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Sky Children of the Light WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

SKY CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT is an Android game with a release date of April 6, 2020 from thatgamecompany inc. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Leveling Up the Winged Light
  2. Where to Find the Winged Light?
  3. Basic Functions of the House
  4. Complete walkthrough of all locations in the world
  5. How to get through the Heart of Eden?
  6. Your Office
  7. A Beginner’s Guide
  8. Player Friendship Essential Options
  9. A Guide to Spirits and Elders
  10. Creature Guide
  11. All About Expressions
  12. Blessings Guide
  13. How to update a character’s wardrobe?
  14. In-Game Events Overview
  15. Completing Daily Quests

Sky Children of the Light: Leveling Up the Winged Light

Winged light. The winged light is used to increase the level of your cloak and increase the duration of your flight. Winged light can be obtained from children of light who stand motionless in different parts of the Sky world. Children of light, from whom you have not yet received the winged light, look like glowing golden figures with a glowing halo around. The light will not be visible if the child is hidden behind an obstacle. When you approach it, an icon will appear, clicking on which you will accept the winged light. The child will disappear, but a barely visible sparkling trail will remain of it.

The level of your cape is shown at the top of the screen as a fan icon (the same icon opens the expression menu). The number of individual sections on the icon is the same as the number of swings you can make. Also, the level is displayed on the cloak itself - on the back you can see rhombuses, each rhombus is a level. Starting from the sixth level, instead of a new diamond, a stroke around the previous ones is added.

Level up (1-8). Finding the first child on your first playthrough will give you one cloak charge - for one flap of your wings. The more winged light you collect, the higher the level of your cloak will be. To find out how many children of light you need to find to level up - click in the upper left corner of the screen. Also, in the form of a semicircular diagram, when you click on the icon, the ratio of the collected light to the uncollected light is visually shown to get the next level. When enough winged light has been collected, a red dot will appear on the icon. Clicking on the icon will raise the level of the cloak. Below is a list of how much winged light you need to collect to raise the level of the cloak.

Level up (9-12). A higher level can be obtained only by going through the Heart of Eden several times and buying "castles" from the wanderers’ spirits.

After going through the Heart of Eden for the first time upon rebirth, you will receive several ascended candles and (if you go through the gates of rebirth on foot and watch the cutscene for a few seconds) one winged light that will give you a cape from the very start. For the ascension candles, you can unlock the branches of expressions and things offered by the spirits of the constellations. Each opening of such a "lock" for the spirits of the constellations during the next rebirth will give you one additional winged light for the cloak, which will remain with you forever. Additional Winged Light can also be purchased from Wandering Spirits (previous Seasonal Event Spirits).

Cloak recharge

Each swing during flight consumes a charge from your cloak. After each swing, one section on the icon and one diamond on the cloak will fade. There are other ways to lose charge: being in the rain in the Secret Forest, getting into dirty water in the Golden Wasteland, being attacked by crabs, or hitting an obstacle hard while flying. There are several ways to restore the charge of the cloak:

If all the charges of the cloak are completely spent, then there is a risk of losing the winged light. When the player loses the winged light, he flies off a short distance to the side in the form of a small icon with orange wings and a glowing spark. If you do not pick it up in a few seconds, the lost winged light will "split" and disappear. This is not a big problem, as the lost winged light will respawn as a child of light in a random location and you can reassemble it.

Ways to Lose Winged Light:

Sky Children of the Light: Where to Find the Winged Light?

The winged light can be found in all locations in the Sky world, except for Home. He can be located in obvious places, and hidden behind obstacles or be in secret areas. In total, 92 children of light can be found in the world of Sky, who give their winged light to you. Attention! In the headings of the sections, in brackets, the number of children of light that can be collected at the location as a whole or in a specific area is indicated.

Dawn Island (5)

Noon Prairie (21)

1. Butterfly fields (3):

2. Bird nests (2):

3. Shelter islands (8):

4. Bell towers (5):

5. Cave (2). To enter the cave, you need to find one spirit each on the Island of Dawn and in the Midday Prairie.

6. Puzzle for 8 players (1). Only 8 players can enter this zone from the cave on the far left island of the bell tower zone.

Secret Forest (2)

1. Entrance area (2):

2. River (4):

3. Sunny forest. The entrance to the Sunshine Forest is next to the tree where the Forest 3 COP is located. The entrance is blocked by a constellation gate that requires 8 Forest Spirits.

4. Underground cave (4). To get into the underground cave, from the bridge in the Sunshine Forest, fly to the left to a large tree. In the cave under the tree there will be a hole covered with a slab. It takes 2 people and the expression "Angry" to break it. Go through the first part of the zone to get to the main part of the cave. To do this, go to the clearing with butterflies and use the Call for the butterflies to throw you up. Climb higher over the mushrooms and go through the tunnel.

5. Broken bridge and temple (4):

Valley of Triumph (14)

To collect all the winged light in the Valley of Triumph, you will need to go through the location twice, since there are two independent paths to the main temple. In addition, in this location, some winged light is collected automatically when approaching it at a short distance, since part of the movement around the location occurs at high speed or in flight.

1. First descent (1):

2. Skating rink (2):

3. Sliding race (2). The entrance to the sliding race is behind the broken bridge at the Skating Rink.

4. Citadel (2). The entrance to the Citadel is behind the whole bridge on the Skating Rink, the passage is blocked by the gates of the constellation, requiring two spirits from the Valley of Triumph.

5. Flying Race (2). Enter the flying race after leaving the Citadel.

6. Stadium and Temple (2):

7. Village of dreams (3):

Wasteland of Gold (16)

Be careful in this area as there are Dark Dragons in many areas.

1. In front of the destroyed temple (2):

2. Ruined temple (2). This is where the dark dragon first appears. Be careful, try not to fall into the blue circle - this is the area of ??his view. If the dragon has noticed you, the circle will turn red and you will have about 5 seconds to find cover, otherwise the dragon will attack.

3. Cemetery (4). There are 4 dragons patrolling the area in this area.

4. Shipwreck (3). There are several options for how to get to this area. Depending on the option, choose the sequence for collecting winged light.

5. Battlefield and Temple (3):

6. Forgotten Ark (2):

Knowledge store (8)

1. First floor (1):

2. Archive (2). The entrance to the labyrinth is on the ground floor to the right of the entrance. The door can be opened by 2 players, there is also a constellation barrier inside, requiring one spirit of the Vault.

3. Third floor (1):

4. Fourth floor (2):

5. Fifth and sixth floor (2):

Heart of Eden (10)

Ascension (1). After ascending to the stars, walk through the gate (do not fly). You will hear the melody of receiving winged light. Listen to it in full before you skip the credits. This light is the first one that can be collected in the game upon respawn.

Sky Children of the Light: Basic Functions of the House

Features. Home is the starting and base location of the Sky world. This is where the plot of the game begins, and in the future it is here that the player appears when entering the game. This is a special location, different from all others. There is:

The lighting in this location changes depending on the time of day. You can see sunrise, day, sunset and night here. As in all locations, there can be up to 8 players at the same time.

Constellation area. The constellation pad is the place where you appear when you enter the game - a small round stone with a cloak constellation painted on it. After passing the Isle of Dawn, here you can view the constellations of spirits, acquire things and expressions from them. The playground also allows you to perform some interactions with friends.

Portals. There are portals on the island - huge stone arches that lead to each of the locations that you have opened in the game. During the first passage, only the portals of the passed locations will be active, the rest will be empty arches, although you can see how more experienced players disappear into the "empty" gates.

After entering the portal, you will be taken to the beginning of the location map - the recreation area, where the tombstones of the spirits of this location, wardrobe, benches for conversations and the altar of return are located. The seventh gate, the largest one, leads to the Heart of Eden - the most dangerous part of the world. To get there, you need to have at least 20 winged lights.

Altar of Return. Halfway between the six main portals and directly opposite the constellation site is the Altar of Return. The altar will take you back to where you returned home through interaction or to where you left off the game. However, you will not move to the same point, but to the beginning of the zone from which you moved. To return, you need to come close to the altar and select the "sit" interaction, after a few seconds the movement will take place. Altars like this can be found in the recreation areas of each location. Sitting next to them will bring you home.

Constellations of spirits . After passing each location from the site, you can open the corresponding constellation and interact with each spirit (which you have already found) in the same way as in the recreation areas at the end of each location. By invoking the spirit of the constellation, you can:

Constellations of friends. All the players with whom you have made friends in the game are displayed as stars in the part of the "sky" remaining from the constellations of spirits on the constellation site. There is a limit on the number of stars displayed (about 80), but there is no limit on the number of friends in the game. Selected friends will be added to the constellation of friendship in the form of a crown, the rest will be randomly scattered across the sky (if you have more friends than the sky can display, random friends will be shown).

Types of stars. Your friend’s star may look different:

Operations with a star. By clicking on a star, you can summon a friend’s projection and interact with it. If you did not send light, then when the projection appears, an icon with two candles will appear - you can send light once a day. This is a basic action that gives the player a piece of heart, it is available to all friends, regardless of the level of friendship and does not require any investment. If you are in the game when you receive a particle of light, a red dot will appear on the return home icon in the expressions menu - return home to receive light. The dot will also be displayed on the friend’s constellation icon and on the constellation navigation arrows to help you find the star of the friend who sent the gift. To make a heart out of such particles of light, you need 60 fragments.

Friends menu. After summoning a friend’s projection, a menu appears on the right side of the screen:

Teleportation. A teleport can take you to the same location as your friend, but at the same time you will not know exactly where. In this case, you will not appear next to a friend and will have to find him on your own (clicking on yourself will show in which direction the friend is). There are restrictions on teleportation when you cannot teleport to a friend, even if he is online:

In these cases, it will be written that your friend is somewhere where you cannot go now. If the friend is offline, the teleport icon in the menu will be grayed out.

Sky Children of the Light: Complete walkthrough of all locations in the world

Dawn Island

Isle of Dawn is the first location you enter when you start the game. In this location, you will get acquainted with the basics of the game, management, collecting spirits, winged light, acquiring new expressions and things. On the first playthrough, only after being here you will receive your cloak that allows you to fly when you find the first child of light. To pass the location, you will need to unlock a barrier called the Constellation Gate.

The gate can only be opened by finding the spirit of the constellation and experiencing its memories. Finding and releasing spirits is the core of the game’s gameplay, giving you access to a variety of expressions and outfits. Finding the Children of Light and collecting winged light improves your cloak and your ability to fly, allowing you to explore the world of Sky with great success. Isle of Dawn Spirits:

There are 5 Children of Light on the Island of Dawn.

Noon prairie

Midday Prairie is the second location in the game where you learn to interact with the creatures of the Sky world. During the first passage, only two of the five zones will be available to you, access to the rest will be possible if you find the right amount of spirits. In this location, you get to know more about the essence of Darkness - dark plants on bells in the Bell Towers and Shelter Islands and crabs on the Islands. To go through the location, you need to summon giant mantas (rays) in the area of ??the bell towers and ride them to the temple.

1. Recreation area. This is the first area of ??the Midday Prairie that you enter from Isle of Dawn or through a portal in the house. Now it is an area with candles, benches for 2 people to talk, a wardrobe and an altar to return home. Also, there are spirit stones from the location you came to (in this case, Prairie). From each of them you can buy new expressions, accessories, hairstyles and more for white candles, hearts or ascended (Eden) candles.

If you ascend the spirit (you bought a lock with wings for Eden candles), its light will be golden, not blue. The wardrobe allows you to change the appearance of the hero: hairstyle, pants, mask, raincoat, put on or take off an accessory, or a musical instrument. Benches allow you to chat with players with whom you have not yet become friends, or with friends who have not yet opened a chat. The altar of homecoming will simply bring you home.

2. Fields of butterflies. This is the second zone in the Prairie. You will get here after you fly through the tunnel in the clouds from the Rest Area. Here, for the second time, you meet with butterflies - small creatures that will help recharge the cape and rise to high places if you use the Call. From here there are transitions to three zones (from right to left): Bird’s Nests, Bell Towers and the Cave. This part of the Prairie contains 1 spirit and 3 children of light.

3. Bell towers. The entrance to the Belfry is located next to the cave with the Butterfly Charmer. No additional conditions are required for the transition. In this area there are three large islands and two transitions to neighboring zones: next to the right island - to the Bird’s Nests, high in the rock next to the left island - to the Cave. Both passages are closed by the gates of the constellation. To go through the zone and get to the Temple, you need to free the bell towers on the large islands from dark plants and light candles on them.

When the candles on all the bell towers are lit, huge creatures of Light - giant mantas - will fly to the ringing of the bells. Having approached this creature, you will "saddle" it and the manta will take you into the clouds to the Temple of the Elder. Also, with a high level of the cape, you can fly to the Temple yourself, without the help of mantas. Also here you learn to interact with other players - in this area there are three doors that require two people to open. If there are no new players in the zone and do not appear for a long time, leave the zone, wait about a minute (for example, go through other location zones) and enter again. There are 4 spirits in this zone:

4. Bird nests. The entrance to the Bird’s Nests is located to the right of the entrance to the Butterfly Fields and near the right island in the Bell Tower area. The passage is closed by the gates of the constellation, requiring four spirits from the Prairie (one spirit is in the Butterfly Field, four more in the Bell Towers). This location has two large islands and several small ones. You may need a high enough cape level to move between them. Strong wind currents complicate maneuvering. There is 1 spirit-voice in Birds’ Nests:

5. Shelter islands. This area was added at the start of the Season of Shelter event. She is on the sidelines of the plot route. The entrance to the islands is located in the Bird’s Nest area, opposite the entrance from the Butterfly Fields and to the left of the entrance from the Bell Tower area. The passage does not require any conditions other than those required to enter the Bird’s Nests. In this zone, for the first time, you can find several essential light and darkness, which were previously only available in later locations.

This is how jellyfish and crabs appeared here, as well as large clusters of flowers of darkness. Geysers are an innovation here - if you stand in the center of a geyser, it will throw it high up and charge the energy of the cape. Also here, instead of benches for communication between two people, paired sun loungers are used. In the far part of the island, to the left of the main mountain of the island, you can see a building - an arch with bells, next to it is the Elder of Shelter Season, who issues a seasonal quest related to the search for "lost memories". There are no plot spirits on the hideout islands.

6. The cave. The entrance to the Cave is on the left in the Butterfly Fields and in the Bell Tower area - high in the rock next to the left island. The passage is closed by a constellation gate, requiring two spirits of the Isle of Dawn and three spirits from the Prairie.

In the corner in the main part of the cave, on a small elevation, a white circle may sometimes appear and a message that you need to escort the spirit, but the circle disappears if you move away not far from the place of appearance. It is a memory left over from one of the spirits of past seasonal events.

Inside the cave there is another one, blocked by the gates of the constellation, requiring a spirit from the next location - the Secret Forest. One entrance to this inner cave is in the corridor leading from the Bell area, the second is next to the lake in the main cave. You will need to go through the Midday Prairie and find the spirit in the Secret Forest, after which you can return here and collect the spirit inside the cave. Also, the gates of the constellation can be helped to overcome by a friend who has already passed the Secret Forest. There is 1 spirit in this zone:

7. Puzzle for 8 players. This is the last location on the Midday Prairie. The entrance is next to the Laughing Light Catcher. You need to open the door for two players using the "Butterfly Whisperer" emote. Behind it there will be a constellation gate, requiring 6 Spirits from the Noon Prairie. Then we go straight to the puzzle. It is necessary to light all 8 gold cells at the same time, which requires the simultaneous presence of 8 players. The exit from the zone leads to the main Temple of the location. There is 1 spirit in this zone:

Outside the arena, where the platform has risen, there is a small elevation - there are candles on the platform. If all eight players in this location activate the Butterfly Whisperer expression, Oreo the Dog will appear. There is no reward for this. It’s just a little surprise and fun - players can ride the dog that flies around.

Secret forest

The Secret Forest is the third location in the Sky world. Here you meet the first dangers and enemies, which may not be immediately recognized. Before the first playthrough, it is recommended to accumulate level 3 of the cape by collecting winged light on the Isle of Dawn and in the Midday Prairie. In this location, dark plants can already be found in large quantities.

1. Recreation area. As before the Midday Prairie, there is a recreation area in front of the Forest. It contains spirits from the Secret Forest. There are benches around the bonfire for chatting with other players, there is also a wardrobe and an altar to return home.

2. Entrance area and rain. The Secret Forest begins in a small clearing after the Rest Area. One of the trees has a platform on which a child of light stands. Large dark plants appear in the forest, which can provide a lot of light for candles. After passing the first gate, it will rain. It will slowly drain the cloak’s energy. This is the first of 4 things in the game that can drain the energy of the cape.

Try not to be in the rain for very long. Keep in mind that the water on the ground - rivers and puddles - does not drain energy, but can slow you down, forcing you to be exposed to the rain for longer. After passing another gate, you will find yourself in a small area with trees. It is unremarkable, except that the route of the spirit passes here, there are several dark plants and a child of light. There is a total of 1 spirit in this part of the Forest:

3. Rivers and trees. The gate after the child of light in the previous zone will lead you to a large area with trees and a river. Here you will see the new essence of Light for the first time - mushrooms that grow on trees and rocks. The exit from this zone is directly on the course from the entrance, the river bed leads to it. There is also a transition to the Sunshine Forest, located in the rocks to the right of the entrance and requiring all 8 spirits of the Forest. There are 3 spirits in this part of the Forest:

Be careful when you meet crabs that will try to attack you. The attacking crab will knock you off your feet, and you will lose some of the cape charge. Try not to stand still - so the crab will not be able to hit you when attacking. You can also use the Deep Call in the air to knock down crabs and immobilize them for a while.

4. Broken bridge. This zone has two distinct parts - in the first part there are hollow tree trunks, in the second there is the broken bridge itself. In the second part of the zone, where everything is most important, you can go in two ways - in a straight line through a tunnel of fallen trees or on the left side through a gorge (where there are many trees with mushrooms and a stream of birds). If you fix the entire broken bridge (light all the lanterns in its pillars and the candles in the last pillar), then the rain in this area will stop, which can be useful if you want to collect all the light in the zone or complete tasks without any problems.

To get to the Main Temple of the Secret Forest, you need to light candles in the last part of the bridge - in this case, giant jellyfish will appear, which will form a "bridge" to the Main Temple. Jellyfish are like mushrooms - they consist of light (they charge the cloak), they can be flown through and, at the same time, being above the jellyfish, the character freezes. In this way, you can reach the Temple by flying from jellyfish to jellyfish. There are 4 spirits in this part of the Forest:

5. Sunny forest. This area in the Secret Forest is closed by a constellation gate that requires all 8 spirits from the Forest. The entrance to it is located in two places - in the River area (in the rocks to the right of the entrance) and in the Broken Bridge area (in the rocks to the right of the bridge itself). Here, under one of the trees, there is a table for 8 people, which was part of the history of the Season with involvement. There is also a passage to the Underground Cave.

To get there, coming from the River zone, from the bridge, fly to the left to a large tree (or right if you came from the Broken Bridge zone). In the cave under the tree there will be a hole covered with a slab. It takes 2 people and the expression "Angry" to break it. The disgruntled porter who gives this expression can be found in the River area. There are no spirits in this part of the Forest.

6. Underground cave. Once underground, get to the clearing with cans - you need to burn the dark plants and lids on the cans to free the butterflies. After - using the call of butterflies by the Deep Call, climb higher and along the mushrooms - to the very top to the ledge. Through the tunnel you will enter the main part of the dungeon. In this location, you can see a whale for the first time. He appears in the cut-scene, but some players were able to fly up to him a short distance. It deals damage. There are no spirits in this part of the Forest.

7. Temple. In order to get to the Temple, you need to call jellyfish (light candles on the fourth pillar of the broken bridge). There are many dark plants inside the Temple, including a tree, which requires at least 2 players to burn, since branches are restored if there is no light nearby. Watch out for the crab hiding in the water.

After the cut-scene of the Elder, a passage opens into the sunny part of the forest. There is no rain here anymore, it is very light and there are many birds flying into the clouds. There are also benches for players to communicate, a pair of dark plants and 1 child of light. To go further - climb the jellyfish and dive into the cloud tunnel.

Valley of triumph

Valley of Triumph is the fourth location in the game in which movement takes place at high speeds - in flight or sliding on the ground. To collect all the spirits and all the winged light in the Valley of Triumph, you will need to go through the location twice, since there are two independent paths to the main Temple.

1. Recreation area and First descent. As in the previous locations, in the Valley of Triumph there is a recreation area with spirits from this location, benches for communication, a wardrobe and an altar for returning home. Between the Recreation Area and the ice rink, you need to make the first slope. Be careful as hitting obstacles and hitting walls at high speed can take away charges from your cloak. There are candles on the descent, as well as 1 child of light.

2. Skating rink. The first descent ends at the Skating Rink. It is a circular area covered with slippery ice with a hill in the center. There are openings in the ice surface through which you can go down - under the ice rink. There are two exits from the Skating Rink through a large gate. The gate to which the broken bridge leads is unblocked and leads to a short "Slide" race. Another gate, to which an entire bridge leads, is blocked by a constellation gate that requires the two spirits of the Valley. This gate leads to the Citadel and the Flying Race. There is 1 spirit in this part of the Valley:

3. Sliding race. This race is a descent on the ground - you will slide most of the way, or fly over short distances. Here you can slow down and go back. The goal of the race is to collect the lights. At the end of the race, you will receive one candle, regardless of the amount of light collected.

The collection indicator on the left side of the screen does not work properly as it will not fill completely even if all the light is collected in the race. In order to get to other zones of the location after this race - the Citadel and the Flying Race, you will have to go through the location to the end (to the main Temple), then return home and enter the location again.

4. Stadium. Both Sliding and Flying races end at the Stadium, where you will receive a candle, no matter how many lights are collected during the races. The spirits that you collected during the races will also appear here and you can light their fire so that they can travel to the main Temple. The exit from the stadium leads to the main Temple. There are 3 spirits in the Stadium:

5. Citadel. This area is located behind the constellation gates at the Skating Rink. The gate requires two spirits of the constellation of the Valley, but there is only one on the rink, that is, on the first playthrough of the game, in any case, you will have to go through the Sliding Race first. There are 3 spirits in the Citadel:

6. Flying race. Leaving the Citadel leads to the second race. Here, most of the route passes through the clouds in flight and you also need to collect the lights. However, because of the strong wind, there is no way to turn back and collect the missed lights, spirits and winged light. Towards the end, the Flying Race connects to the Sliding Race and leads to the Stadium.

7. Temple. The main Temple is located behind the stadium. After entering it, turn left and in the wall between the first two columns you can find a passage to a dark corridor that leads to a dark labyrinth. There is a child of light in the labyrinth.

The maze remained after the seasonal event, at the entrance to it a white circle may appear and a message that you need to escort the spirit, but the circle disappears if you move away not far from the place of appearance. It is a memory left over from the spirit of a seasonal event.

Golden wasteland

Golden Wasteland is the fifth location in the game full of dangers. Here, for the first time, players encounter a creature capable of causing significant harm - a dark dragon. The attack of the dark dragon can knock out one to six units of winged light at a time. Another danger here is the standing polluted water. Like the rain in the Secret Forest, the dirty water gradually takes away the charge of the cloak. Also here for the first time you can see signs of conflict, forcing the player to think about what could have led to the destruction of this world.

1. Recreation area. As in the previous locations, the Golden Wasteland begins with a recreation area with spirits from this location, benches for communication, a wardrobe and an altar to return home. Unlike previous locations, the player does not have to move independently to the next zone - after jumping from the starting area, the player’s character is at the mercy of a hurricane wind, which carries him to the next zone.

2. In front of the destroyed temple. This is the area you enter after falling from the Rest Area. Here again, after the Mysterious Forest, you meet with crabs, which can create some difficulties in the passage of spirits. There are also quite large clusters of dark plants that can be burned.

There are two transitions from this zone. The plot of the game goes in the direction of a large structure on the horizon - the Ruined Temple. You can also move to the right from the starting point - to the sea, there is a boat at the pier, on which you can go to the Forgotten Ark. There are 2 spirits in this part of the Wasteland:

3. Ruined temple. After passing through a gap in the wall, you find yourself inside the Ruined Temple. Here you first meet a dark dragon, which immediately attacks a small manta ray flying near the entrance. There is 1 spirit in the temple:

4. Cemetery. After passing the first dragon, you go down the slope into an area teeming with dragons - four creatures are patrolling the area at once. Also, a lot of crabs and dirty water make it difficult to find shelter. Dragons have good peripheral vision and can spot you in the air even if you are not in the blue circle.

There are two transitions from this zone. The plot of the game leads to the Battlefield - the passage may be invisible due to the fog over the Cemetery, but clicking on itself will show the exit icon. You can also get to the Shipwreck zone from the Graveyard in several different ways. There is 1 spirit in this part of the Wasteland:

5. Shipwreck. There are four ways to get to the Shipwreck area.

A shipwreck is a crab-infested area patrolled by a single dragon. While the dragon is easy enough to get around, a large number of crabs can be significantly more inconvenient when trying to reach for a winged light or relive spirit memories. There is 1 spirit in this part of the Wasteland:

6. The battlefield. This is the last stretch of the Golden Wasteland in front of the Main Temple. You can get here through the Cemetery or the Shipwreck. The second pass requires at least two Wasteland spirits. In the center of the zone there is a large destroyed structure, around which there are many traces of battles: shields and spears, barricades. Behind the structure, not far from the spirit, is a large plant of darkness, which requires at least two players to burn.

At the very end of the zone in front of the gate to the Main Temple there is a button that must be pressed to open the gate. Simultaneously with pressing, a cut-scene starts with the appearance of three dark dragons, which begin to patrol the area. Immediately after that, you can run into the Temple and the gate will close, protecting you from danger. If you are not alone in this zone, then another player can start the scene of the appearance of dragons before you. However, you won’t see it until you get close enough to the button that you can safely explore the Battlefield without getting close to the button until you’re ready to leave. There is 1 spirit in this part of the Wasteland:

Knowledge store

The Knowledge Store is the sixth location in the game. After an increasing level of danger, culminating in the ravaged and darkened Golden Wasteland, the Vault of Knowledge is a calm location, devoid of darkness and filled with peace. The player will have to relive the memories of the path traveled before moving on to the final part - the Heart of Eden. The storage is a multi-level tower, each floor of which is connected with the constellations of the previous locations.

After solving the level puzzle (lighting the lanterns that activate the platform for lifting), cutscenes are shown with successive lighting of the past constellations and the constellation of the Vault on the top floor. This is the first location in the game that requires four players to open the door behind which is the constellation spirit. It is also the only location where to get one spirit requires expression from another spirit and because of this you need to go through the location twice.

The peculiarity of this level is that in many places, instead of a solid surface, there is a stellar "floor" - an air barrier that does not allow the character to go down. The character will hover at the level of the stars and charge the cloak’s energy at the same time. (But you can still fall down if you press the "return home" button while hovering above the floor. With such a fall, you cannot collect the winged light or the light from the candles).

1. Recreation area. Unlike the previous locations, the Vault in the recreation area does not have a bonfire or wardrobe. Although here, as in other recreation areas, there are benches for players to communicate, the altar of homecoming and the spirit stones from the Vault. From the recreation area, you can get to the First floor of the Storage, going straight from the entrance - the plot of the game leads there. If you turn right after the stairs, then in one of the walls there will be a passage to the Archive.

2. Archive. To get to the Archive, go up the stairs from the entrance and immediately turn right. In one of the walls there will be a passage to the Archive, two players are required to open the door, also behind the door of the constellation gate, which requires at least one spirit of the Vault. The first part of the Archive is a space inside a square tower with floating platforms. Climbing along them, in one of the walls of the tower you can find a gap leading into a three-story labyrinth. Watch out for crabs on the middle and lower levels. There are no spirits in this part of the Vault.

3. Office. The office is a secret area with extremely limited access. Available requires a beta tester’s cloak (available from the in-game store). The location contains a model of the developer’s office.

4. First floor. Having passed from the entrance to the location in a straight line without additional movements (changing the zone), you will be taken to the first floor of the Storage. In the center there will be a platform, to activate which you must first light the stone pillars, and then the lanterns that appear. This level corresponds to the Isle of Dawn, which is reminiscent of the sand mounds on the floor. There is 1 spirit in this part of the Vault:

5. Second floor. After the platform rises, here and thereafter there will be no solid floor, only platforms and a starry floor, which does not allow to go down. As on the First Floor, here you need to light the stone pillars on the platforms near the walls, and then - four lanterns near the platform. This level corresponds to the Midday Prairie, after lighting the pillars, lights on the walls come on, which is similar to the activation of bell towers. There is 1 spirit in this part of the Vault:

6. Third floor. This level corresponds to the Secret Forest, on the path of the spirit located here, you can light candles next to which ghost trees will grow. To pass this level, you need to light stone pillars on the circling platforms, after which 12 lanterns will appear, which will circle around the main platform. They also need to be ignited. There is 1 spirit in this part of the Vault:

If the memories of the spirit are fully experienced, then a large tree will grow near the gazebo.

7. Fourth floor. At this level, you can find many floating islands, some of which are connected by "steps" of stones. Several more square platforms lead to a platform very high above the main level. Here, unlike the lower levels, there is no need to turn on the light on the pillars. The lanterns to be lit are carried on their backs by space mantas flying around the main platform. The fourth floor corresponds to the Valley of Triumph. The stone buildings and the mini-colosseum are reminiscent of those in the Valley. There are 2 spirits in this part of the Vault:

8. Fifth floor. The fifth floor is as deserted as the Golden Wasteland it represents. Only the skeleton of an unknown giant can be found here. To climb higher, you need to light the lanterns on the back of the space whale. The whale flies around the main platform. There are no spirits in this part of the Vault.

9. Sixth floor (Temple). Climbing to the last floor, you have to experience the "ascension" - ride the space manta, and it will take you to the upper island, where the Main Temple of the Vault is located. In addition to the Elders of the Vault constellation, you will again see all the Elders of the other constellations.

10. After the Temple. The cut-scene of the Elders of the Vault constellation ends not in the Main Temple of the Vault, but in a separate zone. Here you can view the constellation of the Vaults. There are also two portals from here - home and in the Heart of Eden. To pass the portal to the Heart of Eden, you must have at least 20 units of Winged Light (but it is recommended to accumulate it as much as possible).

Sky Children of the Light: How to get through the Heart of Eden?

The Heart of Eden is the final and most difficult location in the game. Many dangers lie in wait on the way to the finale - a stormy wind that impedes flight, stones carried by the wind, knocking down and knocking out winged light, several dark dragons, dirty water and red stones that absorb light.

It is recommended that you walk through this area with friends. In addition to making it easier to recover the energy of the cloak, the more experienced players can guide the less experienced ones, keeping them the winged light that will be needed in the last part of Eden. An advanced friendship line will also make it easier to pass if you use a jump to a friend.

Rest zone. In front of Eden, as in previous locations, there is a recreation area where you can find a wardrobe, a bonfire, an altar for returning home and several benches for communicating with other players. Unlike previous locations, there are no stones with spirits here. There is a portal in the recreation area, which requires lighting five buttons to activate. In addition, passing through a gate requires at least 20 units of winged light.

Although only 20 units are required, it is highly recommended to have significantly more as this is a very difficult location with a high level of risk of losing winged light. In addition, how many improvements you get at the end directly depends on the amount of winged light. On the first playthrough of the game to Eden, you can get a maximum of 77 units of winged light.

First part: Rockfall. After passing through the gate, you find yourself in a rocky area with a strong wind. Do not try to take off here without proper dexterity and experience, as the wind, at best, will throw you back. Climb the mountain up to the rockfall and here be extremely careful - the stones can knock you off your feet and knock out the cloak charge until the loss of winged light.

The rockfall comes in waves with some intervals, during which you can move from cover to cover. Sound can warn about the approach of a new wave. There are practically no light sources here to restore the charge, except for other players. Although flying is almost impossible here, experienced players can fly the rockfall directly to the building above where the child of light is.

Second part: Dark dragons. At the beginning of this part, you will also have to overcome a rockfall. In addition, red stones are dangerous here, which take away the cloak’s charge, and large stones can also push you hard and knock you down. After the rockfall, go through the pipe and enter an area patrolled by two dragons. There is very little cover and little time to move safely.

The only safe shelter from the first dragon is to climb the stairs to the pipes and cross the "bridge" to hide under a stone slab. After passing the dragon, move on and hide behind a large pipe. The view of the upper dragon captures a not very large, but not the easiest part of the route - along a narrow bridge and along the rocks. Hide behind rocks or run into a large pipe as soon as possible.

Since the wind is rather weak in the area with dragons, you can try to fly from the entrance directly to the pipe. After replenishing the energy of the cloak from the lanterns, move on to the next part.

Third part: Rockfall and dragon. This part is a battlefield with frozen soldiers, trenches and fortifications. There is a tunnel at the end of the path, which is your final destination. A significant area of ??the rise here is covered by a fairly dense rockfall, although near the shelters you can recharge from flashlights. A dark dragon patrols the top of the ascent right in front of the tunnel. In order to overcome the dragon as smoothly as possible, it is worth running to the tunnel exactly when it flies to the right, because in this case you will have much more time to cover the distance.

Note that in this last part (the dragon patrol area), on the left side, there is a child of light near the entrance to the tunnel. In the tunnel itself, you will find eight more children of the light. This will be the last winged light that can be collected before the final part of the game.

Once you pass through the "point of no return" at the end of the tunnel, you will find yourself in the center of the Heart of Eden. This means that you have to go to the end of the location before you can continue the game! Even if the passage is interrupted by closing the application, starting the game you will find yourself at home, but all portals will not work. The only thing that remains for you is to return to the Heart of Eden beyond the point of no return using the portal of return. Until the point of no return, you can still return home with all the winged light of Eden collected and explore the world of Sky.

Fourth part: Sacrifice. After passing through the point of no return, you will find yourself in a scary place where dirty water is poured almost everywhere, debris lies, and from the sky a stone rain falls almost continuously, which, falling to the ground, scatters fragments of red stones. Everywhere in this gloomy valley there are "petrified" figures of the Children of Light. Your goal here is to give all your winged light to these Children. Each statue will take one unit of winged light from you, but this sacrifice will be rewarded to you in the future. Unlike previous parts of Eden, survival is not supposed to be here!

This zone can be conditionally divided into two parts. In the first part, the rockfall occurs at small intervals. There are 33 children of light here and there are many lamps to light. They will not only help you restore the cape charge lost during the movement, but also tell you where you have already been and where it is safe. Figures of children usually stand near the lamps. It is worth noting that the rockfall in this part moves from left to right when looking at the "crystal" in front. That is, the stones are flying from the side of the crystal, but it starts at the left wall and moves to the right.

The final part. The final part begins approximately after the point where three figures of the Children of Light stand near the lamp. The rockfall does not stop here, do not try to wait it out or hide, just move from one Child to another until your winged light ends. Do not try to move by jumping - stones are knocked down and can knock out a few more units of winged light as you try to stand up.

Also, if for some reason the stones cannot reach your character in the area of ??constant stone rain, for example, you hid behind a giant column, then he will change direction to start taking away your wing charge. A collected child close, a yellow figure in the far right - a collected child, two blue children in the distance in the center - not collected. If during the passage you got lost and forgot which of the Children you have already given light, and which you have not, there are several signs. Above illuminated children, a blue fire will burn nearby. From a distance, the illuminated children look like yellowish figures, and those that you have not yet given light to, blue. Attention! More spoilers!

Ascension. When you surrender all the winged light, you will turn into a blue spark. If at this time you are not alone in Eden, then the spark will follow the still living players until they also spend all the light. When all the players in Eden are dead, you will find yourself in a black "nothing". The only thing here is a distant dim light. Go to him and you will find a lonely Child of light who will give you his light. After that, go to the beam of light and take off along it.

At this moment, all the Children of Light, to whom you donated your winged light, will come to life. You have to fly with them through the crumbling world and ascend into Orbit. As you fly through the stars, the spirits of the constellations fly by next to you, and later - the children of light. Fly up to the spirits and chains of the Children, and they will give you particles of light (for a white candle).

In Orbit. When you find yourself in Orbit, all the Children you saved in Eden will thank you and turn into particles of light. By collecting these particles, you will receive valuable Ascended Candles. Each child is 0.25 of an ascended candle. In addition, you can additionally get 0.5 candles if you watch the cut-scene with the children saying goodbye to the end. For the ascended candles, you can unlock the branches of expressions and things offered by the spirits of the constellations. For each opening of such a "lock", the spirits will give you one winged light each time before you leave Orbit, which will remain with you after your rebirth.

If you unlock the castle on the constellation site right in the Orbit, the spirit will immediately give you a unit of winged light. If you unlock the castle after rebirth, then you will have to go through Eden and ascend into Orbit again in order to receive additional winged light. Note that to the right of the star road and up to the "corridor" of spirits, there will be another small star track going up. At the end of this path is a stone, after sitting near which for a while, you will receive one whole white heart (you can get it 1 time in the whole game). A more conspicuous path to the left of the main road leads to a conversation bench for the two players.

After resting after Eden and finished with shopping, head along the star road to the large glowing gate. Be sure to pass them on foot (do not fly). You will hear the melody of receiving winged light. After respawning, this will give you one additional winged light (beyond what the spirits gave).

Rebooting Eden. Passing the Sacrifice in Eden stage is an important part of the game and the mechanics of this place are significantly different from everything that you encountered earlier in the game. In total, there are 63 statues of children of light in Eden, and for the salvation of each one you can receive a quarter of the ascended candle. If during the passage you could not save all the children, you can go through Eden again ... and again. With each next passage, the statues of the already saved children will be absent and you will need to find only those that you missed.

Once a week on Sunday at midnight US PST (or 11am Moscow time), Eden is updated. After this moment, all the statues of the Children of Light reappear in their places, and you can go through Eden again. Thus, every week you can receive up to 15.75 ascended candles for children.

Sky Children of the Light: Your Office

Office is a location with limited access. The entrance to it can be found in the Knowledge Store. The office was created as a kind of parallel universe, or as a gateway to a world more similar to the real one, and the office block is based on the offices of the employees developing "Sky" (thatgamecompany).

Entrance to the Office. The entrance to the Office is located on the first floor of the Knowledge Store, which can also be identified as the Rest Zone. Players can find the entrance to the Office through the wall to the left of the stairs (when looking into the main storage room on the first floor). There is a section of the wall that players can walk through, containing a small tunnel with wall lights to illuminate the path. Watch out for the flame icons that appear as players pass by. Behind the tunnel there is a small meadow covered with flowers. There are red candles on the walls. There is a Barrier, for crossing which the player needs to:

It should be borne in mind that the cloaks of the beta tester and the founder are blue, but the blue or turquoise cloaks that can be obtained from the spirits will not help to pass the barrier.

Behind the barrier is an area with lots of red candles and flowers. There are hints of the real world through a broken office chair and a ping pong table. There is a stone arch in the center of a round pond on a hill. The arch will look empty until the player in the TGC cloak gets close enough to it, which will trigger the opening of the portal to the Office.

Office content. The Office building has several rooms, such as a room with computer desks, a conference room, a sitting area and bathrooms. There is a small corridor in which there is an NPC in a blue cloak, which hints that the player can get their own Founder’s Cloak in the store. Near the entrance, there is a line of red candles and light fragments leading to an NPC. Outside the office building, there is a staircase leading up the side of the building to a small area with an opening in the ceiling that leads to the roof.

There are several slanting windows outside the building. One of which is inaccessible for passage, and the second is accessible, and through it the player can get into one of the office rooms. There is also a four-seater car that works just like a chat bench. Players light a candle, after which they can sit in the car and talk with strangers / friends until the candle burns out. A strange, transparent jellyfish-like creature that looks more cartoonish than other jellyfish in the game, as well as several dark crabs, is floating near the entrance to the building on the right side.

On the roof of the building is an open space covered with grass and a cannon, for which players need to light a candle. Placing a regular White Candle creates a new Red Spark Plug that launches those in the cannon into the air. Clouds surround the building, and a robotic creature can also be seen walking around. There is a floating rowboat in the clouds, inside which players can sit and talk to each other - it functions as a large chat table with no time limit.

Space station (ISS). Sometimes it gets dark inside the office, and players see that the TV screen in the conference room is brightly lit and blinking. Players can move across the screen to another area - the Space Station or ISS. The only way to leave the Station and return to the Office is to complete the Spirit quest that can be found there. However, upon returning, the player will have to leave the office and return again to visit the Space Station again.

Sky Children of the Light: A Beginner’s Guide

Multiplayer. You will meet real players in Sky. Many players. The game can handle eight players in one area at a time, players can come and go from areas, and move freely between them.

Names. Players do not currently choose their names in the game. Instead, other players appear as dark silhouettes until you exchange light with them. At this point, you can choose your friends and assign them a name of your choice, or let the game generate a random name for them. You can change the name at any time by clicking the Pencil icon or a friend’s name in the Friends Menu.

Chat. You can communicate either in specific locations or from a specific level of friendship. Chat benches are scattered around the world to sit down with a friend and chat for a limited time. One of the players must light a candle in order to use these chat benches. If the candle goes out during the chat, one of the players will have to offer another candle from the player’s inventory. Some participants have earned the opportunity to open a chat table where friends can chat freely for an unlimited time.

You can open the chat function through the friends menu for the price of a few candles. This will allow you to chat with that particular friend anytime, anywhere in the game. If you do not have an open chat with a specific player, you will see the text "....." on the screen, representing the encrypted, not the real words of the player. The chat is open in the whole area, so you will see the chat of every player who is in the same area as you, but instead of the words of the players with whom you have not opened the chat yet, the text "...." is displayed.

Game currency. The game provides a system of purchases, thanks to which the player can get a look different from the standard one, additional accessories and buffs, and the game currency can be used to interact with other players. The currency is presented in 5 types (3 permanent and 2 seasonal).

Candles. There are 3 types of candles:

Bonus candles. Bonus candles (or treasure candles) are additional groups of red candles from which players can collect white candle wax. They appear in large clusters of red candles. Each day, a different location is selected, which contains four of these bonus candles - this can be seen by the presence of lighted red candles near the location portal in the Houses. In the recreation area of ??the selected location, there is always a large group of bonus candles and three more in different places. Bonus candles do not appear on the Isle of Dawn or the Heart of Eden. These four Treasure Candles will reward players with a total of 1 + 1/3 white candles.

Location of bonus candles. Every day the selected location is marked with red candles in front of the arches of the House. Candles will circle around locations in order, starting from the Midday Prairie and ending with the Storage of Knowledge. However, there are some exceptions to this rule - since rotation seems to be related to dates, not a circular cycle. There are four great bundles every day.

The exact location of the groups also changes each time a location contains bonus candles, similar to how the locations of a plant of darkness can change every day. However, there are only a few possible places they pass through. The bonus candle in the recreation area will give out the rotation number for a certain day.

Hearts. Hearts are:

Back up and enable Game Center (iOS). While game progress is saved on your device as you play, it is very important to note that your progress in Sky: Children of the Light is only supported by an active Game Center on your device or regular iCloud or iTunes backups on your computer. Enabling Game Center is the safest and easiest way to get information on game progress when you need to uninstall and reinstall an app or switch devices.

There may be times when the TGC support team advises the user to reinstall the application as a troubleshooting step. It’s also the ability to rely on iOS backups (via iCloud on your device or iTunes on your computer) to restore Sky data instead of Game Center. These methods require a full recovery of the device from a previous backup.

Control on devices with touch screen. Control in the game is carried out by default by means of two sticks responsible for the direction of sight and direction of movement, and pressing in the area of ??the viewing stick will activate the wing. During flight over the surface, it becomes possible to change its mode between directional flight and hovering in the air with a separate button.

There is also a one-handed control scheme, allowing you to control the direction of travel. Also, when pressed or held on the character, it will apply a call. The rest of the control is carried out by means of pop-up round windows-tips that appear next to interactive objects and spirits. Expressions and items can be called by clicking on the wing charge indicator, also receiving information about the number of collected wing improvements.

If you click in the upper left part of the screen, you can get information about the amount of accumulated game currency and the status of daily tasks. When you click on any corner, other controls will also appear, such as the main menu and the game store in the upper right corner, photos and videos in the lower right corner (video recording is not available when you click in other than the lower right corner), and chat in the lower left corner ; clicking on some currency (candles or seasonal candles) will also bring up the in-game store.

Menu functions. In the main game menu it is possible to enter the in-game store, invite a friend to the game, link an account to services, adjust the graphics quality (the IOS version offers a choice from the default mode with 30 frames per second (fps), power supply mode with reduced resolution (and reduced fps value), and high definition mode from 30 fps), adjust the controls or invert them, get support in the form of FAQ (frequently asked questions) on the game in English and Russian (where there is a translation) or ask your question to the developers through the form.

Control via the DualShock 4 controller. Special attention should be paid to the support for game controllers, which appeared immediately after the introduction of their support in IOS 13. Some of the controls on the controller are unintuitive, but the control over the character’s movements is at a qualitatively high level. Layout for DualShock 4 controller:

Also, almost all buttons are used when using musical instruments, but the layout looks unstructured and some buttons on the screen have no controller equivalent.

Sky Children of the Light: Player Friendship Essential Options

Making friends is a central aspect of Sky. Friends not only make Sky more social, but they can also help with some aspects of the game. They can restore the strength of the cloak to fly longer and higher, collect candles and burn plants faster, open doors and help in difficult places. New players can benefit from networking with more experienced players to help them through the game. Sky can be played alone, although problems may arise in some places.

Unknown player. Other players you encounter in the game will initially appear as dark silhouettes. To see the player’s true appearance, players must "exchange" light with each other. To make the dark silhouette disappear, click on it, and then on the icon of the candle flame that appears. If the player reciprocates, he will perform the same actions so that both players connect the candles. This action reveals the appearance of both players to each other.

Once a player’s true appearance becomes visible, one can befriend by offering a white candle from your inventory to another player, or accepting a candle suggested by another player. You must befriend the player before using the Friends Menu to interact with them. A friend’s menu has two ways to open:

Friend’s menu. In both friend menus (at home and in the game), some items can be gifted by spending candles. These items appear on the menu with tiny candles below the item to indicate the cost, and are marked below. When an opportunity opens up, both players will initially see a flashing red dot in the friends menu, indicating a new ability. Clicking on a new ability in the menu will perform an action or, in the case of Jump, provide a short description of the ability.

Pencil / Rename friend. The pencil button allows you to select or change your friend’s in-game name / nickname. When players become friends, each of them is asked to name a friend, or choose a random name. You will not know what name your friend gave you.

Make a friend a favorite. Allows you to add or remove a friend from your favorites list. Favorite Friends have a special place in the constellation Home, and you will also receive a notification when they appear online.

Block a friend. A circle with a crossed-out silhouette allows you to block a friend, which removes his star from your constellation, preventing some actions with this friend. To unblock a friend, use a similar button above the friend’s open menu (which will be empty).

Complain about a player. The star above the blocking sign makes it possible to complain about the player if he behaves in an inappropriate manner. Applies not only to friends, but also to strangers with whom you have come in contact with candles. In this case, the button may appear to be closed and inactive, but it is not.

Follow a friend / Hold on to a hand. This icon no longer appears in the friends menu. Instead, when you tap on a friend, this icon appears above their head, so you can tap on them and follow or hold hands. Join hands by pressing on the hand that appears above the friend’s head.

Holding hands in this way means that the other player is leading you, and this is useful if you meet a player who is more experienced than you, or if you just want your friend to lead the way. You can also offer your hand to a friend by clicking on the appropriate button in the friend’s menu to guide him yourself.

High five. The next action you can unlock with a friend is high five. Going to the friend’s menu and clicking on the button with this action, you will invite your friend to perform it. A friend will see a button appear above your head, and by clicking on it, you will perform an action. Can be used after going through a difficult place with the meaning "we did it". Subsequent actions can be performed according to the same principle.

Present. This action opens after a high five, and allows you to present a white heart to a friend using three white candles. You can send it as a token of appreciation or just "exchange hearts" with the player. Also, a gift can be sent through a friend’s star in the constellation Home. With a gift in a constellation, you can only send one heart per day. When you click on a friend next to it and select the "Gift" action - an unlimited number.

Embrace. A hug of two friends. Can be used as a sign of greeting, goodbye, or comfort. Also, the hug has the special ability to charge the cloak of both players.

Chat. Opening this action allows friends to chat anywhere and anytime, not only using a table or a bench, but this chat will be visible to everyone near you. If you do not have a chat open with a player, then you will see all his phrases as "......" Players who have made friends using the link (function "Invite a friend") chat is open from the very beginning.

Mute chat. Above is the icon to mute the chat with this friend. Muting means that you will not be able to see this player’s chat, but he will see yours. The chat is muted if the icon is gray. This should be checked if you feel like your friend is ignoring you.

Friendship Ascended. To unlock subsequent actions with a friend, one of you must donate an ascended candle. Such candles can be obtained after completing the last kingdom of the game. Opening this node will not give any bonuses at the end of the game, unlike the same nodes for spirits.

Cams and High Five. Fists - greeting friends with a touch of both fists. Replacing the usual handshake. Giving five allows friends to give ten. Means the same as giving five. The second level of this action was available in Season of the Seekers of Light, but those who did not have a pass to adventure or missed this season can buy an upgrade from the spirit traveler.

Bounce. This action has been moved and can now be opened immediately after give ten. It is used when you need to move to a friend in the same location as you, but at some distance, and take his hand. To use a jump, click on the eye icon in the place of your friend, and then on the jump icon itself. It should not be confused with teleportation through a friend’s star in the constellation Home.

To be worn on the back. This action was added in Season of the Seekers of Light and allows you to climb a friend’s shoulders. Works in much the same way as holding hands. The second level of this action was available in Season of the Seekers of Light, but those who did not have a pass to adventure or missed this season can buy an upgrade from the spirit traveler.

Tousle your hair. The action was added in November 2019, just before the Season of Involvement. The second level of action was available in the same Season of Complication, but those who did not have a pass to adventure or missed this season can buy an improvement from the spirit traveler.

Comic fight. This action was added before the Season of Magic. The second level of expression could be bought from a spirit from the same season. For those who did not have an Adventure Pass or missed this season, they can buy from the spirit traveler after the end of the Season of Shelter.

Constellation of friends. To see all the friends, you need to click the icon of the constellation of friends in the House (under the constellation of spirits). The first page is always chosen friends. On the adjacent screens are the stars of other friends. By clicking on a friend’s star, you can see a menu with actions.

An invitation to be friends. You can send a friend invitation to your real friend. To do this, you need to go to the constellation of friends in the House and click on the QR code icon, after which you can send an invitation in the form of a link through any messenger. Also, after clicking the same icon, you can scan the QR code sent to you by another person, for this you must allow the application to access the camera and / or gallery. After the link has been used by a friend, you need to click on the invitation icon that appears and confirm the friendship. The invited player will appear on the screen of your favorite friends.

Sky Children of the Light: A Guide to Spirits and Elders

Basic. Spirits are non-player characters found in all Sky locations except Home. Finding and collecting spirits is the main plot of the game. In addition to being necessary for passing, each spirit also teaches expression, you can buy various wardrobe items and other improvements from them. The passage of each location ends in the Main Temple, where you meet the Elder - the guardian of the constellation of spirits of this location. Although there are only 6 locations with constellations, there are 7 Elders, since the Valley of Triumph is represented by two Elders.

Perfume. Spirits look like motionless people, glowing with blue light, if the spirit is not yet collected. The collected spirit looks like a gray figure. To collect a spirit, you need to light its light (a golden fire icon will appear on an unassembled spirit, a collected one will have an inactive gray icon) and relive its memory. Memories are a small episode in the life of a spirit, which is sequentially reproduced in separate static scenes.

You need to move from scene to scene to the end - at the end the spirit will portray its special expression, allowing you to learn it and use it later. In addition to collecting spirit on your own, you can also join a memory already launched by another player if you approach one of the scenes (you can also go through even already collected spirits again).

Subject perfume. Plot spirits can be found in each of the locations of the Sky world, in addition to the Heart of Eden and the House, at least three spirits can be found without additional conditions - they are located in accessible zones and, often, in obvious places. Often, in order to gain access to individual zones of a location, closed by the gates of the constellation, it is required to find a certain number of spirits of the current (less often - from another) location.

The expressions of almost all spirits are associated with their location. So on the Midday Prairie you will learn to catch butterflies and laugh, in the Knowledge Store you will learn meditation and telekinesis, and in the gloomy Golden Wasteland - to sneak, fear and pretend to be dead. For more information on the whereabouts of the Spirits, please visit the pages of the respective locations:

What to do after receiving the spirit? After you have collected the spirit (or spirits), you need to get to the Main Temple at the end of the location and meet with the Elder. After that, the spirits will ascend into the constellation, and you can interact with them from home from the constellation site, go by going to the spirit stone in the Rest Zone of the corresponding location. When summoning spirits, you can buy hairstyles, masks, raincoats, pants and accessories (wardrobe items) from them for white candles and hearts, improve expressions, buy blessings and white hearts. A part of the branch of improvements for each spirit is blocked by a "lock", to open which you need special Eden candles.

In addition to opening the upgrade tree, opening the castle gives another bonus. For each open castle after Ascension in Eden before rebirth, you will receive 1 winged light at the beginning of a new game. You will receive Edenic candles immediately after Ascension and you can open several locks on the constellation site in front of the gates of rebirth.

Perfume of the season. Seasonal perfumes are only available during the long-term event - Season, lasting a couple of months. In each season, six spirits and the Elder come, the seasonal constellation appears in the House between the constellations of the Secret Forest and the Valley of Triumph (above the altar of return). Uncollected seasonal spirits gleam with orange light from afar, although up close they are as blue as the plot ones.

Each spirit teaches expression and sells things, just like regular perfumes, but unlike them, they are all sold for seasonal candles. The last node in the branches of spirits is the seasonal hearts, which are needed to buy unique items from the Elder of the Season. If you do not purchase the Elder rewards, then after the end of the season they will become unavailable. However, some nodes (including the last one) can only be unlocked with a Season Pass, which can be purchased with real money.

Wandering spirits. The last kind of spirits are wandering spirits, or Wanderers. These are spirits from past seasons returning to give players the opportunity to purchase expressions and items from missed events. The Wanderers appear once every two weeks and are present for four days. Previous Season Wanderers will not spawn until the current (or just ended) season ends. Thus, the spirits of the season of rhythm could not appear during the season of wizardry, but may come when the new season begins.

The wanderer will be in a small area in front of the wardrobe in the home location. To access his expressions and things, you need to find him in the place where he was during his season and relive his memory. In addition, wandering perfume branches are different from what they offered during the season and are more like plot perfume branches - blessings and the opportunity to buy white hearts appear in them, and expressions and cosmetics are bought for ordinary white candles and hearts, rather than seasonal ...

Just like the plot spirits, for the Wanderers, part of the branch is blocked by a "lock" that opens behind the Eden candles, which means that after passing Eden, each ascended wanderer will give an additional unit of winged light before rebirth.

Elders - Constellation Completion. The elders are the main spirits of the constellation of each location. You can meet them by reaching the Temple of the location, where you need to light candles at the altar and sit in the circle that appears on the ground. There is practically no interaction with the elders, they only show their cut-scenes, after which you can see their constellation and summon ordinary spirits. Each constellation has one star with a question mark, when you click on it, a message pops up stating that you must first "complete the constellation" - this means that you need to buy all expressions, things, blessings and so on from the spirits of this constellation.

When you view the constellation above it, it is written in percentage how many gifts of spirits have been collected. After you have bought everything you can from the spirits, the message on the question mark prompts you to "go to the light" - this means that you need to go to the Heart of Eden and ascend to Orbit. Once in orbit, open the completed constellation and click on the question mark again - the Elder will appear and he will be able to receive a special reward - the Elder’s hairstyle for 6 Edenic candles (12 candles will be needed at the completion of the constellation of the Valley of Triumph, since there are two Elders).

By completing the Seasonal Constellation, you will receive special unique rewards that cannot be obtained in any other way after the end of the season. However, to receive the reward from the Elder, you will need to purchase an Adventure Pass.

Awards. The awards from past seasons were as follows:

A placeSpirit
The season of gratitudeMask
Season of the Seekers of the LightRain umbrella
Season of InvolvementBonfire
Season of the RhythmMask
Season of the RhythmHairstyle
Season of MagicHairstyle
Shelter seasonMusical instrument
Shelter seasonCape
Season of ProphecyMusical instrument
Season of ProphecyMask

Sky Children of the Light: Creature Guide

In Sky, there are various types of living beings and entities that belong to Light or Darkness. Creatures of Light can help the player, mainly by charging a cloak. Creatures of Darkness, on the contrary, can take away the charge of the cloak and winged light.

Butterflies. Small butterflies of yellow color, first encountered on Dawn Island. There are even more of them on the Noon Prairie, where in the Butterfly Fields one can even find a spirit with the expression "Butterfly Catcher". If you are near butterflies with a discharged cloak, then the butterflies will fly up and charge it. Using a deep Call (long press on yourself) summons butterflies, and they raise the player upward (the height of the rise can be different depending on the place of the call).

You can catch a butterfly by using the expression "Butterfly Catcher" in the immediate vicinity. The captured butterfly turns purple and quickly restores the charge of the cape. At the stadium, you can find blue butterflies flying around the entire area of ??this location and leaving a long blue trail behind them. Can also be caught using the expression "Butterfly Catcher". They live in all locations except the Knowledge Store.

Birds. Predominantly light gray individuals, less common are larger white birds with gold marks like manta rays. They are found almost everywhere. When flying near them, the player’s cape charge is restored. In the game there is an expression "Bird’s voice", which can be found in the Bird’s Nests on the Midday Prairie, but it does not open any additional possibilities. They live in all locations except the Knowledge Store.

Manty. Mantas appear for the first time on the Midday Prairie. These creatures are very similar in appearance to stingrays and manta rays. Their entire body is white, with the exception of the ends of their wide wings and head - they are golden in color. They have a very long, thin tail. Manty can be of different sizes. By flying next to them during their call, the player can replenish their energy. Flying near the giant manta, you can "saddle" it - the player’s character will fly next to the manta to where it flies. In the Valley of Triumph in the Citadel, players can find the expression "Voice of Manta". Although, like the Voice of the Bird, it does not provide any special features. They are found in all locations, except for the Isle of Dawn and the Storage of Knowledge.

Tree mushrooms. Mushrooms are found exclusively in the Secret Forest. They look like translucent growths with yellowish-green sparks, being near them energizes the cloak. Also, the player’s character can move through the mushroom and at the same time, being above the mushroom, hover, holding the height. In this way, mushrooms can help to reach high places.

Jellyfish. Jellyfish in the game come in different types and sizes. Outwardly, they all look like mushrooms - translucent, with luminous sparks inside the body and are permeable through and through. The smallest jellyfish are fearful creatures that move away from the player when he approaches. Large jellyfish can already help - they restore energy and allow the player to settle down on their umbrella.

If you find yourself under the jellyfish near its tentacles, it will pick up the player and lift him onto the umbrella. Giant jellyfish are found only after passing the Heart of Eden - they have a crown on an umbrella. If you take off while on a jellyfish, then it will also push, giving acceleration. They inhabit all locations except the Isle of Dawn, the Golden Wasteland and the Storehouse of Knowledge.

Whales. A whale is a huge fish-like creature without fins. Throughout the game, they meet four times - in an underground cave in the Secret Forest, in the clouds between the Valley of Triumph and the Golden Wasteland, on the Shelter Islands (if you finish the quest with the spirit of the ancestor remaining after the season of shelter) and at the end of the game, after passing Eden in the process of Ascension ... The whale in front of the Golden Wasteland is sometimes called the Whale of Darkness, since it is quite far away and appears dark.

Players do not have direct contact with whales as they generally appear quite far away. Some players have been able to catch up with the whale in Eden and have noted that damage is dealt when approaching (although this may be due to rocks flying around). And if you try to swim to the place where the whale should emerge on the Shelter Islands, it will spawn further, but the texture of its fin will appear under water.

The remains of the whale can be found in the Secret Forest in the area of ??the broken bridge. They are covered with dark plants, after which the expression "Voice of the whale" becomes available.

Space manty and whale. Cosmic (also called ghostly) mantas are beings of Light that live exclusively in the Repository of Knowledge. They differ from ordinary mantas in that they have a transparent body with golden sparks that look like stars. Their wingtips and head are also golden in color.

Space mantas can renew the player’s energy if he (the player) climbs onto one of them. As well as on ordinary mantas, you can ride them. The space whale is a huge creature that looks more like a manta ray with several pairs of wings than an ordinary whale. Has the same properties and appearance as space manta rays. Found only on the fifth floor of the Knowledge Store.

Rain. This natural phenomenon exclusively in the Secret Forest can harm the player. While the player is in the rain, he will slowly take away the energy of the cloak. If you find yourself in the rain without a charge and with an extinct light, you can lose the winged light.

Keep in mind that the water on the ground in the Secret Forest - rivers and puddles, do not take energy, but can slow you down, forcing you to be exposed to the rain for longer.

Dirty water. The dirty water found in the Golden Wasteland and Eden, like rain, can take away the energy of the cloak while you are in it. If you are in water without a charge and with extinguished light, you can lose winged light.

Crabs. Small creatures with glowing white eyes. There are three different types: dark gray, red in the Valley of Triumph, large in the Forgotten Ark. Found everywhere except Island of Dawn. At the sight of a player, they begin to make aggressive sounds, flicker with a dull red light, and then attack the player. If the player did not manage to dodge, then the attack of one crab will take away one unit of charge. If there is no cloak charge, then the crabs will knock out the winged light. Using a deep Call in the air, the player can stun the crabs. If you use a deep Call on the ground, they attack the player with lightning speed. In a stunned state, ordinary crabs can be picked up and carried.

Dark Dragons / Krill

Dark dragons are black-colored creatures whose appearance resembles crustaceans such as krill, which is why they are often called "Shrimp" or "Krill". They are found in the Golden Wasteland, Forgotten Ark and Heart of Eden. These are the most dangerous creatures in the Sky world. Dragons fly around the area looking for creatures of light. Be careful, try not to fall into the blue circle - this is the area of ??his view. Dragons fly along the same route, so you can see a pattern and choose the most opportune moment to move from cover to cover.

If the dragon has noticed you - the circle will turn red and you will have about 5 seconds to hide, otherwise - the dragon will attack. The attack of the dark dragon can knock out one to six units of winged light at a time. Also, you will lose the entire charge of the cape (the character will become colorless). If you managed to find shelter - the dragon will inspect the place where it noticed you for some time, you should not leave the shelter immediately after the dragon’s gaze turns blue.

You will have a few seconds to try to pick up the dropped winged light - it flies off a short distance to the side in the form of a small icon with orange wings and a glowing spark. If you do not pick it up in a few seconds, the lost winged light will "split" and disappear. However, the light can scatter in different directions and it may not be possible to collect all of it, but any other players who can also return your winged light can help with this. This is not a big problem, as the lost winged light will respawn as a child of light in a random location and you can reassemble it.

The dragon can be tricked by pretending to be dead (the expression "Pretend to be dead", which is given by the spirit hiding behind the ruins on the left side of the area in front of the Ruined Temple in the Golden Wasteland). However, this will not work if you are holding hands with another player or players. Also, if you hold hands with another player during the attack, each of the players will lose their winged light.


Shadows are black creatures with 2 round red eyes, found only in the second and third parts of the Trial of Fire in the Cave of Prophecy. When a shadow approaches, an earthquake occurs and a loud sound is heard. If a shadow flies over you, then your fire will go out and you will be teleported to the nearest brazier, which you managed to light. They usually fly along a specific route, covering almost all the white candles that you must light to pass the test. It is impossible to hide from shadows, except in some cases:

Neutral creatures

1. Fish. Small fish of bright orange color swim in schools in various bodies of water - for example, in a small pool under the bridge near the Main Temple of the Midday Prairie and in a round pond in the House. If the player swims too close to the fish, they will rush in different directions, and after a while they will come back together and continue to swim.

2. Oreo. The Oreo is an animal that can only be found when certain conditions are met, namely if eight players simultaneously use the expression "butterfly catcher" in an area that can only be reached by 8 players in the Midday Prairie. Oreo looks like a small black and white dog. Players can ride it across the clearing. Oreo is a real-life dog of one of the game’s developers.

3. Creatures in the office. In the office, you can find several unique creatures that are not found anywhere else in the game. They are not related to Laura games and are created as Easter eggs or for fun.

Sky Children of the Light: All About Expressions

What are Expressions? Expressions, they are also actions or emotions, are ways to express your mood or communicate with other players without using words. You can learn expressions from spirits by finding them and reliving their memories. After learning, most expressions can be improved or updated.

How do I use expressions? The Expression Menu can be accessed by clicking on the fan icon at the top of the screen (which also serves as an indicator of the level and charge of your cloak). The menu can be divided into several parts:

Seasonal expressions. Seasonal Expressions change with each season and, for the most part, cannot be obtained after the end of the season, except for the possibility of a spirit from the previous season emerging as a Wanderer.

Racks. Stances are the poses your character is in when they just stand still and do nothing. In addition, stances affect the posture of the character when he crouches, sits down or lies down.

Vote. Voices are the sounds made by the characters when they call (click on themselves). It does not affect anything, except how you and others hear yourself.

Actions with a friend. Action spirits with a friend only give expression enhancements up to level 2. Actions with a friend only give seasonal spirits from the seasons of the seekers of light, communion and magic. Collected spirits do not appear in the expression menu! Buying a second level of expression opens up the opportunity to improve action.

Blessings. At the very end of the Expression menu are Blessings - a consumable enchantment that can be obtained by opening nodes of the Spirit Friendship tree or buying them from shops in the Forgotten Ark.

Improvements to expressions. Most expressions (except for stances and voices) can be improved. This is done by purchasing a new level of expression in the spirit friendship tree. Almost all expressions have four levels.

Some expressions may develop differently. For example, the spirits Flapping Bell ringer and Tearful Collector of Light ascend twice, that is, their improvement trees require opening the lock twice for Eden candles, their expressions, respectively, have a different number of levels. The expressions that these spirits give improve up to level 6. Actions with a friend (only applicable to seasonal spirits) are only upgraded to level 2.

In addition, Action Expressions ("Hide and Seek" and "Raised Candle"), stances, and voices have no upgrades. Dots and stars appear above the icons for improved expressions in the menu. Dots correspond to simple expression animations, and stars correspond to light animations. Press and hold your finger on the expression icon until the second, third, etc. label is highlighted to select the corresponding expression animation.

Sky Children of the Light: Blessings Guide

Blessings. Blessings are consumable items that allow you to get some effects when used, both by offering unique mechanics, and by repeating some of the effects of cosmetic items from the wardrobe. You can use them through the same menu as expressions. You can get blessings by buying them from spirits or in the Forgotten Ark, while buying a blessing from a spirit you get a random blessing.

Blessings of spirits. Blessings of spirits are divided into blessings for 1 candle and blessings for 5 candles. Blessings for 5 candles become available only after passing the Heart of Eden (does not apply to wandering spirits). From all ordinary spirits, you can get a total of 37 blessings at the cost of 1 candle and 37 blessings at the cost of 5 candles. Also, seasonal spirits offer blessings for purchase for 5 candles.

Blessings for 1 candle

In this category, blessings are represented by 5 charms:

1. The charm of the glow. After use, the enchantment causes the player’s character to emit a bright light, illuminating a certain area around him for 10 minutes. Previously, the light emitted was too bright, even dazzling, which made the use inconvenient for many players.

2. Enchantment of antigravity. Contrary to the name, the enchantment does not cancel the gravity for the character, but significantly reduces its effect. This causes the fall rate to decrease by 5 minutes. Also, the effect of the enchantment applies to all players in your group.

3. Enchantment of fast charging. The enchantment slightly increases the wing recharging speed, but does not affect flight costs. Lasts 5 minutes and carries over to other players in the group.

4. The enchantment of the fireworks. The fireworks enchantment is a limited counterpart to the fireworks staff and allows you to use 5 fireworks with a small interval between uses.

5. Charm-babies. Allows the player to shrink to a chibi size (small in Japanese), being the equivalent of a chibi mask. The effect lasts 10 minutes. This enchantment is the only way to achieve chibi size without wearing a chibi mask. Do not use when wearing a chibi mask.

Blessings for 5 candles

This group includes both previously described blessings and a number of new ones:

Conversation table charm. They are a one-time analogue of the table, also allowing you to communicate with strangers. The benches scattered throughout the game world have a similar effect.

Bonfire enchantment. This works in the same way as the chat table enchantment, but causes a bonfire, which is the main reward of the Season of Complicity and charges the players’ wing when lit.

An instant recharge potion. When used, instantly replenishes the full charge of the player’s wing.

New size potion. Changes the size of the player’s character until the next use of this potion. In this case, the change occurs in a certain range of heights, among which there is a random selection of the value. Moreover, the spectrum contains hundreds or even thousands of values ??for size. Do not use while another potion is in effect or while wearing a chibi mask, because in this case it will have no effect. The potion cannot reach chibi size, but you can get its running effect.

Forgotten Ark Blessing Shop

After the Season of Wizardry in the Golden Waste, a blessing store has been added to the Forgotten Ark. It is divided into 3 small stalls located on the Ark itself. They appear after the 6th improvement of the Ark (you need to give all the colored light found, more details on the season page). After the end of the season, the spirit quest giver was abandoned so that new players could make improvements. The range of blessings changes every few days - some blessings are added every Friday, and on Monday they disappear and only reappear on Friday. All assortment updates are tied to the quest update time.

1. Stall # 1 (Scroll shop). It is located under the left segment of the destroyed ship, when viewed from the side of the entrance to the location (Scroll shop). This shop sells the following blessings every day:

From Friday to Sunday inclusive, you can additionally purchase the following blessings:

2. Stall # 2 (Spell shop). Found under one of the central segments of the Ark (Spell shop). This shop sells the following blessings every day:

From Friday to Sunday inclusive, you can additionally buy Summer Light Lantern Charm 2 pcs. - 10 ascended candles.

3. Stall # 3 (Potion shop). Found on the right segment of the Ark (Potion shop). This shop sells the following blessings every day:

From Friday to Sunday inclusive, you can additionally purchase the following blessings:

Sky Children of the Light: How to update a character’s wardrobe?

How to buy cosmetics? Cosmetics are items that you can use to create an individual image of your character. Cosmetics can be found by collecting expressions from perfumes. Most perfumes, in addition to expressions, sell a variety of jewelry, which include pants, masks, hairstyles, raincoats, and accessories. Once you have sent the spirit to the constellation, you can buy cosmetics from him. You can buy cosmetics from perfume in 4 ways:

All cosmetics from standard perfumes are purchased for hearts. Cosmetics from perfumes of the current season are purchased for seasonal candles. Cosmetics from Wandering Spirits are purchased for white candles.

Wardrobe. You can put on cosmetics through the wardrobe, which is located at the beginning of all locations, except for the Storehouse of Knowledge and Island of Dawn. The wardrobe looks like 5 small indentations in wood or stone. There is a small arch made of stones near the compartment for changing the accessory.

Capes. The color of the cape varies slightly depending on the light level. All colors glow slightly in bright daylight. The colors also change when the energy of the cape is depleted (for example, if you are standing in the rain in the forest).

Blue and turquoise capes that are bought from perfumes are not a pass to the Office. In order to get there, you need a beta tester’s or founder’s cape.

Elders hairstyles. After completing the constellation, you can buy his hairstyle from the elder. To do this, you will need to completely go through the Heart of Eden, since this can only be done in Orbit.

Accessories. Accessories include musical instruments, staff, campfire (seasonal), swing (in-game purchase), and table.

Seasonal cosmetics. Seasonal cosmetics can only be purchased from perfumes during the season with seasonal candles and hearts. After the end of the season, you can get these things only when a wandering spirit comes (one spirit comes every two weeks for 4 days). From a wandering spirit, cosmetics are bought for white candles. You cannot buy the main rewards of the seasons after the season ends! They are bought for seasonal hearts from the Elders of the season after the completion of the branches of improvements of all spirits (the last node in the branch of the spirit is the seasonal heart). Also, some items are obtained for the purchase of "Adventure Pass" and, accordingly, they also cannot be obtained at the end of the season.

Sky Children of the Light: In-Game Events Overview

The events of the world of Sky are designed to diversify the daily pastime, as well as provide the opportunity to receive additional rewards and unique items and expressions. There are several types of events in the game - daily tasks, temporary short-term events, long-term seasonal events.

Daily tasks. An impersonal spirit or Elder of the season (during the seasonal event), who is the quest giver, stands near one of the portals in the home space. He takes turns moving from portal to portal, with the exception of the rotation is the Isle of Dawn and the Heart of Eden - there are no tasks there. Every day, when updating the game day (at 10 o’clock Moscow time), you need to contact the quest giver to receive four new tasks, most of which will relate to the location at the portal to which it stands. For completing each of the tasks, you can get 1 candle (or seasonal, or white - in the off-season).

Seasonal events. Seasonal Event is a temporary one-time event lasting up to 3 months, during which a special perfume appears, giving the player seasonal cosmetics for seasonal currency. All players get access to most of the content of the Seasonal Event, but only buying the "Adventure Pass" for real money will unlock all the rewards from the Season’s Spirits, the main rewards from the Elder and the pendant (pendant) of this season. During the season, a seasonal constellation appears in the home space between the constellations of the Secret Forest and the Valley of Triumph (above the altar of return). Depending on the season, seasonal perfumes may appear all at once, or they will appear one at a time every week.

Each spirit of the season offers expressions and cosmetics that can only be purchased with seasonal candles. The branches of friendship of the spirits of the season are different from the plot ones, they do not ascend, and the last node in the branches is the seasonal hearts, which are needed to buy unique things from the Elder of the season. If you do not purchase the Elder rewards, then after the end of the season they will become unavailable. But some nodes (including the last one) can only be opened with an "adventure pass". After the end of the season, the spirits from it can only be available as Wanderers. The Wanderers spawn once every two weeks during the season, or once a week during the off-season and are present for four days.

The elder of the spirits of the season, in addition to daily tasks, issues special thematic tasks of the season. To fulfill them, it is necessary to turn to the elder in the world where he is.

Seasonal currency. Seasonal Candles is an in-game currency, available only during the season, for purchasing cosmetics and expressions from seasonal perfumes. Every day, in the location near the portal to which the Elder of the Season is standing, you can find 4 clusters of seasonal candles, the light from which in total gives one full candle. Also, 4 candles can be obtained for completing daily tasks. More candles can be obtained during the event with double candles - then the location will have not 4, but 8 clusters (2 candles in total).

Seasonal Hearts are used to purchase the main rewards of the season. You can only buy them from seasonal perfumes. They are located at the end of the spirit line (this means that the player will have to buy everything from the spirit in order to reach the heart). A Seasonal Heart costs 3 Seasonal Candles, but you can only take it if you purchased an Adventure Pass. At the end of the season, seasonal hearts and candles are converted to regular white 1: 1.

Temporary events. Special rules periodically appear in the game, which are valid for a limited amount of time. As an example, you can get double the amount of light from candles or get double the amount of hearts from gifts received from friends. Usually, information about them appears in the news block when you enter the game, but sometimes it may not be displayed. You can find out information about current events from the blog of the game developers.

Also, temporary events include events with unusual game elements, usually timed to coincide with holidays or external world events - New Year’s holidays, lovers’ days, days of nature, etc. During such events, you can get unique content for game and / or real currency. Unlike seasonal rewards, which can be obtained later from itinerant spirits, purchases of temporary events cannot be obtained in any other way in the future.

Sky Children of the Light: Completing Daily Quests

Basic. Every day in the game, 4 daily quests are available to complete. They are given by the quest giver spirits in the House. They stand near a certain portal to the location and move in a circle from the Midday Prairie to the Vault of Knowledge every day. To access the quests, approach the spirit quest giver and press the button with the exclamation mark above his head.

After completing the quest, pressing this button again will give you a reward - one white or seasonal candle (white candles are given out in the off-season, and seasonal ones - during the season, see more details here). Every day at 10:00 (or 11:00 in winter) Moscow time, the quests are updated. Some of the quests can be completed only in a certain location, and some - in any one.

Quests that are not tied to a location. These quests can be completed at any location in the game:

Midday prairie. Tasks:

Secret forest. Tasks:

Valley of Triumph. Tasks:

Wasteland of gold. Tasks:

Knowledge store. Tasks:

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