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Amber`s Airline 1: High Hopes - Full walkthrough with hints and puzzles

Amber Airlines 1: High Expectations. A girl named Amber works at the airport and dreams of becoming a flight attendant. To make her dream come true, she decides to apply for a position and start her internship. But not everything is so simple. Ahead of the heroine are many trials, difficulties and fateful decisions. Help Amber successfully overcome all difficulties and bring her closer to the desired profession. This article describes a complete and detailed walkthrough of the game with pictures. An overview of all the secrets, tips, tactics and features of game mechanics from start to finish is given.


  1. Game Basics
  2. How to serve passengers?
  3. Diary Achievements

Ember Airlines 1: Game Basics

What kind of game is it? Amber’s Airline is a game in which you need to serve several passengers quickly.

Distribution of passengers. Approached passengers will say what they need. Click on the passenger and then on the desired object to show them the way. If you can quickly direct the passenger, you will receive a bonus for speed, which means bonus points.

Calculation. If passengers do not need anything else, they will queue for payment. Here you just need to click on the cashier so that the passenger can pay.

You will receive bonus points if you calculate several passengers at once.

Mini games. Mini-games are easy to recognize - a blue icon will appear above the passenger’s head. To earn as many hearts as possible when providing such services, you will need skill.

Simple games. Simple games are easy to recognize - a purple icon will appear above the passenger’s head. To provide a service, several steps are required. If you do everything quickly, each simple game will bring you bonus points.

Shop. At the beginning of each level, you can spend some of the money you received along with the stars to upgrade racks or buy new items. Each purchase has a special effect.

Diamonds and Stars. Stars and diamonds obtained at the end of each level can be spent on embellishments for Amber’s diary.

Amber Airlines 1: How to serve passengers?

Services. When the passenger is at the machine, he may need something else. Amber can immediately help with some things - then her image will appear in the cloud. To fulfill other requests, you will need items that are scattered throughout the level.

Items. Click on an item to take it. Sometimes you have to replenish supplies, and then you need to click on the desired item. In other cases, you will need two items to get the right one.

Fast work. For fast work, you can get a bonus and an extra heart.

Golden hearts. If you serve a passenger quickly, their hearts will turn into gold. In addition, this way the hearts will not disappear while waiting in line.

Result. At the end of the level you will receive stars. Their number depends on the number of points earned. The first star opens a new level.

Swap. If passengers need to switch seats, click on them one by one.

Ember Airlines 1: Diary Achievements

Types of achievements. Completing level tasks will earn you achievements for Amber’s diary. Each page of the diary - two new achievements. Kinds:

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