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Warframe WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

WARFRAME is a client game on a computer from Digital Extremes. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Trading Guide and Safe Trading Tips
  2. Clan and Dojo Guide
  3. Mods, Forge and Shop
  4. Quest Overview
  5. Prime access and prime storage

Warframe: Trading Guide and Safe Trading Tips

How to trade? Go to the Trading Kiosk and, performing a contextual action, start Trading:

  1. In the interface of the Trading Kiosk there will be all the players in the dojo with whom you can trade.
  2. Select the player with whom you want to start the exchange, and click on the "Exchange" button.
  3. The user will receive a notification that you want to start an exchange with him. After the player accepts the invitation, the exchange will begin.
  4. Both players simultaneously choose the things that they want to exchange. By clicking on one of the 4 empty slots, you can choose a thing to exchange. After you have chosen a thing, the recipient will be charged with a tax on this thing, which depends on its rarity.
  5. Both players must have enough credits to pay the Trade Tax, otherwise the exchange cannot be completed.
  6. Platinum can be selected by only one player and only in one of the slots (Platinum to Platinum exchange is not allowed).
  7. After completing the selection of things you should click the "Ready for Exchange" button.
  8. After you have accepted the deal, you must wait until the second player accepts the deal or changes the offer.
  9. Both players must re-confirm the deal each time the offer changes. You can also change the offer or cancel the exchange.
  10. Once both players are ready to exchange, a new button will appear, "Accept Exchange". As soon as both players click "Accept Exchange" - you will see a funny animation and the exchange will be completed!

How do I build a Trading Post? You can place a Trading Post as a decoration for a dojo. To do this:

  1. Go to the room settings panel and find the Trading Post in the menu "Set decoration".
  2. Install Trading Post in the dojo.
  3. Contribute resources to build.
  4. Wait for the completion of the Trading Post or speed up the process using Platinum.

How can I invite friends to trade with me if they are not in my clan? The friends you want to trade with do not have to be in your clan. Just invite him / her to your dojo through your friends list.

Should a person be on my friends list so that I can trade with him? Or can it be any invited person? The person with whom you trade does not have to be on your list of friends. You can trade with anyone who is in the dojo with you, regardless of how he entered the dojo.

Can I talk with the person I’m trading with? Yes, for this there is a private chat window with the person with whom you are trading at the moment.

Can I cancel a trade at any time? Yes, you can cancel a trade at any time simply by leaving the trade menu.

What if the game crashed during the trading process? If your game crashed during the trading process, then another player will receive a notification that you are out. He will have a choice - to cancel the trading process or resume it when you return.

How many times a day can I trade? The number of available trading operations per day depends on your rank of skill (with an additional limit of +2 for founders). The number of available trading operations resumes every day, at the very moment when focus points and syndicates resume.

You must have a Mastery Rank of 2 or higher to trade.

Can I trade those things that are not in the trading interface? No, trading is limited only to those things that are in the trading interface. Players who trade in goods or services that are not in the trading interface may lose their right to trade, receive a warning on their account or permanent blocking of their accounts.

Can I create a contest with prizes that will be transferred through trade? Yes. But at the same time, developers are not responsible for any unofficial contests and giveaways. And, accordingly, no support is provided in case of disputes and misunderstandings.

What is a "Clan Trade Tax"? A clan trade tax is an additional tax that can be set by the clan. It is calculated as a percentage of regular trade tax. When the exchange is completed, the clan trade tax credits will be credited to the Vault of the clan in whose dojo the exchange was conducted.

How do I change the Clan Trade Tax? In the interface of the Trading Kiosk there is a button "Change Clan Trading Tax". In the proposed menu, you will need to change the tax value from 0 to 100.

You can change the clan trade tax only if you have the role of "Treasurer".

What can I trade with?

1. Fashion. All Mods from your inventory can be traded, including Legendary Kernels. There are no restrictions on rarity (you can exchange rare for unusual). The mods installed in your items will have a blue icon in the lower right corner of the mod. They are also available for trading, but you will be warned that this Mod will be removed from your item (s).

You cannot trade "Ability / Commandment" Mods from any Companion / Guard that you have, unless you have a duplicate of this mod. This is similar to the trading rules of the "Mods" mods.

2. Keys and relics. All Mission keys (including trial keys) and Relics can be traded. Special components, such as the coordinates of Mutalist Alad V, can also be traded. Clan Keys are not traded.

3. Platinum. Only purchased Platinum can be used in the trading process. There is no minimum / maximum amount of Platinum that you can use during trading. Your starting 50 Platinum cannot be used for trading. As well as platinum received for winning various competitions, live streams, promotions, etc. - not subject to trade. Platinum received through Exchanges is considered "purchased."

4. Parts of prime weapons. Any Prime Weapon, which consists of several components, in addition to the main drawing, can be used in trade. Only those Prime Components that fall out as separate parts can be used in trade.

You cannot make a deal if your Mastery Level is lower than that required for this weapon.

5. Prime drawings. Any Prime drawing can be used in trade. Keep in mind that if these drawings were already created by you in the Forge, they cannot be used in trade.

6. Parts of the Archwing weapon. All parts of Archwing’s weapons can be used in trade.

7. Mystical helmets and mystical improvements. Any assembled Mystic Helmet can be used in trade. Keep in mind, only collected Helmets can be used in trade. Helmets that have been enhanced by mystical upgrades cannot be exchanged. All hoaxes gained for defeating Theralist / Gantulist / Hydrolist can be used in trade.

8. Mods, weapons of syndicates and Baro Ki’tiir. Any special syndicate mod and any unused syndicate weapon can be used in trade.

Keep in mind that even 1 experience point in a weapon will make it inaccessible to trade.

9. Rewards from outings. The legendary Core, Fault Mods, and Sculptures obtained from sorties can be obtained through trade.

10. Drawings of landing ships and Antitoxin. All drawings of landing ships can be obtained through trade. All Antitoxin from Operation Cicero / Earth Crisis can be used in trade. (Topaz, Vermillion, Citrine, Beryl, Amethyst, Lapis).

11. Imprints of Kubrau and Cavat. All Fingerprints of Kubrau and Kavatov can be used in trade.

12. Focus lenses. This applies only to ordinary Focus Lenses; Large Focus Lenses and Eidolon Lenses cannot be used in trade.

13. Other items. Gems and Fish can be obtained through trade. Ayatan Stars, like Sculptures, are commercially available.

It is not permitted to sell items from other games in Warframe, as there is no guarantee that your items will be delivered.

Safe Trading Tips

Trading with your comrades - Tenno is a big part of the gameplay in Warframe. While most of the players use the trading system with good intentions, some players act differently. To help protect yourself from fraud, refrain from the following:

1. The main rule. Always check two or even three times that you get exactly the thing that you agreed in advance with another player. Being overly attentive never hurts, Tenno!

2. Changes to the trading interface. Along with the release of Update 17 on Consoles, you may notice some changes in the trading interface. From this moment, if a player has made changes in his proposal, the system will notify you of this immediately. You will need to double-check and accept the changes if you want to continue the exchange.

3. Failures and Bugs with Platinum. Some players may offer you to create a trading session in which the "Bug / Glitch with Platinum" will be used and they promise you that the amount of platinum will be doubled in the Trading Interface. Given that these same "Bugs and Glitches" do not exist, players can make a deal and leave you without platinum. Be doubly cautious when approving an exchange. The amount of platinum that you confirmed in the exchange window will be equal to the amount of platinum that you will receive after the exchange (despite claims to the contrary).

4. Founder Codes. Codes that unlock the Founders’ content for Warframe do not exist. Refrain from trading with players who offer you items / codes that have not been announced or made available by the Developers themselves.

5. Ancient Kernels "vs" Legendary Kernels. Unlike the Legendary Kernels, Ancient kernels do not have the ability to increase the rank of a mod to its maximum. Keep this in mind when players try to sell you the Ancient Core under the guise of Legendary. For comparison:

6. Trading items not from Warframe. Trading in-game items for non-Warframe items (including real money) is a gross violation of the Terms of Use / EULA and may lead to permanent account blocking. If things cannot be exchanged, then such an exchange is not supported by the game.

7. Trade in Kubrau and Kavatami. Please be careful and check the breed and appearance of those Kubrau and Kavatov prints that you receive by clicking on the "View Suggested Prints" button in the Trade Interface menu. Make sure that the fingerprint offered to you is correct before you buy it! Icons for the respective breeds of Kavat and Kubrau are presented in the figure below:

If you accidentally did one of the things on this list, then report it to the User Support Center, describing the details and attaching a screenshot confirming what happened. Keep in mind: if the exchange was completed, the developers will not be able to cancel it, so be very careful!

Warframe: Clan and Dojo Guide

What are clans and dojos? A clan is a group of players in a team that receives the benefits of the game, which are available only to members of the clan. Clans can build dojos, explore special game items available only for clans, take events as a team, get ranks in the clan table and load emblems created by players that help distinguish clans from each other.

Clans on the console and PC are completely different game units. Clans on the console cannot be part of clans on the PC and vice versa. Players from RS clans cannot visit console clans and vice versa.

Types of clans. Clan dividing is a method that helps organize them in size and at the same time use the dojo at full capacity for a clan of any size. Each type of clan has a separate governing body and each clan competes only with the clan of the same size. The clan’s rank increases if they build the necessary size of the hut, in order from smallest to largest. Types of clans are organized as follows:

  1. Phantom: maximum 10 members. Construction and research are carried out at basic prices.
  2. Shadow: Max. 30. Construction and research are about 3 times more expensive than base prices.
  3. Storm: Max. 100. Construction and research are about 10 times more expensive than base prices.
  4. Mountain: Max. 300. Construction and research are about 30 times more expensive than base prices.
  5. Lunar : Max. 1000. Buildings and research are about 100 times more expensive than base prices.

Clan Powers. The following is a list of credentials and their explanation:

Clan ranks. Each clan member has a rank. The creator of the clan automatically receives the title of military leader and has all the rights available to him. All newly arrived players start from the initial rank and can be promoted by a player who has the right to raise ranks. The names and rights of other players may be changed by the Clan Ruler. The following is a list of the default ranks of clan members and their typical rights:

Commander’s additional right. Another right that only a military leader has is to replace the room for appearing in any room using the console in the room you wish to replace.

Important for creators / commanders and the rules of the clan’s internal developers. A player who is promoted to military leader cannot be demoted or removed from the clan, so if you are the founder of the clan, be careful when upgrading clan members to this rank. The exception is clans created after Update 13, where clan creators have the right to downgrade or remove other clan commanders.

If the creator of the clan or the military leader is inactive for 30 days or more, they can be replaced according to the request sent to the support service (the developers want all the clans to function normally, which is impossible without at least one active military leader). According to the rules of Digital Extremes, developers do not interfere in the internal affairs of the clan and other problems between the military leaders and members of the clan and ask to resolve these issues on their own, without their participation.

Invitation to the clan. To invite to the clan, go to the clan settings by clicking on the dojo on the map of the Solar System and select "Clan Management". then select the invitation option. Type the nickname of the invited player, click Start or OK.

Clan size reduction. If you are a warlord, you can reduce the size of the clan by clicking on "Reduce clan size" in the clan dojo settings. To reduce the size of the clan, the following conditions are necessary:

  1. The barracks you have built must fit the size of the barracks of a smaller clan type. In other words, if you lower the clan from Lunar to Mountain, your barracks should fit the size of the Mountain clan. When resizing from Shadow to Ghost, some huts are not needed.
  2. You cannot have barracks matching your current clan type. That is: if you drop the Storm clan in Shadow, you must first remove the Storm Barracks.
  3. All waiting rooms and decorations should be completed or removed.
  4. The number of clan members must be less than max. the number of clan members you want to replace it with. That is: if you are reducing the Mountain Clan on Storm, you must have 100 or less current clan members.

If the conditions above are met, you can select the "Reduce clan size" menu in the dojo menu. After lowering you will notice a difference in the price of building rooms and decorations, as well as active research, which will be available after the update.

All unnecessary, past expenses will not be returned to you after the clan has been reduced in size. After lowering the type of clan, you will not be able to lower it once again within 60 days.

Clan Ranks and Clan Synthesis

The size of the clan synthesis directly depends on the efforts made to improve the clan. Clan synthesis will be added to the clan rank as a reward on the following conditions:

  1. The first time you created: Oracle Room, Bio, Chem, Energy, Tenno, Orokin Laboratory, duel room and obstacle course room.
  2. The first time you created the Trading Post, Treasury and the Temple of Military Honor.
  3. Upon completion of the clan study.

The amount of synthesis earned during the construction of rooms and decorations is indicated on the corresponding selection screens and synthesis awards can be seen on the corresponding selection screens of clan laboratories. The Research tab is also in the clan profile. This tab lists all clan studies and the current situation for each laboratory. If you have earned enough synthesis to advance to the next rank, a new decoration called the Altar of Ascension will become active and placed in your dojo through the game interface.

To participate in the ceremony, a clan member who meets the necessary requirements should simply interact with the device. To qualify, a player must be in the clan for a certain number of consecutive days corresponding to the rank received. (E.g. 1 day for 1 rank, 7 days for 7 tang, etc.) Depending on the level of your clan, a certain number of members must participate in the ceremony for receiving the Ascension, but without a time limit.

Participants immediately receive Endo as a reward after acting at the Altar, and other clan members will also receive the opportunity to act at the Altar and receive Endo within 72 hours after the end of the Ascension Ceremony. Clan members who have collected enough clan synthesis to rank up will be awarded Endo for each individual rank.

The required number of participants per type is as follows:

The amount of Endo awarded for the Clan Rank is as follows:

When Clan members complete the Ascension Ceremony, it will Rise to the highest Clan Rank available with the current amount of Synthesis.

Clan withdrawal and removal

How can I leave a clan? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the clan’s menu by clicking on the dojo on the map of the Solar System.
  2. Right-click on the nickname in the list of clan members and then click "Leave the clan".
  3. Confirm your intention to leave the clan by clicking OK.

What if I’m a military leader? If you are the only warlord of the clan where other members are present, not the head of the clan, you must upgrade someone to your rank before you leave the clan.

When there are no players left in the clan, it is permanently deleted from the database and can no longer be restored. All spent resources are also permanently deleted! Therefore, finally make sure that you want to delete your clan!

Clan Alliances and Dark Sectors

Alliances are groups of clans united by common features. The maximum alliance size is 4000 "slots" and each alliance can consist of various combinations of clans: Ghost (10 slots), Shadow (30 slots), Storm (100 Slots), Mountain (300 slots) or Lunar (1000 slots). It is important that the total number of slots does not exceed the maximum allowable size of the alliance. For example, an alliance could include 4 Lunar clans, or 400 Ghosts, or 3 Lunar + 100 Ghosts. How many players belong to the clans does not matter.

To create an alliance, open the clan management menu and click on the "Create Alliance" option, then select a name for your alliance. After that, the option "Create Alliance" will be replaced by the option "View Alliance", which makes it possible to invite clans to participate in the Alliance, distribute resources of the Alliance, and also leave the Alliance. Only the clan-creator of the Alliance can invite other clans to join the alliance, in addition, it can exclude clans from the alliance.

The Creator Clan has the ability to distribute Solar Monorail tax credits, as well as contributions to the Alliance between various Alliance Clans. The distribution of storage resources between clans is based on the accepted (excluding applications) members in the clan, relative to the total number of players in the Alliance and is automatically distributed among member clans before the clan is added to the alliance and before the clan leaves the alliance. The creator clan will be able to remove other clans from the alliance, but they will not be able to leave the Alliance (and therefore destroy it) until they are the last clan left in the alliance.

To make a contribution to the vault of the alliance or, alternatively, to the vault of your clan, set the Treasury decoration in one of the rooms of your dojo. This item will also allow you to transfer funds between Clan Vault and Alliance Vault, as well as monitor the balance of funds in both vaults.

Dark Sectors. Orokin Laboratory gives players the opportunity to explore new technologies of the Solar Monorail, as well as build Solar Monorails of Clans and Alliances. Please note that the Dark Sectors are currently in Truce.

Clan Dojo

What is a dojo? A clan dojo is a place where clan members can chat with other Tenno, as well as enjoy many common functional benefits.

How to get access to the dojo? When you first enter or create a dojo, you are given a drawing of a dojo key. You can create this key in the forge. The price for making a key in the forge is 1500 Credits, 1 Morphide, 500 ferrites and 500 polymers. Production time - 12 hours. For 10 Platinum production can be accelerated and get the key immediately.

Once you have taken the key from the forge, you can enter the dojo by clicking on the dojo icon on the map of the solar system, after which you will be taken to the Clan Menu. You can also enter the dojo by selecting "Enter the dojo" in the Clan Menu through the Communication option in the main menu.

How to build rooms? Any player with the rights of an Architect according to their rank can create new rooms in the dojo at the site of the open doors of the nodes. If you have a door with a burning red rim in front of you - this is an open node and you can call the control context menu at this door, which will allow you to choose a room for construction. Left-click on the drawing of the room and you will see the list of necessary components for building rooms.

Information will also be available on which rooms should already be built in the dojo before starting to build this room. When you click on the build button, the task will be placed in the queue and the process of collecting resources will begin. Using the context menu next to the active node, you can get information about the components required in the construction site.

In order to make your part of the components you need to use the "+" option, or simply make the contribution amount from the keyboard. The current limit on the number of rooms in a dojo is 100 rooms. When you reach this limit, all nodes in the rooms will appear as dead ends and you cannot build a new room until you destroy one of the rooms.

Clan Storage. Just above the installment line, you will see a number showing your personal amount of the resource, "P:" and the amount of this resource in the repository of the "X:" clan. If you have the rights of a treasurer, you will always take the necessary resources first from the clan’s repository, and only when they run out - from personal funds.

Requirements for Rooms, destruction and cancellation. Each room has its own requirements for capacity, energy requirements. Capacity is added through the construction of more spacious Clan Halls, and Reactors must be built to receive energy. Construction can be accelerated using Platinum, and only one that was obtained during the course of trading, or purchased on the site.

The initial amount of platinum, which is credited free of charge to each account - 50 platinum, cannot be used for this purpose. Cancellation of construction before all necessary resources are collected will automatically return all invested funds to those players who made these contributions. If you destroy the room after it is already built, then the resources will return to the Clan Storage.

Jewelry. The following information applies to the PC version of the game. Players can place decorations in the help rooms of the room’s console by clicking the "Place Decoration" button or through the dojo menu select the "Decoration" menu and then "Place Decoration". After that, you will have the opportunity to freely move jewelry around the room to choose a place for it. After you have found a place for it, press 1 to call up the decoration selection menu. You can use the left mouse button to move the decoration. The right mouse button is used to remove the decoration.

To place a decoration - press 1 again. You can cancel this process at any time by pressing ESC. When the decoration has already been placed, press 2 to edit the contents of the decoration and add resources, as is done for rooms. After the decoration is completed, it can be deleted through the Edit Decoration menu in the room console, or through the "Place Decoration" menu. You will need to move the mouse cursor over the decoration and use the left mouse button to remove the decoration - then all resources will be credited to the Clan Storage.

Trading Kiosk can be placed in any room with sufficient capacity and sufficient height.

Polychromatic Objects. Polychromatic objects can be placed indoors using the Decorations Menu and allow you to color the rooms in colors studied in Tenno laboratories. You can color a room through the Decorations Menu, placing a polychromatic object as a normal decoration. Make sure that by placing this object you have access to its console (do not place it with the console against the wall, otherwise you will block access to it). The console of the polychromatic object allows you to edit the colors in the room, preview them and finance the painting process. When changes are approved and funded, the painting process will begin and end automatically.

What are parent / child rooms in construction and demolition? When you join a room, starting the construction at some node, it becomes a child of the room to which this node (parent) belongs. In order to destroy the Parent room, you must first destroy all the children. It would be useful to take these relationships into account when building a dojo, because sometimes it will be impossible to remove the parent room due to the existence of a child room that cannot be removed.

If you try to delete a parent room that still has a child room, you will receive an error message and information that you need to delete the child room. If you change the Appearance Room in your dojo - this room will be considered as the central primary room of the entire dojo, which will not have a parent room.

If you have errors when deleting a room and the system indicates the presence of daughter rooms, which is not true - make sure that you are not trying to delete your Appearance Room, and before you can delete it you need to transfer it to the central Dojo Hall or another room and only then can you try again. Only a warlord may designate an Appearance Room in a dojo.

Warframe: Mods, Forge and Shop

What should I do if I purchased an item by accident? If you bought an item by mistake and did not use it, immediately contact support and they will be happy to help solve this problem. You can contact support now. However, if you used an item in the game and gained experience on it, the developers will not be able to cancel the purchase and return the funds to you. If the item was used, it will remain in your inventory.

The polarity. Presented in the figure below:

The form was applied on the wrong weapon or warframe! Unfortunately, after the form has been applied, this action cannot be undone, just as the use of a reactor or catalyst cannot be undone.

I tried to remove the polarity, but could not, and now I have lost the Form and the rank of my item has been reset. This most likely happened because you chose the wrong polarity. To remove the polarity, you need to scroll through them until you see a blank hexagon icon without polarity, as shown in the screenshot:

If you have not selected the polarity and clicked "Apply", you will lose the Form and reset the rank of the item without changing the polarity. If this happens, immediately send a request to the support service and they will help you fix this problem.

I tried to polarize my weapon, used the wrong polarity, then tried again, as a result of which 2 forms were spent on 1 polarization and I got two stars of polarization. Immediately send a request to the support team immediately after the incident and if they can confirm the error with the polarity of the slots, they will return the Form to your inventory.

I accidentally set the wrong polarity to a weapon or warframe! If you accidentally set the wrong polarity for a weapon or warframe, immediately send a request to the support service and do not use a weapon or warframe before considering the request. Developers do not have the opportunity to cancel the application of the Form, but they will be able to change the polarity on one of the slots as a one-time politeness gesture. Make sure your request includes all the details of the incident.

Correction of erroneously conducted polarization is a one-time service for the account and can be performed only if the request was received immediately.

Warframe: Quest Overview

Key tips. When you open the quest, you can start it from the Code tab> Quests, where you need to click "Start" in the Interface. Once you have launched the quest, it would be better not to change it until completion. Quests can not be re-run after completion.

Types of quests

Thief Prize. This is the first quest to stand out at the start of Warframe as a new player. Completing the quest will open most segments of the player’s ship.

After Awakening. The quest becomes available after activating the Node from Venus to Mercury.

The stolen dreams. The quest becomes available after activating the Node from Mars to Phobos. For completing the quest you will be awarded the Drawing of the Essential Daggers and the Drawing of the Catalyst Orokin. The drawing of the Ethereal Daggers is exclusive to this quest and weapons cannot be purchased in other ways at the moment.

Archving. The quest becomes available after activating the Node from Earth to Mars. For completing the quest, you will be awarded Archwing Odonata and Archwing’s weapons (Emperor and Veritax). After completing the quest, you will be able to use your Archving in the usual Archwing missions and underwater levels. Resources for creating Odonata parts are not issued during quests - they must be collected on their own. The sooner you complete this quest, the better, because many other quests, missions, and events require Archwing.

Howl Kubrau. The quest becomes available after activating the Node from Venus to Mercury. This quest will allow you to create your first Kubrow! After the first mission, you will gain access to the Incubator segment. Then you need to find the Kubrow Egg, destroying the Wild Kubrow in the forest locations of the Earth. It can also be bought for platinum. After you have obtained the Egg, you must also obtain the Incubator’s Energy Core.

It can be purchased in its final form in the Store or as a drawing for creation in the Forge. When you are asked to wait until Kubrau grows up, incubation and hatching from the egg will not count towards the quest, because Kubrau needs 2-3 days to grow after hatching from the egg and he is given a nickname. Kubrau also should not be in stasis.

Limbaugh’s theorem. The quest becomes available after activating the Node from Jupiter to Europe, which is awarded with the outline of the Limbo Theorem quest, which you can collect to receive the quest. You will need Archwing in some quest missions. For completing the quest you will be awarded with drawings of Limbo components: 0 (Neurooptics Limbo, System and Frame). You can create Limbo after completing the quest and buying the Limbo Drawing in the store. If you sell Warframe Limbo, then the only way to get it again is to buy it in the Store for Platinum.

Hidden Messages. The quest becomes available after activating the Node from Pluto to Sedna, which is awarded with the drawing of the Hidden Messages quest, which you can collect to receive the quest. Unlike core resources, Orokin Ciphers can only be obtained from Orokin Vaults, which are located in various places on the Orokin Ruin Missions and which can only be opened with the Dragon Key. Drawings of Dragon Keys are available from the Orokin Laboratory at the Dojo.

For completing the quest you will be awarded with drawings of the Mirage components (Neurooptics Mirage, System and Frame). You can create a Mirage after completing the quest and buying the Mirage Drawing in the store. Removing incoming messages does not affect the progress of the quest. If you accidentally deleted an incoming message, Warframe technical support will not be able to restore it, however, the contents of the message will be available in this Help Center article. If you sell Warframe Mirage, then the only way to get it again is to buy it in the Store for Platinum.

Zero Patient. The quest becomes available after activation of the Node from Pluto to Eris, which is awarded with the drawing of the quest Zero Patient, which you can collect to receive the quest. For completing the quest, you will be awarded the Drawing of the Kill Key Mutalist Alad V, who after creating will open a special mission for the battle with Mutalist Alad V. You can get drawings of the components of Misa by completing this mission. Misa’s drawing is for sale in the store.

New Riddles. The quest becomes available after passing the Node from Jupiter to Europe. Completing the quest will reward you with a drawing of Chroma. The drawings of the Chroma parts are rewards for activating the following Nodes and are not rewards for the quest:

Nata. The quest opens after reaching the 3rd Rank of Mastery and scanning the Observer of Mind Owners, which can be found in the Solar System (judging by the reports, Observers are most often found in laboratories located under water). For completing the quest, you will be awarded the Exilus Adapter and will be able to buy drawings of the Exilus Adapter from Cephalon Simeris.

Laconic Man. The quest becomes available after activation of the Node from Saturn to Uranus. For completing the quest, you will be awarded the Exilus Adapter and 1 Clone Clam Drawing. Clone Clam’s blueprint cannot be reused. In order to build more Clam Clones, additional blueprints must be obtained. They can be obtained by completing Clem’s help missions, available after talking with Darvo in Relay after completing the quest.

Jordas Protocol. To open this quest, you must defeat Til Regor on Titania (Uranus) in Solo or as a Host and then open Eris in the Navigation Segment. For completing the quest, you will be awarded with the Atlas Drawing and access to the Assassination Golem Jordas on Eris mission (drawings of Atlas parts can be obtained on this mission). When playing with other users, you can get access to a special mission before completing the quest, but in order to complete the quest, you need to complete the Naeglar mission on Eris as a Host or Solo. If you sell Warframe Atlas, then the only way to get it again is to buy it in the Store for Platinum.

Second Dream. The quest becomes available after activating the Node from Uranus to Neptune. Quest rewards include:

The Sands of Inaros. Opens after talking with Baro Ki’Tiir and buying from him a blueprint for the key for the Sands of Inaros quest when he visits Relay Tenno. Create a quest key in the Forge to start the quest from the Codex. To buy a quest key drawing, you must be at the 5th Mastery Rank and have access to Phobos in the Navigation Segment. The quest key drawing can also be obtained through trading with other players.

For completing the quest you will be awarded the Inaros Drawing and drawings of the Inaros parts. You will also receive the Holy Vessel as the decoration of your ship. If you sell Warframe Inaros, then the only way to get it again is to buy it in the Store for Platinum. The goals that you defeat will only be counted if the Sands of Inaros quest is your active quest, you kill the goals yourself and the "Vessel" is equipped with your Equipment.

Silver Grove. Unlocked after reaching Rank 7 of the Mastery and completing the Second Dream quest. Then you can talk to New Loka at Tenno Relay to get the quest. The player does not need to be on friendly terms with New Loka in order to receive the quest. Quest rewards include:

Drawings Apotikov can not be sold even after completing the quest.

War Inside. Opens after gaining access to Sedna through the Nodes and completing the quest Second Dream. During the final battle with the boss, you have to fight the Kuva Guardians, being equipped only with Melee Weapons, therefore we recommend that you equip the best Melee Weapons and Warframe before entering the Fortress.

During the battle with the Guards of Kuva, they are immune to Warframe attacks, and Warframe’s abilities are disabled inside the hall, in addition, the player can not use Primary, Secondary weapons and Equipment. To fight the Sentinels, the Tenno must use the Operator’s Abyss abilities, exiting Warframe through the Transport ability. Each Kuva Guard can be killed in the following way:

If you went into battle with weak equipment, then the battle is balanced in such a way as to be encoded from your equipment and its design is made in such a way that it can be passed with any melee weapons. The point is to use your new abilities to defeat the Sentinels and, as the other side of the battle, you need to dodge and fend off hostile attacks by attacking with your melee weapons when the enemy is open.

As a reward for completing the quest, you will receive a Broken Scepter, Orvius’s Design, Rifle Mod for Rifles and Glyph of Queens Grineer. The Broken Scepter and Orvius Blueprint are exclusive rewards for this quest; they cannot be obtained from other methods at the moment. If at certain points in the quest you didn’t make the choice you wanted, Warframe Support will not be able to change or edit it.

Gambit Glasta. Unlocked after completing the quest War Inside. In the quest mission, where you need to bet 160,000 credits, the players are given the condition: Winning Gap of 10 points is the difference between the scored points of the two teams that needs to be supported. Unlike previous matches, players need to keep the number of points within the Break in 10 points, for example, if Nef Enyo has 5 points, then Tenno points should not exceed 15. If the player wins with the number of points exceeding the gap of 10 points, Nef Enyo will retreat and the mission will fail.

If you are stuck in a quest when the Navigation does not indicate where you need to go, then go to your Inbox in the game and open the last letter from Ergo Glast, watch the program and when it ends and closes, another program from Lotos and Ergo should be played Glasta, thereby making available the next mission of the quest. As a reward for completing the quest you will receive a drawing of Nidus. Drawings of parts of Nidus can be obtained from Rotation C of the Gathering Mission located at Oestrus, Eris. If at certain points in the quest you didn’t make the choice you wanted, Warframe Support will not be able to change or edit it.

Anthem of Octavia. Opens after completing the Second Dream quest and talking with the Cephalon of the Court in Tenno Relay. As a reward for completing the quest, you will receive a drawing of Octavia. You can find its other parts in the following locations:

After completing this quest, you can go through Kodes again (repeated passage will not give you a reward again). If you sell the Octavia Varirejm you created, the only way to get it again is to buy it in the Store for Platinum. If a player purchased Warframe Octavia in the Store for Platinum before completing the quest, he will receive the Fault Mod / Secondary at the end of the quest, instead of the usual drawing reward.

Warframe: Prime access and prime storage

What is Prime? Warframes Prime, weapons, Sentinels, or jewelery show what technology was in the best times of the Era of Orokin. Prime Frames are equipped with additional slots with polarities, in contrast to the usual versions, and Prime Weapons can boast increased performance or other advantages over their counterparts. Because of their rarity, Prime Technologies is a desirable prey throughout the Solar System.

What is Prime Access? This is an ever-changing offer that includes the last created prime warframe, the last created prime weapon, several exclusive items and platinum. Purchasing Prime Access gives you instant access to the latest Prime equipment and weapons without wasting time creating.

Is it possible to improve already purchased Prime Access? Yes, you can improve your Prime Access. Depending on the kit that you bought, various improvement options are possible for you.

Can I buy the same kit again? No, after one purchase you can no longer buy the same kit again. You can buy the next, but not the same. You can buy each set only once.

Can I use discount coupons? No, Prime Access is a unique program. Discounts are not applicable to it.

Will unique things be available in the game after the release of the new package? No. Unique items will remain unique in the Prime Access and Prime Storage programs. You will see their rotation inside the program, but they will not be available in the game.

Can I buy only an exclusive? Yes, exclusive items will be sold separately in the Prime Accessories Pack from the rest of the Prime Sets. The only item not included in the Prime Accessories Pack is the Prime avatar pack, as they are sold with the Prime Access Pack.

When will the new sets be added? A new package will be available when a new prime warframe and equipment is available.

Do the prime things come with reactors, catalysts, and slots? Yes!

What are the payment methods available in my area? Depending on your region, there are many payment methods available. The same payment methods as when buying regular platinum.

But what if I already have some of these items, will I get a discount? Prime Access Items cannot be replaced, transferred, or purchased at a discount.

Will the Nyx Prime be available all the time, or will it be replaced later with the new Warframe Prime? After the new Prime is created, the current Prime will be replaced by the new one.

Will it be possible to buy the following prime warframes using Prime Access? Yes. The following prime warframes will be available on Prime Access.

What is Prime Storage? Prime Storage is an addition to the Prime Access program. Prime Vault is an exclusively temporary rotation program with which the previously introduced Prime Warframes and Prime equipment will be re-introduced, along with discounted Platinum kits.

Can I use a coupon or other discount at Prime Vault? No, Prime Vault has its own value system, so no other offers or coupons apply to it.

Is it Prime Access? This program is in addition to the Prime Access program, providing access to previously released Prime Equipment from Prime Access. Prime Storage does not affect past or future Prime Accesses.

What equipment is exclusive / not exclusive to Prime Storage? The Prime Vault program re-opens access to the set of Exclusive Prime Access Equipment. This Prime Vault offers the following:

Items that are not exclusive to the program can be found in the game during the validity of the package, which includes:

When will the new sets be added? Prime Storage will be updated periodically, which will be communicated to the Community. Check back often for updates.

Do Prime items come with Inventory slots, Orokin Catalysts, and Orokin Reactors? Yes!

Can I equip Sandana Misa Prime on any Warframe? Yes!

What payment methods are available in my area? Depending on your region, you will have access to various payment methods. They will be the same as on the Platinum Purchase page.

What if I already have some of these items, can I get a discount? Items cannot be replaced, transferred or exchanged for a discount.

What are the system requirements for Warframe on a PC? Minimum Warframe Requirements:

For DirectX 11 :

To use Nvidia APEX PhysX :

There are currently no client versions for Mac or Linux systems.

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