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WAR AND ORDER is an Android game with a release date of 04/05/2016 from Camel Games Limited. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gameplay Secrets
  2. Crafting Equipment. Blacksmith functions
  3. Buildings in the game
  4. Persistent Events Overview
  5. Alliance Guide
  6. Player Account

War and Order: Gameplay Secrets

What is war and order? A dark cloud covers this ancient continent, distorting it with war and hunger. Now people are rallying together by the light of their hearts in search of a better future with their leader! Develop your territory by uniting more allies and protecting your people. Upgrading buildings, training soldiers, researching new technologies, gathering resources, joining an alliance and fighting the monsters of the world are all great ways to expand your territory! Talk to your allies more often and they will become an important part of your WaO experience.

How do I get resources? Your city has special blocks for the construction of resource buildings. Once you’ve built them, you can collect resources regularly. Upgrade resource buildings to increase their productivity. Building more can significantly increase your resource base, but space is limited, so be careful with how you allocate it for new buildings. Resource points appear randomly on the world map.

Choose one and click "Collect" to send a certain number of soldiers to take this place and collect its resources. It takes time to collect resources. The exact amount of time depends on the load characteristics of your army. When they finish collecting, your troops will automatically return to your city. The world map also randomly spawns Elite Resource Points that produce more resources than regular resources. Join an alliance to collect elite resources on the territory of your alliance.

You can only collect from elite resources in the territory of your alliance.

How do I attack monsters? The world map is covered with formidable monsters of different types and levels. The number in front of the monster’s name indicates its level. For the first kill of a monster of a new level, you will receive a particularly high reward. For repeated kills, you can earn resources or even the lord’s experience as a reward. Kill low level monsters to be able to challenge the next level monsters.

For example, you must defeat a level 1 monster before you can challenge a level 2 monster. Kill monsters on the territory of your alliance for a chance to win bonus rewards. When fighting monsters, some soldiers will be injured and sent to the Hospital. If there is not enough room in the hospital, the remaining wounded will die automatically.

How can I protect myself? To keep your city safe from battle, you can use items that protect your city from attack (however, troops outside your city will not be protected). You can send your troops to gather with other allies on the elite resource tile in your territory, or send them to strengthen a relatively high-level ally’s city. None of these methods fully protect your troops, but they can help reduce your chances of loss in the event of an attack.

How to increase combat power? Recruiting soldiers, building and upgrading buildings, researching new technologies, and recruiting defensive golems are all ways to increase your combat power.

My castle is on fire! What should I do? If another player crosses your castle wall (which means that your defense failed), it will start burning. While burning, your defenses will constantly drop. Once your lock is on fire, simply log in to start a countdown of the burning time, after which the fire will go out automatically. You can also spend 100 gems at any time to instantly extinguish the fire and restore full protection.

The base wall burn time is 1 hour, but the exact time will depend on the degree of attack. When the wall burns out, the fire will be extinguished automatically. You can spend gems to extinguish the fire at any time by clicking Castle Wall - Defense - Extinguish. When the defense of the castle wall reaches 0, your castle will be randomly teleported to a new location. After teleportation, your defenses will automatically be fully restored.

What is a rally? Rally is a group attack. Team up with your allies to attack another player’s castle, attack a monster, or explore the ruins. The rally sponsor will have to wait a certain amount of time during which other players can join the rally. When the waiting time expires, the rallying army will automatically move towards its target.

To start or join a meeting, you must build a Hall of War and be a member of the alliance. The maximum number of soldiers who can join the rally will be determined by the sponsor’s War Hall level. Each player can send only one army to the Meeting. Only the sponsor can disband the rally, and only before the waiting time expires. Once the draw starts, the sponsor will need to use the Rally Recall item to cancel the Rally attack.

I want to be king! An alliance leader who successfully captures the crown and guards the crown will have the right to appoint any player of his choice as king. If they do not elect a King within a certain period of time, they will automatically become King.

What does the king get? Bonuses:

The King has the right to appoint any player to the following positions: Grand Duke, Treasurer, Quartermaster, Engineer, Knight, Commander, Baron, Scientist, Rebel, Servant, Bandit, Condemned, Thief, Clown, Fool, and Tramp. The stats of assigned players will increase or decrease depending on their position.

How can I get help from my allies? First, make sure you build an embassy and join an alliance. Then your allies can help you with resources and reinforcements. At your embassy, you can check your current reinforcements both inside and outside your castle. The level of your embassy determines how many reinforcements can be left in your castle outside of combat.

How can I send more marching armies? Research Legion technology at your college to unlock another marching army. You start out with 2 marching armies, but as you explore each level of the Legion, you can unlock a total of 3 more as you level up. When you reach VIP level 7, VIP activation will also unlock an additional march.

Can I bookmark the map? You can bookmark any places on the world map that you want to remember. There are three bookmark options: Mark, Friendly, and Enemy. Just tap anywhere on the world map and then tap the pop-up coordinates to bookmark it. Tap the book icon on the left side of the world map screen to find or delete old bookmarks.

Lord’s skills. When you level up your Lord, you get a certain amount of skill points. Use skill points to improve your lord skills. Lord’s skills are divided into 2 types: War and Development. However, you will only have enough skill points to fully activate one type. Distribute points carefully! The Lord’s skills are organized in a tree, which means that you have to activate lower level skills in order to access higher level skills. Using skill points, activate and improve skills that will allow you to increase your stats.

Lord’s equipment. Equip the right equipment to enhance all kinds of abilities. Currently, there are 6 types of equipment, each of which can be installed in a separate slot. The equipment has 5 possible quality levels: white, green, blue, purple and orange. The equipment is forged by the Blacksmith.

Buffs. Buffs are consumables that can temporarily make you stronger in many ways. Tap your city and then tap Buffs to see all the ways you can power up your city. Stat enhancing items usually have an effective time of 2H, 8H, or 1D, although items of different durations can sometimes be won in sets or events. Production items usually have a duration of 1H, 8H, or 1D, although items of different durations can sometimes be won in sets or events.

Types of buffs :

Ratings. Click Lord Information - Ranking to see a list of all ranks. Rankings are the most direct way to test your strength or the strength of your alliance, and ranking up is a way to show your prestige. There are currently 6 different ratings: Alliance Strength Rating, Alliance Kill Rating, Alliance Territory Rating, Lord Power Rating, Lord Kill Rating, Lord City Rating.

Invite friends. After linking a third-party account, you can send friend invitations. Your invited friend must use your invitation to enter the game before it is considered successful. If your invited friends buy gems, you will receive a reward of 5% of the total purchase. When the total number of successfully invited friends reaches 1, 3, 7, and 12, you will receive additional system rewards. When each of your invited friends reaches castle level 5, 10, 15, and 19, you will also receive corresponding rewards. Click Invite in the Event Hall to check the status of the invitation and entry.

How can I get free gems?

  1. Completing some important quests will give free gems.
  2. You will receive free gems when you first join the alliance.
  3. Collect gems in mines on the world map to collect free gems.
  4. Participate in limited-time events to earn huge gems.
  5. Log in to the daily rewards on the merchant ship to receive weekly gems.
  6. Raise the level of your lord to get a certain amount of gems.
  7. Defeated monsters on the world map have a chance to drop gems.
  8. You will receive gems as a reward every time you update the game to the latest version.
  9. When purchasing events, you can get additional free bonus Gems when purchasing Gems.
  10. You can also get free gems as part of the daily prize.
  11. If you signed up for a monthly card, you can collect gems daily while the card is active.

What are the benefits of VIP? When you activate VIP, you will receive many special perks that will allow you to grow much faster than the average player. Log in every day to receive VIP points. Log in for a few days to earn more VIP points. You must activate a VIP to use the privileges for your VIP level.

Every time you upgrade your VIP level, your VIP status is automatically activated for 24 hours, completely free of charge. You can also use VIP points items to increase your VIP level. When you activate VIP, you can also use the quick search function on the world map to save time searching for resource mines and monsters.

Hero bonuses:

War and Order: Crafting Equipment. Blacksmith functions

Blacksmith. When your Castle reaches level 5, you will unlock a blacksmith. The main function of the Blacksmith is to forge equipment and melt its materials.

Forging equipment. Equipment Materials: Each piece of equipment requires several specific materials to craft. The higher the quality of your materials, the more chances you have to create higher quality equipment. The higher the quality of your equipment, the higher its characteristics.

How to get materials for equipment. You can buy material chests in the store. Open them to get materials of different quality. Defeat monsters on the world map, and they will also have a chance to get materials.

Equipment quality. The equipment has 5 different quality levels: white, green, blue, purple and orange. The higher the quality of the equipment, the higher its characteristics will be.

Equipment forging rules. The final quality of forged equipment depends on the materials from which it is made. The higher the quality of your materials, the higher the quality of your equipment.

If your chance to forge is not 100%, you will not be able to successfully forge equipment of this quality.

Rules for combining materials. Materials can be combined in 5 different quality levels: white, green, blue, purple and orange. 5 white materials can be combined into 1 green material, and so on.

Disassembly of equipment. The equipment can be disassembled to obtain melting materials. Each of the materials will drop 1 quality level, but you will receive 3 of each type.

War and Order: Buildings in the game

Lock. Your Castle is the most important building in your city. Upgrade your castle to unlock more buildings and upgrade higher level buildings. Click City Info for an overview of your city, including current resource production, total army, army details, and maintenance costs. Click "Buffs" to use items and effects to temporarily increase the characteristics of the city, which will help you develop your city faster.

Construction queue. Here you will see the time remaining until the buildings under construction. Click to go directly to this building. Use the Golden Hammer item or spend 200 gems to hire a second construction queue for the day, which will allow you to build two buildings at once.

Barracks. A wide variety of soldiers can be hired in the barracks. The level and number of troops you can hire depends on the level of your barracks and the level of the training ground. You can also find the option to fire unneeded soldiers by looking at the appropriate recruitment page in the barracks.

Training grounds. Upgrade your training ground to increase the number of soldiers you can recruit at the same time.

You can build more training grounds to recruit more soldiers, but remember to be careful with how you allocate your space.

Hospital. Soldiers wounded in combat will automatically be sent to the Hospital to await treatment. If the hospital is full, wounded soldiers who cannot enter will die. Hospital capacity depends on the number and level of medic tents. Build and upgrade as much as possible to keep more wounded soldiers. Of course, you should still remember to make room for other buildings. If you don’t want to waste resources on healing low-level soldiers, you can also simply discharge them.

Medic tents. Your number and level of Medic tents will affect the number of wounded soldiers your hospital can accommodate, so be sure to build and upgrade them more often! Just remember that space is limited, so be sure to leave room for other buildings.

College. At the College, you can do all kinds of technology research. Upgrade the College to unlock higher tier technologies. If you cancel your current research in the middle, you will only get back 50% of the resource cost. Researching each new technology requires the following: upgrade your college to the required level, research all the necessary prior technologies, and make sure you have sufficient resources.

Depot. Here you can store resources to protect them from looting by other players. The higher the level of your depot, the more resources you can protect. If your city’s resources are not being collected, they will not be stored in your warehouse, so remember to collect resources regularly.

Embassy. The higher the level of your embassy, the more times you can receive help from allies and the more reinforcements you can leave in your castle outside of battle. Your embassy level determines the maximum number of aid troops you can receive. If you haven’t created an enemy, you won’t be able to get help. Troops returning to the embassy do not line up in the marching army.

Sending aid is the most effective way to protect your allies as you can deal a lot of damage to invaders.

Hall of War. Your Hall of War unlocks the Rally function. After you join an alliance, you can rally with your allies to unite your armies in a group attack. The maximum number of soldiers who can join the rally is controlled by the sponsor’s War Hall level. You can also increase the maximum by researching the corresponding alliance technology. Rallying is a great way to defeat a super-strong opponent!

Castle wall. The level of your fortress wall determines the defense of your city. You must upgrade your Castle Wall in order to improve the Castle. You can hire defense golems in your city to increase your defense. The maximum number of defensive golems that you can hire depends on your Castle Wall level. When your city is successfully attacked, your Castle Wall will start burning and your defense will gradually decrease. If your defense drops to 0, your city will be forced to move to a random location.

Farm, Sawmill, Stone Mine and Iron Mine. The Farm, Sawmill, Stone Mine, and Iron Mine are all resource production buildings. Upgrade them to increase resource production.

Watch tower. Your Watchtower serves as the guardians of your city. She will sound the alarm when your city is under attack or reconnaissance so you can prepare your defense. As you update it, it will be able to provide you with more detailed and accurate information about the armies of other players. It will also tell you when an ally is sending reinforcements or resources, although the warning is different from when you are under attack.

Drilling sites. Your Drilling Pads determine the maximum size of your marching army. Upgrade it to increase your army size limit. Here you can also check and edit your saved army formations to send your own armies faster and more efficiently.

Hall for events. Your Event Room gives you quick access to the Prize Draw, Daily Quest, Invitation, and Event pages, regardless of your current level.

  1. Daily Quests: According to your daily activity, complete certain tasks to win a fixed number of points. After collecting enough points, you can collect the corresponding rewards and proceed to the next level of rewards.
  2. Events: View all current special and cyclic events here and learn how to claim event prizes.
  3. Invite: Invite friends to join WaO through a linked third-party account to earn rich rewards.
  4. Prize Draw: Give away random prizes for a chance to get the most coveted items. You have a chance to win one free item every day, and after that, each draw will have a certain value.
If you pull out the bomb, your prize draw will end. If you pull out the crystal ball, congratulations: you can play another prize, but it will cost you a crystal coin. If you do not like your current prize, you can refuse it and start drawing again.

Merchant ship. Visit a merchant ship to receive daily rewards, subscribe to a monthly card, and buy the items you need. Go to Merchant Ship - Daily Reward to receive your login reward every day. Go to Merchant Ship - Monthly Card Rewards to buy a monthly card and receive more daily rewards. Go to Merchant Ship - Merchant to make special limited-time offers on certain items or sell resources for shells, which you can use to buy more from the merchant.

How do I move city buildings? If you are not satisfied with the layout of your building, you can click on your castle, then on Details, and then on move the building to start rearranging buildings. Note that moving a building consumes a Move Building item or 200 gems.

How can I move my castle? You can use teleports to move the castle:

  1. Random teleportation. Sometimes you may need to get out of a difficult situation, but you may not have enough gems or items to choose the perfect location. Or maybe you don’t care where you go since it’s new. Then you can use the item "Random Teleport" or spend 500 gems, and your castle will be transferred to a random location on the world map.
  2. Elite teleport. Sometimes, you may need to travel to a specific location in order to be ready for battle. Then you can simply click on the selected location on the map to use the Elite Teleport item, or spend 2000 gems and transfer to the selected location.
  3. Territorial teleport. The Territory Teleporter exists to help you move more easily within your alliance or alliance territory at a much lower cost than the Elite Teleporter. If your castle is already 100% within the boundaries of an alliance or union territory and your territory meets the minimum size requirements, you just need to use the "Territorial Teleport" item or spend 700 gems to move to the selected location in your territory.
  4. Teleportation between worlds. If you meet all the conditions, you can teleport by simply browsing the map of the globe, choosing the world you want, and clicking anywhere on the earth in that world to teleport there using the elite teleporter.

War and Order: Persistent Events Overview

War of the Crown. The event takes place approximately once a week, and the exact start time is counted on the main screen. The War of the Crown is divided into two phases: Capturing the Crown and Guarding the Crown. The victorious alliance will be able to name the King.

  1. Capturing the crown. After the War of the Crown begins, you must occupy the Royal City and the surrounding Royal Towers as quickly as possible. Your alliance will earn points based on how long you have been in each building. The alliance with the most points at the end of the phase will successfully capture the crown.
  2. Guarding the crown. An alliance that successfully captures the crown will return it to their alliance castle. If he can successfully defend the crown within 5 hours and prevent another alliance from successfully attacking the castle and not stealing the crown, then the crown will officially belong to him. The winning alliance can then call any player king.

While in power, the King will enjoy many special benefits and can also change the Kingdom’s flag, name, and resource allocation. The king can also appoint any players he wishes as officials or criminals, granting them benefits or punishments according to their positions.

Ancient ruins. The ancient ruins are full of treasures. You must rally with your allies to explore the Ruins. There are 10 floors in the Ancient Ruins. There are many more monsters on each floor than on the previous one. As soon as you complete the research, your rewards will be sent to you by in-game mail. Each player can explore the Ruins up to 2 times a day.

The strongest lord. Events The Strongest Lord is divided into several phases. At each stage, players will focus on a specific game function in order to earn points. At each stage, while players collect a certain number of points, they can receive rewards sent to their game mail. After a certain time after the opening of each new Kingdom, the server will automatically start the cycle of events of the Strongest Lord. Starting from the first opening of events, they will repeat periodically. Details of the specific event and time will be displayed on the event screen in the event hall. Event types:

At each phase of the event, as long as you collect the required number of points, the rewards for the event will be sent directly to your in-game mail. For specific rewards, check the event screen in the event hall.

War and Order: Alliance Guide

How to create an alliance? You can create or join an alliance as soon as you complete the beginner training. Click the "Alliance" button to open the alliance screen. The first time you create or join an alliance, you will receive a reward of 200 gems. Alliance creation costs only 200 crystals. Just enter the name and alias of your alliance and if they are not busy, your alliance will be created. You can change the language of your alliance in the alliance settings.

How do I disband or leave an alliance? How can I change the leader of the alliance? Each lord can only join one alliance. If you want to join a new alliance, you must first leave the current one. To leave an alliance, click Alliance - Manage Alliance - Leave Alliance. If the leader of the alliance wants to leave, he must choose "Dissolve the alliance" or first transfer the leadership to another member. If the leader of the alliance is not logged in within 3 days, the system automatically transfers the leadership to another member.

How can I change my rank in my alliance? All members of the alliance above rank 3 can change the rating of other members if these members are of a lower rank than themselves.

How do I change my alliance flag? Choose from standard flag shapes, emblems and colors to create a unique flag. Then you only need to spend 200 crystals to save the creation of the flag and it will appear on your flags on the world map. You can also use the Custom Flag option to upload an image you like and associate it with a custom effect. Keeping your own flag costs 2,000 gems. Only members of rank 4+ can create an alliance flag.

How can I change the name of my alliance? You can change the name and nickname of the alliance in the alliance settings. There is, of course, a small fee to change it. Only the leader of the alliance can change the name and nickname.

How do I change the language of the alliance? Click Alliance - Alliance Management - Alliance Settings. Only the leader of the alliance can change the language of the alliance.

Alliance donations and technologies. The higher your alliance technology level, the more benefits the members of your alliance will receive. Donate to Alliance Technologies to earn Honor Points and Alliance Points. Alliance points belong to the entire alliance, but you can use the alliance honor to buy items in the alliance store. Donations from the alliance have a cooldown.

When you reach the maximum, you will have to wait for the cooldown to run out before you can donate again. When one technological research is completed, all members of the alliance will instantly receive technological bonuses, and the next technological level will become available to start research.

Alliance territory. After your alliance castle is built, the surrounding territory will become your alliance territory. Defeat monsters in your territory to get bonus rewards. You can build alliance buildings with different functions on your territory. The process of building any alliance building is the same as building an alliance castle. All members of the alliance can build alliance flags to increase the area of your alliance territory. Building alliance flags costs a certain amount of gems.

Alliance buildings. Build an alliance castle to unlock other alliance buildings. Alliance buildings can be attacked. If their defense reaches 0, they will be removed automatically. If the alliance castle is removed, the fort will also be removed, but the other buildings of the alliance will not be damaged. You can also check in real time the status of all elite mines on the alliance building screens and go directly to the elite mine by clicking on its coordinates.

Port tower. The port tower can instantly send an army over long distances, but it must be connected to the port gate. Like other alliance buildings, the port tower can be built instantly. Like the fort, it cannot be attacked or explored. However, if your alliance castle is destroyed, your port tower will disappear. The port tower must be built on the territory of your alliance.

The Port Tower works in conjunction with the Port Gate to instantly send armies straight to your enemy, launching a huge battle with them when they least expect it. Each player can only send 1 army to the Port Tower at a time. Then use the port attack option to lead your army from the port gate to the enemy. When the battle is over, they will return directly to your castle. Only the leader of the alliance and his deputies can build the port tower.

Port gates. The port gate works in conjunction with the port tower. Construction takes 8 hours and costs a certain amount of gems or alliance points. Port gates can be built outside the territory of your alliance, but you cannot build one in the territory of another alliance if it is not the territory of the alliance. Only the leader of the alliance and his deputies can build a port gate.

The port gate is a temporary building. As soon as they are built, their defense will drop by 2 points per minute, and for each successful attack - by 60 points. When defense drops to 0, they will disappear. So pay close attention to build times and use them when they open.

Elite mines. New elite mines will randomly appear on the world map, which can only be collected if they are located on the territory of your alliance. Armies in elite mines will receive a bonus to the gathering speed. Elite mines will not disappear when they are depleted. Instead, they will recover their resources over time. There is no limit to the number of elite mines you can have on your territory. You can check your current elite mines on the alliance buildings screen.

Territory boss. The event can be activated by the leader of the alliance once a week if the territory of your alliance exceeds 500. As soon as the event is activated, random boss monsters will be generated on your territory. Kill monster bosses to earn rewards and points. At the end of the week, alliances will be ranked according to their total points earned. The highest ranked alliances will receive bonus rewards.

Alliance relationship. There are 3 types of allied relationships: Union, Fellowship, and Enemy. Once the alliance relationship is established, both parties will receive an email notification. Both members of the Union cannot attack each other, and they can gather on each other’s territory without taxes. The territory of the allied alliance will be marked in blue on the world map.

Each alliance can join two alliances. Friendly alliances will be marked in brown on the map. If you attempt to attack a friendly target, you will receive a pop-up reminder asking you to confirm before continuing, which will help prevent misunderstandings.

Enemy alliances will be marked in red. Be careful when you see red players on the map. They can attack you at any moment.

Alliance help. Press the "Help" button above the embassy to immediately help all allies, or "Help them" on the "Alliance" screen. When you upgrade buildings, research new technologies, or heal injured soldiers, you can ask your allies for help. Their help will reduce the time needed. The number of times you can get help depends on the level of your embassy.

Alliance store. Alliance members can earn alliance honor by making donations or participating in certain events. Alliance members can spend their honor in the alliance store to buy the items they need. The Alliance will also earn Alliance Points when members donate and participate in certain activities. Members with a 4th or 4th rank can spend alliance points to add items to the alliance store.

What is all mail? To make managing the alliance convenient for the Leader or R4 members, the All Mail function is provided. Alliance members can use all mail whenever they want to communicate something to the entire alliance.

How to use all mail? Click Alliance - Group Chat and leave all alliance members selected. Any member of the alliance can send alliance mail, but to ensure that the leader of the alliance and members of rank 4 can give clear orders, it is recommended that all mail be used sparingly.

Alliance statues. Every day, the top 3 alliances (taken at the time of the server update) will present their flags in front of the Royal City as a symbol of their power. Players can send flowers to their pet from the best alliances. Each player can only send flowers once a day. You get a reward for sending flowers. Alliances that receive flowers will receive Alliance Points as a reward.

War and Order: Player Account

How do I change my account? Each third-party account can be associated with two accounts in each area. Each time you use the Start New Game feature, you must manually link a new account. It will not be saved with the previous account. Go to Settings - Account - Change Account to switch between accounts. Switch from your new account to another world: Castle Map - World Map - World Map, then select the kingdom you want to move to. You will need an elite teleporter, otherwise it will cost you 2000 gems.

If you want to switch the world using an account, you should know that for the balance of each kingdom, Players can teleport between different Kingdoms, but only if your castle is still at level 7 or below and the total resources in your account are less than 4 million (if this account has a purchase history) or 2 million (if this account does not have a purchase history), and the account creation time must be within 2 days.

How can I play with my account on a new device? Link your account first before switching devices. Then just download War and Order on your new device and log in using your username and password.

How do I get my account back? Due to systemic reasons or illegal activities, even if the account is linked, it will sometimes be impossible to restore your account. If this happens, contact the official support team as soon as possible.

How do I change my avatar? On the Account page, tap your avatar portrait to open the avatar selection screen. Select the portrait you like and click Change Avatar to confirm the change. If you do not have the Change Avatar item, 200 gems will be automatically deducted from you. If you have one, find the Change avatar item in the package and click "Use".

Select the portrait you like and click "Change avatar" to confirm the change. If you don’t have a matching item, you can buy it from the Store.

You can also click the Customize Avatar button to upload your photo and use it as your avatar. After your custom avatar is uploaded, a short verification period is required. If the check fails, the custom avatar will not be displayed. Loading a custom avatar costs Gems or Change Avatar item.

How do I upload my own avatar? On the avatar screen, tap "Customize Avatar" to upload one of your favorite images. Once the image is uploaded, it will go into the system’s approval process. Once he goes through this process, he will automatically become your avatar. If the approval of the system fails, you will receive a game letter with the corresponding consequences.

Custom avatars depicting insulting, violent, pornographic, racist, and / or political or religious extremist content are prohibited.

How do I upload my own flag? On the Change Flag screen, use the Custom Flag option to upload an image of your choice, which you can then pair with a set effect of your choice to create a unique flag. Once it goes through this process, it will automatically become your flag. If the approval of the system fails, you will receive a game letter with the corresponding consequences.

How to link a game account? Click on your avatar, then click on "Account", then click on "Link Account" to use the linking account option. Currently, you can link your account to Facebook, Google+ or Game Center. Once you’ve successfully linked your account, you can sign in from any device. Each third party account can link up to two game accounts on the server.

How can I change my name? If you have one, find the item "Change the name of the lord" in the package and click "Use". Enter your new name and click the "Change Name" button to confirm. If the username is available, the change is complete. On the Account page, click the name change icon next to your username. Enter your new name and click the "Change Name" button to confirm. If you do not have the item "Change Lord’s name", you will automatically receive 200 gems.

Your username and city name match. If you need the Change Lord’s Name item, you can buy it in the Store.

How do I block other players? In the mailing list, click on the avatar of any player so that the "Block" button appears. Block them to avoid receiving their messages. They will then appear on your blocked list. You can Unblock a player to start receiving messages from him again. Go to Settings - Block user - Unblock.

The blocking function can only block messages from players. This cannot stop them from attacking you.

Can I return gems after using them? Not. All in-game actions that require gems will have a confirmation popup. For example, when you spend gems to buy a boost or an item, a window will pop up asking if you want to confirm. You must select "Confirm" to complete the action and spend gems.

What is Battery Saver Mode? To help you enjoy the game longer away from the power cord, a battery saving mode has been added to the game in the "Other settings" section. Activating it will sacrifice a small amount of graphics quality to save a lot of power, allowing you to play longer before recharging.

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