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Fiber Twig 1 - Full walkthrough with hints and puzzles

Vetvistik 1. A hurricane happened in a magical land, because of which a garden with unique plant patterns was destroyed. Your task is to help the inhabitants of the country restore a wonderful corner. To do this, collect the mosaic by connecting branches of various shapes. Don’t forget to use power-ups and magical tools to make the collection process easier. This article describes a complete and detailed walkthrough of the game with pictures. An overview of all the secrets, tips, tactics and features of game mechanics from start to finish is given.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Twig Guide
  3. Tools
  4. Experience, skills and combinations

Vetvistik 1: Beginner’s Guide

What is this game? The game will take you to a fantasy garden inhabited by magical creatures. Once this garden was decorated with beautiful patterns of small twigs. But one day a terrible hurricane swept through and destroyed the patterns, leaving no trace of the former decoration. Your task is to connect all the branches and restore the old patterns.

What to do with branches? Branches appear at the bottom of the screen, gradually accumulating. You can take them and attach them to other branches on the playing field in such a way that you get a pattern. All branches must be connected to each other, otherwise you will not be able to get to the top of the screen and complete the level.

Keep an eye on the conveyor that spawns twigs - if it overflows, you lose.

bonus items. In some levels on the playing field, you may come across bonus objects that you need to "weave" into your pattern using twigs. You will also meet "flying objects" that prevent you from putting a branch in the right place - you need to wait until they move.

Magic tools. During the game, you can use the Magic Tools: Amphora to create branches of the desired shape and Hammer to break extra branches.

Beginning of the game. Before starting the game, you will be asked to select the initial bonus and difficulty level. There are three types of initial bonuses: Hammer, Amphora and Extra Points. By choosing one of the bonuses, you will get a small advantage at the beginning of the game. Now select the difficulty level of the game. You can play in one of the following modes:

Playing field. In the center is the level picture, which already has the starting branch, you need to attach another one to it and continue connecting the branches until you reach the top of the screen. At the bottom of the screen is a conveyor in which branches of various shapes gradually accumulate. When the conveyor overflows, the game ends. Twigs must be used in order to restore the pattern.

In the upper right corner is the "Menu" button, below are the number of points and the current level. Next, you can see a picture that shows some combination of twigs - it changes as you collect combinations. Even lower are the Magic Tools that will come in handy during the game. Under the Magic Tools is the Magic Basket, where you can throw away extra branches.

Basic rules of the game. The basic rules of the game are:

Scoring. You score points for each branch used to restore the pattern. The number of points for a branch depends on the number of its branches. This means that the more branches a branch has, the more points you get if you use it. In addition, you get extra points if you use bonus branches or make combinations of branches.

As you play, you also earn experience. The number of experience points depends on the number of branches you used to restore the pattern, and on the number of combinations you made (one point for each combination and two points if you have collected all the combinations). Therefore, try to use branches with the most branches and collect as many combinations as possible - then you can improve your skills.

Hotkeys. Use the following keys while playing:

Settings. You can control the following game features:

Vetvistik 1: Twig Guide

Concept. Branches are gradually accumulated in the conveyor located at the bottom of the screen. The goal of the game is to connect the branches to each other on the playing field in order to get to the top of the screen.

Types of branches. In addition to ordinary twigs, two types of special twigs appear in the conveyor:

On the playing field you will also find transparent twigs - you can put twigs of the same shape on top of them and attach them to the main pattern.

Branch forms. Branches have different shapes and a different number of branches. If a branch has a free branch, light comes out of it, showing that another branch can be attached to this branch. As you move up, make sure that the branches of the lower branches do not remain free, because moving up is only possible if all the branches are connected to each other. Free branches that do not allow you to move up are marked with a green light.

If it is possible to connect the branches, you will see a green arrow, if not, a red cross.

Bonuses. You can get the following bonuses if you make combinations or use bonus branches:

Vetvistik 1: Tools

Concept. Magic tools help you in the game. The number in the lower left corner of the tool icon shows how many of these tools you have at your disposal. Some bonuses increase the number of uses of tools.

Hammer. This tool can be used to break unnecessary branches in the conveyor and on the playing field (all but the initial ones). Hammer use:

  1. Left click on the hammer icon to pick it up.
  2. Bring the hammer to the branch and press the left mouse button to break it. You can break several branches in a row, both in the conveyor and on the playing field.
  3. To return the hammer to its place, press the right mouse button.

Amphora. You may need this tool in two cases: if you cannot find a twig of the desired shape, or if you need to trim the extra elements from the twig. Use of amphora:

  1. Left click on the amphora icon to pick it up.
  2. To create a missing branch or cut off unnecessary elements, bring the amphora to the desired place on the playing field and press the left mouse button.
  3. To return the amphora to its place, press the right mouse button.

Vetvistik 1: Experience, skills and combinations

Experience. At the end of each level, you are given a number of experience points. The number of points depends on the number of branches that you used to restore the pattern in the previous level, as well as the number of combinations that you made from the branches (one point for each combination and two points if you collected all the combinations).

How to distribute experience points? You can allocate experience points among five skills, which are shown in the dialog box:

Combinations. If you make special combinations of twigs, restoring the pattern, you get various bonuses. It is not difficult to make such combinations: you need to connect the branches as shown in the picture on the right side of the screen. When you make one combination, the picture disappears and a new one appears in its place, with a new combination that can be collected.

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