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Cursed Fables 3: A Voice to Die For - Full Walkthrough with Tips and Puzzles

Cursed Traditions 3: The Voice Calling Death. The sea witch Marianne is approached by Princess Cassandra. She needs to remove the witchcraft spell from her fiance, who was hypnotized by the voice of the siren Cecilia. Cassandra knows the recipe for the needed healing potion, but getting the ingredients is very problematic. So Marianne teams up with the princess and goes with her on a long journey in search of magical potions. This article describes a complete and detailed walkthrough of the game with pictures. An overview of all the secrets, tips, tactics and features of game mechanics from start to finish is given.


  1. General Tips
  2. Chapter 1 The Sea Witch’s House
  3. Chapter 2 The Captain’s Room
  4. Chapter 3 The Cave
  5. Chapter 4 Grotto
  6. Bonus Chapter
  7. Collectibles
  8. Game Achievements

Cursed Lore 3: General Tips

How to play? This game is a continuation of the adventures of the witch Marianna, who is able to use mystical powers for the benefit of her fellow villagers and sailors. This time Marianne is approached by Princess Cassandra, whose fiance has been bewitched by the voice of an evil siren. It’s time to help the princess and save her betrothed! To complete the game, you need to move around the locations, look for useful items and use them correctly. So you will cope with the game tasks and be able to find out the plot of the game.

You will also play mini-games and hidden object scenes. In case of any difficulties, use the "Advice" button to get a hint. Don’t forget to look at the Map to quickly navigate through the locations. This guide will not mention the need to zoom in every time. Screenshots will show an already enlarged image.

Complexity. The game has several difficulty modes:

Search for items. All Hidden Object puzzles are identified in the manual by the acronym SEARCH. Items marked with a different color are hidden or require additional actions to find them. This walkthrough does not explain the solutions to the search scenes. It only shows the location of such scenes and the resulting inventory item.

Mini games. The guide will describe step-by-step solutions for those mini-games that have a single solution and are not randomly generated. For other mini-games, read the explanations and rules carefully.

Cursed Lore 3: Chapter 1 The Sea Witch’s House

  1. Check out the notes; take the WHISTLE (A).
  2. Use the WHISTLE on Clover to get the FIRE MEDALLION.
  3. Talk to the princess to receive CASSANDRA’S DIARY (B).
  4. Use the FIRE MEDALLION on the candles (C).

  1. Take the STARFISH (D).
  2. Use the STARFISH on the corresponding locker panel; take the GLOVES and MARIANNA FIGURINE (E).
  3. Use the GLOVES on the aquarium to get the ENGRAVED STONE and ALISTER FIGURINE (F).
  4. Place the MARIANNA FIGURINE and ALISTER FIGURINE on the box.

  2. Use the RUNE OF LIGHT on the panel of the corresponding locker; take SEAWEED and ACID (H).
  3. Use the ACID on the cabinet latch (I).

  1. Play the HOP to learn CECILIA’S HISTORY (J).
  3. Restore the text of the lines (K) and take the PRINCE’S CASE.
  4. Give the PRINCE CASE to Cassandra (L) to receive the CROWN KEY.

  1. Try to talk to the sailor (M).
  2. Select runestones in order: 1-2-3 (N).
  3. Read the note and take the KNITTING NEEDLE; use the SEAWEED on the wasps (O).

  1. Take OIL L use the KNITTING NEEDLE on the stand and take the OAK LEAF and SEA HORSE KEY (P).
  2. Take the SNAKE AMULET; use the CROWN KEY and SEAHORSE KEY on the booth lock and take the CHISEL and OIL CAN (Q).
  3. Use the CHISEL and ENGRAVED STONE on the mailbox; take the FLINT AND FEATHER and POCKET KNIFE (R).
  4. Use the POCKET KNIFE on the stand net (S).

  4. Take MOSAIC PIECE 1/3 and WICK (P).

  1. Combine the OIL LAMP, OIL CAN, WICK and FLINT AND Flint in the Inventory; take the LIT LAMP.
  2. Use the LIT LAMP on the door on the left (A).
  3. Walk left.
  4. Take the DECORATION (B).
  5. Place the DECORATION on the matching crate; take RECIPE, MAPLE LEAF, and MOSAIC PIECE 2/3 (C).

  1. Place the MAPLE LEAF and OAK LEAF on the bread box; see screenshot for solution (D).
  2. Take the BOWL AMULET and HERBS (E).
  3. Place the BOWL AMULET and SNAKE AMULET on the box; take PESTLE, MOSAIC PIECE 3/3, and CALMING PETALS (F).
  4. Walk back.

  1. Place the MOSAIC FRAGMENTS on the box in the booth; take PEPPER and POST COIN (G).
  2. Use the POST COIN on the mailbox; take the HAIR PIN and MARBLE FISH (H).
  3. Walk left.
  4. Use the HAIR PIN on the cabinet lock (I).
  5. Play the HOP to receive the MORTAR (J).
  6. Combine the RECIPE, HERBS, PEPPER, MORTAR, and PESTLE in Inventory; take HERB MIXTURE.
  7. Walk back.

  1. Use the HERB MIXTURE on the sailor (K); talk to the sailor to get the FLUTE.
  2. Use the FLUTE on the seaweed on the gate on the right (L).
  3. Walk right.

  1. Take the WOODEN BIRD (M).
  2. Place the WOODEN BIRD on the birdhouse; take APPLE SLICE, CHAIN, and WEIGHT (N).
  3. Read the note and use the APPLE SLICE and SOOTHING PETALS on the aggressive bush (O).
  4. Find the objects by their silhouettes to get the MARBLE JUG.
  5. Place the MARBLE JUG and MARBLE FISH on the fountain statue; take CAPTAIN’S BOX and DRAWER HANDLE (P).
  6. Return to the Pharmacy.

  1. Place the DRAWER HANDLE on the matching drawer; take the WOMAN’S MEDALLION and WEIGHT BOWL (Q).
  3. Return to the Residential District.
  4. Place the PIPE PIECE on the fountain (S).

See screenshot for solution (A).

  1. Take BELL and CHIM 1/4 (B).
  2. Use the BELL and FLUTE on the house door on the left (C).
  3. Walk left.

Cursed Traditions 3: Chapter 2 The Captain’s Room

  1. Check out the booklet; take the MAGIC SPHERE (D).
  2. Use the MAGIC SPHERE on the dark cloud; take MALE MEDALLION, CHIM 2/4, and UNFINISHED SHIP (E).
  3. Combine the CAPTAIN’S BOX, WOMEN’S MEDALLION, and MEN’S MEDALLION in Inventory; read the note and take the GOLDEN WHEEL and SAIL.
  4. Take CHIM 3/4 (F).
  5. Place the SILVER WHEEL and GOLD WHEEL on the drawer panel (G); do the steps in the sequence: Hx2-Ix2.
  6. Take the CAPTAIN FIGURINE and TONGS (J).
  7. Walk back.

  1. Use the TONGS on the stone wall of the house on the left; take CHIM 4/4 and FRAME ANGLE (K).
  2. Place the CHIMES on the windchime; take the PORTHOLE and TRIDENT (L).
  3. Combine the UNFINISHED SHIP, SAIL, CAPTAIN FIGURINE and PORTHOLE in Inventory; take SHIP.
  4. Walk left.

  1. Place the SHIP on the pedestal on the shelf (M).
  2. Play the HOP to receive the STEEL PICTURE (N).
  3. Place the STEEL PICTURE and FRAME ANGLE on the damaged frame; take DROPS OF CHAMOMILE and PANSY 1/3 (O).
  4. Walk forward.

  1. Take the FEATHER (P).
  2. Put the FEATHER on the box on the desk; take PANIES 2/3, GIANT PEARL, and PAPER CRANE (Q).
  3. Place the TRIDENT and GIANT PEARL on the Triton statue; take MASSAGE BRUSH and LEVER (R).

  1. Use the LEVER on the drawer lock; take the CLOCK HAND and COAL (A).
  2. Use the CHARCOAL on the diary page (B); activate SEARCH to get CARE RECOMMENDATIONS.
  4. Walk back.

  1. Place the SEA NYMPHO on the casket on the mantel; take the HAIR CLIP and PANSY 3/3 (D).
  2. Place the PANIES in the vase on the table; take the WOODEN DISC and BRUSH (E).
  3. Combine the PAPER CRANE, MAGIC PAINTS and BRUSH in your Inventory; take the MAGIC CRANE.
  4. Walk forward.
  5. Use the MAGIC CRANE on the barrel of fish (F).

Solution: GHIJ.

  1. Talk to Cecilia (K).
  2. Do the steps in sequence: 1-4 (L).

  1. Take the FANG (M).
  2. Place the FANG on the dragon’s head; take GLASS, WOOD FIGURINE, and LEFT HAND (N).
  3. Place the CLOCK HAND and GLASS on the clock; take the ANCHOR and SEAGULL (O).
  4. Place the ANCHOR on the bag clasp; take STRING 1/4 and METAL ROD (P).

  1. Place the WOODEN DISK and METAL ROD on the door panel straight ahead.
  2. Do the steps in the sequence: (BA)-(CA)-(DA).
  3. See screenshot for final solution (E).
  4. Walk forward.

  1. Take SOLVENT (F).
  2. Use the SOLVENT on the glue on the foot; take the SHOE, STRING 2/4, and LOOKER’S DIARY (G).
  3. Place the HAIR CLIP and SHOE on the doll.
  4. Look at the note and take the LETTER R, LIGHTHOUSE LENS and STRING 3/4 (H).

  1. Place the SEAGULL, LIGHTHOUSE LENS, and TREE FIGURINE on the lighthouse model (I).
  2. Play the HOP to receive the RIGHT HAND (J).
  3. Place the LEFT HAND and RIGHT HAND on the hatch door; take SPOON and STRING 4/4 (K).
  4. Walk back.

  1. Place the STRINGS on the violin; take DIAMOND and WHITE PIECE (L).
  2. Place the WHITE CHECK on the box; take SHELL PIECE 1/3 and LETTER O (M).
  3. Combine the WATCHER’S DIARY, LETTER R, and LETTER O in Inventory; read the diary and take the SHELL PIECE 2/3 and HERBAR.
  4. Walk forward.

  1. Place the HERBAR on the box (N).
  2. Find the objects by their silhouettes to get the CORROSIVE POWDER.
  3. Use the CORROSIVE POWDER on the crystals in the hatch (O).

Cursed Tales 3: Chapter 3 The Cave

  1. Take the ENGRAVED TILE (A).
  2. Place the ENGRAVED TILE on the chest lock.
  3. Read the note and take the WOODEN WHEEL, HEAT RUNE and POTION BASE (B).
  4. Use the HEAT RUNE and SPOON on the resin; take COIN and RESIN (C).
  5. Return to Chulan.

  1. Use the COIN on the box screws (D).
  2. See screenshots for solution: (EFG); take SHELL PIECE 3/3 and HORSE FIGURINE.

  1. Place the SHELL PARTS on the tortoise shell; take the TWEEZERS and GINGER (H).
  2. Return to the Cave.
  3. Use the DIAMOND and TWEEZERS on the cabinet; take the BENT KEY and THISTLE (I).
  4. Combine the POTION BASE, GINGER, RESIN and THISTLE in Inventory; take GROWTH POTION.
  5. Use the GROWTH POTION on the mushrooms (J).
  6. Walk forward.

  1. Take the CORKSCREW (K).
  2. Use the CORKSCREW on the bottle cap; take the EMPTY BOWL, EARRING, and DRIVER FIGURINE (L).
  3. Place the HORSE FIGURINE, DRIVER FIGURINE, and WHEEL on the wagon (M).
  4. Play the HOP to get a SHARP SHARD (N).
  5. Walk back.

  1. Use the SHARP SHARD on the sewn bag; take the PICKAXE and GOLDEN FRAME (O).
  2. Use the PICKAXE on the stone; take PURPLE CORAL and DOOR HANDLE (P).
  3. Walk forward.
  4. Use the BENT KEY and DOOR HANDLE on the cabinet lock; take MAGICAL STORM and BLUE FLAME (Q).
  5. Combine the EMPTY BOWL, GOLDEN FRAME, and MAGIC STORM in Inventory; take DRYING BOWL.
  6. Use the DRYING BOWL on the red water (R).
  7. Go upstairs.

  1. Take the MALLET (A).
  2. Take the FAN PIECE 1/5 and use the KILL on the lock of the chest.
  3. Examine the letter and take the ROSE and SHELL NECKLACE (B).
  4. Place the EARRING and SHELL NECKLACE on the box; take PANEL PARTS and FAN PIECE 2/5 (C).

  1. Place the PANEL PARTS on the wall panel on the left (D).
  2. See screenshots for solution: (EFG).
  3. Take RED THREAD and GEAR.
  4. Combine the PURPLE CORAL, RED THREAD and BLUE FLAME in Inventory; take CORAL TORCH.

  1. Use the CORAL TORCH on the coral (H).
  2. Go upstairs.
  3. Take the SCISSORS (I).
  4. Use the SCISSORS on the suitcase lining thread; take PALETTE, FAN PIECE 3/5, and USED BRUSH (J).

  1. Take the FAN PIECE 4/5 and place the PALETTE on the easel (K).
  2. Find the indicated painting fragments to get a HEART.
  3. Put the ROSE and HEART on the box; take FAN PIECE 5/5 and UNFINISHED DRESS (L).
  4. Return to the Cellar.
  5. Place the FAN PARTS on the fan; take BRONZE LEVER and LACE (M).

  1. Place the GEAR and BRONZE LEVER on the column mechanism; take APPEARANCE POTION and ORB 1/4 (N).
  2. Return to the Lighthouse Lantern.
  3. Use the APPEARANCE POTION on the cloth (O).
  4. Play the HOP to receive the MERMAID KEY (P).

  1. Use the RUNS KEY on the lock of the bag; take BALL 2/4 and TUBE OF PAINT (Q).
  2. Place the USED BRUSH and TUBE OF PAINT on the easel; take the BUTTON and MEDUSA PEN (R).
  3. Use the MEDUSA HANDLE on the box in the suitcase; take the NEEDLE AND THREAD and HANDLE WITH CHAIN ​​(S).
  5. Walk back.

  1. Use the FESTIVE DRESS on the doll on the shelf; take BALL 3/4 and RING (T).
  2. Use the RING on the leather case in the chest; take BALL 4/4 and GLUE (U).
  3. Place the BALLS on the mirror frame supports (V).

Solution: (B-B-A) - (B-A-B) - (B-B-A) - (B-B-B).

  1. Take WOODEN TONGS; read note (A).
  2. Take the SILVER HAMMER (B).
  3. Use the WOODEN TONGS on the tree roots; take BROKEN BELL and SCROLL (C).
  5. Use the DOOR BELL on the door of the house (D).
  6. Walk right.

  1. Talk to Alistair to receive the BLUE RIBBON 1/3.
  2. Take the LIZARD (E).
  3. Take the FLINT AND FEATHER (F).
  4. Place the LIZARD on the totem in the terrarium; take BLUE RIBBON 2/3 and FEATHER (G).

  1. Place the SCROLL and FEATHER on the drawer; read the letter and take the EMPTY JAR and BOOK STUFF (H).
  2. Use the NEEDLE AND THREAD and BOOK SPIKE on the damaged book (I).
  3. Play the HOP to receive the DRAGON KEY (J).
  4. Use the DRAGON KEY on the secretary drawer; take TRAP DESCRIPTION and BLUE RIBBON 3/3 (K).
  5. Walk back.

  1. Use the FLINT AND FEATHER and BLUE RIBBONS on the altar; read the note and take the HERBICIDE and HORN (L).
  2. Use the HERBICIDE on the tree roots (M).
  3. Walk left.

  1. Take the SMOOTH STONE (N).
  2. Use the SMOOTH STONE on the crab; take FIREFLIES, FILE, and HANDLE (O).
  3. Take the SEA SHELL and use the FIREFLIES on the grotto (P); play the HOP to receive the AMETHYST.
  4. Return to Alistair’s House.

  1. Use the EMPTY JAR and AMETHYST on the table setting; take the NYMPH TEARS (A).
  2. Combine the TRAP DESCRIPTION, HORN, SEA SHELL, FILE, and NYMPH TEARS in Inventory; take VOICE TRAP.
  3. Talk to Alistair to receive the WATER SPIRIT.
  4. See screenshot for solution (B); take RUNE CHARGER and EAR PLUGS.
  5. Walk back.

  1. Place the WATER SPIRIT on the altar panel; take WAX ​​and SOOTHING HERBS (E).
  2. Use the HANDLE and WAX on the well; take BROOCH and SIEVE (F).
  3. Walk left.

  1. Use the SIEVE on the sand; take the SHARP SHELL and SALT (G).
  2. Use the SHARP SHELL on the sewn bag; take the AIR RING and COCONUT SHELL (H).
  3. Return to Alistair’s House.

  1. Use the BROOCH and RING OF AIR on the totem in the terrarium; see screenshot for solution (I).
  2. Take the BOOKMARK and INACTIVE RUNES (J).
  4. Place the EARPLUGS and RUNES OF PROTECTION on the table panel; take the IMMERSIVE EAR PLUGS (K).
  5. Return to the Shore.

Cursed Traditions 3: Chapter 4 Grotto

  1. Use the IMPETABLE EAR PLUGS on the water (L); find objects by their silhouettes.
  2. Take the KNIFE (M).
  3. Take the GREEN SHIELD (N).
  4. Use the KNIFE on the ivy shoots; take the GUARD FIGURINE and MIRROR (O).

  1. Place the GUARD FIGURINE on the chest; read the note and take the GUNPOWDER and FIRECATHER SEEDS (P).
  2. Combine the COCONUT SHELL, GUNPOWDER and BOOKMARK in Inventory; take BOMB.
  3. Take WOODEN SYMBOL 1/4 (Q).
  4. Place the MIRROR and BOMB on the stone (R).
  5. Walk left.

  1. Take the HANDLE (A).
  2. Take the CASE (B).
  3. Place the HANDLE on the dresser drawer; take POKER, WOODEN SYMBOL 2/4, and CANDLE (C).
  4. Use the POKER on the wrecked ship; take SEAL, RED SHIELD, and WOODEN SYMBOL 3/4 (D).

  1. Place the RED SHIELD and GREEN SHIELD on the tent flap (E).
  2. See screenshot for solution (F).
  3. Remove tissue; read the note and take the LIVING WATER and FERTILIZER (G).

  1. Use the LIVING WATER on the hand wound (H).
  2. Walk back.
  3. Use the FLYTRAP SEEDS and FERTILIZER on the ground near the grotto on the right.
  4. Take WOODEN SYMBOL 4/4 and SPEAR HEAD (I).
  5. Place the WOODEN SYMBOLS on the obelisk near the chest; take the CARVED BAR and TIARA (J).
  6. Walk left.

  1. Use the CARVED BAR on the rocks (K); find the objects but their fragments to get the CHEST KEY.
  2. Use the DRAWER KEY on the dresser lock; take UNFINISHED CROSSBOW and SANDPAPER (L).
  3. Combine the CASE, SANDPAPER and STAMP in Inventory; take ARROW and NECKLACE.
  4. Walk back.

  1. Put the TIARA, CANDLE, and NECKLACE on the siren statue (M).
  2. Play the HOP to receive the SIREN AMULET (N).
  3. Place the SIREN AMULET on the hidden compartment of the chest; take the HAMMER and ROPE (O).
  4. Walk left.

  1. Use the SPEAR HEAD and HAMMER on the crate near the wrecked ship; take the HOOK and POTION OF DISSOLVE (A).
  2. Combine the UNFINISHED CROSSBOW, ROPE, HOOK, and ARROW in Inventory; take GROUND HOOK.
  3. Use the GROUND HOOK on the rock on the left (B).

  1. Use the POTION OF DISSOLVE on the stone ruins (C).
  2. Use the VOICE TRAP on Cecilia (D).

See screenshots for solution: (EFG).

Cursed Traditions 3: Bonus Chapter

  1. Take the OCTOPUS HANDLE (A).
  2. Use the OCTOPUS HANDLE on the cabinet drawer and read the letter.
  4. Use the GLASS BOWL on the pool to get a FISH and SEAWATER (C).

  1. Give the FISH to the seagull and use the STAMP BREAKER on the case seal (D); play the HOP to receive the BADGE.
  2. Use the BADGE on the melted candle; take SPRING and WATER CRYSTAL (E).
  3. Use the WATER CRYSTAL on the pool panel; take the PERFUME STICK and DRYING ROG (F).

  1. Use the PERFUME STICK on the candles to get a PURPLE FLAME (G).
  2. Place the SAND (H), SEAWATER (I), and PURPLE FLAME (J) in their respective niches.
  3. Play the HOP to receive the MANIFESTING AMULET (K).

  1. Talk to the steward to receive the BRACELET (L).
  2. Take TERRITORY 1/4 (M).
  3. Take SOFT BRUSH (N).
  4. Use the SOFT BRUSH on the bookshelf; take the WING (O).
  5. Combine the MANIFESTING AMULET and WING in Inventory; take ACTIVE AMULET.

  1. Use the ACTIVE AMULET on the easel (P).
  2. Take the SEA HORSE (Q).
  3. Use the SPRING and SEA HORSE on the globe mechanism; take the BOOK (R).
  4. Place the BOOK on the cabinet shelf; take TERRITORY 2/4 and BONE SHEARS (S).

  1. Use the DRYING HORN and BONE SHEARS on the ivy shoots (A).
  2. Do the steps in sequence 1-6 (B).
  3. Walk right.

  1. Take PENDULUM; read the information on the plate (C).
  2. Place the PENDULUM on the clock; take TERRITORY 3/4 and GOLD FINGER (D).
  3. Place the GOLDEN FINGER on the palm of the statue’s hand and take the PUZZLE BOX.
  4. Place the BRACELET on the statue’s arm and take TERRITORY 4/4 and the BRONZE GEAR (E).
  5. Walk back.

  1. Place the TERRITORIES on the globe; take the BOTTLE WITH OIL and TWO-PRONGED FORK (F).
  2. Use the TWO-PRONGED FORK on the drawer bolt; take PLANKS (G).
  3. Walk right.
  4. Use the PLANKS on the swampy pool (H).

See screenshot for solution (I).

  1. Talk to Cassandra to receive the BOOKCASE KEY (J).
  2. Take the FEATHERS (K) and CHAIN ​​(L).
  3. Place the BRONZE GEAR and CHAIN ​​on the music box.
  4. Look at the note and take the TULIP, CLUE, and OWL PART 1/3 (M).
  5. Place the TULIP in the vase; take the SHOE and FOGCATCH (N).
  6. Return to the Living Room.

  1. Use the FOG CATCHER and BOOKCASE KEY on the cabinet (O); play the HOP to receive the PIXIE TOKEN.
  2. Combine the PUZZLE BOX, CLUE, and PIXIE TOKEN in your Inventory and select the sides of the box in 1-2-3 order (P).
  3. Read the note and take the CHALK and OWL PIECE 2/3.
  4. Use the CHALK on the globe; take LENSES and OWL PIECE 3/3 (Q).
  5. Place the BOTTLE OF OIL, FEATHERS, and OWL PARTS on the table; take the MECHANICAL OWL (R).
  6. Return to Cassandra’s Room.

  1. Use the MECHANICAL OWL on the flying creatures (A); play the HOP to receive CASSANDRA’S RING.
  2. Use the SHOE and CASSANDRA’S RING on the chest lock; read the note and take the BOTTLE and STICKY MASTIC (B).
  3. Use the ADHESIVE PASTE on the castle mock-up; take the SPRAYER and CASSANDRA FIGURINE (C).
  4. Place the CASSANDRA FIGURINE on the dollhouse (D).

  1. Do the steps in the following sequence: GFEEF.
  3. Walk right.

  1. Use the LENSES and MANGO on the terrarium; take INVITATION and BLUE HEART (I).
  2. Place the INVITATION on the clock and set the clock to 10:30 (J); take the HOLLY and CHAMELEON TWEEZERS (K).
  3. Combine the VIAL, SHINING LIQUID, HOLLY and SPRAYER in Inventory; take DRYING POTION.
  4. Use the DRYING POTION on the waterlogged pool (L).
  5. Walk forward.

  1. See screenshots for solution: (MNOP).
  2. Talk to the steward to get the STATIONER KIT.

  1. Take the CROWN (Q).
  2. Place the CROWN on the flower prince; take JEWEL WHEEL 1/3 and RED HEART (R).
  3. Take the WATERING WATER and place the BLUE HEART and RED HEART on the gazebo panel; take the INK and VALVE (S).

  1. Use the CHAMELEON TWEEZERS and VALVE on the fountain faucet (T); find the objects but their silhouettes to get the BURNED COCOON.
  2. Give the TORN COCOON to the steward (U) to receive the WEDDING ARCH.
  3. Return to Cassandra’s Room.
  4. Place the WEDDING ARCH on the castle mockup; take the WINDING KEY and FLINT AND FLURE (V).
  5. Use the WINDING KEY on the teddy bear; take the PRECIOUS WHEEL 2/3 and POLLEN (W).
  6. Return to the Courtyard.

  1. Use the WATERING WATER and POLLEN on the tulip; take the SEALING SEAL and PINK BUTTON (A).
  2. Use the PINK BUTTON on the gazebo panel screws; take RED PEARL and PRECIOUS WHEEL 3/3 (B).
  3. Return to Cassandra’s Room.

  1. Place the PRECIOUS WHEELS on the chest of drawers (C).
  2. Play the HOP to receive the PEACOCK FEATHER (D).
  4. Use the LETTER on the seagull (E).

  1. Talk to Alistair (F) to receive the SEA RITUAL.
  2. Talk to the old sailor to get the MAP.
  3. Use the MAP on the dock; move the card to the correct position (G).

  1. Take LEMON (H).
  2. Take CARVED BELL; use the RED PEARL and LEMON on the statue and take the ROPE WITH HOOK and HOLLOW STICK (I).
  3. Use the ROPE WITH HOOK on the tree branch on the left (J).
  4. Take the COAL and SUNRISE TOKEN (K).

  1. Place the SUNRISE TOKEN on the box; take FISH BLOOD and LEATHER RIBBON (L).
  2. Place the SEA RITUAL, CHARCOAL, and FISH BLOOD on the dock (M).

See screenshot for solution (N).

  1. Take the SHARK TOOTH (A).
  2. Use the SHARK TOOTH on the chest; take the CLAW (B).
  3. Use the CLAW on the branch of the bush; take COMPASS and BEADS (C).

  1. Read the note; place the BEADS and CARVED BELL on the altar and take the FLUFFY CORAL and ZINC CYLINDER (D).
  2. Combine the HOLLOW STICK, ZINC CYLINDER and LEATHER RIBBON in Inventory; take LONG LEVER.
  3. Use the LONG LEVER on the stone (E).
  4. Walk left.

  1. Take the AMULET OF LIGHT (F).
  2. Use the AMULET OF LIGHT on the mushrooms; take PIGMENT 1/2, SHARP SHELL, and OCTOPUS STONE (G).
  3. Use the SHARP SHELL on the net; take the SPYGLASS and PROTECTION RITUAL (H).
  4. Walk back.

  1. Place the SPYGLASS and COMPASS on the chest (I).
  2. Play the HOP to receive the HERBICIDE (J).
  3. Walk left.
  4. Use the HERBICIDE on the ivy shoots (K).
  5. Take PIGMENT 2/2 (L).

  1. Place the FLUFFY CORAL and PIGMENTS on the bas-relief plinth; take PAINTED BOWL and IVY (M).
  2. Walk back.
  3. Use the PAINTED BOWL on the resin; take the DRAGON STONE and PROTECTIVE RESIN (N).
  4. Place the DRAGON STONE and OCTOPUS STONE on the altar; take the EXPLORER’S GLOVE and WOODEN HAIRPIN (O).
  5. Walk left.

  1. Use the EXPLORER’S GLOVE on the mushrooms to get the MAGIC MUSHROOM (P).
  3. Use the GUARD MUSHROOM on the water source (Q).

See screenshot for solution (R). Congratulations! You have successfully completed the passage of the game "Cursed Traditions 3: The Voice Calling Death. Collector’s Edition".

Cursed Lore 3: Collectibles

  1. The location of the puzzle pieces is marked with a green marker.
  2. The location of the items in the collection is marked with a pink marker.
  3. Collection objects (A-D).

Collection Objects (EF).

Cursed Lore 3: Game Achievements

Types of achievements. Complete the game and get the following achievements:

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