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Glowfish - Full walkthrough with hints and puzzles

Neon and his team. Neon is a small and brave inhabitant of the deep sea, who lived happily with his beloved. Once he was challenged by an envious sea urchin, nicknamed Dr. Thorn. He kidnapped Neon’s girlfriend and set his henchmen on him. Help Neon restore justice, defeat all the villains and find his beloved. This article describes a complete and detailed walkthrough of the game with pictures. An overview of all the secrets, tips, tactics and features of game mechanics from start to finish is given.


  1. How to play?
  2. Secrets of a successful trip
  3. Achievements in the game

Neon and his team: How to play?

Game basics. Embark on a sea voyage with Neon. Control Neon’s movements with your mouse, keyboard, or game-supported joystick. Avoid traps and fight marine predators to get gold and advance through the levels of the game.

Chain mode. Some enemies are much larger than Neon. Relax them by circling around them while in Chain Mode.

Orbit mode. Turn on the protective field by pressing the left mouse button or the "Space" key. You can now free your friends by hitting smaller enemies.

Acceleration. Neon gets a boost! Be careful, at high speeds it’s hard for friends to stay behind.

Friends. Find friends and bring them back to the house.

Neon management. Use mouse or keyboard:

Neon and his team: Secrets of a successful trip

Super friends. Find new Super Friends like Mustang. They will help you while traveling.

Super friends upgrade. Use coins to upgrade your Super Friends.

What to do with creatures? If a creature latches on to you, shake it off by moving quickly from side to side. Stunned creatures can be attacked regardless of your size.

Super glow. Super glow attracts nearby friends.

Fruit application. The following fruits can help you on your sea voyage:

Neon and his team: Achievements in the game

Types of achievements. Collect the following achievements in the game:

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