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Sky Warriors WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Sky Warriors: Airplane Games is an action game developed by Wildlife Studios. The main aspect of the game is dogfights on planes in dynamic PvP matches. You can upgrade your combat vehicles, add the necessary equipment and stickers to them to get buffs. For you, the possibility of team battles with groups of players, fights with friends, as well as special activities as part of squadrons is provided. The game features an addictive gameplay, excellent rendering of technology and good sound.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Control Features
  3. Aircraft Upgrade Guide
  4. Rocket Guide
  5. Using REP
  6. Decals and color options
  7. Player Leagues
  8. Team Play
  9. Squadron Guide
  10. Workshop Overview
  11. Your Inventory
  12. Profile and settings
  13. Conclusion

Sky Warriors: Beginner’s Guide

What is Sky Warriors? Sky Warriors is a 3v3 dogfight game in which you and two teammates have to either protect three convoy aircraft flying towards a base at sea or attack and destroy them before they reach their destination. The game session lasts 3 minutes 20 seconds.

How to protect the convoy? Defending the convoy, you fire rockets and machine guns at the enemies - either to destroy them or to give the convoy planes enough time to get to the base. The defenders win if at least one aircraft of the convoy reaches the base.

How to attack? The attackers, in order to shoot down the convoy aircraft, must destroy all six engines with rockets and machine guns. Convoy aircraft continue to fly as long as they have at least one engine running. The attackers win if they manage to destroy all three aircraft of the convoy before the time expires.

Fight. In a skirmish, two teams of three players try to hit the same targets in an effort to score more points in the allotted time. In this mode, you need to beat the enemy team by 10 points or score more points after three minutes. To get points, players shoot down two types of targets: air (airships) and sea (battleships). Destroying one target gives the team one point.

Only three targets spawn at a time, so try to destroy them before the enemy does. One point is also given for the destruction of the aircraft of the enemy team. If you are destroyed, the opposing team gets a point. If the game ends in a tie, a barrage of missiles hits the planes and you continue to fight each other. The team whose player loses their plane first loses.

Suitcase of diamonds. A suitcase of diamonds allows you to exchange personal signs for diamonds. The suitcase of diamonds has several levels, starting from zero and ending with the tenth. The higher the level, the more diamonds you get, however, more personal signs are required.

Personal glasses. Personal signs are given for experience in battles. Every 75 experience points corresponds to 1 personal mark, each of which costs 5 diamonds. At the end of the battle, you will see the number of personal marks received. After collecting a certain number of personal signs according to the level of the suitcase of diamonds, you can buy it and pick up the contents. Level 0 diamond suitcase can be opened for free. For suitcases from level 1 to 10, you will need to make a purchase.

Early opening of suitcases with diamonds. Suitcases of diamonds can also be opened ahead of schedule, but in this case you will not receive all the diamonds. Having collected enough diamonds to open the suitcase, you must open it within 24 hours. After this time, the suitcase of diamonds will be reset and you will have to collect personal signs again.

Sky Warriors: Control Features

How to set up control? Sky Warriors uses two control schemes: normal and advanced. Control setting:

  1. On the main screen, click the gear symbol next to the amount of diamonds;
  2. In the "Settings" menu, click "Management";
  3. You will see the screenshot shown above. Select the desired option.

How are the types of management different? There are two types of control:

Vertical inversion:

Traction arm stabilization:

Gyro auto-calibration (for advanced control):

Sky Warriors: Aircraft Upgrade Guide

Improvements. Before flying into battle, various upgrades can be installed on the aircraft. There are currently only four types of upgrades in the game, and only three types of upgrades can be used in combat. You can use a maximum of 2 upgrades of each type. If you have less than 2 units of some type, then there will be so many of them in battle.

How to use upgrades? Follow instructions:

  1. By pressing the "To battle" button on the main screen, select the "Improvements" item - you will see the improvements you have.
  2. Select the improvement you want to use, and then click the "Select" button.
  3. Once clicked, the "Select" button will change to "Selected" and the improvement will appear in the "Improvements" section on the right.

Types of upgrades

1. Strengthening the attack. While this upgrade is active, the aircraft deals double damage (lasts for 30 seconds).

2. Increased protection. While this upgrade is active, aircraft damage is halved to 50%.

3. Spare parts. Repairs large aircraft damage during combat.

4. Fast repair. Repairs minor aircraft damage during combat.

Sky Warriors: Rocket Guide

Rockets. Before flying into battle, various missiles can be installed on the aircraft. There are currently only four types of rockets in the game, and only four different types of rockets can be used in battle. One of the four types is necessarily the base missile. You can use a maximum of 10 rockets of each available type (excluding basic ones). That is, if you have less than 10 missiles of some type, then there will be as many of them in battle.

How to use rockets? Follow instructions:

  1. By pressing the "To battle" button on the main screen, select the "Missiles" item - you will see the missiles you have.
  2. Select the rocket you want to use and then click the "Select" button.
  3. Once clicked, the "Select" button will change to "Selected" and the rocket will appear in the "Rockets" section on the right.

Missile types

1. Base rocket. Standard missiles - you can shoot them as much as you like. These are your primary homing missiles. Once you lock onto a target, the missile will follow it and deal significant damage when it hits.

2. Self-guided missile. The missile searches for the nearest heat-radiating target and requires little or no hold hold.

3. Cluster rocket. A homing missile that explodes on impact and deals area damage.

4. Fast rocket. Accelerated homing missile with improved aerodynamics. The fastest of all available missiles.

5. Powerful rocket. Reinforced homing missile. Produces a more powerful explosion that deals much more damage.

6. Tracking rocket. Missile with improved guidance system. Can make tighter turns and is more likely to hit the target.

Sky Warriors: Using REP

RAP. Electronic countermeasures are used to evade missiles. You can install the REP before flying into battle. A maximum of 10 REP units of each type can be used. If you have less than 10 REP units of some type, then there will be that many in battle.

How to use REP? Follow instructions:

  1. By pressing the "To battle" button on the main screen, select the "REP" item - you will see the countermeasures you have.
  2. Choose what you want to use and then click the "Select" button.
  3. Once clicked, the "Select" button will change to "Selected" and the countermeasure will appear in the "REP" section on the right.

REP types

1. IR trap. A salvo of IR traps that deflect missiles aimed at thermal radiation. Allows you to defend against enemy missiles that are within range.

2. Chaff. Dipole jamming prevents aircraft radars from locking on to you for 10 seconds. Reload time - 15 seconds.

Sky Warriors: Decals and color options

What are stickers? Stickers are temporary consumables that can be applied to aircraft. Each sticker has its own expiration date. A maximum of two stickers can be installed on an aircraft. Stickers can increase the speed, maneuverability, firepower and durability of the aircraft. Stickers can be transferred from aircraft to aircraft (removed from one and placed on the other). Label classes:

The cost of stickers depends on the time of their validity and class. You can buy them on the Modifications tab in the workshop.

What are color options? Paint options are permanent items that can be added to the aircraft. Only one color option can be installed on the aircraft. Color options only increase durability and firepower. Paint options cannot be transferred from aircraft to aircraft.

The coloring option purchased for the aircraft will remain on it. The prices for folding jobs vary depending on the level of paint work and the highest level aircraft. They can be purchased from the Customize tab in the workshop. Color classes:

How to use stickers and coloring options? When you purchase a decal or skin from the Mods tab, it is automatically installed on the currently selected aircraft. If you have multiple decals (that have not expired) or paint options (for the same aircraft), you can change them:

  1. Go to the "Modifications" tab.
  2. Find the installed decal or skin and click "Remove".
  3. Find the desired decal or coloration from the ones you have and click "Apply".

How do decals and paint options work? In this example, we’ll be using the Class 1 paint variant. All Class 1 paint variants increase durability and firepower by 5%.

Sky Warriors: Player Leagues

League of players. Leagues are weekly rankings, thanks to which you can get more coins in matches. Starting your pilot career in Sky Warriors, you, like all newcomers, will get into the Bronze 5 league. The higher the league you are in, the more coins you get in battle. Example: In the image above, a player from "Bronze 1" receives a minimum of 3000 coins for winning (including the league bonus).

How do leagues work? Players are divided into leagues of three levels: "Gold", "Silver" and "Bronze", each of which is divided into five divisions, where "5" is the lowest and "1" is the highest. At the end of the calendar week, you can move to a division higher or lower. You can climb a maximum of one league per week (regardless of indicators). There are no rewards for going up (down) at the end of the week. The current league is shown on the main screen. The timer next to it indicates how much is left before the divisions are updated. The league points themselves are updated approximately every 20 minutes.

How to view your leagues? To see your leagues and weekly progress, click the chart icon next to fuel.

Sky Warriors: Team Play

Concept. Team play is a feature that allows you to team up and play together. To do this, the host must create a room that other players can enter.

How to create a room? To create a co-op room:

  1. On the main screen, click the "To battle" button.
  2. Select the mode for team play.
  3. To create a team or join an existing one, click "Invite a pilot".
  4. A screen will appear where you click "Create Team Code".
  5. A code will appear at the top of the screen - you can give it to the players you want to invite.
  6. To open a team game chat, click on the cloud icon - there you will see how other players enter.
  7. When everyone is gathered, click "Start" - and go to battle!

How to enter the room? To enter the co-op room:

  1. Select a game mode, click the "Invite Pilot" button.
  2. Enter the room code received from a friend in the "Enter team code" field and click "Join a team."
  3. If there is a free room and a place in it, you will join the team.
  4. In a team game session, the mode is selected by the host.

How to send a room code? To send the room code to your friends, do the following:

  1. Click on the cloud icon and go to the chat where you want to post the code (see screenshot).
  2. Clicking the "Share" icon will open a menu where you can send the room code outside of Sky Warriors.
After sending the code, the next message can be sent after a while, so carefully check which chat you are sending it to.

Sky Warriors: Squadron Guide

How to join a squadron? To join a squadron, you must have a rank of at least junior sergeant.

  1. Click the "Squadron" icon on the main screen.
  2. On the screen that opens, click "Join".
  3. Find open and closed (with entry by request) squadrons, or search by name and language of communication.
  4. Having found the squadron you like, click on its name - additional information will open. To join a squadron, click "Join".
  5. If the squadron type is "On request", you will see the message "Pending approval" - in this case, you will have to wait for the application to be approved.
  6. After approval, you can open the squadron screen by clicking the corresponding icon. On this screen, in the "Fighters" section, you will see yourself with a squadron tag in your name.

How to create a squadron? To create a squadron, you must have a rank of at least lieutenant.

  1. Click the "Squadron" icon on the main screen.
  2. Click the "Create" button.
  3. Fill in squadron details. Here you need to enter the name, tag, a brief description of the squadron, select the type, icon and language.
  4. After specifying everything you need, click "Create for 40 diamonds" - the squadron will be created, and 40 diamonds will be debited from the account.

Squadron data at creation. When creating a squadron, you will need to enter the following details:

Squadron Wars. In squadron wars, you fight enemy squadrons for rewards and honor points. Squadron Wars last 48 hours and start at the following times:

A notification about the start of the next war will appear on the main screen.

How can a squadron take part in the war? To participate in the war, the squadron must have at least 10 active players in the last five days. An active fighter is one who logs into the game every day for five days and plays at least one PvP match. If the squadron has more than 10 active fighters, it automatically takes part in the war.

If the squadron meets the requirement, it participates in the selection of opponents at the beginning of the next squadron war. If the squadron does not have at least 10 active members, it will not participate in the selection of opponents and will lose 30 honor points (if the squadron had them). If your squadron does not meet the requirements, you will see the corresponding message:

How do squadron wars work? When the next war starts, the system selects squadrons with a similar amount of honor points as opponents. In the first two days of the war, all battles in which squadron fighters participate are counted towards the squadron’s score. Points are calculated as the sum of experience points received by squadron members during the war. The squadron with the most experience during the war wins.

Squadron war award. Squadrons fight not only for honor points, but also for rewards. Chests are issued depending on the success of the squadron in the war. The type of chests received is determined by the league of the squadron and the amount of experience points gained during the war (see the table above). You can view the course of the war, as well as possible rewards, by clicking on the table of war points. By clicking "Details", you will see additional information about possible rewards.

Receiving awards. At the end of the war, you will see the final score of the squadron, as well as the number of chests won (if any). The chests won can be picked up and opened, receiving the rewards due. Squadron members must collect awards on their own. If you didn’t claim the rewards and they disappeared, you won’t be able to get them anymore.

If you joined/left a squadron during a war, you are not eligible for any rewards. You must contribute experience to the war and be a member of the same squadron throughout the war to be eligible for rewards.

squadron leagues. At the end of each war, squadrons with more than 0 honor points will be placed in leagues according to the given distribution of squadrons in the league - as in the case of weekly leagues. After placing squadrons by honor points, fighters receive notifications in the squadron chat about promotion (decrease) in the league. Squadrons with 0 honor points are automatically placed in the "Bronze V" league. Depending on the league, squadron fighters are given a bonus to coins received in battle.

Sky Warriors: Workshop Overview

Workshop value. All aircraft-related work is carried out in the workshop. You can find it on the main screen (in the hangar). The workshop has three sections:

Airplane. The "Aircraft" section contains all the fighters available in the game. Here you can change aircraft: scroll down to the aircraft you own and select it.

Improvements. In this section, you can buy upgrades for the current aircraft. The number next to the improvement (in the image above it is 2) indicates how much can be bought with the available coins.

Modifications. On the "Modifications" tab, you can buy stickers and paint options for the current aircraft. The number next to the name of the sticker indicates how many of these stickers you already have in your inventory.

Aircraft information. The right side of the screen displays:

Sky Warriors: Your Inventory

Inventory. In the inventory, you can see the available items - from stickers to rockets. The inventory is located next to the "To battle" button on the main screen. The following items are limited in inventory:

After reaching the specified number, players will be able to receive items from loot boxes and promotions, but will not be able to buy them directly in the store. You can always save more items than the maximum set in your inventory.

Rockets. The missiles you have are shown here. The golden check mark indicates which missiles are installed. On the right side of the screen is a brief description of the rocket and a "Get More" button that opens the "Rockets" section of the store. Below this button, the missiles used and how many of them you take into battle (no more than 20) are shown.

Improvements. This shows the upgrades you have. A golden checkmark indicates which enhancements are installed. On the right of the screen - a brief description of the improvement and the "Get more" button, which opens the "Chests" section of the store (this is where you can get improvements). Below this button, the upgrades used and how many of them you take into battle (no more than 2) are shown.

RAP. The REPs you have are shown here. A golden checkmark indicates which REPs are installed. On the right of the screen - a brief description of the REP and the "Get more" button, which opens the "REP" section of the store. Below this button, the REPs used and how many of them you take into battle (no more than 10) are shown.

Stickers. The stickers you have are shown here. A golden checkmark indicates which stickers are installed. On the right side of the screen you will see:

There is also a "Get More" button that opens the "Decals" section of the "Mods" tab. The screen above shows the aircraft in use and the sticker installed. In this case, the player is using the F/A-18 Hornet. The screenshot below shows what will happen if you use another aircraft:

The player has one sticker installed on the F/A-18 Hornet aircraft, and it cannot be used simultaneously on the Su-27 Flanker (the sticker must first be removed from the first aircraft).

Color options. Shown here are the colors you have. A golden check mark indicates which paint options are installed and which aircraft they belong to. On the right side of the screen you will see:

The "Show in the hangar" button will open the "Modifications" menu with the aircraft used (and not the livery itself).

Sky Warriors: Profile and settings

Where is my player ID? Player ID is a unique combination of 8 letters and numbers that allows you to identify your account. To find your ID, you can go to the "Settings" menu (gear icon on the main screen) - it will be at the top left of the screen, under the username. It also shows which version of the game you have running.

Keep your account secure: do not share your player ID with anyone other than support.

Changing devices. If you change the device platform (from iOS to Android or vice versa), then you can only restore the game progress if it was synchronized with your social network account: Google accounts are not supported on iOS devices, and Apple ID is not supported on Android devices.

How to change username? You can change your name in the following way:

  1. Click on your name at the top left of the main screen.
  2. The profile will open. Click the pencil icon next to your name.
  3. A window will appear in which you can enter a new name and confirm it.

You can choose a username after completing the training. The first time you can change your name after training is free. The second time it will cost 50 diamonds. Remember that the username must be between 3 and 12 characters long and must not be offensive, otherwise your account may be banned from the game.

How to save game progress? To protect your account and be able to transfer your game progress to other devices, you first need to save your account using social networks, Google Play or Apple ID. This is done as follows:

  1. On the main screen of the game, click the gear icon at the top - the Settings menu will appear.
  2. Click Account.
  3. Choose how the account will be saved: click the "Sign in with account" button (Google Play, Apple ID, etc.).
  4. You will be prompted to sign in to your account. Check which account you’re signed in to: this can’t be changed later.
  5. After connecting, the screen should take the form shown in the screenshot above. Now the progress of the game will be saved!
Remember that the only way to transfer your account between devices with different operating systems (from Android to iOS or vice versa) is to save the progress of the game using the social network!

How to restore the game progress? Deleting a game erases the progress of the game from the device. However, it can be restored if you previously saved your account using a social network, Google Play, or Apple ID. If you did this before deleting the game, then you can restore progress as follows:

  1. Open the game and click the gear icon at the top of the main screen - the Settings menu will appear.
  2. Click Account, then the button next to the option you used to save your account before reinstalling (Google Play, Apple ID, etc.).
  3. You may be asked to sign in to your account - check that you are using the correct account.

About account synchronization. Account sync is a way to save game progress. In essence, this is linking game data to an account in a third-party service: the game progress will be associated with the account on the selected service, and you can restore it by logging into the corresponding account. Account sync options:

This is the easiest way to get your game back on track after you reinstall it or change your device. Therefore, be sure to remember the email address and password used to save the game and do not share them with anyone!

How does synchronization work? After the game progress is synchronized with the service account (Google Play, Apple ID), it will be impossible to cancel the synchronization. One service account can be synchronized with only one game account. That is, if you synchronize game account A with service account 1, you will not be able to use the same account 1 to synchronize with game account B.

Meanwhile, one game account can be synchronized with multiple services. Therefore, for example, you can synchronize game account A with services 1 and 2 - in this case, by logging in from one of these services, you will restore the same game account A.

Sky Warriors: Conclusion

Sky Warriors has a good chance of appealing to fans of dynamic action battles. You will have the opportunity to get your dose of adrenaline and try yourself as a combat aircraft pilot with a full set of weapons. Your attention is presented to various models of cars and equipment, which can be combined and used at your own discretion. You can play in groups and with friends, creating separate game rooms.

Of the minuses of the game, the presence of lags and freezes during the gameplay, the preponderance of combat capabilities in the direction of donors and cases of imbalance in the selection of opponents are noted. And yet, Sky Warriors continues to actively develop and improve, so we should expect intriguing updates from it, expanding the collection of aircraft and the emergence of new interesting missions and tasks.

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