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Fiber Twig 2 - Full walkthrough with hints and puzzles

Vetvistik 2. In a distant kingdom, where beautiful creatures lived happily for hundreds of years, there was a terrible destruction of picturesque gardens and parks. Now many small twigs of various shapes are waiting for a brave hero who can put them back together again. Help the inhabitants of a magical land to restore wonderful gardens. Hire assistants and use their skills to complete tasks faster. This article describes a complete and detailed walkthrough of the game with pictures. An overview of all the secrets, tips, tactics and features of game mechanics from start to finish is given.


  1. How to play?
  2. Skill Overview
  3. Tools and Objects

Vetvistik 2: How to play?

How to play? You can take a branch by pressing the left mouse button. You can rotate the branch, if necessary, with the right mouse button. You can attach a branch to another branch on the field by pressing the left mouse button. You need to connect all the branches on the field. Also keep an eye on the conveyor so that it does not overflow with branches.

Twigs. Branches move at the bottom of the screen. The starting branch is already on the field. You must attach a suitable branch to it, and keep connecting branches until you reach the top of the screen. All branches must be connected and all objects connected, otherwise you won’t reach the top. It is also important to keep an eye on the twig conveyor, when it overflows you will lose.

Assistants. At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to choose one of three assistants: Knight, Sorceress or Goblin. Each of them has their own different skills that will help you in the game. During the game you will be able to improve the mastery of these skills.

types of helpers. There are three types of helpers:

Vetvistik 2: Skill Overview

Concept. At the end of each level, you will only be able to upgrade one skill.

Attack. By increasing this skill, you will be able to break more branches.

Magic. By increasing this skill, you will be able to create more branches on the field.

Protection. By increasing this skill, you will increase the time to lose and the number of branches on the conveyor.

Speed. Increasing this skill will increase the speed of the Throw Portal.

Luck. By increasing this skill, you increase the number of bonus branches.

Wisdom. By increasing this skill, you add two new types of twigs.

Economy. By increasing this skill, you will receive double points.

Vetvistik 2: Tools and Objects

Why are tools needed? Magic tools will help you in the game. The numbers next to the tool show the current and maximum number of tools. Some bonus branches can replenish this amount. Assistants have different types of tools, but they perform the same functions.

Breaking branches. Left-click on the twig breaker. Place it over the branch and press the left mouse button. To release the tool, press the right mouse button.

Creating branches. Left click on the creator. Set it to the place where the branch was created and press the left mouse button. Release tool - right mouse button.

Objects. In each level you will meet unusual creatures. Each of them has objects that you must restore by attaching them to branches.

The attached object will start working, and the inhabitant of the level will be satisfied. But that shouldn’t stop you. Remember, you must get to the top!

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