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Taonga Tropical Farm WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Taonga Island Adventure: Farm - browser game from the company Taonga. Game Genre: Casual. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Island Walkthrough
  3. All Construction Phases
  4. Friends and Neighbors
  5. Payments

Taong Tropical Farm: Beginner’s Guide

How to earn Coins? Coins are needed to buy Buildings, Seedlings and many other useful things. They are earned in the following ways:

  1. Fulfill Orders on the Board and the Ship - the fastest and most profitable.
  2. Coins are given as a reward for completing most tasks.
  3. You get Coins by cutting down vegetation, splitting Stones and developing Clay deposits.
  4. Coin encourages the acceleration of the growth of Animals, the harvest and Trees on the islands of the Neighbors.
  5. Coins can be won on the Wheel of Fortune.
  6. If you’re lucky, Coins can be caught in Captain Escudo’s Miraculous Chest (reward for breaking Insidious Reef Island).
  7. Coins are purchased in the game Bank for the currency of the social network (OK, Mailiki, Voices).

How to earn diamonds? Diamonds is a universal currency for which most game items can be purchased. Diamonds are mined in the following ways:

  1. Diamonds are given as a reward for completing certain tasks and increasing the level of the player.
  2. Diamonds are contained in Chests from the Jackpot sector on the Wheel of Fortune.
  3. If you are lucky, Diamonds can be obtained from Captain Escudo’s Miraculous Chest (reward for passing the Island of Cunning Reefs).
  4. Sometimes developers give Diamonds to all players on the official game page on social networks (Odnoklassniki, MoyMir, VK)!
  5. Diamonds are awarded to prize-winners (1-3 places) of the weekly Fishermen’s competitions and the Hospitality competitions.
  6. Diamonds are purchased in the game Bank for the currency of the social network (OK, Mailiki, Voices).

How to earn Florins? Florins are a rare and very valuable resource. They can neither be sold nor donated to the Neighbors, but there are many ways to get precious coins differently:

  1. Florins are contained in Chests on Oracle Island, Pirate Bay Island and Wandering Florin Islands.
  2. By fully downloading and sending the Ship, you will receive a random color Florin. Character level must be 16 or higher.
  3. Florins rely on prize-winners (1-3 places) of the weekly Fishermen’s competitions and the Hospitality competitions.
  4. With a small chance, Emerald Florins can be found in the Chest in the sand on a home island.
  5. Florins are contained in Chests from the Jackpot sector on the Wheel of Fortune.
  6. Florins are rewarded for completing certain tasks.
  7. If you are lucky, Florins can be obtained from Captain Escudo’s Miraculous Chest (reward for breaking Insidious Reef Island).
  8. Florins are sold in the Store (Florin’s Chest and Florin’s Big Chest) for Diamonds.

How to accumulate additional Energy? Energy is one of the most used resources in the game, therefore there are many ways to accumulate it:

  1. Visit the Rest Areas at the Neighbors.
  2. Collect Starfish, Scallops and Crabs on the shore.
  3. Get the Shining Lotus artifact.
  4. Open the chests that appear on your island after cutting down Trees, splitting Stones, collecting Clay.
  5. Perform Cases for the Day.
  6. Accelerate the growth of Animals, the ripening of crops and Trees on the islands of the Neighbors (Energy is not always available, but there is a chance).
  7. Get rewarded for completing certain tasks.
  8. Win on the Wheel of Fortune.
  9. If you’re lucky, Energy can be obtained from Captain Escudo’s Miraculous Chest.
  10. Win prizes in the Hospitality and Fisheries Competitions.
  11. Buy Energy Chests for Emerald and Sapphire Florins at the Store.
  12. Buy in the Market or purchase with special temporary promotions.
  13. Trade Suleyman for the Beryl Scarabs on the Island of the Wondrous Oasis.
If you started the game in one of the social. networks (before moving to the Portal), then at your disposal there is also the Totem of Friendship. He also gives Energy on a daily basis.

How to increase the maximum energy reserve? The maximum Energy reserve increases when the following levels are reached: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 20, 22, 24, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40. In addition, it increases with each VIP level.

What is the Temple for? Now the Temple is a decoration of your island, but its true purpose is much more mysterious. One day he will surely reveal his secrets.

How to use multi-selection? With the help of multi-selection, you can dig and sow the beds, harvest, feed the animals and water the trees with just one click! Click the magic wand icon on the right toolbar to enable multi-selection.

Click on the object you want to interact with: Bed, Tree or Animal. Without releasing the left mouse button, move the cursor over the same objects to do with them the same as with the first.

How to find Raphael tools? Following the plot on the Island of the Olive Grove, you will find Raphael’s tools in the wreckage of a shipwreck to help him remember his past. Search is a mini-game, the rules of which are very similar to catching Butterflies. You will need 15 Stamina to begin your tool search. The playing field consists of 8 closed chips - 2 chips for each prize among the possible ones. One game consists of two rounds, and each round consists of two flips, that is, two flips of chips.

Your goal is to find a prize by opening two identical chips in one round, that is, on 1 and 2 flips, or on 3 and 4. In one game, you can win only one prize (box or tool). If you open different chips in one round, they will close. If you open the same chips in one round, then you can either pick up the prize or continue playing - in this case, the open identical chips will close.

Please note that the contents of the box indicated in the tooltip to it are the maximum possible and not the guaranteed number of items that can be in it. You can search for caskets in the wreckage of the crash after the completion of the entire storyline, but there will be no more tools there.

Artifact Shining Lotus. You can restore the artifact on the island of the Shining Lotus and place it on your home. The Shining Lotus is a reward for completing all tasks on the island of the same name. After being placed on the home island, the artifact begins to generate 1 Energy every 15 minutes. The maximum amount of Energy that he can store is determined by the power of the Charge. It is possible to collect Energy from the Lotus before it is full, but remember that the artifact replenishes the supply of Energy only to its maximum level. Example:

After clicking on the "Get" button in the Lotus window, your current Energy supply will increase to 30, and Lotus will have 25 Energy. The balance can be spent only after the current supply of Energy falls below the maximum. It is impossible to accelerate the accumulation of Lotus Energy, but you can increase the charge of the artifact for Florins. Each improvement increases the Charge by 5 units (at level 9 - by 10), to a maximum of 200.

What is a VIP level? Performing tasks and various game actions, you earn Experience and increase your normal level. In addition, the game has VIP levels that give certain advantages:

When you purchase game items (Energy, Diamonds, Coins, etc.) for the currency of a social network (OK in Odnoklassniki, Voices on VKontakte, Mailiki in My World) you get VIP points. When a certain number of them is dialed, the VIP level rises. After the first purchase, a crown with the current VIP level will appear next to your photo.

The number of VIP points for a purchase is indicated in the product window next to the crown icon. And how many of them are needed to increase the level - on the Bank page (click on the green icon opposite the Diamond image in the upper right corner of the game window) and VIP (click on the "Benefits" button in the Bank or on the crown next to your photo).

The higher the VIP level, the more advantages you have (displayed in the VIP window), but keep in mind that they do not stack together. Bonuses of the highest achieved level replace all other bonuses.

How to restart the game? It is impossible to restart the game, but do not worry! The Taong archipelago is rich in natural (and not only) resources, so you can always get the missing, whatever you have. And if the home island has ceased to seem attractive after cutting down the jungle, return it to its former beauty by re-planting Bushes and Palms. They, like other decorative objects, are in the Store on the Decor tab.

How to catch Butterflies?

After reaching level 12, you can join the fascinating research of Dr. Yorick Jansson and start catching Butterflies. Build the Entomologist’s workshop, make the first Landing Net - and go to the Flower Nectar Island, where most of these fragile creatures live! It is here that the Tropical Pond is located, to which Butterflies can be attracted, and after completing all the tasks on the island, you can get such a Pond on your own island and continue to catch Butterflies right at home.

Put 8 Plumeria Flowers at the Pond (Plumeria seedlings can be bought in the Store on the Farm> Seedlings tab), and soon their sweet aroma will attract a flock of Butterflies. After clicking on the Pond, you can use the extra bait to try to catch a rarer specimen. Choose the Net with which you will catch the Butterflies - they differ in the number of Flips (chip flips) and the Stamina that will be needed for the mini-game. Click "Catch!" When you are ready to hunt.

Your goal is to find and open chips with the same Butterflies. In one mini-game you can catch only one Butterfly. In addition to them, there are various bonuses on the chips - Diamonds, Energy, Florins, High accuracy nets, Accelerators, etc. Each round consists of two Flips - flips of two chips. Click on the chips to flip them. If different chips are open, they will close. If the same chips are open, they remain open and the reward or bonus is considered found.

On previously opened chips, you will notice an eye icon - move the mouse cursor over such a chip to peek at the image on the back.

If during the round you opened chips with the same Butterflies, you can either immediately pick up this Butterfly, having finished the game, or refuse it and continue fishing. Both chips will be closed. Having caught the Butterfly and having finished the game, you also take away the found (open) bonuses (one bonus for one open pair of chips). Open bonuses can only be obtained with a butterfly caught! If you opened the bonus but did not catch the Butterfly, you cannot collect it.

If you didn’t manage to catch the Butterfly, you can buy 2 additional Flips for Diamonds twice.

All Butterflies caught at the Pond will be placed in the Butterflyarium, donated to you by Yorick Jansson, and will be available for study. The rarer a specimen you study, the more experience points you get for Entomologist research. Each Butterfly caught can be studied only once, after which it should be released into the wild.

For each increase in the level of the Entomologist, you will receive Diamonds, Energy as a reward, from the 5th level also chests of Butterflies, and from the 15th - Sachets of high accuracy. In addition, every five days on the archipelago there are Butterfly Catchers Competitions, the winners and prize-winners of which are awarded valuable prizes.

How does the Butterfly Palace work?

How to get the? Complete the chain of tasks of Dr. Yorick Jansson, which becomes available after reaching player level 25 and Entomologist level 7.

What is it needed for? Gives the owner various bonuses - replenishes Energy, speeds up production, increases maximum Stamina. Together with astrophysics doctor Yorick Jansson, you have built the ideal enclosure for Butterflies, you can put these fragile creatures into separate houses and use the unique abilities of Butterflies.

How to settle butterflies? To place the Butterfly in the Palace, you need to examine it in the Butterflyarium at least 10 times. When the insect has been sufficiently studied, in the Palace window, click on the house, which corresponds to the rarity of the Butterfly (determined by color), find it in the list of Butterflies at the bottom of the window and place it in the house.

A butterfly will need time to get comfortable in a new house. After that, you can use her unique ability, feeding Pollen. Pollen accumulates in the Palace over time, its stock can be viewed at the top of the window.

You get some bonuses right away (for example, Butterfly can give you Energy, which will be added right away), others are valid for a certain time - then a special symbol will appear next to the experience bar in the upper left corner of the screen. Hover over it to see how long the bonus effect lasts.

Please note that the effect of accelerated production affects only those items that were put in the queue at the time of the effect. If the item was queued earlier, then you got the acceleration effect, and the item got into production only after that, the time for its manufacture will not be reduced.

Having given a bonus, the Butterfly will rest and regain strength - only after that it can be fed again and use the ability. At the same time, you do not need to populate her in the house again - she will live there until you put another Butterfly in her place.

The better studied the Butterfly, the stronger its ability. Hover over the stars above the Butterfly image to see how many times it has been studied and how many observations are left to reach the next level of Butterfly ability.

Growing seedlings on Plant Kingdom Island

Having built the Botany Hut on the Island of Plant Kingdom, you can start cultivating plants on the Botanical Tables.

The table on the right is intended for growing hardy and easy-to-care Bushes, the one on the left for growing Slender trees and Palms, the central one for growing extremely whimsical Great Trees. By clicking on one of the Tables, you will see a list of available plants. The higher your Botany level, the more plants will be available to you.

To start cultivating a plant, you need Tropical seeds. They can be found by chopping bushes, trees and grass while traveling. The number of Seeds needed is indicated under the image of the plant.

Plants are divided into groups according to the complexity of caring for them:

Click on the green button below the plant image to start growing. In the window that appears, you will see the state of the sprout, the growth time, as well as a list of actions that you can take.

The better the state of the sprout at the time the growth time expires, the greater the chance that it will grow successfully. The condition will gradually worsen over time, so it must be maintained by watering, fertilizing and feeding the sprout. To successfully grow unpretentious plants, it is enough to water them regularly, but more delicate breeds will have to be fertilized with the help of the Elixir of Growth, and fed with Concentrated top dressing.

Feeding can be obtained for completing Ira’s tasks, raising the level of the Botanist, and also purchasing for Diamonds. Having successfully grown a Rostock in Sapling, you can pick it up on a home Island and grow it into an adult plant that will decorate your farm, or give it to Ira to get an additional Botanic experience.

If you decide to pick up a Sapling, it will be in the Warehouse on your Island. Put it on the Island, and soon it will become an adult plant.

Please note that wild plants (from the groups unusual, rare and mythical) can only be moved before they are fully grown. After that you can cut them down. Unique plants can be moved and put into storage at any time.

Battle mechanics

Preparing for the battle. To fight the enemy, right-click on him. After clicking, a battle preparation window will appear with information about you and your opponent (Endurance, the number of Artifacts available and other useful data).

You can enter the battle only with a full supply of Stamina. It is restored on the home island (1 unit in 3 minutes) and is bought in the preparation window for Diamonds.

Battle. The choice of elements. The battle is divided into rounds, in each of which you and the enemy cast a spell to inflict damage on each other. Spells come in three elements: Water, Fire and Nature. It depends on the elements you and your opponent choose who will suffer the most.

Combo The winner of the round raises the combo level. The higher it is, the more damage the spells do. Sometimes it’s enough to win 4-5 rounds in a row to prevail in battle. The combo is reset if you and the opponent choose the same element or if yours turned out to be weaker. In this case, the combo will have to be dialed first.

Artifact. An artifact is an item that can deal damage instead of a spell. In this case, you definitely win the round. An artifact can extend your own combos or interrupt an enemy to save Stamina. During one battle, you can use no more than three Artifacts (The Artifact for "Last Chance" is not taken into account). There are three ways to get Artifacts:

The end of the battle. The battle ends when the Stamina of one of the participants drops to zero. If both happened at the same time, the victory is yours.

In case of defeat, the "Last Chance" window will appear - in it you can purchase additional Stamina to continue the fight. With a repeated defeat or abandonment of the "Last Chance", the enemy will fully restore Stamina. But you can always gain strength and take revenge! If you want to interrupt the battle, click on the cross in the upper right corner of the window. After the retreat, your opponent’s stamina will fully recover, and yours will decrease by 10 points.

Taong Tropical Farm: Island Walkthrough

Wandering Islands of the Florins. Available: from level 16. Supplies: usually 20, but the quantity may vary. Tasks: no; intended only for collecting florins. Study time: about 4 weeks (may vary). Wandering islands of the Florins regularly appear in the waters of the archipelago, teeming with Emerald, Sapphire and Amethyst chests.

The island is accessible for a limited period of time, after which it disappears. Usually the next Wandering Island emerges from the fog almost immediately. Wandering Islands are intended only for the collection of Florins and are not required to pass.

Toru Kai Tangata Village Island

Available from level 7. Supplies: 5 units. Tasks:


Find out the name of your patron Spirit! Each inhabitant of the Taong Archipelago has its own patron spirit. Thane, the High Shaman of the Kinoa tribe, invited you to the Island of Toru Kai Tangata Village to find out the name of the Spirit that will protect you and bring good luck in your adventures. Head to the Island on your Boat. Upon arrival, Rangi will tell you where Thane lives. Go to his hut on the edge of the village, cutting down the Grass on your way.

Following Thane’s instructions, select a Rune from the Runes Table. She will determine the name of your patron Spirit! But it seems that you were not the only ones interested in Runes. Chipmunk grabbed your Rune and slipped into the jungle when you tried to take it away. This is the will of the spirits - follow the jungle with Rangi. Along the way, you will meet Tama, the village boy whom my mother sent to collect Dragonfruits. He will help you track the Chipmunk if you collect the Dragonfruits with him.

Chipmunk managed to catch up, but to come closer, without frightening him, will not succeed. To lure it, use the Hazelnut, which Maat’s Birdhouse will share with you if you find her Chicken. The Chipmunk enjoyed the Hazelnut, but still ran away as soon as you tried to get closer. Catch up with him and try to lure with the Multi-colored beads that the Glassblower Patu can make. Encouraging the Chipmunk with Beads, you managed to get closer, but he again ran away. Follow him, lighting the Torches along the way.

If you cannot find the Torches, click on the task icon on the right side of the screen and then on the "Show" button.

Chipmunk seems to have settled in an ancient temple. Find the Lever that will open the gate, and then craft the Chipmunk House using the Watau Carpenter to get your Rune. The plan worked, your Rune is with you again! Take it to Thein to find out the name of your patron Spirit. As a reward you will receive the Chipmunk House, which can be installed on your home Island, as well as the "Dragon Power of the Pacific" effect, which will speed up energy recovery by 2 times by 24 hours.

Return to the home Island and expose the House from the Warehouse. You can feed the Chipmunk by clicking on the Lodge. A well-fed Chipmunk will follow you on your journeys, as well as bring Energy: the more delicious the delicacy, the more Energy!

Help to villagers. You can return to Toru Kai Tangata Village Island at any time and help residents by receiving rewards for this:

Fire Star Island

Available from level 8. Supplies: 30 units. Tasks:. Tasks:


Treasures: 5 Overgrown hiding places with useful materials. Reward:

Walkthrough The Taong Archipelago consists of many islands, each with its own history, adventures and awards waiting for you. Reaching level 7, you can go on your first trip - to the island of Fire Star. Stock up on supplies on the road, click on the Boat and forward, explore uninhabited lands! On trips, all islands are covered in fog, which must be dispersed in order to advance inland.

Tear, chop and chop objects (Grass, Trees, Stones, Clay) near the border of the fog and it will recede. On the bottom panel, you can select a hit, which you will dig out objects - one hit, three hits or combo hits that allow you to explore the islands faster. You will find the extracted resources (Grass, Stones, Palm leaves, etc.) on the Pier, from where they can be transported to the Warehouse on your home island.

Fragments of a meteorite. On the Island of Fire Star, you will meet Dr. Astrophysicist Yorick Jansson, who conducts his research here. In exchange for help, he will make a sundial for you - a decoration for your home island. Find four fragments of a meteorite that fell on the island in the jungle and pull them out of the ground. Doing this with your bare hands will not work - you will need to bring tools from the Warehouse. Materials for excavating meteorite fragments:

When you bring the necessary materials to the island, click on the meteorite shard, and in the window that opens, on the "Dig" button, to pull the shard out of the ground. Perform astrophysics tasks, which are located on the left panel - as a reward you will receive building materials that will be useful to you on the island. Additional materials can also be found in Overgrown hiding places hidden in the jungle of the island.

Observatory. Help Dr. Jansson restore the Observatory on the island so that he can continue his research. Here you will find the meteorite fragments found in the jungle useful:

In the restored Observatory, you can make Spirals of galaxies, which will be needed to perform some tasks in the game. Galaxy Spiral can be obtained by connecting 25 pcs. stones and 1 pc. sweet potato with egg. Need to wait an hour.

The sundial will appear in the Warehouse in the "Decor" section after completing the last task related to the Island of Fire Star - returning home and planting wheat.

Flower Nectar Island

Available from level 12 after completing the Entomologist’s Workshop quest. Supplies: 35 units. Tasks:


Treasures of the island:


Workshop of Entomologist. Astrophysicist Dr. Yorick Jansson suggests heading to Flower Nectar Island to catch Butterflies for research. This is a responsible matter, therefore you need to be well prepared for it: to reach level 12 and build a Butterfly-building - a facility for observing Butterflies.

Plant the Butterfly caught by Jansson in the Butterfly and make a butterfly net in the Entomologist’s Workshop (you can buy it in the Shop under the "Buildings"> "Production" tab) to go to Flower Nectar Island.

Blue-winged Jacquardines. Dr. Jansson arrived on the island for Blue-winged Jacquards. But before you catch such rare Butterflies, it is worth practicing on insects easier. They can be caught at the Pond not far from the Pier (you can read about how to catch Butterflies here), and they will immediately find themselves in the Butterfly. Jacquardins live in the blue indigo bushes that grow throughout the island.

As soon as you catch the first Jacquardin, Ira will appear and warn: Indigo nectar is poisonous to these Butterflies. To protect them, the bushes of a poisonous plant will have to be cut down after the salvation of each Jacquardine. When the first five insects are caught, you will need to rebuild the Bridge leading inland. To repair the bridge, you need 6 pcs. ropes and 30 pcs. boards.

On the second half of the island is the Jacaranda tree, with which the Jacquards previously existed in subtle harmony. But after the Butterflies scattered around the island, Jacaranda withered. In order for the tree to bloom again, you have to catch all the Butterflies and return them to Jacaranda. Jacaranda recovery steps:

When all the Jacquards return to Jacaranda, the natural harmony between the Butterflies and the tree will be restored, and it will blossom. So that the trouble does not happen again, Ira will forbid to catch Jacquardin near the tree, but from his Flowers in the workshop of the Entomologist it will be possible to make Nectar, luring these rare Butterflies to the Ponds. From Jacaranda you can pluck nine Flowers a day.

How to cook jacaranda nectar? Nectar Jacaranda recipe: mix 3 pcs. Jacaranda flower and 1 bottle.

Tropical pond. Dr. Jansson admitted that he planted the Blue Indigo on Flower Nectar Island. The scientist wanted to lure and explore Jacquardin, but did not foresee the detrimental effect of the new plant on the island’s natural balance. Ira is ready to forgive Yorick if he helps the Kinoa tribe harvest the Mango. Dr. Jansson decides to sacrifice pride and restore his reputation. And you as a reward for saving the rare species of Butterflies get a Tropical pond - now Butterflies can be caught right on your home island!

Shining Lotus Island

Available from level 15 after completing a quest on the Island of Fire Star, dig up the first meteor fragment. Supplies: 40 units. Tasks:

Characters: Yorick Jansson, Doctor of Astrophysics and Thane, Kinoa Shaman. Opponents: Spirits of Wild Pavians (Endurance - 52; Artifact - Knotted Club).

Treasures of the island: 10 Bronze Energy Chests (30 Energy each). Reward:

Walkthrough Yorick Jansson needs your help finding the source of the anomaly on the Island of the Shining Lotus. Take him on a trip to the island and find an explanation for the change in the standard trajectory of the meteorite! The island is divided into five separate islands connected by bridges.

Unfortunately, the bridges are dilapidated and need to be repaired before you can move between the islands. To repair one bridge, you will need 6 ropes and 30 boards. After repairing the first bridge, the central part of the island with the locked Lotus Gate will open for you, which can be opened by switching the Ancient Lever, located nearby.

Spirits of Wild Baboons. On the island, you will encounter the hostile Spirits of the Wild Baboons that block your path. Some Baboons can be circumvented, but battles with two of them cannot be avoided. Stamina of Baboons: 52. Artifact against them: Knotted club. There are two ways to get Cudgels:

  1. Buy at the Store for Florins (New tab - Sets). You can make a purchase no more than once every five days. Available from level 20.
  2. Buy for Diamonds before the start of the battle.

For the victory over each Baboons you will receive a valuable reward:

Having defeated the first Baboon in the battle, you will also complete the mission "Fight of the Three Elements" and get a reward:

Sarcophagi of Ancient Knowledge and Broken Lotus Petals. After opening the Lotus Gate, you will find the shone Lotus Shattered artifact. Find on the island six Broken Lotus Petals and six Sarcophagi of Ancient Knowledge that contain the Tablets with ancient writings - thanks to them, Dr. Jansson will be able to repair the Petals in the Workshop located near the Pier. To get the Lotus petal, take the broken Lotus petal and the Lotus tablet. Wait 1 day and 12 hours.

Once all six Petals are ready, you can restore the Shining Lotus and pick it up on your home island! Click on the restored artifact to place it in your Warehouse in the Miscellaneous section. Put it on your home island and it will save Energy, which you can use!

Plant kingdom island

Available from level 16. Supplies: 5 units. Tasks:. Tasks:

Characters: Ira, the Quinoa Herbalist. Opponents: Sprouts of sundew (Endurance - 42; Artifact - Harpoon).

Ira’s dream. Ira’s herbalist has a dream for people around the world to live in harmony with the flora of the Earth, surrounded by lush vegetation. For quite some time now, she has been thinking about how to help the rainforests of the planet. The answer, it would seem, is obvious - you need to plant more bushes and trees. But seedlings grow very long. To implement what Ira conceived, you will need extremely fertile land ... incredibly fertile.

It is very likely that there is such land on Plant Kingdom Island. Go to the island to help her. The soil on this island is just what Ira needs for the realization of her dream. Here the plants will sprout and grow very quickly. Almost instantly. However, for starters, we will need to weed the weeds and defeat the Malicious Sundew.

The predatory Rosyanka will no longer bother us, but serious work requires serious preparation. While Ira will equip the Botanical Garden, build a Botanical Cabin to store equipment. Construction Steps of the Botany Hut:

Once the Botanica Cabin is built, it will show your achievements in the study of plants, which are tracked using the Botanic Stripes. Click on the Hut to see your Patches.

Now that all the necessary preparations have been completed, you need to stock up on Tropical seeds. You can get them by cutting down trees, bushes and palm trees on trips, including on the Island of Plant Kingdom. Seeds fall out randomly.

Since the soil on the Island of Plant Kingdom is unusually fertile, the plants that you cut down on this Island will grow again after a while. You can chop them again to collect Tropical seeds.

The cultivation of plants. It’s time to start Botany! Ira has equipped 3 Tables of a botanist to cultivate Seedlings of Seeds. They differ in the size of the pots, and accordingly the size of the plants that can be grown with their help.

The table on the right is intended for growing hardy and easy-to-care Bushes, the one on the left for growing Slender trees and Palms, the central one for growing extremely whimsical Great Trees. Click on the right Table to start growing your first plant - a simple and unpretentious bush.

By growing plants, you will increase your Botany Level. For achieving each level, rewards are given, such as Diamonds, Energy and Fertilizers for plants. Upon reaching the 7th, 13th and 20th level, you will gain access to the new Botanical Tables. In addition, the higher your level, the more Tropical seeds you will find on travel.

Unique plants. In addition to plants grown using tropical seeds, there are also Unique plants that can only be grown from Cherenka. There is one such plant on the Island of Plant Kingdom - African tulip blooms next to the Botany Hut, and your task is to try to get its Cuttings.

After receiving the Cuttings, you can try to grow it into an adult plant on the Botanical Table to pick it up on your home Island or give it to Ira, but keep in mind - unique plants require vigilant attention and constant care! You will find other unique plants on your travels. The islands on which they grow are marked with a special icon:

Having found such a plant, you can try to get the Cuttings in one of three ways:

  1. Tearing the Stalk - cost: 10 Energy; chance of success: low;
  2. Break the Shank - available after reaching the 5th level of the Botany; Cost: 50 Stamina; chance of success: medium;
  3. Cut the stalk - cost: Secateurs; chance of success: high.

You have only one attempt to get the Cuttings, as subsequent attempts can damage the plant.

Fruit groves and beds. There are also groves of fruit trees on the Plant Kingdom Island - Mango Grove, Papaya Grove and Lemon Grove. Plant in them seedlings of fruit trees, and they will bring a plentiful harvest.

After planting, the groves will regularly produce crops if you water them. Wheat is also growing on the Island, which you can collect, but you do not need to water it. In addition, do not forget to drop by Ira for a gift.

Pirate Bay Island

Available from level 17. Supplies: 40 units. Tasks:

Characters: Maria-Louise de Silva, nicknamed Tiger Shark, hereditary pirate, captain of the galleon Pajaro Sol.


Treasures of the island:


Walkthrough The fort of the clan of the hereditary pirate Maria Louise was captured by an unknown enemy who raised his eerie flag above the citadel, and superstitious pirates, shackled by fear, do not dare to challenge the enemy. Go along with Maria Louise to the island of Pirate Bay and help her regain her possessions. The stone bridge over the moat defending the fort is divorced in an attempt to stop the enemy.

Find in the watchtower not far from Pier Cruciuc, hidden by the great-great-grandfather of Mary-Louise - with them you can activate the bridge mechanism and reduce it to get to the fortress. But be careful - the Cursed Crab guards the entrance to the tower. The outer gates of the fort are bolted, and they cannot be knocked out with a cannon shot. Fortunately, there is a Cannon on the island - find it and, having cleared the blockage in front of the fort, move the Cannon to the gate.

To move the gun you need 30 units. energy and 20 units. stamina. The gun itself will not fire - it will require ammunition. Typically, pirates do not leave them outside the fort, but Ernesto de Silva prudently hid the ingredients for making Gunpowder in Pirate Caches around the island. The core can be found in the wall near the Outer Gate. To make gunpowder you will need:

Having knocked out the Gate, you will find that the fort was captured by the Cursed Crabs. To free the cloister of pirates, you need to get to her heart - a room with a Flagpole. The entrance to it is blocked by the Inner gates, which will have to be knocked out in the same way as the Outer. Ingredients for making Gunpowder are in Caches inside the fort, and the Core rolled under a pile of debris. Beyond the Inner Gate, the Leader of the Cursed Crabs awaits you. Defeat him in battle, lower the enemy flag and raise the Flag of the Tiger Shark above the fort.

Damned crab. Stamina: 60. Artifact: Harpoon. Harpoons can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Buy at the Store for Florins (New> Sets);
  2. Buy before the battle for Diamonds.

Victory Reward:

The leader of the damned crabs. Stamina: 85. Artifact: Harpoon. Harpoons can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Buy at the Store for Florins (New> Sets);
  2. Buy before the battle for Diamonds.

Victory Reward:

Repairing gates, walls and towers. Crabs were repulsed, but the fort was badly damaged. Maria Louise is not stingy with the reward if you help restore the citadel. First of all, you need to remove the Cannon from the aisle and fix the Gate. To repair the gate you will need 15 ropes, 10 trellises and 30 boards. Repairing the walls and towers will be more difficult - they withstood many attacks and collapsed noticeably.

Flagpole and Tiger Shark Flag. Marie-Louise wonders who is behind the attack on her clan, but the first battle is already behind her and the fort has been won! In gratitude for the help, the pirate will give you the Flagstaff, and if you restore the fort, you can raise the Flag of the Tiger Shark on Flagstaff.

Treacherous Reef Island

Available from level 18. Supplies: 60. Quests:




Walkthrough Marie-Louise de Silva, a hereditary pirate and captain of the galleon Pajaro Sol, has been plowing the waters of the archipelago for many years in search of her clan, which disappeared under mysterious circumstances. And finally, there was a clue - not far from your island was Dumb Mollusk, a high-speed vessel of captain Salvador Escudo, the godfather of Maria Louise. Hurry to the island of Insidious reefs to shed light on the fate of the pirate clan!

Arriving on the island, you will find that neither the ship nor its captain can be seen, but Bartolomeo is locked in a box not far from the pier, the beloved pet of Salvador Escudo, whom the captain hid to protect him from danger - an irrefutable proof that the captain was on the island. Release the monkey and dig out the treasure in the place that Bartolomeo marks with a cross.

The captain’s tricot will be in the chest, with which he would never part with his free will. It is obvious that Salvador Escudo died on the island the death of the brave and his spirit is not calm - the pirate must rest in the ocean in full uniform. Bartolomeo knows where the personal belongings of the captain and his team are buried, but he will not lead to them just like that. Bribe the monkey with the Florins and dig out the treasures where the captain’s pet indicates.

If the search for the red mark has caused difficulty for you, bring the island as close as possible, open the Pirate’s Outfit task window and click on the Help button - the camera focus will move to the place Bartolomeo noted.

Not every chest found will contain Captain Escudo’s items; you will find other pirate uniforms that you will need later. In addition to one pirate item, in each treasure there are also 25 Diamonds and 30 Energies. After all the things of Captain Escudo are found, seal them together with a cargo (30 stones each) and jewelry (2 Amethyst florins) in six Salty barrels that are in an abandoned fort on the island, and flood the Barrels in the Whirlpool.

The Barrel Path is blocked by five Cursed Crabs. One of them can be circumvented, but battles with the rest cannot be avoided. Once the Barrels are flooded in the Whirlpool, you will meet the ghost of Captain Escudo himself. It turns out that he fell in a battle with evil spirits along with his team, which is chained to the island with a curse - you can remove it by defeating all the ghosts of the sailors in battle.

Damned crab. Stamina: 60. Artifact: Harpoon. Victory Reward:

Damned sailor. Stamina: 64. Artifact: Knotty club. Victory Reward:

When the whole team is released, click on the galleon to send him sailing through the ghostly seas.

Captain Escudo’s Chest. The gift of Maria Louise for your help - the captain Escudo’s chest - you will find in the Home Island Warehouse in the Miscellaneous section. Put a Pirate doubloon in your chest and it will fulfill one of your wishes, which can be Diamonds, Energy, Gold coins, Florins, fishing Bait, Accelerators, a Contract for 3 or 10 trips to the Galleon, as well as a decoration for the home island - Kraken Anchor. You can get pirated doubloons by flooding pirate items found on the island of Insidious Reef in the Whirlpool - Bartolomeo will mark places with treasures even after you complete all the tasks on the island.

Marvelous Oasis Island

Available from level 19. Supplies: 50 units. Tasks:




Walkthrough Tallulah brought the sad news: The wondrous Oasis, which flourished for decades, suddenly began to fade. The girl does not believe that life can be returned to the Oasis, but you convince her to try it. The lake, the heart of the Oasis, has become shallow, but the sand in it has retained moisture - it seems that the body of water is fed by groundwater. Remove excess sand and clear the path to water. To remove excess sand will need 50 units. energy and 50 units. stamina.

The appearance of water in the Lake did not bring dry Palms back to life, so new ones will have to be planted instead. Fortunately, in the depths of the island there were flowering trees that could give enough Seeds. Planting seedlings is half the battle. To provide them with water, you need to build a Ladder, climb a mountain and find a Waterfall. Construction of a wooden staircase:

The waterfall was stoned, but the merchant Suleiman, a regular at the Brave Oasis, has an Explosive recipe from Master Juanin, whom he is ready to share. To create the Explosives you will need the Clock gears and Tin cans that can be found in the Dunes, sifting enough sand. To sift sand you need 10 units. energy, archaeological sieve and 20 units. stamina. The last ingredient - Gunpowder - Suleiman will gladly sell for 20 Beryl scarabs, which are hidden in many in the Dunes. Explosive Recipe:

The blockage is removed, and the Waterfall nourishes the Lake again, but this will not help the dried fruit trees. Collect Mango and Papaya in the jungle and get Fruit Bones from which you can grow new Trees. But beware, Angry Jaguars are found in these places! The area around the Lake is blooming, but there seems to be insufficient water. Suleiman suggested that there is a second Waterfall on the island, and, surprisingly, he was right.

The pond is also littered and five Explosives will be needed to clear the rubble. Seeing how the Oasis blossomed, Suleiman realized his mistake and admitted that it was his fault that overwhelmed the Waterfalls. The last of them is on the top of the mountain, and to get to it, you will need to build another Wooden staircase, defeat the Black Panther and make seven Explosives.

Furious Jaguar. Stamina: 62. Artifact: Knotty club. Clubs can be obtained in two ways:

Victory Reward:

Black Panther. Stamina: 86. Artifact: Knotty club. Clubs can be obtained in two ways:

Victory Reward:

Natural grotto. The restoration of the last Waterfall finally returned the Oasis to its former splendor, and Suleiman realized that nature should be respected. You also received a piece of the Oasis, the Natural Grotto, the waters of which fill Stamina. But this is not the end of the adventure! On the Island of the Wondrous Oasis, you can continue to catch Fish, Butterflies and blow up the Rocks in search of treasures.

Guiding Light Island

Available from level 19 after completing the Princess Kinoa quest. Supplies: 80 units. Tasks:

Characters: Kiri, Quinoa Hunter. Treasures of the island:


Walkthrough Princess Kiri needs your help. There was a terrible storm on the shores of Guiding Light Island, and lover Kiri Matiu disappeared. He can only find his way home with the help of the Lighthouse, but the Lighthouse is destroyed. Go to the island, restore the Lighthouse and light the lamps so that Matiu can find his way home and return to Kiri. In order for the Lighthouse to burn long and bright, you will need Lamp oil, which can be made from Sequoia resin.

The storm tumbled down many trees, but several Sequoias had to survive. You need to find them. Make your way through the jungle, clearing your way. If you’re lost and don’t know which way to go, you can simplify your task by looking at the map of the island on which the location of each tree is indicated. Once you get to Sequoia, you have to fix the gutter to collect the resin. Materials for the repair of one gutter: 30 boards, 6 buckets, 12 stairs.

After repairing the gutter, the Sequoia will begin to release tar. To collect it, you need to wait 24 hours, or you can use 50 Elixirs of acceleration to get the resin right away. With each sequoia, you can collect resin only once. As soon as you receive the resin, you can safely go to the Workshop to make Tube Oil. The workshop is located near the pier.

Making Lamp Oil and building the Lighthouse. Materials for the manufacture of Lamp oil: resin - 1 pc. and 1 bottle. Wait 24 hours. You will need lamp oil in order to light the lamps. But first you still need to fix the lighthouse. After you fix the Lighthouse, Kiri will thank you and give you the last uncomplicated task, for the implementation of which you will receive an award - Guiding Light. If you want it to decorate your home island, just put it from the warehouse.

Earth Rainbow Island

Available: from level 22. Supplies: 70 units. Tasks:



Treasures of the island:


Walkthrough Matt Hardy, the most fearless treasure hunter in the world, has arrived on our archipelago in search of a unique exhibit - the Rainbow Unicorn. Whoever you like, an experienced islander who knows these places along and across, to keep him company on an exciting journey!

The path deep into the islands of the Earth Rainbow is blocked by the Massive Gates. The first thing you need to do is find the Lever that unlocks the gate. Outside the gate you will find a statue of the Rainbow Unicorn chained to the place with brackets, as well as an ancient mechanism - the Optical Castle, surrounded by seven pedestals with colored rays.

Having solved the mystery of the Puzzle Castle, you can open the braces holding the Rainbow Unicorn and pick up the statue. In the Sarcophagus, next to the Optical Castle, you will find a Prism matching the shape and size of the pedestal nests. Place the Prism in any of the Pedestals to open the door with a crystal of the same color as the color of the Pedestal beam. You will also receive a seven-color lamp as a reward, which will glow in the same color as the pedestal.

Explore the island behind colored crystal doors. Behind each of them there is a Sarcophagus with Prism, to which you can open the next door. The colors of the Pedestals in which you place the Prisms will be added to the available colors of your Seven-color lamp - place it on your home island and click on the Lamp to select one of the available colors.

In the last Sarcophagus is the Medallion of seven colors - the key to the second gate, behind which the Bloodthirsty Dewdrop guards the central Hexagonal Prism. Place it in the central slot of the Optical Castle to open the staples holding the Rainbow Unicorn - now it is yours! Click on the Unicorn to pick it up on a home island. You will find it in the Warehouse in the Decor section. Place the statue on the home island and click on it to select the Rainbow Wings for the unicorn.

Dewdrops. The maze of the Earth’s Rainbow Island is full of dangers, including opponents blocking the path to the Sarcophagi.

Malicious Rosyanka. Stamina: 56. Artifact: Harpoon. Victory Reward:

For the victory over the first Rosyanka (for completing the mission "Carnivorous Plants") you will also receive:

Bloodthirsty Dewdrop. Stamina: 80. Artifact: Harpoon. Victory Reward:

Harpoons can be obtained with some chance by opening the Golden Casket, in addition, they can be purchased for Diamonds before the start of the battle.

Traps. Rosyanka is not the only obstacle that you have to face on the island. Your path in the maze will also be blocked by four Traps, which can be turned off by Levers hidden in the fog.

Oracle Island

Available from level 24 after the completion of the Lighthouse on Guiding Light Island. Supplies: 80 units. Tasks:



Treasures of the island:


Medallion of the heavenly sphere. Matiu, the beloved of Princess Kiri, went to the Oracle Island to unravel the mystery of the Brotherhood of the Monkeys, but never returned. The princess can not cope with the search for the missing youth alone, because the island is full of dangers. Embark on a journey with Kiri to save Matiu and get closer to unraveling the secrets of the ancient order.

Arriving on the island, you will find an empty parking lot Matiu - it seems he went deep into the jungle. You will have to look for a young man yourself: Kiri is forced to return to her native island and meet with the leader of the Akhi tribe. They want to marry her against her will! Having plunged into the jungle, you will find out that Matiu is trapped. To rescue the young man, you will need Ropes and Ladders. Resources for releasing Matiu from the trap: 20 ropes and 10 ladders.

Search for fragments of the Medallion of the heavenly sphere. Having got out of the pit, Matiu will tell you why he went to the island: he will not get the location of Father Kiri if he does not solve the mystery of the Brotherhood. You volunteer to help, and the first step towards the solution is to search for fragments of the Medallion of the heavenly sphere. When assembled together, it activates the mechanism of the bridge leading inland. Fragments of the Medallion of the Celestial Orb:

When you fish in the Forest Pond, with some chance (the better the bait, the higher it is) a Fragment of the central star may fall onto the hook. It is not easy to catch it, and you may need a significant number of attempts before luck smiles at you. Matiu will fix the Medallion of the heavenly sphere ... but not on an empty stomach. Cook the Roast, click on the Matio Parking Lot and begin the Medallion recovery.

The spirit of the Wild Baboon. Stamina of the Spirit of the Wild Baboon: 54. Artifact against the Wild Baboon: Knotted clubs. There are two ways to get Knotted Cudgels:

Reward for defeating the Wild Baboon Spirit:

Leader of the Wild Baboons. Endurance of the Leader of the Wild Baboons: 80. Artifact against the Leader of the Wild Baboons: Knotted clubs. There are two ways to get Knotted Cudgels:

  1. Buy at the Store for Florins (New> Sets);
  2. Buy before the battle for Diamonds.

Reward for defeating the Wild Baboons Leader:

Oracle Pool and Lunar Catfish. The medallion opened the way to the other side of the island where the Oracle Pool is located. In his waters, visionaries appeared to the seers of the past, but now he is dry and has lost magical power. Matiu is sure that the secret of the Brotherhood is connected with the Basin, but the ancient structure will not open it until it is filled with water. Five Springs are connected to the Basin, which are to be found and repaired with the help of Planks, Ropes and Water wheels. To repair Ancient springs you need: a water wheel - 1 pc., Boards - 40 pcs., A rope - 10 pcs.

Creating Water Wheels is the most difficult, but if you find all the Gears hidden in the Caches on the island, Matiu will craft the right amount of gear. To create a Water Wheel, you need 1 brass gear and 2 roasts. When all five Ancient Springs are restored, crystal clear water will replenish the Oracle Pool. In its depths flashes the silhouette of the ancient and wise Lunar Catfish. Matiu honors spirits, but time is running out - Kiri can at any time be married to the leader of the Akhi tribe. We’ll have to take a risk: catch Lunar catfish with a fishing rod!

And now the ancient spirit was in your hands! But Som is dissatisfied, and also does not speak the human language. Return to your home island and talk with the shaman Thein - he will help appease the Moon Catfish by releasing the spirit in a clean pond on his island.

Idol of the celestial sphere. Before leaving the island, you can perform an additional task and get a unique decoration as a reward - Idol of the celestial sphere. When you open the way to the other side of the island, Matiu will notice that the Pool does not have one statue - it seems that it was stolen by the spirit that lives in the depths of the jungle. Having paved the way through the thickets, you will find the Marble Bridge, behind which the Spirit of the heavenly sphere is hidden. Restoring the bridge and defeating the spirit in the battle, you will receive an Idol as a reward. For the Marble Bridge you need: 30 ropes, 2 tiles of White Marble, 50 boards.

The spirit of the heavenly sphere. Endurance of the Spirit of the heavenly sphere: 90. Artifact against the Spirit of the heavenly sphere: Knotted clubs. There are two ways to get Knotted Cudgels:

The reward for the victory over the Spirit of the Celestial sphere:

The release of the princess. There is no time to wait for the favor of the Moon Catfish - you have to rescue Kiri from the palace otherwise. Matiu will offer to distract the guards by feeding them to the dump, because, as you know, hearty food contributes to sound sleep. Food for the Guard:

The guards ate and dozed off, and in the meantime, Matiu plans to get into the princess’s chambers and escape through the window with her. But the young man lacks equipment and coins to bribe the waking guard. Equipment for Matiu:

Ancient spring. With your help, Matiu rescued the princess from captivity and took her away from the warring tribes. But you weren’t left empty-handed either: the decorative Spring brought from the Oracle Island became a new decoration of your possessions.

First Agreement Island

Supplies: 80 units. Available after:




The audience with the leader. Rachel, a beauty expert and designer, reports unexpected news - she breaks up with her husband and moves to live on your island! That’s just the place to build her modest mansion on the island is not enough, and Rachel volunteers to help you take possession of the last quarter of the island. You cannot arbitrarily assign land - you need to talk with the leader of the Kinoa tribe to learn how to become the master of the entire island. Invite the leader’s secretary to dinner and give him a present so that the leader has time to meet with you.

The leader will inform you that only the great Spirit of the Pacific Ocean, the creator and owner of the Taong archipelago, can allow an islander to single-handedly own an entire island if he proves that he is worthy of such an honor. Go to the Island of the first agreement to invoke the great Spirit and try your luck.

Totem to the Spirit of the Pacific. To invoke spirits, the Kinoa tribe uses totems - special carved statues. The stronger the spirit, the more a totem is needed to attract his attention. The spirit of the Pacific Ocean, no less, created the Taong archipelago. Imagine which totem you have to carve out to honor such a powerful creature! Arriving on the island, you first need to find the giant Kauri Tree, which is the best suited for creating a large totem.

The bark of these ancient trees is very strong, so an ordinary ax will not take it. You will need a Damascus Ax, which Torvald the blacksmith agrees to forge if you build a Forge for him. Stages of the construction of the Forge:

Iron deposits are scattered throughout the island, for their development you will need Stamina and some resources:

Ax and Workshop. After the construction of the Forge, Torvald will be ready to forge the Ax from Damascus steel. For it you will need: iron ore - 60 pcs., Boards - 18 pcs., Firewood - 36 pcs. The ax turned out to be very sharp, therefore, in order not to cut yourself, it is better to entrust the tool to a professional - Lumberjack Enrique. He will gladly tumble the Kauri Tree, but for this he needs a Workshop. Materials for the construction of the Workshop: rope - 28 pcs., Dried jute - 36 pcs., Boards - 36 pcs.

Installation and handling Cowry logs. Assign Enrique to cut down the nearest Tree, and when he finishes, Chief Ao will hand you the Diamond Tools of the First Quinoa Carver. With their help, a huge dragon statue is to be cut out of valuable wood - this is what the Spirit of the Pacific Ocean looks like. However, the kauri log that Enrique prepared is too large to handle in the middle of the jungle. To do this, you will have to find the Workshop of the First Carver and install the Log on the platform. Installation:

You carved a magnificent Dragon Head from a Log, and it seems that the Spirit of the Pacific Ocean was pleased. A column magically rose from the well, on which later the first part of the Totem could be installed. However, for complete readiness, the Head still needs to be decorated with precious Scales. Rachel agreed to share the jewelry in exchange for a luxurious photo shoot.

Rachel Photoshoot:

After receiving the Scales from Rachel, decorate the Dragon Head and place it on the column in the well. As a sign of approval, the creator of the Taong archipelago will give you the Pacific Medallion, which opens the gates to another part of the island.

Diamond tools. The remaining four parts of the Totem are created in exactly the same way as the Dragon Head, but Diamond tools and Scales are mined differently. One of the Toolboxes is located in the First Hunter’s Hut, which must be repaired to find valuable tools. Stages of fixing the hut:

The First Huts also have Diamond Tools, but in order to reach them, you will have to restore the house.

Hut Repair Stages:

Tallul will help in finding the third set: she knows how to talk with birds and asks her feathered friends if they have come across Diamond tools. You just have to fix the Well of fresh water so that birds flock to it.

Well recovery steps:

Brad, Rachel’s husband, can get the last set of Tools, but the girl doesn’t want to talk to him. We’ll have to help the couple reconcile: fully load 17 Ships on your home island and pick up as many Rose Bouquets from Brad from them.

Rachel is ready to give Brad a second chance. Wait for the arrival of the home island of the pink Brad Ship on the Pier, fill it in and pick up the Diamond tools.

Flakes. Small spirits own innumerable riches, among which are precious Scales. But spirits will not begin to share treasures until you prove that you are worthy of them after going through many trials - they perform various tasks on the home island. To begin the Trial, find in the depths of the Island of the First Agreement the Providence Drum and rotate it for Florins. The more valuable the Florins spent (emerald - sapphire - amethyst), the more likely it is to receive a lot of Scales as a reward.

The Gates to the Drum are unlocked with the Small Spirits Key, which you will receive when you carve the second part of the Totem.

The Rotation of Providence Drum:

Dragon of the ocean. When all five parts of the Totem are brought together, the Spirit of the Pacific Ocean will appear - but he will not trust you the whole island so simply. Defeat the mighty Dragon in battle and prove that you are worthy of this honor.

Endurance of the Spirit of the Pacific: 110. Artifact against the Spirit of the Pacific: Knotted clubs. There are two ways to get Knotted Blunts:

Get Combine x3 in the battle with the Dragon, and then use 3 artifacts in a row - the total damage in most cases will ensure your victory.

The pearl of the promise. After defeating the Dragon, you will receive the Pearl of Promise, which will restore the Bridge of Unity and expand your possessions. Now you are the full owner of the entire home island!

Olive grove island

Supplies: 50 units. Available after reaching level 28 and completing the quest The Raphael Ship. Tasks:


Stranger on the beach. A night typhoon threw a stranger onto the shore of your island. Fortunately, he is alive, but lost consciousness. Following Ira’s advice, prepare Healing Ointment and Lemon Extract to heal the wounds of the young man and bring him to life.

The stranger woke up, but he needs to be fed and dressed. Sew Clothes and make Chocolate Cake for an unexpected guest.

It turns out that the young man does not remember anything except his name - his name is Rafael. He sailed on a ship, which means that someone could stay on the ship to help restore memory. Marie-Louise will try to find out what happened to the ship. A hearty dinner will talk to the sailors, and they will talk about the ships caught in the storm.

Marie-Louise reports that Raphael’s ship, the Gorgon Medusa, crashed on the Island of the Olive Grove. Go there to help a stranger remember his past.

Search for a calling. The coast of the island is strewn with fragments of "Medusa". Try to find Raphael’s things in them. Click on the wreckage to play a search mini-game. The rules of the mini-game can be read here. In the wreckage, we managed to find the Grinding Bar - a potter’s tool. Maybe Raphael was a potter? Find a picturesque place on the island and build a Pottery workshop to find out the answer. You will need: a clay lamp - 50 pcs., Boards - 120 pcs., A bottle - 40 pcs.

To get down to business, Raphael needs Red Clay. Find the deposits of this resource in the depths of the island, unearth them completely and give them to Raphael. Attention! In the assignment for a Clay unit, the entire dug out piece of Clay is taken into account. The young man made a clay amphora for you. Labor gradually refreshes Raphael’s memory, and he realizes that after all he is not a potter. Inspect the wreckage on the other side to find any clues about the young man’s profession.

Found Chisel suggests that perhaps Raphael was a woodcarver. Convert Pottery Workshop to Wood Carving Workshop. You will need: rope ladder - 55 pcs., Boards - 200 pcs., Bucket - 45 pcs. Now Raphael will need Cypress Wood. These trees can be found in the northern part of the island. This time you will receive a cypress lira.

Wood carving is also not Rafael’s true calling, but he managed to remember that at the age of 15 he was completely alone - without a house and without a family. Keep searching the wreckage and find the Hammer and Chisel. These tools remind Raphael of working on the stone. Equip the workshop with stone carving tools! You will need: cotton fabric - 35 pcs., Stone block - 30 pcs., Boards - 240 pcs.

Mason Manu advises Raphael to work with Granite. Get this material on the island and give it to the master. As a reward you will receive the Granite Dolphin, and also learn even more about the past of Raphael. But nothing else fails, and Rafael falls into despair. Return to your home island and prepare Lemon tartlets to cheer him up.

Returning to the Island of the Olive Grove, you find that the upset Raphael defeated the Workshop, tore his clothes on himself and almost rushed off a cliff into the sea. Will have to go back and sew another set. To cheer up such an artistic nature, you need a source of inspiration. Tallulah says that the island has a secret corner of unprecedented beauty. Take Raphael there to drive away his longing.

Seeing the marble jewelry, Raphael is eager to work with this material. Find the last instrument in the wreckage and hand it over to the sculptor along with the necessary materials. Materials and desserts for Raphael:

The Statue of Marble Odyssey speaks for itself - Raphael is definitely a master at work with marble. With this statue you can decorate your island. The young man recalls how he ended up on a wrecked ship - he was kidnapped by bandits! Find the gang identification mark in the wreckage. Finding out who abducted him, Raphael decides to stay on the archipelago. Help him restore the workshop. The stages of the construction of the Workshop for working with Marble: Stage 1. Stained-glass window - 20 pcs., White marble slab - 50 pcs., Boards - 300 pcs.

Master of work with marble. Now you can order Raphael jewelry from White marble by clicking on his Workshop. Raise the level of friendship with the sculptor to gain access to more elegant decorations, including the Marble Villa - a unique look for your Bungalow. To start, build a home for Raphael.

Stages of the Villa:

After the construction of the Villa, Rafael will entrust you with missions for the fulfillment of which you can get valuable resources and Friendship Points. Click on the Villa and select the difficulty - the higher it is, the greater the reward. To complete the mission, you will need to go to a temporary island - it will open in the menu of your Boat and will be available for a limited period of time.

Please note that these islands are available either until you run out of time or until the mission is completed. After that, it will not work to return to the island.

If you help Raphael clear a place around the Workshop, he will set up a garden in this area. By building Marble Ornaments in this garden, you can earn even more Friendship Points.

Taonga Tropical Farm: All Construction Phases

Workbench of a fisherman. Cost - 20,000 Coins. Construction in 1 stage: boards - 40, palm leaves - 80, mat - 45. Result: 200 experience.

Potter. The cost is 10,000 coins. Building:

Stonemason. The cost is 200,000 coins. Building:

Quarry. Cost - 4,000 coins. Building:

The quarry can be improved to expedite the work of the masons:

Well of Freshwater. Building:

Confectionery. The cost is 60,000 coins. Building:

Beautician. The cost is 140,000 coins. Building:

Torvald Forge. Building:

Lumberjack. Construction in 1 stage: cleaver - 10, palm leaves - 15, planer - 6. Result: 40 experiments. The lumberjack workshop can be improved to speed up its work:

Lumberjack (Island of the First Agreement). Construction in 1 stage: rope - 28, dried jute - 36, boards - 36. Result: 500 experience.

Lighthouse. Building:

Bridge over river. Building:

Observatory. Observatory - Level 7. Construction:

Hunter. The cost is 15,000 coins. Building:

First Hut (First Accord Island). Building:

BBQ oven. Cost - 90,000 Coins. Construction in 1 stage: firewood - 50, boards - 60, stone - 250. Result: 500 experience.

Yacht pier. Construction in 1 stage: rope - 20, boards - 50, palm leaves - 120. Result: 400 experience.

Press. The cost is 9,000 coins. Building:

The whiter. The cost is 6,000 coins. Construction in 1 stage: dried jute - 5, boards - 20, bamboo - 40. Result: 10 experiments.

Glassblower. The cost is 40,000 coins. Building:

Joiner. Cost - 400 coins. Construction in 1 stage: stone - 6, wood - 10, bamboo - 5. Result: 30 experiments.

The dryer. Cost - 2000 coins. Construction in 1 stage: trellis - 3, palm leaves - 16, bamboo - 10. Result: 50 experiments.

Cheese factory. The cost is 12,000 coins. Building:

Weaving. Cost - 75,000 coins. Building:

Tropical bar. The cost is 25,000 coins. Building:

Mysterious Temple. Building:

The Tent of the First Hunter. Building:

Entomologist. The cost is 35,000 coins. Building:

The construction of the Butterfly Palace and the extraction of materials

Butterfly Palace. The construction of the Palace will require many resources that the islanders had not met before. The names of such items in the table are indicated in blue. Click on the name of such an item to find out how to get it. Sometimes, to complete the next stage of construction, it is necessary not only to collect resources, but also to complete the task. In this case, you will see the task icon in the "Stage" column. Click on the icon for details. Building:

Red lamp. Need to:

A tungsten thread is a reward for completing the Bathyscaphe Petrovich, who from time to time will sail to the Pier instead of the Yacht until you get enough Threads. Keep in mind: Petrovich is a mysterious man, so it’s difficult to guess when he will visit. Sometimes the Bathyscaphe comes up often, and sometimes not very. Get ready for it!

Thermometer. Need to:

Kinovari crystals are found in Stone deposits on any island, but not in every. The more deposits: the higher the chance to get Cinnabar by developing them. But still luck is luck: sometimes crystals come across often, and sometimes quite the opposite.

Rubber hose. Need to:

Rubber is found in the thickets of Bamboo on any island - but not always. The larger the Bamboo, the higher the chance of getting Rubber by cutting down a plant. Yet luck is luck: sometimes rubber is common, and sometimes quite the opposite.

Flower fertilizer. Need to:

Feed Chickens and collect Eggs: and with them, animals will sometimes leave Bird presents. Sugar clover can be found in Bushes on any island, but not in every. The more Bushes, the higher the chance of getting Clover by cutting them down. But still, luck is luck: sometimes a valuable plant comes across often, and sometimes quite the opposite.

Repellent. Need to:

Odorous sulfur is a reward for filling Batiskaf Petrovich. Cinnamon is much simpler - the most honest merchant Suleiman is happy to sell spices at a bargain price. Oregano and Rosemary can be found in Bushes on any island, but not in every. The more Bushes, the higher the chance of getting them. But still, luck is luck: sometimes plants come across often: and sometimes quite the opposite.

Birdhouse. Need to:

Strong wood comes across when cutting Deciduous trees on any island - but not always. The Bigger the Tree: The higher the chance of getting Wood. But luck is luck: sometimes material comes across often, and sometimes quite the opposite.

Silver mosaic. Are needed:

Sunken rings can be hooked when fishing, but not always. The better the Lure: the higher the chance to catch the Ring. But still, luck is luck: sometimes jewelry comes across often, and sometimes quite the opposite.

Pearl house. Need to:

Moonstones are contained in Quartz deposits on any island, but not in everyone. The larger the deposits, the higher the chance to get the Moonstone by developing them. But luck is luck: sometimes Stones come across often, and sometimes quite the opposite. Mother of pearl can be found in absolutely every Shell on the shore of the Home Island, while the Butterfly Palace is at the ninth stage of construction.

Music Box. Need to:

To get the Music Box, you need to give Yorick Jansson the Bouquet of White Roses that Suleiman will give for completing the assignment "Wild Beekeepers".

Taonga Tropical Farm: Friends and Neighbors

Friends. Friends are the islanders with whom you are friends on a social network. You can:

Neighbors. Neighbors are the islanders who have accepted your proposal for the Neighborhood (or vice versa). Neighbors can be both your friends on the social network and other islanders. You can:

You can have no more than 50 Neighbors. This limit increases with increasing VIP level (starting from the fourth). You can click on the appropriate buttons on the bottom panel to open the list of Friends or Neighbors.

How to become neighbors with a friend? To invite a Friend from a social network to Neighbors, open the Friends tab on the bottom game panel and find in the list the player to whom you want to send an invitation. You can quickly find a Friend by typing his name in the search bar above the "Neighbors" tab. Hover over the Friend’s avatar and click on the "In Neighbors" button that appears to send an invitation.

The invited Friend will move to the "Neighbors" tab, and his plate will turn golden in color until he accepts the invitation.

Become neighbors with a stranger? To invite a player with whom you are not friends on a social network to Neighbors, you need his Neighborhood Key. After recognizing it, click on the "+ Neighbors" button on the bottom game panel and open the "Search for neighbors" tab. Enter the Key in the line in the lower left corner and click on the magnifying glass icon. The avatar and player name will appear on the right. Click on the "Invite" button to send an invitation.

Your Neighborhood Key is listed at the top of this window. In it, you can invite players in the Neighbors who are close to you in level. You can have no more than 50 Neighbors. This limit increases with increasing VIP level (starting from the fourth).

How to part with a neighbor? To part with a Neighbor, find him on the bottom panel and hover over his photo. A cross appears in the upper right corner of the plate. Click on it to remove the islander from the Neighbors list.

You can part with a player no earlier than 3 days from the moment you became Neighbors. In a day, you can part with no more than 5 Neighbors.

What can be done visiting neighbors?

Visiting the Neighbors you can:

Every day you can perform up to 40 actions on neighboring islands, but no more than 5 on one. Assistance in fulfilling orders on the Ship does not count.

Recreation areas. Using the Neighbor’s Recreation Area, you get additional Energy, and the island owner - Hospitality points. Each Recreation Area has a daily limit of visits, and some of them (Deckchairs, Massage Table, Picnic) require preliminary preparation by the owner of the island. A glass icon is displayed above the active Rest Areas.

Acceleration. If the Neighbor has resources launched into production, growing plants or animals, you can speed them up and get Coins. In addition, with some chance you may get additional Energy. Above objects that can be accelerated, the clock icon is displayed.

Fulfillment of orders on the Ship. If a Neighbor needs help in fulfilling orders on the Ship, an anchor icon will appear above it. The boxes requested by the Neighbor are filled in pink. Filling the box, you will earn Coins and Experience, and it will become easier for the island owner to send a fully loaded Ship and get a valuable bonus.

How to send parcels?

To send a parcel, open the Warehouse window by clicking on the corresponding button on the bottom game panel.

Find in the Warehouse the item you want to send to the Neighbor by typing its name in the search bar. Or do a manual search by turning the pages with the blue arrow on the right side of the window. To narrow your search, you can use one of the tabs below the search bar (Harvest, Materials, Decor, Miscellaneous).

Once you find what you need, click on the gift icon to the left of the item’s image. In the menu that appears, select the amount you want to send (by clicking on "-10", "-", "+", "+10"). When done, click on the "Present" button under the avatar of the recipient player.

The total value of all Parcels that can be sent per day is 500 units (one copy of each resource has its own value). With an increase in the VIP level, this limit increases. The parcel will be delivered to the Neighbor’s mailbox, from where he will be able to pick it up when he enters the game. The number of Parcels sent will be indicated next to the mailbox icon. Shelf life is not limited.

How to use the Wish List?

To add an item to the Wish List, open the Warehouse or any production building. Find the desired item and click on the notebook icon next to it.

In the window that appears, click on any of the green buttons, and the item will be added to the List.

How to remove an item from the Wish List? To remove an item from the Wish List, click on the cross in the upper right corner of the cell.

How to look into someone else’s Wish List? In the lower game panel, hover over the photo of the Neighbor. A ribbon will appear above it with the resources it needs. Materials that can be sent are framed by a green frame, and the number below them shows how many units of this resource you have in the Warehouse.

Taonga Tropical Farm: Payments

How to buy diamonds? The game has two main ways to purchase Diamonds:

  1. Diamonds can be bought at the game Bank. To open the Bank, click on the green "+" button to the right of the Diamonds scale in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Diamonds can be bought at a discount using any of the temporary offers that sometimes appear on the right side of the screen, as well as in the Bank window.
It is most beneficial to charge the Cornucopia Fountain, which daily brings 120, 200 or 340 Diamonds, depending on which charges you give preference to. If you do not yet have the Cornucopia, complete the Rangi quest, treating him to Mango in exchange for the Fountain.

What payment methods can I use? The following payment methods are available in the game:

  1. Credit card;
  2. PayPal.
  3. Yandex money;
  4. Qiwi wallet;
  5. Sberbank Online;
  6. WebMoney;
  7. Alpha click;
  8. Payment in cash at the terminal.

Payment via mobile phone directly, as well as the MIR payment card, is currently not supported in the game.

How to pay by mobile phone? Currently, direct mobile payments in the game are not available. If you would like to pay for game items from the balance of your phone, the easiest way is to open a Qiwi Wallet, which can be replenished with mobile transfers. Making such a Kiwi Wallet is very simple, and all you need for this is your phone number.

Why can’t I pay for a purchase in the game with a MIR card? The MIR payment card is currently not available for payment of game items and there are no immediate plans to add it. But there are many other convenient payment methods in the game, for sure some of them will suit you.

Can I pay by OKami, Mailiki, Voices? No, you cannot purchase game items with OKs, Mailiki, and Voices. This is the internal currency of Odnoklassniki, My World, and VKontakte social networks, and you can only pay for purchases within the corresponding social network. Since the Taong game has been on a separate Portal since November 2018, its payment system is no longer connected to the sites mentioned above, but supports many other convenient payment methods.

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