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Toon blast WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

TOON BLAST is an Android game with the release date of August 25, 2017 from Peak. Game Genre: Puzzle. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Teams
  3. Events
  4. Gold and Shopping
  5. Game Progress
  6. Updates and Feedback
  7. Troubleshooting
  8. Facebook Account and Settings

Toon Blast: Beginner’s Guide

How to play? Toon Blast is a puzzle divided into levels. To complete the game you need to achieve certain goals at each level.

What are lives (hearts), and how to get them? At the beginning of the game you are given 5 lives. After each unsuccessful passage of the level, one life is taken. But do not worry! You get a free life every half hour, so very soon you will have 5 lives again. But that is not all. You can ask for 5 free lives from teammates.

Press the button "Ask for life" in the menu "Team", and the request will be sent to all members of the team. By sending life to a teammate, you have nothing to lose. Moreover - you will get gold for it! In addition, you can collect stars and get star chests, which come across a variety of gifts, including amplifiers, gold and life. And you also have the opportunity to buy a set of lives for gold!

What are special items? Special items - rockets, bombs and disco balls - are amplifiers that you can create by combining cubes, buy for gold before the level starts, and also earn with a fun chest, star chest or daily bonus. If the group of cubes is large enough to create a special item, this item will appear on the cubes in the center of the group - you just need to destroy it!

And you can combine special items with each other (for example, a rocket and a bomb) to clear an even larger area of ??the level!

What are amplifiers? Amplifiers are items that make it easy to complete levels in Toon Blast! Among them are a hammer, a boxing glove, an anvil and bones. You can buy them for gold, and also earn with a fun chest, star chest, or daily bonus. You can see these items at the bottom of the level:

How to get rid of pinata? You can get rid of pinata with a rocket or a bomb! In addition, you can combine various objects (for example, a rocket with a bomb or a disco ball) to make it easier to get rid of obstacles!

How to play already completed levels? Unfortunately, you cannot revisit completed levels. But in Toon Blast you are waiting for hundreds of exciting levels, and new ones appear regularly! If you are among the best players who have completed all levels, you can take part in the Champions League and fight with rivals from all over the world!

How to choose the direction of rocket movement? A rocket always flies in a random direction! It can move horizontally or vertically.

How to see your score at the passed level? After you have passed the level, you cannot see the earned account on it.

How to get prizes? The prize next to the player’s name corresponds to the number of stages he has completed in the Champions League. Upon reaching the last level of Toon Blast, you can take part in the Champions League and earn awesome rewards!

What items are in the game? The game has two types of items: amplifiers and special items!

I can’t pass the level / level too difficult. Some levels really seem difficult, but you can always go through them without buying lives, gold and amplifiers!

How to earn free gold? You can get free gold in the following ways:

In addition, you can buy sets of gold and amplifiers in the "Shop" tab!

What are starry and funny chests? A cheerful chest can be opened every 10 levels, and a star chest for every 20 stars! In the chests you will find free gold, items and even the opportunity to make up for all lives.

Why can’t I earn more stars for completing levels? Having earned 20 stars, you can open a star chest! If you do not open the star chest immediately, you will not be able to collect additional stars for the levels completed.

How to play Toon Blast on a computer? Toon Blast is only available on mobile devices.

What should I do if a player accidentally spends gold by clicking on the pop-up offer of additional moves, lives or amplifiers? Since the game does not require additional confirmation of purchases (for example, additional moves, sets of lives or amplifiers), try not to click on the pop-up message if you do not want to buy the goods. You can click the "X" button to close the pop-up message.

Can I play under different accounts on the same device? You cannot use several guest accounts at once, but you can play under different Facebook accounts - but for this you will have to log out and log in again each time. In addition, you can log out of your Facebook account and play under the guest account.

The guest account may be lost after the deletion of game data or in the event of a device change.

Why are my lives not recovering / lost levels lost? Toon Blast uses the clock in your device to determine the time remaining to make up for lives. When you change the time settings, the system automatically resets the counter of lives, coins and progress. The Royal Rush event will also disappear from the main menu. It is recommended that you set the time automatically in the device and not change it while playing Toon Blast.

Toon Blast: Teams

How to join a team? Upon reaching level 20 in Toon Blast, you can join a team or create one yourself. To join a team after level 20, open the Team tab! Here you can see the available commands or use the search. If the team has free space, click the "Join" button to become a member. However, to join a closed team, you will have to wait for the approval of its leader!

How to create your own team? Upon reaching level 20 in Toon Blast, you can join a team or create one yourself. To create a team after level 20, follow these steps:

If you are already a member of the team, you will have to leave the previous one before creating your own team.To exit the command, follow these steps:

How to invite friends to your team? You can tell your team the name of your team so that they enter it into the search bar in the "Team" tab and enter it! In addition, your Facebook friends can touch your name on the friendly leaderboard, and then click the Join button. Inviting players to a team directly is not possible.

How to exclude a player from the team? Exclude players from the team can only its leader! To do this, follow these steps:

Please note that players who are excluded from the team will not be able to join it again!

No one joins the team I created. What to do? Do not worry! New teams can stay longer without participants, as players usually look for active teams. In the meantime, you can tell friends the name of your team so that they enter it into the search bar in the "Team" tab and enter it.

If you leave a team that has no other members, it will be deleted.

How to leave the team? To exit the command, follow these steps:

What if I don’t want to join the team? Nevertheless, we advise you to try to join the team or create it yourself! You will be able to chat with teammates in the game and share lives! In addition, you will have a chance to meet new people. If you do not want to be a member of the team, then follow these steps to leave it:

I am no longer a team leader. If the leader leaves the team, his position goes to another random member of the team. By re-joining the team, the former leader will not be able to regain his lost position. In addition, if a leader leaves a team that has no other members, it will be removed. For this reason, he will not be able to join the team again and find it using the search function.

I was expelled / not accepted into the team. Can I try to join her again? Players excluded from the team or not accepted into it, cannot join it again.

Why have I been expelled from the team? A team leader can exclude any member from it, and there may be a variety of reasons for this. It is also possible that you were expelled from the team by mistake. Unfortunately, you will not be able to re-join the team from which you were expelled.

How to re-enter a team abandoned by mistake? Search for the name of the team in the "Team" menu, and then enter it if there is free space.

How to send life? Click the Help button to send a free life to a teammate who asked for it in the chat. For this you will receive 1 unit. gold!

What is Help? You can help teammates earn free lives. You have the opportunity to satisfy one request for the life of each team member. When a player receives all 5 free lives, the request bar disappears from the chat. In the "My Team" section, you can see how many times a team member helped his teammates. The Team Details pop-up displays weekly help. This counter shows the number of free lives sent by team members during the week. The help counter is reset every Sunday.

Why did my help counter disappear / reset? The help counter for all team members is reset on Sundays!This counter helps the team leader identify the most active participants who help their teammates the most.

How to change team name? Unfortunately, after creating a team, you cannot change its name or icon.

Why is my team not on the leaderboard? The team score depends on the levels and stages passed by its participants. Only the top hundred teams with the highest score are on the leaderboard. If two teams have the same score, then the team that earned it before will take a higher place.

How is the team score determined? The team score depends on the total number of levels and stages of the Champions League passed by the participants! The more levels and stages the team members went through, the more its score will be. Assistance teams are not counted in the account. As an example, consider a team of five players.

If two teams have the same score, the team that has earned it before will take a higher place.

My team leader is not active. How to exclude or change it? Team members cannot exclude or change a leader unless he leaves the team on his own. We advise you to join another team or create your own!

What is the difference between open and closed teams? Any player who has reached a certain level can freely enter an open team! To join a closed team, you must send a request that will be approved or rejected by the leader of this team.

I was not able to get all 5 lives from my teammates. When you ask the team for life, 5 different participants can click the "Help" button and send you one free life! Immediately after the teammate clicks the Help button, your life reserve will be replenished. The request will disappear from the team chat when you receive all 5 free lives. If your teammates are not active or there are not enough participants in the team, your request will remain in the chat. If you again ask for life after 4 hours, your old request will be replaced with a new one.

How do I report inappropriate player behavior? In Toon Blast, insults and rude language are unacceptable! If one of the players left offensive comments in the team’s chat, tap this chat message and click the "Report" button. In addition, the team leader can exclude any member from it. The participant expelled from the team will not be able to join it again! Finally, if you do not want to use team chat, you can also disable it in the "Settings" menu.

How to delete a message from the chat? You cannot delete messages from the command chat. Upon reaching the message limit, old messages are deleted automatically, replaced by new ones. If you do not want to use team chat, you can also disable it through the "Settings" menu.

How to change your player name? You can change the player’s name through the "Settings" menu in Toon Blast.

Please note that you can change the name only once.

How to create a player name? Upon reaching level 20, you can join the team in the "Team" menu and indicate your player name. After joining the team using the "Join" button, you can enter the game name that will be used in Toon Blast.

How do I enable / disable team chat? If you no longer want to receive messages or chat with members of your team, you can turn off team chat in the Settings menu. Do not worry, you can still ask for life and help your comrades, even if the chat is already disconnected!

My lives did not sync after changing the device. Your lives are tied only to the device on which you played while receiving them. Therefore, after changing the device and entering the same account, you will not see the lives received on the previous device.

Toon Blast: Events

What is Royal Fever? The event "Royal fever" allows you to earn useful items! After completing the level, you will receive a rocket and a bomb, which will appear at the beginning of the next level. If you pass this level without losing, then at the beginning of the next level you will have two missiles and two bombs. Finally, after completing another level, you will begin the next level with three missiles and three bombs! If you lose, then you will have to earn all these items from the very beginning.

What is the Champions League? After completing all levels in Toon Blast, you will get access to the Champions League. You have to compete with 20 other players. The one who earns the most prizes for completing levels will receive amazing rewards. Prizes depend on the time of entry into the Champions League.The sooner you join the Champions League, the more valuable the prizes will be. Each season of the Champions League lasts until the release of new levels.

What is a team chest? Players from the same team can join forces to get rewards from the team’s chest! During the Team Chest event, stars given for completing levels are also added to the team star score. Having earned a certain number of stars, participants will be able to open the team’s chest and get rewards!

Where to find my crowns? The Royal Rush event will be available upon reaching level 52. If you have reached level 52 during the Royal Rush event, you will have to wait for the next event. If you change the time settings on the device, the Royal Rush event will disappear. If you change your device, the progress of the Royal Rush event will not be synchronized on the new device.

Where can I find items won in the Royal Rush? These items are not added to inventory. They can be seen in the level bar at the beginning. In case of defeat, you will start the level again without these items. These rewards are temporary bonuses that help you complete levels. You cannot earn more than three crowns. If you pass the level with the third crown, it will appear at your place at the beginning of the next level.

Stars for the team chest. The star score for the team chest depends on the total score of the team. A team with a large score will have a high star score, and a team with a small score will be low.

What is a Star Tournament? In the Star Tournament, you can compete with other players, earning stars for the passed levels to get wonderful rewards! Stars received in the tournament for completing levels will be added to your account. Players with the most tournament stars will receive rewards at the end of the tournament!

How to take part in the Star Tournament? To participate in the Star Tournament, you must reach level 30.Upon reaching the desired level, you will be automatically included in a group of 50 players after the start of the tournament. After that, you can click the Star Tournament icon in the main menu to see the rating.

Where did my trophies go? Each Champions League lasts 2 weeks, then there is an update that adds new levels. As soon as the Champions League ends, all completed stages are reset. After passing the last level, you can take part in the new Champions League from stage 1.

What is a team tournament? In the team tournament, teams compete with each other, earning stars for the passed levels to receive wonderful rewards! Teams with the highest score in the tournament will receive rewards at the end of the tournament!

What is a Treasure Hunt / Treasure Chest? Find the keys during the Treasure Hunt event to open the chest. A treasure chest filled with rewards to help you travel the world of Toon Blast. Keys can be obtained for passing levels. Once you have 20 keys, you can open the chest!

Daily tests. Daily trials will allow you to get 100 coins every day. The tasks of these tests are changing every day, you can see them on the right side of the main menu. To receive your reward, you will need to achieve a specific goal before the end of the test. You must get a level to complete the task. If you do not get the level, then the completed tasks will not be counted towards your daily test. Royal fever and pre-amp amplifiers do not count towards trials.

All players must complete a level to progress in a daily event. As soon as you finish the test, it will be moved to the main menu. If you are unable to complete the daily test for one day, you will see a new one in the main menu. ?

Toon Blast: Gold and Shopping

What is gold, and how to get it? Gold is the game currency of Toon Blast. Gold can be used for the following purposes:

You can get free gold in the following ways:

In addition, you can buy sets of gold and amplifiers in the "Shop" tab!

How to buy gold? To buy gold:

  1. Open the game and click the "Shop" button in the lower left corner.
  2. Choose the amount of gold or the set you want to buy.
  3. Make payments in accordance with Apple or Google Play policies.

After payment is accepted by Apple or Google Play, gold and any other purchased items will appear in your gaming account.

I managed to make a purchase, but I did not have enough gold. If you do not have enough gold to buy lives, additional moves or amplifiers, a pop-up message will appear asking you to buy more gold. If you use the pop-up message to make a purchase, the gold will be debited automatically and the product will appear in your account. You can buy gold by clicking on the "Shop" button in the lower left corner of the main screen if you do not want the gold to be debited at the time of the purchase.

How to avoid random purchases? Toon Blast is free, but you can make in-game purchases for real money. If you do not want to accidentally make a purchase, set a limit on purchases on your device.

How to view purchase history? All purchases are made through your application store.

Is it mandatory to spend money to play Toon Blast? Toon Blast is a free game, and you can go through all levels without making purchases.

Toon Blast: Game Progress

My progress in the game has gone. If you have already connected your Facebook account to Toon Blast, you can log in and continue to play from where you left off. If you did not connect a Facebook account, the progress of your guest account (through which users who do not connect to Facebook play) is saved only on the device.

If you recently changed your device, we recommend connecting Facebook on the old device and synchronizing the progress, and then on the new one to continue playing. Unfortunately, if you used the guest account and then formatted the device or deleted the game data, the account cannot be restored.

How to lose your progress? After deleting and reinstalling the game, your progress will not be deleted, since with this possibility, players could lose progress by mistake. Unfortunately, it is impossible to reset game progress.

My progress has been lost due to a phone call or application pause. The safe time to pause the application varies by device. Do not suspend Toon Blast during the passage of the level, so as not to lose progress.

The game was closed after passing the level, but my progress has not been preserved. If you close Toon Blast before a pop-up message about passing the level appears, the progress will not be saved. Always wait for a pop-up message before closing the game.

My progress has gone away after updating the game. If you connected a Facebook account, you can log in again and continue playing from where you left off!

Toon Blast: Updates and Feedback

When will the new levels appear? New levels are added to the game every two weeks! In the meantime, if you have already completed all the levels, you can take part in the Champions League and try to be among the best players from around the world to earn amazing prizes!

How to update the game? To update the game, follow these steps:

Toon Blast: Troubleshooting

I can’t connect to the Team tab. If you have an unstable Internet connection, you may see a pop-up message about a connection problem, since the Team tab takes longer to load. To resolve this issue, try changing your Wi-Fi network.

I do not want to receive notifications. Open your device’s settings and turn off notifications from Toon Blast. After that, you will not receive notifications. You can do this in Settings> Applications> Toon Blast.

How to change the language of the game? The Toon Blast app uses the language selected for the device. You can change the language in the device settings, and then reopen Toon Blast.

Can I play in horizontal mode? Unfortunately, Toon Blast does not support horizontal mode.

How to quit the game? Unfortunately, on some Android devices there is no physical back button. If this button is not on your device, drag up the bottom edge of the screen to see the virtual "Back" button. By clicking on it, you will close the game!

After buying additional moves, I wrote off 200 units. gold. why did this happen? The cost of each subsequent purchase of additional moves at the same level increases! The first time moves cost 100 units. gold, the second time - 200 units, the third - 300, etc. Therefore, even after buying additional moves, you need to carefully think through your actions!

I came across +5 lives in the daily bonus, but my life reserve was not replenished. +5 lives from the daily bonus are added to the received lives! Click on the "Life" button (in the shape of a heart) in the lower left corner to see the lives received from teammates and from the daily bonus.

Where is the Contact Us button? The Contact Us button is located in the upper right corner of the FAQ and looks like a chat message icon.

Toon Blast: Facebook Account and Settings

My progress was deleted after logging in or logging out of my Facebook account. The guest account and the Facebook account are different from each other and do not synchronize with each other. If you have already used a Facebook account and do not want to start the game from the very beginning, log in to this account again. If you used a guest account, you can log out of your Facebook account and continue from where you left off.

Please note that the guest account is saved only on your device. If you change or format the device, the guest account will not be saved. We recommend playing through your Facebook account.

How to change my Facebook account? If you have the Facebook application installed on your device, you can easily change your account by following these steps:

  1. Open Toon Blast and log out of your Facebook account;
  2. Open the Facebook app;
  3. Log out of the current account;
  4. Log in to another Facebook account;
  5. Open the game and sign in to the same Facebook account.

If the Facebook application is not installed on your device, follow these steps:

  1. Open Toon Blast and log out of your Facebook account;
  2. Click the "Sign in with Facebook" button and enter your account information;
  3. When a confirmation message appears, click the compass icon in the lower right corner to open the Safari browser;
  4. Log in to your Facebook account in the Safari browser;
  5. Sign in to your other Facebook account in the Toon Blast app.

I don’t see Facebook friends. After installing the game, you did not include all the necessary permissions. Therefore, while you can not see your friends from Facebook. However, this can be easily fixed by following these steps:

  1. Open the Facebook app;
  2. Open the settings. (Icon with three parallel lines);
  3. Scroll down to the "Settings" section and click the "Account Settings" button;
  4. Click the "Applications" button;
  5. Click the "Signed in with Facebook" button;
  6. Find the Toon Blast app and click on it;
  7. In the menu that opens, check the "Friends list" item, after which you can see friends in Toon Blast.

Is it possible to save progress not only with Facebook? If synchronization with a cloud service is available on your device, the progress in Toon Blast will be saved in it automatically for both devices if they use the same cloud account.

Please note that an iOS device can only be synchronized with another iOS device, this rule is also true for Android devices.

Can I send lives to my Facebook friends? You can send and receive lives from teammates! Therefore, in order to exchange lives with a friend from Facebook, you must be part of the same team.

I can’t invite a friend or find him on the leaderboard. If your friend has denied the application access to Facebook friends, you cannot send him an invitation or see him on the leaderboard. In this case, a friend needs to allow Toon Blast to access his Facebook friend list!

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