The more stars a scroll has, the stronger its effect.

If you collect a lot of scrolls, you will have to pay for storage.

Where can I get scrolls? Receive haste scrolls as a reward for various actions, such as in the Leprechaun Chest, for participating in the Festival of Hearts and in Seasons.

Royal Farm: Wheel of Fortune Work

Why is the Wheel of Fortune needed? Reach level 12 and try your luck with the Wheel of Fortune! Look into the game every day, spin the wheel for free or for good luck symbols, and get valuable rewards. The more spins you make, the sooner you will receive a special gift from the Leprechaun - a chest of good luck with a generous reward!

What are good luck symbols for? Helping your friends and other farmers from the twelfth level of the game, you get a special reward - symbols of good luck, which are stored in the Leprechaun’s pot. Use these symbols to spin the wheel more often and get more prizes! The more turns you make, the more symbols you will need.

You can collect a maximum of 150 symbols. Don’t forget to use them on time!

Where can I earn extra Luck Symbols? Additional Luck Symbols can be obtained in several ways:

What rewards can I get in the Chest of Luck? The Chest of Fortune contains guaranteed gifts in the form of a diamond and a box of tools (in more expensive chests, there are also scrolls of acceleration). He also gives you a gift of Fortune in the form of a unique decoration. After receiving it, you can find it in the goods shop in the "Inventory" section. Note that some special decorations grant reputation and some do not. All special decorations drop out randomly.

If I don’t log into the game, will my spins accumulate? No, rotations will not accumulate. Check the game every day to open the Lucky Chest as soon as possible!

Royal Farm: Wise Owl and Miraculous Chest

What are Recipe Cards? After you reach the tenth level, the Wise Owl will become available to you - the keeper of the Recipe cards. Collect Recipe Cards to make your items more valuable. Sell ​​improved goods and customers will reward you with hearts, which will be needed to open the Miraculous Chest.

Great chest. Miraculous chest is available from level 10. Complete special orders in the Tavern and get hearts to open a Miraculous Chest. Valuable rewards will be waiting for you in it: it can be experience, diamonds, tools and recipe cards of the Wise Owl.

Do I receive items with recipe cards? No, you do not receive items that are marked on recipe cards.

Where can I earn recipe cards? Recipe cards can be obtained from card decks in Esmeralda’s tent, from the Miraculous Chest after collecting the required number of hearts, from Heart Festival rewards, from Archibald’s shop, etc. Also in the Treasury, various decks of recipe cards are available for purchase for diamonds.

How to improve the recipe and what does it give? By clicking on the recipe, you will see how many cards of this type you already have and how many hearts the recipe will bring after improvement. Recipes are divided into simple, rare and unique. Rare and unique recipes, after upgrading, bring more hearts to open the chest, and also add more Miraculous Chest progress points.

Do recipe cards only upgrade with diamonds? Yes that’s right. Other types of improvements are not provided.

How to increase the level of the Miraculous chest? In order to increase the level of the Miraculous Chest and receive more rewards, you need to increase its level. To do this, collect Recipe cards and upgrade recipes for diamonds.

Royal Farm: Friends and help

At what level can I add friends? You can add friends starting from the second level of the game.

How to add a friend to the game? You can add friends in several ways:

How do I know that a player has been added as a friend? In the "My friends" tab, an icon with a new member will appear, marked with the "New" icon. Now you can greet your new friend and visit his farm!

At what level can I help friends and other farmers? You can help friends and other farmers from the eighth level.

How do you know who needs help? To find out which of your friends needs help, click on the "My Friends" icon, then select the "Need Help" tab. To help other farmers, check out the Bulletin Board. Players who need help are marked with an exclamation point icon.

How to help and what does it give? There are three types of help you can give to your friend or stranger:

For help, you will receive coins and experience, and after reaching level 12 - an additional reward called Symbol of Fortune.

Why can’t I go to my friend’s map? If the game gives you the message "Failed to move to the player’s farm. Incompatible application versions", it means that you have not updated the game to the latest version. To download the latest version of the app, go to Google Play or the App Store, find the Royal Farm app and click the "Update" button.

Royal Farm: Guide to guilds in the game

Why are guilds needed? Guilds become available from the 22nd level of the game. They will allow you to team up with other players, communicate with allies, help them and get the right goods for your farm. You can choose a guild of your choice or create your own.

At what level can I create my own guild? This feature will become available from the 25th level of the game.

How to create a guild? Any player who has reached level 25 in the game can create a guild. To do this, click on the Guild Tower to get to the main window, and then click the "Create Guild" button. Please note that the creation will require five diamonds. When creating a guild, you can give the guild any name, set your emblem, union type (open / closed / on request) and set up requirements for players (level and reputation).

How can I find the right guild for me? By default, the guild window will open the "Search" tab, in which there will be 20 random guilds. You can choose one of them or find the desired guild by name, as well as by a unique code (if you have one). If all characters are removed from the string, then the display of random guilds will return.

Please note that there are guilds from different regions. Just click the "Language" button and select the desired region.

How to ask for help in the guild? To do this, look into the guild chat and click the "Product Request" button, then select the desired product from the list. The limit on the request of the goods depends on the time of its manufacture. A new request for help can be made every three hours.

Don’t forget to help your allies - you’ll receive a Symbol of Fortune for fully helping!

How to change position in the guild? Only the head of the guild can appoint a position. Click on the Guild Tower and you will see a list of your allies. Select the person you are interested in from the list, click on his line, and a green button with a crown icon will appear in front of you. Click on it and then select one of the positions:

After you transfer your leadership to another ally, your powers will be removed and you will become a member.

How to invite other players to your guild? You can invite a player to your guild in the following ways:

If a player is not a member of another guild, you can invite him by clicking on the button with the guild icon under his avatar.

How to leave the guild if I’m a regular member? Click on the Guild Tower, then on the purple button at the bottom left of the screen. The game will ask you if you really want to leave the guild.

How to leave the guild if I’m the leader? To do this, you must transfer leadership rights to another member of the guild. As soon as the participant accepts your offer to become the leader of the guild, you can leave it. Or you can delete all members of your guild, and then delete the guild itself.

How to delete your guild? To delete your guild, you must first remove all members from it, and then leave it yourself. After that, the guild will be removed. It will be impossible to return it.

Royal Farm: Running a Dragon Race

What is the race for? Joining a guild and finding new playmates is great. No less wonderful is to test the skills of a farmer, both personal and team. It is to create a challenge and competitive excitement that "Dragon Races" exist. Tests that make it clear which guild is the most capable.

How to start? The dragon race is available for players from level 22. Farmers who joined the guild before the start of the race and declared their participation are allowed to participate. You can do this from the race menu, on the dragon tab. The race runs from Monday to Friday. During this time, teams must score as many points as possible in their group in order to receive a prize.

A victory point can be obtained by completing a task from the board in the guild menu. For example, in the bronze league, each participant can complete seven tasks, as well as one more, which is purchased for 10 diamonds. At the end of the race, the team whose members completed the most tasks in the fastest time wins.

Your withdrawal will only apply to the next race, so you will not be able to withdraw directly from the current competition.

Types of tasks and how to complete them. Before accepting a quest from the guild board, read its description. Pay attention to what you are asked to do and by when. It can be collecting crops, gathering resources from animals, cooking products in factories, opening decks, sending ships, serving travelers, helping friends, and much more. A strict amount of time is allotted to complete the task. It takes its countdown from the moment you accepted the task.

The collected resources are also taken into account after taking the task. If you do not have time to fulfill the conditions in the allotted time, then the task will be considered failed. It will no longer be possible to overfulfill it, you can only try to complete a new task if you have not yet exhausted the limit of tasks to complete in the current league.

After completing the conditions of the tasks, do not forget to go to the guild building to get a point for completing. Here you can take a new task or book the next one. The booking button is next to the "Start" button.

Booking assignments. You can book the task you like to start doing it a little later. To do this, select a task and click on the button with a yellow exclamation mark next to the button to start the task. The reservation will be valid for 8 hours.

Your booked task will receive a special mark. However, this does not prevent other players from taking the booked quest. However, a player who decides to take a booked quest will receive a notification that a guildmate wishes to receive the quest.

Do not forget to communicate and duplicate your desire to take the task with a message in the guild chat. This will help you find a common language with your comrades and become a successful guild.

Reward. There are several types of rewards in the dragon race. The first type is issued if your guild has won a prize in the competition: first, second or third. The second type of reward a team can receive for passing checkpoints. For example, guilds must work together to score 10 points to receive the first egg with a reward.

Usually, rewards are available for passing seven checkpoints in a race. The more points you score, the closer you will get to more valuable rewards. The third type of reward is provided for the involvement of the team in achieving the overall result. This requires, for example, that five team members complete 3 tasks each. In this case, you will receive another egg with a reward.

The more people complete three tasks, the more chances the guild has to receive additional prizes for involvement.

Guild sorting. The given algorithms try to collect rivals with the same number of participants in one group. Guilds with even one member are allowed to participate in the dragon race, so the algorithm will try to gather players with one member for such guilds. However, sometimes there are not enough teams to form groups, and therefore a guild with three members can end up in both a one-member group and a five-member group.

This is an acceptable situation, which does not mean that a guild with fewer members is doomed to fail. Everything still depends on the number of people who will take an active part in the competition, on the number of victory points scored. And don’t forget about prizes for passing marks and for involvement. You can still compete for them.

Leagues and their differences. Now guilds are divided into three leagues: bronze, silver and gold. Their key differences are in the number of available tasks to complete and in the reward received for winning. In the bronze league, players can complete 7 tasks plus one more for diamonds, in silver - 10 + 1 tasks, in gold - 14 + 1.

The top three teams in the current competition advance to the next league. An exception for the golden league, there is no promotion to the higher league yet. The players who took the last three places in the competition are returned to the previous league, but no further than the bronze.

Royal Farm: Gameplay

How to save your game progress? You can save your game progress by linking it to your social media accounts. This can be Google Play (Android devices) and Game Center/Apple ID (iOS devices). Just go to the game settings (click on the "gear" under your avatar) and select the desired social network. Please note that game progress downloaded via Huawei App Galley cannot be saved or transferred between devices at this time. This feature will be added in future updates.

When reinstalling / deleting the game, as well as when completely resetting the device to factory settings, progress can be restored on your own only if the game has been connected to a social network. Transferring progress to another device is also only possible using supported social networks.

The farm is gone. If your game was connected to a social network account, Google Play (Android devices) or Game Center / Apple ID (Apple devices), then you can try to restore the missing progress yourself:

  1. Uninstall and reinstall the game.
  2. Connect the game to the social network account to which it was linked.
  3. A window will appear asking if you want to download an existing game associated with your account. Select the desired farm, dial 12345 and press the confirm button.

My mobile device has changed. Can I continue my game from it? Yes, you can do this provided that you were linked to Google Play/Game Center/Apple ID on the old device or linked via a social network. Log into the game from a new device and complete the tutorial - this will allow you to access the authorization function. Once the feature becomes available, you can do the following:

How to play one farm on multiple devices? You can play on multiple devices only if your game is linked to a social network account, Google Play (Android devices) or Game Center/Apple ID (Apple devices). There are also some other conditions:

To sync your devices, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to a social network, Google Play (Android devices) or Game Center/Apple ID on the first device.
  2. Install the game from Google Play or the App Store on a second device.
  3. Connect the downloaded game to the same social account, Google Play (Android devices) or Game Center/Apple ID as on the first device.
  4. Select the farm you need.
  5. Dial 12345 and press the confirm button.
The transfer of progress between Android and Apple devices is carried out only through synchronization with an account on a social network.

Is it possible to play two farms on the same device? It is not recommended to create several different farms on the same device. Even if you link farm data to different social media profiles, it is still possible to lose one of the farms when connecting to another. Such a farm will be lost without the possibility of recovery.

How to start the game again? If you want to restart the game on your current device, you can do it yourself. Please note that this process is irreversible and you will not be able to restore your old progress if you change your mind. You can do the following:

  1. Unlink your progress from your Google Play, Game Center and Apple ID accounts (you can do this in the game settings by clicking on the social network data buttons again).
  2. On Android devices: clear the game cache and data, or reinstall the game. On Apple devices: Reinstall the game.
  3. Do not connect to your social media profiles when the game prompts you to do so on the loading screen.
  4. Make sure you start the game from level 0.
  5. Complete the initial training.
  6. Go to the game settings and select the desired account to save progress.
  7. In the menu that appears, select a new farm, then enter the code 12345 and confirm your choice.

Royal Farm: Diamonds and payment

How to get diamonds? Diamonds can not only be bought for real money, but also earned inside the game. There are many ways. You get gems for moving to a new level, for opening a Wonderful Chest and new territories, for completing Stories, for opening a Lucky Chest, for completing achievements in the Achievement Tree, as gifts from the inhabitants of Fairy Tale City, for earning points in Seasons, for participation in the Festival of Hearts, etc.

My diamonds are gone. How could this happen? Most often, diamonds do not disappear, players accidentally click on the "Speed ​​up production", "Buy more resources" button and use the stones in this way. Unfortunately, it is impossible to cancel the acceleration or the purchase of resources for diamonds.

In the game settings, you can enable the "Confirm diamond spending" function. By default, this feature is disabled.

Can everything be accelerated for free for diamonds? Not all. You can speed up the growth of crops for free, production in the bakery and in the juice shop can be up to the fifth level. For other improvements, you will already have to give diamonds.

What to do if the in-game purchase did not arrive? Here are some useful recommendations if you paid for the purchase, but the resources did not arrive in the game:

If the recommendations above did not help, please contact support by providing the order number from the letter from Google / Apple in text format.

I changed my mind and want to return my purchase. Can I do it? Be careful! After payment and receipt of the purchase in the game, you will not be able to return the money back.

Royal Farm: Pros and Cons

Royal Farm is a new farming game where you can grow crops, collect produce and sell your goods to customers. At the same time, the buyers here are fairy-tale characters - Puss in Boots, Gingerbread Man, Pinocchio and other familiar characters. Also, a wide variety of activities are gradually opening up in the game, which will give you the opportunity to collect and improve recipes, travel to new lands, participate in various competitions, etc.

In general, the game is very colorful and interesting. It features a leisurely gameplay that still remains exciting. The characters are very well drawn here, there are built-in hints for game moments and interesting temporary events. Of the minuses, one can note the lack of premium currency for some actions, problems with the capacity of the barn for storing tools, and difficulties with logging into the application for a number of players.

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