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The West WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

The West is a browser-based online strategy game created by InnoGames. You will play as a cowboy who travels through the dangerous world of the Wild West, participates in gunfights, extracts resources, completes quests for rewards and builds his own city. The game provides a lot of activities, offers various options for strengthening the character, temporary events and promotions. You will find exciting gameplay, the ability to play in single and multiplayer mode, as well as invite your friends to the game.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. General guide to your character
  3. Which character to choose?
  4. How to work in the game?
  5. Gameplay Features
  6. City Building Guide
  7. How to duel?
  8. Shootout Secrets
  9. All About Items
  10. Fort Guide
  11. Fort Battles
  12. Guide to resettlement (moving)
  13. Participation in events
  14. Friendship and Friendship Points
  15. Guide for donators
  16. Your account
  17. Technical questions
  18. Conclusion

The West: Beginner’s Guide

Map. One of the main controls is the map. With it, you can find a job, city or fort, see where you are or watch other players. You can view the map by moving it with the left mouse button pressed, or by using the mini-map.

Navigation. In the upper right corner is the mini-map window. If you click on it, a world map will open. There are three buttons below the mini-map (from left to right according to the screenshot):

World map (mini-map). Opening the mini-map, in the upper left corner of it, you see a world map with 14 districts. The white box on the world map shows the county where your character is located. Under the world map there is a window that allows you to get information about the current county. On the right side of the mini-map, you can select the required job to display it on the map.

Below, by checking the boxes, you can get information about the location of your city, foreign cities, ghost towns, employers, forts, etc. Also note the name of the county - at the top left. The owner of a large fort can name the county as he sees fit.

Navigation on the world map. The area around your current location is highlighted with a white dotted box. If you click on another county, you will immediately see it in a larger scale. The numbering of districts starts from the top left - this is the 1st. Top right - 7th, bottom left - 8th, bottom right - 14th. There is also a mysterious 15th district in the middle of the map - nothing is known about it yet.

Settings. In the upper right corner of the map is the "Settings" button. When you click on it, a panel opens that allows you to: read the full manual for the game; set the necessary settings for your account; read the announcement of the administration about the changes; visit the forum; end the session.

Control Panel. In the center of the map below is the control panel, which allows (buttons from left to right):

Just above the panel is an experience indicator that shows how much experience has already been gained at the current level and how much is needed to move to the next one. Separately, it is worth mentioning the saloon icon, which is located on the left center. Here you will discover one of the most exciting aspects of the game - quests that are worked out to the smallest detail and will accompany you throughout the game.

Task bar. In the lower right corner, you can see the taskbar, which displays the order of the character’s actions: movement, work, etc. Any command given to the character will be displayed with the corresponding icon on the panel, indicating the time required for this. You can queue 4 tasks or increase their number to 9 by purchasing premium automation with nuggets. If necessary, by clicking on the cross next to the icon, you will cancel the task, regardless of its order in the list.

Character. In the upper left corner of the game window is the "Character" window. At the top of the window is your game nickname (game name), just below the portrait of the character. Under the portrait is the current level. Below is the health indicator, with values ​​(current/maximum). Below it, the energy indicator, with values ​​(current/maximum). To the right of the portrait is a panel that allows us to:

Notifications. On the left center, under the saloon icon, notification icons periodically appear (from left to right):

Chat. At the bottom left is the game chat and a list of online players. Here you can open the chat of the alliance, the area of ​​the map in which you are located or your city. To open a chat, click on it once with the left mouse button. A dialog box will appear in front of you, which will allow you to communicate with chat players, an individual player and switch between chats. And also in the chat window you can hide / show which of your friends is currently in the game.

Cash information. At the top center is a panel that gives you information about the number of bonds, gold nuggets, cash and money in the bank. The button with a nugget in the middle allows you to go to the menu where you can purchase nuggets. You will be prompted to select the desired number of nuggets and various payment options. Please note: the more nuggets you purchase, the more you save.

Union Pacific. You can earn Union Pacific bonds every day. For this you need:

Union Pacific Store. Hard-earned Union Pacific Bonds can be spent at the Union Pacific Store. In it you will find a variety of products for every taste. These are various chests, bags and items, belts with flags of different countries, as well as many improvements that increase your health, energy, chances to hit and dodge in the battle for the fort, increase damage done, labor points and much more. You can also buy the same goods for nuggets and fame points. The Union Pacific store offers you several categories of goods:

The West: General guide to your character

Your character. A character is a player account on a specific The-West game server. The main parameters of the character are available by clicking on the character portrait in the upper left corner of the game window:

Here you can also find out about the strengths and weaknesses of your character type and choose the rank that will be displayed in the rating.

Health. Health points show how your hero feels. You can lose health points while working or in a duel, but over time, health is restored. When you move or work, it regenerates for 2% of your maximum health per hour.

If you do nothing - 5% per hour. During healthy sleep in the hotel, health is restored even faster. How fast depends on the quality of the apartments. At the start of the game, you have 110 health points. With each new level, your maximum increases by 10 points. If you upgrade the Health skill, for each skill point you gain an additional 10 points to your maximum.

What happens when you lose health? Losing all health points results in fainting. After losing consciousness, you will wake up in your city and without all the cash. If you do not have your own city, you will wake up in the city closest to the scene. If you are disconnected at work, then do not expect any salary, no experience, no products or other valuable finds.

Energy. Energy points show the level of fatigue of your character. You cannot work day and night, sometimes you need to rest. The longer you work, the more energy points you spend.

You regenerate three points per hour, even if you are working or traveling. With the "More Strength" premium, you recover 4.5 points per hour. If you sleep in a hotel, then the energy is restored even faster and the speed of recovery depends on the quality of the apartment.

Choice of profession. When your character reaches level 20, you can choose one of four professions. Each profession has its own set of recipes for food production. The use of the produced products is different: some of them are usable and will improve one of the characteristics of your character: health, energy, motivation, labor points or speed.

Others will add additional skills or characteristics to your character, such as charm or bluff. Still others will allow you to deal more damage on forts or increase the chance to hit. There are products that are part of new recipes, the rest are used for other purposes.

Types of professions. There are four different professions in the game:

Product manufacturing. When you first choose a profession, your skill points are equal to one. In order to earn mastery points, you need to produce the products available at this level. Production does not take time. Once your Mastery Points total reaches 50, you will be able to learn the first recipe.

To do this, you need to open the luggage, click on the corresponding recipe and click "Explore". To produce a product, you need the appropriate combination of ingredients, which can be obtained from jobs. Recipes are also required to craft products above 50 Mastery Points.

Recipes. The recipes are divided into three categories:

In addition, each recipe has a minimum amount of skill points required to learn it, from 50 to 700 points. You can find recipes at work, buy from other players in the market or from a traveling salesman.

The West: Which character to choose?

Character types. There are five types of characters in the game. Starting as a beginner and reaching level 10, you can choose from four types. The choice is final, you can no longer change either the type of the character or its gender. To determine the type of character, click the "Character Type" tab in the "Character" section. Now you can safely read about the different types, their advantages and disadvantages, choose your type and gender of the character.

Character benefits do not depend on gender or portrait. If you have made your choice and confirmed it, then the benefits will take effect and the choice will become final and not subject to change. After choosing a character type, you can generate an avatar for yourself in the "Character Portrait" tab.

Newbie. You start the game as a boy and, of course, if necessary, you can immediately change gender. The beginner has only one advantage: movement speed is increased by 150%. In the end, this gives 10 miles per hour, that is, 250%. The beginner’s speed cannot be raised either by mounts, or by the "Riding" skill, or by premium. You can stay as a newbie for as long as you want. However, this is not recommended because you are missing out on important benefits.

Adventurer. The adventurer is a knight of fortune and an inquisitive explorer. He does not seek peace, but gladly takes risks for something big. This is a good choice for players who like risk and enjoy completing tasks. Advantages:

Duelist. The duelist lives for the moment, he loves the fight. Some fight for a handful of money, some for revenge, and some fight because they fight! Usually they wander from city to city in search of rivals. This is the choice of active players looking for a reason to fight. Advantages:

Workaholic. The hard worker likes to live an honest job and prefers to avoid confrontation with other players, he is indispensable in the city for the construction of buildings. Therefore, most workers remain in the vicinity of their city. This is a good choice for forward-thinking settled players. Advantages:

Soldier. Many soldiers die for honor and glory, many for pay. They are famous for their durability. Even a wounded soldier continues to fight. Soldiers are good defenders in duels and are indispensable in battles where their proficiency with any kind of weapon is required. Advantages:

The West: How to work in the game?

Works. To get money and experience - you need to work. Different jobs bring different benefits. On the map, jobs are found quite often and it doesn’t matter where exactly to perform this or that job. Prices are the same everywhere. Jobs are displayed on the map as icons in brown circles. To start working, you need to click on this circle. Jobs that you can’t do yet are shown as a translucent symbol.

Beginning of work. To get started, you need to select the duration and click "Start". Distance indicates how long it takes you to get to your place of work. As soon as you get there, you are automatically set to work. You can only work in one place at one time.

When you complete a job, you receive your due salary and experience points. If you’re lucky, you might also find some items while you work. If you’re not lucky, you’ll get a work injury. All work requires effort, which you put in at the expense of energy points.

Interruption of work. You can interrupt the work by clicking on the red cross next to the work. Then you will receive a salary for what you managed to do. For example, interrupting work in forty minutes, you will receive earnings in the first half hour, interrupting work after 115 minutes, you will receive earnings in an hour. If you interrupt work while still on the road, you will be back at the beginning of the journey. If you have three jobs in the queue with the "Automation" premium, then if you refuse the second one, you will start the third job immediately after the completion of the first one.

Earnings. Earnings is a value from 0 to 100 percent. It depends on how much money you get for work. The more you earn, the more money you will receive.

Experience. Experience is a value between 0 and 100 percent. This value determines how many experience points you will receive for the job.

Luck. Luck is a value from 0 to 100 percent. At each job, with some probability, you can find some object. The higher the luck score, the more expensive items you can find. The longer you work, the more likely you are to find something.

Motivation. Motivation, a value that ranges from 0 to 100 percent, shows how willing you are to get the job done. An hour of work in one area reduces motivation by three percent, but motivation is restored by 10 percent in a day. If motivation is less than 100%, you get less salary, less experience and find fewer items. For example, with 80% motivation, you get one-fifth less salary and experience.

Danger. Danger has a value from 0 to 100 percent. There is some chance of damage while doing the work. The higher the danger score, the more damage you can inflict on yourself. The number of labor points brought in is very important - the more points you use in work, the less dangerous damage you can receive. The chance of getting a work injury varies with time - the longer you work, the higher the chance of getting a work injury.

Labor points (TO). Labor points show how good you are at work. You need at least one point to complete a job. The more points you contribute, the more money you earn and the better items you can find while working. It also reduces the likelihood of injury at work. Each job requires five skills. And only these five skills are important for this job. The sum of the skill points contributed minus the difficulty of the job gives the job points.

The West: Gameplay Features

Why are some jobs on the map unavailable? To complete the job, you need enough labor points or a certain level of the player. If you do not have them, some tasks are displayed as blocked. If you do not have enough labor points and you do not have the required level, the tasks may be completely invisible on the map.

Labor points depend on your skills, so a particular job may be visible when wearing certain clothes and invisible when wearing others. You can also use boosters that give you extra labor points for a certain number of actions/time.

How can I use items with a required level higher than mine? Soldiers are the only character type with a special bonus that allows them to use weapons with a requirement 3 levels higher than their own level. When using the premium feature "Character", this value is doubled: you can use a weapon with a requirement 6 levels higher than your own level.

I can’t accept any quest. You can accept up to 30 quests at the same time. Look at the quest book next to your avatar and check the number of quests you have already accepted. Note that the quests on the list are not necessarily all the quests you have taken. To accept new quests, please close or cancel some active ones. If you need help canceling quests, please contact support.

I can’t wear anything because of the error message. You equip an item without reaching the required requirements. Check your equipped items.

Why aren’t the daily rewards showing right after midnight? The daily reward may appear later, not necessarily at midnight. In general, it can be at any time of the day.

Why am I sometimes in "Saloon 1" and sometimes in "Saloon 2" in the chat? What is the maximum number of chats? Up to 150 players can be in one chat. Therefore, if the first room is full, the system will place you in the second and so on.

How can I put money in the bank? First of all, you need to be in the city. Once there, click on the bank building and select the amount you would like to save.

How to withdraw money from the bank? No way. There is no need to withdraw money from the bank, as when making purchases, the required amount will be debited directly from your bank account.

I want to put a bounty on a player, but I get a message that the player is protected. If a player is wanted "dead" and he lost consciousness in a duel, a reward cannot be assigned for him for a while. The formula for calculating the time is 1 minute for $1, maximum - 14 days. Thus, a player with a $6,000 reward who is rendered unconscious will be protected for 100 hours ($6,000 = 6,000 minutes) or 4,167 days.

Why can’t I use weapons that I could use before? This is usually the case for players who have chosen the Soldier character type. You probably used the premium feature "Character", which allowed you to use a level +6 weapon, and now the feature has expired. You can now use weapons +3 levels.

Why aren’t my collectible cards in inventory? Collectible cards do not fit in inventory. They can be viewed in the "Achievements" menu at any time.

Why am I unable to duel? You must be a resident of the city to be able to challenge players to a duel. Alternatively, you are protected because you passed out in a duel less than 24 hours ago.

I was called to a duel when it was impossible. How is this possible? If you challenged a player to a duel, then you can be challenged for another 45 minutes after this duel, even if you leave your city, go to the battle for the fort, or are in a hotel. The bounty on your head also allows other players to call you even when you’re out of town. During the appearance of the calendar, if you open the palace of the calendar in advance, the system will announce a reward for your head.

Why was I attacked while I was sleeping in a hotel? You must have challenged someone to a duel less than 45 minutes ago. Hotel protection is not in effect during this time period.

How are job rewards calculated? Does changing clothes help? Yes, you should change. Labor points are used when work is queued. Rewards such as experience and money are calculated at the end.

The West: City Building Guide

Cities. Cities in the Wild West play one of the central roles. They allow players to unite and work together for the good of their city. Every building erected in the city benefits you and the city. You can only live in one city. To become a city resident, you either need to settle in an existing city or build your own.

City buildings. Together with other players, you can build buildings in the city. Like any job, the construction of buildings requires labor points, and the difficulty of building each next level increases by 15 points. Motivation also plays a role - the lower the motivation, the less you can build in the same amount of time.

Each building requires a certain number of construction points. The higher the level of construction of the building, the more points are required to move to the next level. Indicators show you how much work still needs to be done. Every resident of the city can work on the construction of any building, if he has enough qualifications for this.

City Hall. The city hall building is the place of city meetings. Here you can start building and invite other players. Building the city hall makes it easier to build other buildings in the city. With each new level of city hall building, the difficulty of building other buildings drops by five points. The maximum building level of the City Hall is 10.

Construction. In "Construction" you can see the state of buildings in the city. All residents of the city can take part in the construction. Here you can see what buildings can still be built and how much they have already been built. As soon as the construction of the building reaches 100%, the level of the building rises. A building built to its maximum can no longer be built. By selecting a building and clicking on "Build", you can initiate further construction of this building.

Construction is similar to other jobs, that is, here you contribute labor points. And the more points you contribute, the further the construction will progress. Building buildings costs money. You can either use your personal savings or build with money from the city treasury. An hour of construction costs $120.

If you don’t have enough labor points, you can start building another building or city hall. Building a city hall reduces the difficulty of building other buildings by five points per level.

Townspeople. Here you can see all the inhabitants of the city: their levels, character type, profession and other information. In your own city, you can also see how much money they contributed to the city’s treasury and how many hours they spent building buildings in the city.

Magazine. In the journal, you can see records of the latest events that have taken place in your city. This could be information about new buildings, or information about players joining or leaving a city, or information about joining a fort.

Saloon. The saloon has two purposes. In your city’s saloon, you can choose and complete quests, and in other cities’ saloons, you can challenge players to duel. Also in the saloons of other cities you can:

Church. In the church you can pray. The meaning of the prayer is secret and you will not read about it either in the help or on the forum. Support will not answer this question either. The church does not have a maximum building level - you can build it indefinitely. The service lasts 15 minutes. With every 10th level of construction, the bonus from prayer increases.

Bank. You can keep money in your bank account. Only money in the bank you can’t lose in a duel. You do not need to withdraw money from the bank yourself, the merchant will withdraw it himself when buying if you do not have enough cash. To put money into a bank account, you must first come either to your city or to any other where there is a bank. To put money in a bank in a foreign city, you will have to pay a 20% commission.

With each level of construction of the bank, the percentage of commissions that must be paid for depositing money into the account decreases. The maximum building level is 10, in this case, for each deposit, the bank will need to pay a 4% commission. At the bank, you can also deposit money into the city treasury. When depositing money into the city treasury, no commission is charged.

Hotel. You can sleep in the hotel. During sleep, your strength and health are restored faster. When you sleep, you cannot be challenged to a duel. If you pass out during a duel or at work, you will wake up in a hotel in your city. The higher the level of the hotel, the better rooms it has to offer. The better the hotel room, the higher the cost of an overnight stay. In a hotel in your city, you can sleep for free. The maximum building level is 5.

Shop. In the store you can buy neckbands and horses. To buy, drag the item you like with the mouse to your luggage and confirm the purchase. You will have less money, and a new purchase will appear in your luggage. To buy, you need to be in the same city as the seller. To get to the city, click on the sign. With each new level, the store expands the range of products offered. New products are almost always better than existing ones.

What necklaces will be on sale is a matter of chance. In each city, the shop sells different necklaces. Not every new level gives new necklaces and horses. The maximum building level is 15. The advantage of creating your own stores is that the seller offers goods to residents of other cities four times more expensive.

Gunsmith. The gunsmith sells weapons. To buy a weapon, you need to drag it with the mouse to your inventory and confirm your choice. After that, you will have less money, and more weapons. To buy, you need to be in the same city as the seller. To get to the city, click on the sign.

You can also sell items from your luggage. You can sell in any store, the prices are the same. With each new level of construction, the gunsmith begins to sell new weapons. The maximum level is 20. Building your own weapons shop is useful for arming the inhabitants of the city. The seller offers goods to residents of other cities four times more expensive.

Tailor. You can buy a dress, a hat and other clothes from a tailor. To make a purchase, drag the item you like with the mouse into your luggage and confirm the purchase. To buy, you need to be in the same city as the seller. To get to the city, click on the sign. Each level of the tailoring workshop building expands the range of goods offered.

New products are almost always better than old ones, and it’s up to chance which new products hit the market. Tailors offer different products in each city. Not every level gives new shoes. The maximum building level is 10. The advantage of creating your own stores is that the seller offers goods to residents of other cities four times more expensive.

Market. As expected, trading is conducted through the market. This is a special building available for construction in any city. However, if the player does not live in the city, or if a market has not yet been built in his city, it does not matter. You can always use the market of a foreign city. Trading in the market is carried out according to the auction principle.

The player puts the goods up for sale for a certain period, setting the initial price and (optionally) the maximum price at which the goods can be redeemed immediately, without waiting for the end of the auction. When entering the market, items from the player’s luggage are shown in the window that opens on the right. The main window shows three tabs - "Offers", "Sale" and "Bids".

Sheriff’s office. By building the sheriff’s office, you will give the inhabitants of your city the opportunity to place a bounty on the head of any player, as well as view existing bounty announcements. When viewing, it is possible to sort ads by distance to the target, by duel category or by reward value. The sheriff’s office has 5 levels. The sheriff’s "coverage area" depends on the level when viewing reward announcements.

At level 1, you will only be able to see wanted players that are in your square. On the 5th - see all the announcements of the reward in your world. In addition, in the sheriff’s building you can find statistics on awards - their number, minimum and maximum amounts, etc. Statistics are kept for each player, for the city, as well as for the whole world.

You can assign a reward for any player, including yourself. There is a minimum reward level, it depends on the level of the player for whom the reward is assigned (amount of reward = player level x10). When assigning an award, a commission is charged. The first player to defeat the Wanted in a duel receives the reward.

Gravedigger. To be able to challenge other players to a duel, you need a gravedigger. If there is no gravedigger in your city, players from other cities will still be able to challenge you to a duel. The gravedigger is like a tail - either it is there or it is not, that is, the maximum building level is 1. You can also see the statistics of duels in your city.

Residential houses. Residential buildings are needed by the city to accommodate new residents. With each next level of construction of residential buildings, you get the opportunity to invite five more residents to the city. The maximum building level of the housing stock is 10.

Foundation of the city. To found a city, you need 300 dollars and 80 energy points. If you have it, then just click on the blue icon for the foundation of the city, having found it on the map, and in 8 hours your city will be ready. When laying a city, you need to give it a name. You can always change it, but keep in mind that the name must be unique. In order for new residents to appear in your city, you need to invite them.

settlement in cities. To settle in the city, you need an invitation. Only a member of the city council can invite to the city. Since the Wild West is a team game, becoming a resident of the city is very important. It is especially good for a beginner to join an existing city, and not build his own. Here are a couple of tips: The idea of ​​knocking on the city with the best rating is not a good one. You are unlikely to be invited. Better try a city whose inhabitants are about the same level as you.

Ghost towns. Ghost towns are abandoned towns. When the last inhabitant leaves the city, the city becomes a ghost. No buildings can be used in the ghost town. The hotel and the bank are closed and no one sells in the shops. The ghost town can be revived. It costs the same as founding a new city, but if the buildings have already been built, then you don’t have to build them again, they will all remain at the old levels. Before you undertake to restore an abandoned city, you can see the total points of the building. The city treasury of an abandoned city is always empty.

Cities of the first settlers. You cannot settle in the cities of the first settlers. You can only rest in the closet of a local hotel for $10. These cities play a big role at the beginning of the game, before the players build their first cities. They are marked on the mini-map with a gray dot (not to be confused with abandoned ghost towns).

The West: How to duel?

Duel. A duel is a duel between two players. To duel, you must be a resident of a city in which there is a gravedigger. You can go to the saloon of another city, there you can see the list of residents of the city that you can challenge to a duel and the distance to them. The called player does not have to be in the city, but he does not have to sleep in the hotel. The challenger to duel costs 12 energy points, regardless of the outcome of the duel. In the "Duel" menu, you can change your duel settings.

Dueling progress. The duel lasts eight rounds. Each player has eight chances to hit the enemy and dodge himself. To hit the enemy, the hit ratio is important, to evade the defeat - dodge.

The degree of damage. The amount of damage dealt depends on the accuracy skill. The hit ratio of the attacker or defender is reduced. The defender, through the skill of tactics, uses all the advantages of fighting in his hometown, he chooses a better place for a duel and his knowledge of the terrain.

The attacker tries to take him to the show, using the bluff skill. If the defender’s tactical skill exceeds the attacker’s bluffing ability, the defender gains a bonus to hit. Otherwise, the hit bonus is given to the attacker. Each player receives an additional damage bonus of 5 points.

Dodge. The ability to avoid losses is determined by the dodge skill. 5 points are added to the dodge of each player.

Shootout. In each fight, both the attacker and the defender shoot eight times. Each has a chance to damage the enemy eight times. The right of the first shot or strike belongs to the attacker. Shooting compares the ability of the shooter to deal damage and the ability of the defender to dodge. More precisely, a random variable from zero to the corresponding ability of the player. If the ability to strike is higher than the ability to dodge, the blow took place. Players take turns shooting.

Damage. Damage is dealt if one player hits another and the amount of damage dealt exceeds dodge. The amount of damage depends on the weapon used. Each weapon has a minimum and maximum damage dealt. Each time it hits, the amount of damage is randomly chosen within this range. There are two classes of dueling weapons - melee and ranged.

The degree of damage inflicted by weapons of the first type increases with the strike skill of the striker and decreases primarily with the stamina of the defender. The damage dealt by ranged weapons increases with shooting skill on one side and decreases mainly with reaction skill on the other. That is, a player with a strong hit should prefer a melee weapon, while a ranged weapon is better for a good shooter.

Dueling tactics. You can determine the tactics of a duel in the "Duel" menu, setting the direction of a strike or shot, as well as planning to avoid them. Here you can plan the direction of your strike. Depending on where you hit, you deal varying degrees of damage.

If you hit the shoulder, you deal 15% more damage compared to hitting the arm. Headshots deal 50% more damage. At the same time, you decide how you will evade defeat. If you dodge in the direction opposite to your opponent’s strike, you double your dodge.

The duel lasts 8 rounds. The settings of the first round also apply to the fifth round, the second - to the sixth, the third - to the seventh and the fourth - to the eighth rounds.

Winner. The player who deals the most damage to the enemy wins. In case of equal damage, the defender wins. A player who has lost all of their health points is knocked unconscious and defeated, even if they have dealt more damage to the opponent.

duel conditions. Not everyone can fight everyone. For the duel to take place, certain requirements must be met.

duel reward. The winner gets double reward. The winner receives a portion of the loser’s cash. If the loser had no cash with him, the winner would receive nothing. If the loser passes out, he loses all the cash, but the winner still gets only a fraction. The winner of the duel also gains experience. The number of points depends on the duel ranks of both players. Experience points = (7 x loser’s rank) - (5 - winner’s rank) + 5. That is, the winner receives at least five experience points.

Dueling class. A player’s duel rank depends on the level and experience earned in duels. The more duel experience a player has, the higher his duel rank.

Motivation. With each duel, motivation drops by 3 percent. The lower the motivation, the less experience points and money the winner receives. If the motivation has dropped to 77% and the player needs to get 100 experience points, then he will only get 77 points. Your motivation is taken into account even if the one challenged to the duel wins. Motivation grows by 10% per day.

Duels in missions. Duels with characters in missions proceed in much the same way as duels with other players. There are only two significant differences:

In a duel with such an opponent, it is possible to pass out, just like in a duel with a player, in which case you will lose all your cash.

The West: Shootout Secrets

Concept. Gunfights is a turn-based multiplayer game on an isometric map. Unlike fort battles, there are different game modes and more diverse gameplay, in addition to simple movement and choosing a target to shoot each round. Both beginners and veterans alike will be able to appreciate the new "3D picture" compared to the fort’s top-down view.

Rounds. Skirmishes consist of a series of rounds. In each round, each of the players has the opportunity to use the ability to move, heal, shoot or block their opponents. Abilities can require 1 or 2 action points, limited only by the amount you can use in one round. Depending on the game mode, players fight to fulfill the condition for victory over several rounds.

How to join a shootout? There are two ways to start a shootout: join the pre-match queue or join an already created shootout. To join the pre-match queue, you must select a card in the welcome pop-up window and click "Join Queue". As soon as a sufficient number of opponents of suitable level are recruited, the main menu of skirmishes - the Hall - will appear. You will also receive a browser notification.

When a group of players is formed, in the main menu, each of the participants receives a pre-match rank - for each player it is different. Players with different ranks will be moved to other skirmishes. At the moment, the rank directly depends on the level of your character, but in the future all personal achievements will also be included. In other words, losing or winning will not affect your rank.

Application form. The main menu shows both teams and allows you to prepare before a firefight. If there is no fort weapon in the slot, the corresponding indicator will be displayed opposite the nickname. Between the nickname and the "ready" status, you can see three empty slots under the "Abilities" column. Clicking on each of these slots will allow you to select an ability that can be used in a firefight.

By hovering the mouse over each of the abilities, you can see detailed information about it. When you’re ready to engage in a firefight, press the "I’m ready" button in the lower right corner. As soon as there are enough participants, a timer will automatically start, showing the time until the start of the firefight.

If a player leaves the Hall, the main menu will be automatically closed and all players will return to the registration menu. Please respect the opinions of other players and try not to leave this menu without a good reason!

Map. Like fort battles, the map is divided into small sectors - "cells" or "fields", on which only one player can be at a time. Although there are no fixed sectors on the map that restrict movement, there are a number of shaded sections with different meanings:

Additional areas. In game modes where territory or objectives can be captured, there are three additional types of areas:

If taken by coordinates, then the X axis runs from the southwest to the northeast, and the Y axis from the northwest to the southeast.

Basic gameplay. As mentioned above, gunfights are organized as a series of consecutive rounds. Each round lasts approximately 30 seconds. Thus, players are given the opportunity to use as many skills as the action points allow. When the round time expires, you will be able to see the animation of all distributed actions, and a new round begins again.

Energy and action. In each round, each player has 2 action points. They are reset at the beginning of each round, they cannot be accumulated and used in subsequent rounds. Skills can consume 1 or 2 action points, respectively, you can use 2 skills that consume 1 action point each, or 1 skill that consumes 2 action points. You can also cancel the selected skill/s, the action points will be returned. Each of the commands in turn uses one of the possibilities in the order in which they were chosen.

For example, if a member of the Dalton Crew uses the Move and Attack skills before the Cook member has had time to select the Healing Area ability, then the abilities will be played in this order: move, heal area, attack. This skill replay model per round applies even if a team has used an uneven number of abilities, and thus the remaining abilities of the team that queued more abilities will be played in order of priority after the other team has completed its actions.

Movement and attack. At the very bottom of the firefight window, you can see two of the five skills, depending on which ones were selected in the main menu. These are 2 main skills "Move" and "Attack", as well as 3 additional skills that were chosen at the beginning. Watch who you shoot, otherwise you can hurt your partner! The "Fire on an ally" mode is enabled.

Critical hit. There is a small chance that any shot can score a critical hit. This is 25% more damage than usual. Critical damage is indicated in yellow, as opposed to normal damage, which is indicated in white.

Requirement to win. The requirement to win depends on the game mode. In some game modes, it is a requirement to render all opponents unconscious. In other game modes, such as territory control, the player is respawned/recovered after being knocked out and must meet a certain requirement to win. If no action occurs during gameplay for several rounds, the game will end automatically, even if the requirement to win is not reached.

Skills and bonuses. There are two factors that can affect the outcome for your character in a firefight: character level and fort weapons. Unlike fort battles, two players of the same level with identical weapons will act in the same way, regardless of health and skill levels.

Character level. A character’s health in a firefight is determined by their level. Thus, these health points are determined only in skirmishes.

Fort weapon. Only the damage and characteristics of fort weapons affect the character’s statistics in a firefight. Skills, characteristics and other bonuses do not affect statistics.

Force. Strength determines the base health bonus. This health bonus determines your accuracy and chance to dodge.

Agility. Dexterity determines the base dodge chance bonus.

Skill. Dexterity determines the base damage bonus you deal.

Charm. Charm determines the base chance bonus to deal critical damage.

Distance. The farther the character is from the opponent, the less likely it is to hit and deal significant damage.

Reward system. During the firefight, the character reaches the reward stages up to the final stage. The progress bar for the final stage of the rewards is divided by the remaining stages, which can be reached by scoring 7, 14, 21, 28 or 35 out of all 35 points in the "Control of the territory" mode. As the name suggests, the final bounty stage includes the biggest bounty in the shootout. The rewards are distributed regardless of whether the team lost or won, even if the requirement to win for a certain number of rounds was not met or if the game was interrupted due to inactivity.

Glory points. Renown points are a new game currency as a reward for skirmishes. After completing the next shootout, the player receives a certain amount of fame points, depending on which stage of rewards he has reached. If the player left the firefight at the beginning, then he will not be rewarded. The number of renown points varies from the maximum 250 points that can be obtained for reaching the final stage of rewards to 0 points or nothing if the player left the firefight and the first stage of rewards was not reached.

Renown Points can be spent at the Union Pacific Store. You can find it on the main panel by clicking on the "Gunfights" / banner "Fame Points" on the right.

Reward. The loot safe and various chests have been introduced as a special reward system in gunfights. It contains a wide variety of amplifiers, as well as new top-end items. Items are issued upon reaching the final stage of the award, and they can also be purchased at Yu.P. for glory points.

game modes. There are many game modes in gunfights, but at the moment only one is active - domination.

Dominance. In domination mode, players need to capture three strategic objects: a bank, a saloon, and an oil rig, then hold the longer the better. Each building that a team controls at the end of the round will be awarded 1 point. The team that accumulates 35 points becomes the winner, or the team that leads in points if it fails to accumulate 35 points in the allotted number of rounds. The number of points and controlled buildings can be seen in the top menu in the center.

Capturing buildings. At the very beginning, objects are not captured. In order to grab an object, you must move forward and stand in the darkened area around it. The more time the team is in the area, the faster the object will be captured. Once an object is captured, the player does not have to stay in that territory; the player only loses control of the object if the opponent approaches it and is about to capture it.

Respawn/Recovery. Unlike other game modes, if a player passes out in the "Domination" mode, then after three rounds he recovers (spawns) and reappears in the firefight. Although during the recovery period, when the player cannot participate in the shootout, the opposing team has the advantage of one shooter!

Requirement to win. The team that scores 35 points in the "Domination" mode becomes the winner. If both teams have scored this number of points at the same time, or neither team has scored this number of points in 35 rounds, the winner is:

The West: All About Items

Baggage. By opening the "Luggage" tab, you can see what equipment (items) your hero is currently wearing and which of them are currently at your disposal. The left side of the picture shows the things that the character is wearing and the bonus from which your character uses. You can wear a hat, a suit, a necklace, and a pair of boots. In addition, you can pick up a weapon (to the right - dueling, to the left - combat), saddle a horse and pull out an object from the bag.

On the right side, you see the items in your luggage, that is, those items that you are not wearing. These items do not give you any benefits. In order for the bonuses inherent in the item to work, this item must be equipped or taken in hand. To put an item on a character, you must either click on it with the mouse, or, while holding the right mouse button, drag the item to the cell whose contents you want to replace. The number of items that can be stored in baggage is unlimited.

Traveling salesman. On the "Luggage" tab, you can go to the "Traveling Salesman" tab. Every day the Salesman offers you to buy eight different items. If necessary, and regardless of what your character is doing at the moment, you can sell the Traveling Salesman items you do not need at half price.

In order for the salesman’s assortment of goods to change, it is necessary that 24 hours have passed since the last update of the assortment, and the Salesman tab must be open. Or you can use Nuggets, in which case the assortment will change instantly.

Equipment sets. From the "Luggage" tab, you can also go to the "Equipment Sets" tab, where you can store a maximum of two sets of any equipment, and using Nuggets - 20 sets. As soon as you want to wear one or another set you have saved, you just need to click on its name, and it will appear on your character.

Items. Equipment plays a very important role in the game. Most of the things put on the character give him various advantages - for example, bonuses in the form of an increase in some skills. You can get additional benefits if you put on things from the so-called sets - sets of items united by one theme (for example, an Indian set, a Mexican set, a preacher’s belongings, etc.). There are several ways to get an item:

Hats. Hats are bandanas, hats, peaked caps, caps, hats, panamas, stetson, bowler hats, top hats and the like. You can buy them from a tailor or a traveling salesman. Almost all hats improve stats or skills.

Neck bandages. Neckbands include ties, bow ties, cravats, headbands, scarves, necklaces, talismans, amulets, and other adornments. They can be purchased at the store or from a salesman. Almost all neckbands improve stats or skills.

Cloth. Outerwear is shirts, vests, jackets, dresses, jackets, coats, and the like, which you can buy from a tailor or salesman. Almost all clothing improves stats or skills.

Belts and belts. You can buy different types of belts and belts in a store or from a salesman. All of them will improve your skills and characteristics and allow you to open new jobs.

Trousers. The pants category includes shorts, breeches, overalls, jeans and more. All varieties of pants can be bought either in the store or from a salesman. They will improve the characteristics and skills of your character.

Shoes. Here, too, there is plenty to choose from - ranging from slippers and sandals, and ending with real cowboy boots or Indian moccasins. Shoes can be bought from a tailor or a traveling salesman. It can improve skills and stats.

Weapon. There are a lot of weapons in the game - melee and firearms, dueling and for battles for forts. Starting the game, you can arm yourself only with a cobblestone or a broken bottle, but over time you can get a trusty colt or a sharp tomahawk. Well, the main dream of any fighter is the so-called nominal weapon, which is an order of magnitude superior to the usual one. However, getting such a weapon is very, very difficult. It is definitely not sold in regular stores.

Fort weapon. Fort weapons are used only during the fighting on the fort. Unlike most dueling weapons, it does not improve a character’s stats or skills. If a character comes to battle without a combat weapon, he will throw stones and his damage will be minimal.

Cold dueling weapon. Cold dueling weapons are melee weapons, that is: broken bottles, clubs, razors, daggers, knives, rapiers, machetes, swords, tomahawks, axes, sabers and similar objects that can be hit or cut. That is why the "Strike" skill is so important with melee weapons, which can significantly increase the strength of the damage inflicted on the enemy. Each type of edged weapon usually has three varieties - for example, rusty machete, machete and sharp machete.

The combat characteristics of rusty items are lower than those of ordinary ones. For sharp objects, these characteristics, on the contrary, are higher, for nominal weapons - even higher. However, the better the weapon, the higher the character level it requires, so any weapon can come in handy at different points in the game. Named melee weapons are: Figaro’s Razor, Cody’s Dagger, Bowie’s Knife, Athos’ Rapier, Nat’s Machete, Hernando’s Sword, Tashunka’s Tomahawk, Butcher’s Axe, General Grant’s Saber.

Shooting dueling weapon. Small dueling weapons are ranged weapons, that is, anything that can be thrown or shot at an enemy, namely, stones, slingshots, throwing knives, rotten eggs, acid, and of course, a huge number of different pistols. With small dueling weapons, the "Shooting" skill is taken into account. It is he who can increase the strength of the damage inflicted on the enemy. Just like edged weapons, small arms can be of different quality - rusty, ordinary and accurate.

The better the quality, the higher the combat characteristics and the higher the level required for the character to be able to use this weapon. Named small arms are: Huck Finn’s Slingshot, Granmont’s Pistol, Drake’s Muzzle Loader, Belle Starr’s Derringer, Allen’s Multibarrel Revolver, Youngers’ Revolver, Ike’s Army Revolver, Billy’s Colt the Peacemaker, Jesse James’ Scofield, Wyatt Earp’s Buntline.

Means of transport. Mounts are mounts such as a donkey, pony and several types of horses, you can also move on a sleigh, turtle, ostrich, camel, etc. All of them increase the speed of movement around the map, and the camel and bison, in addition , increases some skills and characteristics of your character.

Products. You can get products at work, and some of them you can buy on the market from other players. Products play a very important role in the gameplay. Some of them - for example, tequila, pitchfork, psalter - are included in clothing sets that provide additional benefits to the player. Very often, products are required to complete tasks. Some of them are used in the construction of forts - for example, barbed wire, stones, boards, etc.

More products are needed to craft more complex products according to profession recipes that give your hero various bonuses. In the end, the products found can be sold, earning additional profit. However, usually players sell products only in extreme cases - it is quite possible that they can be useful in one of the following tasks.

Prize items. It is also worth mentioning the so-called "prize or gift items". It can be any thing - a weapon, an object or clothing. Such items may be given to the player as a reward for winning a competition or project organized by the administration, or may be given as a gift.

Quest items. Quest items are items given to the player during certain quests. In most cases, they are temporarily with the player, and during the course of the quest, he "gives" them to one of the non-player characters. If you saw some unusual item, for example, on the beta server of the game, but you don’t know what it is and where it came from, then most likely:

class items. Separately, it is worth mentioning the so-called "class" items of equipment - that is, available only to players of a certain class (for example, a soldier or a duelist). The fact that an item is intended for a specific character class can be found in its description. Class items are given for completing quests with the corresponding character class. Examples of class equipment are a soldier’s cap and a soldier’s uniform (for soldiers); wrench and crowbar (for hard workers), throwing knives (for duelists), etc.

Sets. There are various sets of clothes, weapons and items in the game. All of them provide additional benefits. Already two items from the set give bonuses, and the more of these items your character wears, the more bonuses he gets.

The West: Fort Guide

Forts. Each city that has 3000 points can build a new one or attack an existing fort. The fort gives the city and its inhabitants many advantages:

Forts are shown on the minimap as small icons. A gray fort indicates a place where a fort can be built. The Red Fort already belongs to some city. The blue fort belongs to your city. On the map, the image of the forts depends on their size.

Fort construction. The fort can only be founded by the leadership of the city, and every resident of the founding city of the fort can build. Red forts on the mini-map indicate places where you can build a fort. The construction of a fort requires the following conditions:

Building a fort takes eight hours and requires only one player. As soon as he completes the construction of the fort, other players can join him and help in the construction of buildings. If two players attempt to build a fort at the same time, the one who placed the construction order first gets the advantage.

Fort sizes. Forts come in different sizes - small, medium and large. Each district has one fort of each size. The size of the fort determines the number of levels of construction of buildings, the number of fighters taking part in the battle and the requirements for construction. In addition, the owner of a large fort can rename the district.

Headquarters. The headquarters is the command of the fort. Here you can get information about the cities and fighters of the fort and make important decisions. The fort management can give the fort a name and add text to the profile.

Cities. The cities page is one of the few pages available to all players. Here is a list of all players in the fort, sorted by city and level. By clicking on cities, you can open and close the list of residents. Players of this fort can also see what the player is doing, how much they built the fort, and how much money they contributed to the fort’s treasury.

Construction. Every resident of the city gets the opportunity to take part in the construction of the fort, which requires building materials both for the construction of each level, and simply for each construction order. Only a member of the city council or the founder can announce the construction of the next level. All building materials must be pre-assembled in the warehouse.

Invitations. A fort can be built and defended by several cities. The fort belongs to the city that founded or captured it. The city government can invite other cities to the fort or exclude them from the fort. If the city has been invited, council members or founders can accept or decline the invitation.

Barracks. Soldiers can rest in the barracks. Overnight in the barracks is free. Sleep in the barracks lasts only six hours.

LevelHealth pointsEnergy

Stock. Unlike city buildings, the construction of a fort requires not only money, but also materials. All products must first be collected in a warehouse, and then used in construction. With each level of construction, the warehouse receives six additional storage cells. Each member of the fort can store material as long as there is room.

No one can take the product from the warehouse, but the management can destroy the products in the warehouse. In addition to products, the warehouse can store money used for construction. Once deposited money can neither be taken away nor transferred to the city treasury. The warehouse has 6 levels of construction.

The West: Fort Battles

Battle. One city can recapture a fort from another in a fair fight. To do this, the leadership of the attacking city must come to the fort and declare war. Over the next 24 hours, the parties must call on as many players as possible to defend or attack the fort.

Declaration of war. Only the leadership of the city can declare war. To do this, the leader must come to the fort. Depending on the size of the fort, the siege will cost the city from $3,000 to $10,000, and depending on the number of battles in the world within two hours, the cost can increase indefinitely. You cannot cancel the announced battle, it will take place in 24 hours.

Protection from false sieges. In order to prevent so-called "spam attacks", that is, a situation in which one alliance attacks several forts of another alliance at the same time in order to hide the real target of the attack, protection against false sieges was introduced. The protection is that the cost of any siege in the world within 2 hours is doubled.

Registration for the front. To sign up for a battle, the player must report to the fort within 24 hours. A resident of an attacking city can only attack, a resident of a defending city can only fight in defense. When war is declared, everyone concerned is notified. The fort starts flashing on the mini-map, and on the map it is surrounded by fighters.

Dislocation. If you are taking part in the battle, you can choose your location. The attacking side is located in the red sectors, the defending side is in the blue ones. With the second click of the mouse, you select the target of movement in the battle. Your character will try to get through to it. Subsequently, you can drag both the source and target positions.

If two players try to stand on the same field, then the advantage is given to the player of the city of the participant in the battle. If both players are free mercenaries or both citizens of the city, then the field is occupied by the player who selected the field first. If you have not chosen your location, it will be randomly selected in the corresponding area of ​​the map. Having signed up for the battle, you can continue to do your business and move around the map. The main thing is to arrive on the battlefield in time.

Once you have signed up for the front, you can neither voluntarily leave the city nor be expelled. You also cannot sign up for other battles. After the end of the battle, all this becomes possible again.

During the battle. In battle, attackers and defenders go against each other. The goal of the attacker is to hold the flag for 5 rounds or kill all the defenders. The goal of the defending side is to prevent this for 55 rounds or kill all attackers.

Fields and sectors. The map has fields and sectors. Each field can have no more than one player. Only fighters of one side can be in each sector. Each player has one shot and one roll per round. The player can move to the next sector if there are no fighters of the opposite side in this sector and, in general, there is free space. It is impossible to move to a sector that touches the current one only with an angle. Some sectors have additional properties and improve or worsen the combat qualities of players.

Shooting. Each player automatically fires at the nearest enemy in sight. If you set the goal of your movement in an adjacent sector, you will automatically shoot at enemy fighters located in this sector. You cannot intentionally refrain from shooting or shooting at an ally.

Visibility. The shaded areas show the non-shootable part of the battlefield. However, you can still see player movements in dark areas.

Distance. The closer the character is to the player, the more likely it is to hit him. Distance does not affect damage.

Damage. The damage dealt depends solely on your weapon. The weapon deals appropriate damage, but never more than a third of the attacker’s health. Thus, a player with 300 health points can take no more than 100 points of damage from one shot. Only combat weapons deal damage. Dueling weapons do not play any role in the battle.

Participation. You don’t have to be online to take part in the battle. Also, the recent defeat in a duel does not prevent the battle. The main thing is to sign up on time and appear on the battlefield. If you are not online, then your fighter is leading as you ordered him to. He is trying to get through to your goal. If you have not indicated any goal to him, he will stand the whole battle like an idol. You can also catch on and start controlling the player in the middle of a battle. But you need to sign up before the start of the battle.

Skills. Five skills are important in combat.

Thus, exactly three skills are counted for each shot or attempt to dodge.

Towers. Towers provide the best protection. For each level of the tower construction, the player receives two points to his offensive-defensive abilities. The player with the corresponding character type receives additional benefits depending on the character’s stat. For a hard worker it is strength, for an adventurer it is dexterity, for a duelist it is dexterity, and for a soldier it is Charm. In the first version, the towers always give an advantage of +6.

Wall. The wall gives the same benefits throughout its length. The player occupying the wall gains 2 points per building level to their defensive/offensive abilities. Wall Benefits:

In the first version, the wall always gives +4 Building points. If you are standing on a building, you gain a three-point advantage.

Sectors at the flag. Fields directly adjacent to the flag bring some inconvenience. The player occupying this field is a convenient target for the enemy and, moreover, cannot aim properly. You lose stealth and stamina skills, and you also get a four-point head start. In the first version, the player always loses 5 points.

Flag. Directly at the flag, the player receives the highest penalty. You lose the ability to disguise or stamina. In addition, you lose your leadership skill and receive 8 penalty points. In the first version, you always lose 10 points.

Battle results. If the invader holds the flag for 10 rounds or the defending side holds out for 50 rounds, the battle ends. Now each player sees a summary from the battlefield. What happened, who did the most damage, who shot whom. Each player receives this information also in the form of a report. If you fell on the battlefield, you will wake up in a hotel.

If you go through the fight to the end, you will stay in the fort. Here you cannot be attacked.

Rewards. For participation in the battle, you get experience, which is calculated based on your level, the damage you inflicted on the enemy, how long you lasted, and whether you won or lost. You gain experience even if you are unconscious. If you have completed the fight to the end, you have a chance to find something.

Consequences for the fort. In case of victory of the attacking side, the fort passes into its possession. Now the former owners do not have access to the fort.

The West: Guide to resettlement (moving)

What is resettlement (relocation)? A character’s move can only occur after InnoGames has established a move route from the character’s current world to another world. In the beginning, moving the character is not a mandatory feature. Moveable worlds are likely to be closed once enough players move out of them.

Before the world closes, the move will be inevitable. Please note that this process defines InnoGames with many important factors in mind. Character relocation ensures that there are enough players on each active world to keep the game competitive. Without the necessary participation, the key moments of the game become impossible. Thus, fort battles and duels require confrontation between players, which becomes more difficult as the number of players in the world decreases.

When will resettlement open in the world? Resettlement is a preparation for the closure of the world, an opportunity for players to move to another world. The relocation opening is determined by InnoGames considering many factors. All worlds are constantly monitored, and if various types of player activity are significantly reduced, resettlement will be opened in such a world. Please note that when the resettlement is activated, the closure of the world is inevitably approaching. This also means that registration in this world will become impossible.

When does the world close completely? The exact closing time is determined by InnoGames, taking into account many factors. All worlds are constantly monitored, and when the activity of the players decreases significantly after the start of the move, the exact closing date will be announced.

Please note that if your world has relocation enabled, you do not have to wait for the closure to be announced, you can relocate your character to another world at any time.

How can I move? If moving is enabled in your world, it will become available in the settings menu. Please go to Settings - Account - Resettlement. Here you can select the desired destination world from the available ones. You need to enter the password and then click the "Resettlement" button. Your character will not be relocated immediately after selection.

All scheduled transfers occur simultaneously and last up to 24 hours. You cannot enter the game world after the start of the move until it ends, otherwise the move will be canceled. After the end of the move, you will be able to enter the game already in the new world.

What are the requirements for moving? Before moving a character, several conditions must be met:

Your character will not be relocated immediately after selection. All scheduled transfers occur simultaneously and last up to 24 hours. You cannot enter the game world after the start of the move until it ends, otherwise the move will be canceled. After that, you will be able to access your character already in the new world.

What exactly will be transferred? When you first log into the game, you will see that character money, bonds, veteran points, experience points, level, statistics, inventory, skills, character type, recipes, quests, achievements, friendship points, buffs, portrait and premium settings have been successfully transferred . Please note that due to factors beyond the developer’s control, your character will lose the following:

Event progress from Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Oktoberfest, Day of the Dead is not carried over! After the move, the invitations are also reset to zero. This means that you will no longer receive friendship points for invited players, even if you both have moved.

Why can’t I move to a world where I deleted a character? Before a character is permanently deleted, you must log in at least once more to be able to delete it permanently. After that, you can transfer the character from another world to this one.

How to cancel a move? You can cancel a move if more than an hour has passed since the move was requested. However, if you start moving in the evening, you may not be able to cancel it. Contact support to cancel your request. However, please be aware that the support team may not be able to contact you until the move is completed. Once the move is completed, it cannot be cancelled.

How to find out the available worlds for moving? When opening a move from any world, the developers try to ensure that the worlds for the move are indicated on the main page of the game and in the announcement on the corresponding server. The news is also posted in announcements on the forum. In addition, the available worlds for moving can be viewed in the settings in the moving menu.

Please keep an eye on the announcements for the latest moving opportunities. If after reading the news you still have questions about open relocation routes, please contact support.

What happens to the event winner reward if the world closes before the end of the event? For major events that have a winner (Easter, Independence Day, Oktoberfest), winners are always awarded at 3:00 AM the day after the event ends. If the world was closed before the end of the event, the winner will still be chosen among the players who did not transfer their character. Players can still request to have their character relocated to another world via the helpdesk. If they have characters in all worlds to relocate, the player can submit a request to manually transfer a set of winners.

I have characters in all worlds to move to. What should I do? To move, you need to delete your account in one of the worlds where the move is open. If you do not want to delete a character, you can ask other players to help transfer your items to the appropriate world. To do this, sell them the necessary items, and after the resettlement, let them sell them back to you in another world.

However, only negotiate this with players you trust. The support team will not be able to help you if they do not return the items. Items that cannot be sold cannot be transferred to other worlds. However, you can submit a support request to transfer an item to any realm that is open to being moved to, if you have active characters in all worlds that can be moved to, and if all the conditions are met:

My world is closed and I forgot to relocate the character. What should I do? Contact support as soon as possible and they will make sure your character is moved to the active world. Also indicate which world (out of the available ones) you would like to move the character to. Please note that if a lot of time has passed since the closing of the world, then the server may be cleared, all data will be deleted and it will no longer be possible to relocate the character. This usually happens a month after closing. Please don’t wait until the last moment!

The West: Participation in events

What are events? Events are periods in The West where you can earn special rewards, new packs, complete a range of quests, and even experience unique game mechanics. The game has several events that repeat every year, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Oktoberfest, Day of the Dead, and Christmas sales.

However, smaller events may also be organized between these events, which may be completely new or redesigned versions of previous ones. Every year the developers try to improve based on your feedback, so feel free to share your ideas with them on the forum.

Sometimes I’m in first place, but suddenly I’m in second place even though I was way ahead. How is the rating displayed in case of a draw? This can only happen if you have a draw with another player. If two or more players have the same achievements, they will all be displayed with the same rating. If a player has moved ahead in the ranking, then he will be displayed first, and the player who has the same achievement received earlier will be displayed next.

I have won the same items multiple times, can I change them? The game cannot trade items for you, however you can trade items with other players. If the item is not up for auction, please wait a few weeks after the event ends. Many items will change their settings and be put up for auction.

What are the numbers under % in the event? This tooltip appears when hovering over a chance to win an item. The numerator indicates how many lottery tickets contain this item, and the denominator indicates how many tickets are in this category. The rooms change according to the selected category.

Valentine’s Day Event

How to collect hearts? Hearts can be collected by completing tasks, duels, quests, fighting for forts, participating in skirmishes and working on construction jobs. Of course, it is possible to receive hearts from friends or send them through the friends panel (20 hearts every 23 hours). Once you reach a certain number of hearts, the reward will be unlocked automatically.

There will be two items that produce hearts every 11.5 and 23 hours. You will have a chance to get one of these items as a reward, the other you will find for sale in the store.

Can I win a set of clothes in the Wheel of Fortune more than once? Yes, you can win clothes from the Wheel of Fortune more than once. After you win each item once, it is replaced by another item. When you win all of the clothes from the set, they will reappear on the wheel and you can win them again.

How to collect hearts? Can I check how many I found? Hearts can be collected by completing quests, duels, adventures, battles for forts, building a city and received from friends (20 hearts every 23 hours). You can also win extra hearts by participating in fort battles, which can be hosted by the game’s team.

Journal of Hearts. You can check your heart log by clicking on the heart counter, then the log window will appear. Here you will be able to see all the actions that brought you the event currency. The log information is only available during the event. Hearts will be removed after the event ends.

How are hearts calculated in fort battles? You can get hearts by participating in battles for forts. The amount is calculated based on the number of players and your outcome of the battle (live / knocked out).

Your scoreAlive by the end of the battleKnocked out at the end of the battle
Formula6x the number of participants in the battle12x the number of participants in the battle.
Example100 players: 600 hearts100 players: 1200 hearts.

In one world, you need to collect more hearts for world awards than in another. Why? Each world has the same criteria for world awards, however the criteria is based on the size of the world. In less populated worlds, fewer hearts need to be collected than in densely populated ones, but the number of hearts per person is exactly the same. This rule makes world rewards more equal between worlds.

The West: Friendship and Friendship Points

How to invite friends to The West? If you want to invite your friends to play The West together, select the "Invite Friends" option. Now you can enter your friend’s email address and send an invitation. Or you can also copy and send the referral link directly. Each invited player receives an exclusive gift!

For each new account that registers in the game through your referral link, you get friendship points for your character in the first world that he joins.

How do friendship points work? For each new account that registers in the game using your referral link, you will receive friendship points for your character in the world that your friend first joins. Existing players added to your friends list, as well as referred players who join their second world, will not affect your points.

You keep getting more points as these players level up or spend Gems. These points are cumulative and are not lost when the referred player leaves the game. Friendship points can be tracked in the achievements menu in the statistics tab.

How it works? The exact number of points awarded for each action is determined by a secret formula - it’s not a one-to-one ratio. The formula contains internal guarantees for players who try to use the system by creating multiple accounts on their own, instead rewarding the recruitment of real players who contribute to the development of the game.

It’s usually more profitable to bring in a couple of players who will advance significantly in the game and get a premium, than to bring in a few players who will stop playing at low levels.

What rewards can I get for invited friends? Rewards are given with an exponentially increasing number of friendship points. Each reward can only be received once per world. Rewards 1-8 are issued by the system, and for rewards 9-10, you need to contact support.

No.DetailsFriendship Points
1stuffed tube10.
23000 experience points50.
4General Chest500.
6Sam Hawken knife5000.
7Governor Chest10000.
82000 bonds50000.
910 special items to choose from (cannot be repeated)100000.
10Personal avatar and item set500000.

Rewards have not been awarded. Please note that InnoGames reserves the right to defer or withhold rewards at its sole discretion. In particular, but not limited to, an award may be denied or removed on the grounds that:

The West: Guide for donators

Is The West free to play? Yes. Registration through the browser is free. You can access all the features of the game and play for free as long as you like. The game also offers you the option to buy an in-game currency called nuggets with real money. You can also earn nuggets by actively playing and participating in community contests.

I bought nuggets but didn’t get them. What to do? Please contact support, they will resolve the issue as soon as possible. To expedite the process, be sure to include any information that could help support track your purchase. For example: what payment method and provider were used, what did you buy, any confirmation number, screenshot of payment confirmation, etc.

How to delete credit card information? To delete this data, you just need to enter the game, open a store that sells gold nuggets. There you will see the buttons (in the lower right corner) shown in the screenshot. Press the button with a small pencil. A screen will open where you can delete the saved information.

I activated the premium feature, but I don’t see any effect. After activating a premium feature, you need to reload the page for the feature to become active. To do this, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F5. If the problem persists, try also clearing your browser cache and deleting cookies (CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE). If this does not help, please contact support.

The natives are gone. Your account can be set to auto-renew, which automatically activates a premium feature each time it expires, provided you have enough nuggets. To remove auto-renewal, click on the store and then on the premium tab. Uncheck the green checkmark(s) next to premium features. This will disable auto-renewal. Please don’t forget to check all your worlds.

You can always check your premium journal by selecting the "Nuggets" menu and then the "Journal" tab. All in-game transactions for which you have used gold nuggets will be listed here.

Why does using nuggets cause them to disappear from my other worlds? Nuggets are a global currency with a total account balance regardless of the number of worlds you play on. When nuggets are spent or added, their available amount changes on the account and, accordingly, in all worlds where the account is registered.

The West: Your account

How to change the password? If you remember your old password, you can change it in the game settings (Settings - Account - Change password). To do this, enter the old password once and the new password twice. If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Change Password" link on the main page of the game. An email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password, and you can enter a new password. Please note that the email will be sent to the email address you provided when registering The West.

Can I transfer my items to other worlds? You cannot move items between worlds, and unfortunately the support team cannot help with this. You can trade with other players. For example, you give an item in this world, and he gives you the same item in another world. Keep in mind that you will be doing this at your own risk.

I did not receive a registration confirmation email. What to do? To confirm registration, you need to go to the email specified during registration. There you will find an email from The West with a link. Click on the link to confirm your registration.

Sometimes the email service may send The West emails to your spam folder. If you didn’t find the confirmation email in your inbox, please check additional folders (spam, mailing list, offers, etc.).

Can the game name be changed? Unfortunately, the function of changing the game name is not optional. However, you can submit a support ticket in the following situations:

How to change email? To change your email address, go to "Settings" - "Account" - "Change Email". Please note that if you enter a new address incorrectly, you cannot cancel it. You will need to wait 14 days to try again. If you have problems changing your address, please contact support.

I can’t log into my old account. What to do? Contact support and provide the following information:

To contact support, use the email address associated with your account to prove that the account is really yours.

How do I delete my account and all the data that concerns me? If you want to delete an account in a certain world, then go to this world, go to Settings - Account - Delete character. There you can delete your account in this world. Your account in other worlds, as well as your forum account, will not be deleted. After 5 days, your account will be considered inactive.

During this time, you can recover your account if you change your mind. Then it will be permanently deleted (after deletion it cannot be restored, all data will be lost). This option remains available as long as your account and the corresponding realm exists. While your character is deactivated, other players cannot see information about you in the corresponding world.

Deleting all data. If you want to delete all the data that concerns you, please contact support. This process will delete all information and data related to your game and forum account, such as nuggets, items, achievements, etc. Once the deletion is completed, the data cannot be recovered. Your forum posts will not be deleted, but will no longer be linked to any account. Deletion may take up to 7 days.

If you activated the deletion by mistake, you can cancel it by logging into your account and clicking the "Recover account" button.

My account is marked as inactive. Why? If you do not log into the game for more than 45 days, your account will be considered inactive. You can restore or delete it permanently. Please note that if you had items listed for sale, they have already been permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

The West: Technical questions

Sometimes I get the error "You’re in trouble..." and I can’t play for a while, why? This message appears when you make too many requests to the server in a short amount of time. Often this is due to user scripts. This is not an error, but normal server protection. To avoid this kind of problem in the future, just make fewer clicks in a row. If a problem occurs, just wait a few minutes. Contact support if the problem persists for more than 15 minutes.

The game does not work, displays an incorrect menu and inaccurate information. First of all, try reloading the page using the Ctrl + F5 key combination. If that doesn’t help, clear your browser cache. If the problem persists, try deleting your cookies.

You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Delete to access a menu where you can perform these actions. Just select the time frame, "Cookies and other site data" and/or "Cached images and files" and then click the "Clear data" button.

I’m having trouble completing the quest/The quest is incorrect. Please do the following:

I didn’t get my achievement. If you completed the requirements for an achievement before it was introduced into the game, it may happen that you do not get it. To solve this problem, try again to complete the steps required to get the achievement (for example, use the desired booster if the achievement is given for using boosters). In addition, you can contact the support service, they will also try to help you.

I can’t participate in gunfights, it’s too long. Please note that you can only participate in skirmishes in one world at a time. So make sure you don’t queue up on multiple servers. Skirmishes will only start if there are enough players in the game. It may happen that you have to wait until the right number of players gather.

The West: Conclusion

In this game, you will develop your character from an ordinary worker to a Wild West legend that is talked about in every tavern. Your attention is presented to an open world where you have to earn currency, gain experience, work and complete various quests. The game features a calm but addictive gameplay, where everything depends on your resourcefulness, activity and the correct tactics of the hero’s actions.

In the future, you will be able to take part in the construction of the city, fight in skirmishes and even go to protect your native fort from enemy attacks. The game hosts a large number of events (temporary and permanent), and there are always new quests and promotions that will not let you get bored. If you are looking for a browser-based strategy game with an interesting world and memorable characters, be sure to try The West.

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