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Homeworld 1 - Full Walkthrough with Tips and Puzzles

Homeworld 1 Remastered is a reboot of the legendary game from Gearbox Software. Space real-time strategy with new and improved graphics for modern PCs. You are in command of a large Mothership that must fly across the galaxy to find its home world. Gather resources, research technologies, build ships and fight enemies. All units, research and resources are transferred from one mission to another.


  1. Tips from experienced players
  2. Don’t rush to Hyperjump!
  3. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 1 Kharak System
  4. Mission Walkthrough 2 The Periphery of the Kharak System
  5. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 3 Return to Kharak
  6. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 4 Great Wastes
  7. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 5 Great Wastes
  8. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 6 Diamond Placers
  9. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 7 Gardens of Kadesh
  10. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 8 The Cathedral of Kadesh
  11. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 9 Sea of ​​Lost Souls
  12. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 10 Supernova Station
  13. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 11 Tannhauser Gate
  14. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough of mission 12 The core of the galaxy
  15. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 13 Karos Cemetery
  16. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 14 Bridge of Sighs
  17. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 15 In the fatal hour
  18. Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 16 Hiigara
  19. Walkthrough Bonus Mission "Raiders on the Run"
  20. Game Story

Homeworld 1: Tips from experienced players

1. Be sure to complete the training. Here you will learn about the main game mechanics. Without this knowledge, victory will be impossible.

2. Capture enemy ships. To do this, use the Capture Corvette, which can be built in the first mission. Ships are much more effective to capture than to destroy. A captured ship can be used in battle or decommissioned, receiving resources for it. You can capture any ships except fighters.

3. Pause the game. In it you can give orders and assess the combat situation. The pause will allow you to give thoughtful and timely orders.

4. Destroy enemies gradually. Break enemy troops into small groups and destroy them. If you fight with a large number of enemy troops at the same time, you will suffer heavy losses.

5. Save often. So you can download the right moment of the game and act differently.

6. Study your ships. In the descriptions for units, it is written against whom they are effective, and against whom they are useless. Use your troops wisely.

7. Hide assemblers and unneeded units. At the beginning of the game, as a rule, the most fierce battles take place. Unused units can be taken to a safe area or docked with the mother ship. That way they stay safe and sound.

8. Buy technology from Bentusi. In some missions you will be offered to buy new technology. Do not miss this opportunity, it can be very useful for you.

9. Study the goals and conditions of the mission. Each location has its own specifics. Ignoring the features of the mission will lead to heavy losses or defeat. Read the dialogues and mission objectives carefully.

10. Don’t interrupt scenes and videos. So you will better understand the plot of the game and save yourself from bugs that occur when you skip them. Dialogues and messages can always be read in the Journal.

Homeworld 1: Don’t rush to Hyperjump!

After completing the mission, you will have the opportunity to make a hyper jump and start the next level. A distinctive feature of Homeworld is that all resources, research and units that you have before the hyperjump are automatically transferred to the new mission. Therefore, before pressing the "Hyper jump" button, you must perform the following steps:

1. Collect all available resources. Send your collectors until they say that there are no resources left and there is nothing more to collect. The game has one single resource that is used for construction and research. The more resources you have, the higher your chances of successfully completing the game.

2. Conduct all research. There is not much technology in the game. Therefore, all research must be completed before hyperjumping.

3. Write off all obsolete ships. If you have the opportunity to build more efficient ships, then the old ones must be written off. When writing off, you will receive a part of the cost of the vessel.

Captured ships cannot always be written off in the current mission. However, in the next mission, the button for decommissioning them will become active.

4. Build a modern fleet. In the game you will meet a lot of enemies. You need to have a strong army to defeat any enemy.

5. Don’t repair damaged ships. When hyperjumping, repairs will be carried out automatically. And in the next mission, you will receive your ships with full health.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 1 Kharak System

Mission Goals:

  1. Build a Research Ship.
  2. Collect asteroids.
  3. Destroy target drones by getting into battle formation.
  4. Destroy target drones using tactics.
  5. Capture the drone with the Capture Corvette.
  6. Investigate the Fighter Chassis (secondary objective).

New units:

New Research: Fighter Chassis - Needed to build Interceptors.

New construction:

Mission order

1. Send Resource Collectors to collect resources from asteroids (H key). So they will independently find asteroids and collect ore from them. The collection process is fully automated. This must be done first, because. soon you will need resources for construction and research.

2. We build the Research ship. After its construction, you will have the opportunity to explore the Fighter Chassis.

3. Research Chassis of fighters. Upon completion of the study, the construction of the Interceptor will be available to you.

4. Destroy the target drones. We line up the available 7 Scouts in any combat formation and send them to the marked place on the map. When approaching the place, you will see an enemy that must be destroyed. The enemy does not move or shoot.

5. Destroy new Target Drones. We send the system to a new place on the map and also destroy the target drones. Now the enemy will shoot at you, but the damage is minimal.

6. Build the Capture Corvette. This is a significant ship in the game, which allows you to capture enemy ships. Captured ships can be used for their intended purpose or recycled, receiving resources for them.

7. Capture Target Drones. We send the Capture Corvette to the specified point. Upon arrival, we give the order to capture the target drone. Unfortunately, all Target Drones disappear when captured.

8. Jump into hyperspace. As soon as you complete all the missions of the level, you will have the opportunity to jump into hyperspace. Before jumping, make sure that all resources are collected from asteroids, and research is done. Let’s jump.

Homeworld 1: Mission Walkthrough 2 The Periphery of the Kharak System

New Research:

Mission Goals:

  1. Send a probe to the Khar Selim.
  2. Protect the mother ship.
  3. Capture the Khar Selim.
  4. Protect the capture team.
  5. Protect the mother ship.
  6. Destroy the enemy forces.

Mission order

1. Get resources. Build more Resource Gatherer and send them to Gather Ore.

2. Build Capture Corvettes. In total, you must have at least 5 such corvettes.

3. Do all your research. It is necessary to carry out 3 available researches in order to open the possibility of building new ships. A new study becomes available when the previous one is completed.

4. We send fighters to the marker on the map. We see how only wreckage remains of the Khar-Selim ship. And several fighters and 3 corvettes are approaching the Mothership at high speed.

5. Capture 3 Corvettes. The enemy is attacking the Mothership. Use Capture Corvettes to capture 3 enemy Corvettes. The captured ships then quickly destroy the remaining enemy fighters.

6. Send Capture Corvettes to Khar Selim. At the same time, we send fighters and corvettes to this point.

7. We repulse the attacks of enemies. After receiving the black boxes of Khar Selim, we will be constantly attacked by fighters and corvettes. Corvettes must be captured, and fighters must be destroyed.

8. Attack the main enemy ship. It will periodically launch fighters and corvettes. We use the traditional tactics - we capture the corvettes, and destroy the fighters. If your ship has low health, send it to the Mothership for repairs.

9. We complete the mission. Unfortunately, the main enemy ship cannot be captured or destroyed. He jumps into hyperspace. We finish off the remaining enemies and you can complete the mission. If you captured a lot of corvettes, then fighters can be written off. For the next mission, you must have at least 6 Capture Corvettes.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 3 Return to Kharak

New construction:

New Research: Capital Ship Chassis - allows you to build an Assault Frigate.

Mission Goals:

Mission order

1. Capture 3 enemy frigates. With the help of 6 Corvettes, we capture 3 enemy frigates that fire at the Cryocontainers. You need to do this quickly and simultaneously, because. the enemy can quickly destroy your Corvettes.

2. We collect resources and conduct research.

3. Capture the Cryochambers. We send Corvettes to capture the cryochambers. We are building 4 more Capture Corvettes. We launch a hyperjump and complete the mission.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 4 Great Wastes

New research: Ion cannon - allows you to build a Frigate with an ion cannon, effective against capital ships.

Mission Goals:

  1. Start collecting resources.
  2. Protect the fleet.
  3. Destroy the Turan transport ship that is trying to escape.
  4. Build and implement a resource controller (secondary goal).

Mission order

1. We send ships to collect resources. It is possible to build a Resource Controller to speed up collection, but this is not required.

2. We buy research Ion cannons from Bentusi. Soon the big Bentusi ship will appear. After the video, buy Ion cannons and you will be able to produce Ion frigates.

3. We repulse the attacks of enemies. After the Bentusi leaves, you need to dock your Resource Collectors to the Mothership, because. soon there will be enemies. We destroy the appeared fighters with the help of Frigates. And we capture the Corvettes or also destroy them.

4. Capture the Ion frigates. After a while, enemy Ion frigates will appear. You have to try to capture them. This is quite simple to do and will bring you good benefits.

5. Destroy an enemy transport ship. Unfortunately, this ship cannot be captured, so it remains only to destroy it. And the two frigates that come with it can be captured.

6. Collect the remaining resources. Send harvesters to mine the remaining ore. Disassemble unnecessary ships and build the necessary ones.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 5 Great Wastes

New Research:

Mission Goals:

  1. Explore the asteroid belt.
  2. Destroy all enemy ships.
  3. Destroy an enemy resource harvester.
  4. Investigate defense subsystems (secondary goal).

Mission order

1. Preparation for battle. The enemy has many ships: Fighters, Frigates and 2 Destroyers. You need to build a lot of Interceptors and Capture Corvettes, as well as a few Assault Frigates. Hide mining units, stop collecting resources, because. battles will take place in the asteroid field.

2. Do your research. After meeting with the enemy, 2 studies will become available to you. Spend them and start building Defense Fighters, they are very effective against enemy fighters.

3. Destroy enemy Exterminators. There are many of them, and they will greatly interfere with you. We need to destroy them as soon as possible.

4. Capture or destroy enemy frigates. After destroying the fighters, start capturing or destroying the frigates. It is better to attack the frigates first, and then send the corvettes to capture them, otherwise your Corvettes will not fly.

5. Be sure to capture 2 enemy destroyers. They fly up after the frigates. To capture them, you need at least 8 corvettes, 2 for each destroyer. Send more corvettes as not all of them will make it.

6. Capture single frigates. The enemy will send frigates to you one by one. These are easy targets to capture. Capture them as long as they appear. At the same time, destroy or capture an enemy resource collector.

7. Capture the main enemy ship. But be careful, there are still units near him. They must first be eliminated. Capture will require 6 or more corvettes. During the capture, he can produce new units.

8. Complete the mission. Collect all resources. For the next mission, you must have at least 20 Assault Frigates and 15 Resource Collectors. Fighters can be disposed of. Perform a hyper jump.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 6 Diamond Placers

New Research:

Mission Goal: Protect the Mothership.

Mission order

1. Immediately attack the asteroids. We attack asteroids with frigates and destroyers as soon as the level is loaded. Large asteroids scatter into 2 parts, which also need to be attacked. By the red circle, you can determine whether the asteroid can be attacked or not. Safe asteroids have a green circle.

2. We collect ore. After undocking the Resource Collectors, we give them a command to collect resources. Otherwise, the asteroids will fly out of the level. Be careful, collectors can also die from a collision with an asteroid,

3. Buy technology from Bentusi. After defeating the asteroids, the Bentusi will arrive. We buy technology from them for the production of Frigate with drones. It is very effective against small ships.

4. Complete the mission. Collect all resources. Research all technologies. Produce Frigates and Destroyers. Perform a hyper jump.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 7 Gardens of Kadesh

Mission Goals:

  1. Gather resources in the nebula.
  2. Protect the fleet.

Mission order

1. Send fighters, corvettes and harvesters back to the Mothership. After starting the mission, you need to have all small ships and assemblers in your mother ship.

2. Start collecting resources. Send 1 harvester to harvest resources.

3. Send destroyers and frigates to the center of the map. But leave a small army near the mother ship. Be sure to set aggressive tactics for all combat units so that they attack the enemy when he appears.

4. Destroy the enemy. If you did everything right, then during the scene, when the enemy appears, your troops will begin to attack him. If you have enough strength, then you will destroy the mother ship of the enemy before the end of the scene. You will only have to deal with the remaining small ships.

5. Complete the mission. Collect all remaining resources. They are very scattered across the map, so you need to send units to collect several times. Perform a hyper jump.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 8 The Cathedral of Kadesh

Mission Goals:

  1. Destroy the hyperspace inhibitors.
  2. Break the enemy forces.

Mission order

1. We dock all assemblers, fighters and corvettes to the mother ship. There will be a lot of enemy fighters, and they will easily destroy your small ships.

2. Attack 2 motherships. We send frigates and destroyers to destroy enemy mother ships and frigates next to them. We do not pay attention to fighters.

3. Watch the video and send your fleet to the specified point. When you arrive at the right place, you will be shown the second video. Only after that you will be able to destroy the last mothership.

4. We destroy the remaining enemies. We destroy the third mother ship, frigates, and then fighters. Only after you destroy all the large ships should you proceed to the fighters. Since without refueling, fighters stop on the spot and become an easy target for your units.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 9 Sea of ​​Lost Souls

Mission Goals:

  1. Investigate the anomaly.
  2. Destroy the alien ship.

New Research:

Mission order

1. We cut the anomaly. Build a fighter-scout and send it to the anomaly. If your frigates or destroyers fly too close to the anomaly, they will become enemy. Near the anomaly, only fighters and corvettes can safely fly.

2. We destroy assault frigates. Very slowly we fly up with our destroyers to the anomaly. Enemy troops can only fly within a certain radius of the anomaly. We destroy enemy assault frigates with our destroyers from a long distance.

3. Capture the Missile Destroyer. Slowly fly up with our destroyer to the enemy so that he starts shooting at you. We send 4 or more corvettes to capture it. While the Enemy is shooting at your destroyer, nothing threatens your Corvettes of capture.

4. Capture enemy beam frigates. There are not many of them, and they are slow and often miss. Therefore, capturing them will not be difficult.

5. We capture the ghost ship in the center of the anomaly. We send him a Capture Corvette. You have the opportunity to explore the Gravity Field Generator. Then a Bentusi ship appears and offers you the Super Heavy Chassis technology. You get the technology and the Bentusi disappear.

6. We complete the mission. You will not be able to destroy the ghost ship, because. it fully restores health when it drops below 20%. Therefore, we research technology and collect resources that are very scattered across the sector. We complete the mission.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 10 Supernova Station

Mission Goals:

  1. Destroy the research facility.
  2. Destroy an enemy transport ship.
  3. Destroy all enemy forces.

New Research:

Mission order

1. We explore available technologies. The mission can be completed without new ships, but it’s worth researching the technologies.

2. We begin to extract resources. Resource Collectors need to be docked with the Transport Ship and sent to the asteroids behind the Mother Ship. Due to the radiation from the supernova, resource collectors will not be able to fly to the asteroids on their own. You also need to make sure that they do not fly out of the dust cloud, otherwise they will be killed by the supernova radiation.

3. We send ships to the center of the sector along the dust cloud. Only in a dust cloud will your ships be safe. We send all our destroyers, several repairmen and invaders to the center of the sector. We destroy interceptors and corvettes along the way. The discovered mines will not cause you much harm. Repair ships as needed.

4. Capture two destroyers and an enemy cruiser. You will encounter two destroyers and an enemy heavy cruiser. It is better to capture them with corvettes, you will need 14 corvettes. If it doesn’t work, then you can just destroy it.

5. We destroy the enemy units guarding the research station and the station itself. There will be many enemies, mainly frigates and fighters. There will be another transport ship that needs to be destroyed before it jumps into hyperspace. Capturing ships here is very difficult, so just destroy them. Don’t forget to withdraw and repair your units.

6. Complete the mission. Collect the remaining resources, dispose of unnecessary units and build new ones. Be sure to build the maximum number of Capture Corvettes.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 11 Tannhauser Gate

Mission Goal: Destroy the Taidan fleet.

Mission order

1. Quickly capture enemy ships. First, you should capture the Heavy Cruiser, and then the enemy Destroyers. They will not shoot at your corvettes, because busy Bentusi.

2. Destroy or capture Frigates. You can try to capture all enemy frigates, but then you risk losing. Since when the Bentusi is destroyed, the mission is considered failed. Therefore, it is better to destroy part or all of the enemy’s frigates.

3. We complete the mission. We listen to the story of Benstusi about his home world. We collect resources and jump into hyperspace.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough of mission 12 The core of the galaxy

Mission Goals:

  1. Destroy the source of the gravity field.
  2. Protect the fleet.
  3. Protect the defector.

New Research:

Mission order

1. Destroy the source of the gravitational field. These are 3 small ships next to your Mother ship. Destroying them is quite easy with cruisers and destroyers. After that you will be able to use capture corvettes.

2. We capture the destroyer and frigates of the enemy. Enemy repair ships will run away after the gravity field is destroyed.

3. We repel the attack of the enemy. Your new Missile Cruisers are very effective against fighters and corvettes. Capture an enemy heavy cruiser.

4. We protect the defector. A defector on a cruiser is attacked by frigates. They can be destroyed or captured.

5. Destroy and capture the remaining enemy units. You can find a large army led by a Transport ship in the center of the sector. Large ships can be captured, but small ones are best destroyed.

6. We complete the mission. We collect the remaining resources, conduct research and complete the mission.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 13 Karos Cemetery

Mission Objective: Dock one of the attack craft to the relay module.

New Research:

Mission order

1. Preparation. Dispose of the ships captured in the previous mission. We do research. If necessary, we build new ships.

2. Destroy the Hyperspace Gate and the Junkyard Dog. We fly to the marked place on the map. On the way we destroy all enemy objects. As soon as you meet the Hyperspace Gates, they must be destroyed first. If this is not done, then the Dump Dog will capture your ship and teleport it. The Dog has a very high health reserve, it will not be possible to quickly destroy it.

3. We dock with the Cabin at the dump. At the point marked with a marker, we find the Cabin in the dump. We send a Scout to her and make sure that he is not destroyed along the way. After docking, it will download the data.

4. We complete the mission. We conduct all research and collect available resources. Just make sure that your pickers are not destroyed.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 14 Bridge of Sighs

Mission Goals:

  1. Destroy the field generator.
  2. Destroy the hyperspace gate.

New research: Sensor System - allows you to build a Sensor System.

Mission order

1. We send a scout to the Field Generator. The position of the Generator is indicated by a marker on the map. Upon arrival, we are shown a long scene with the Field Generator and enemy resource collectors. Then the research of the Sensor System will be available.

2. We research and build the Sensor System. It is enough to build only one ship. He is able to see all enemy ships. This is a very useful feature, it is a pity that it was not at the beginning of the game.

3. Destroy the Hyperspace Gate. When approaching them from hyperspace, a detachment of fighters and corvettes will appear. They need to be destroyed in the place with the gates themselves. There will be three markers on the map. All gates and enemy units at the marked points must also be destroyed. The best way to do this is with Heavy Corvettes.

4. We capture everything that can be captured. To do this, you will need all 14 Capture Corvettes. There are many ion frigates on the map, arranged in a sphere around the Field Generator. They must be captured, however, neighboring frigates will chase and attack you. During the chase, other frigates will be easily captured with the remaining corvettes. Don’t rush, be careful. If you do everything right, then you will have a huge army.

5. Destroy the Field Generator. In the absence of enemies, this will be easy. Each element of the generator must be destroyed separately.

6. We complete the mission. In the next mission, you will have a very hard time, you will immediately have to engage in battle with a large enemy flotilla. Therefore, we build all warships to the maximum. We collect resources and jump into hyperspace.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 15 In the fatal hour

Mission Objective: Destroy the object.

Mission order

1. We destroy the enemy. The enemy has a lot of ships of all types and he immediately attacks you. It is necessary to destroy the enemy fleet as soon as possible. Try to capture several enemy Destroyers, but it won’t be easy to do so. Build destroyed ships immediately.

2. Destroy the object. A large stone is heading towards your Mothership. If you do not have time to destroy it, you will lose. The object has a lot of health, send more ships to destroy it.

3. Finish the mission. Gather resources and debris. Build a powerful fleet. Capture Corvettes are very useful. Complete the mission.

Homeworld 1 Walkthrough Mission 16 Hiigara

Mission Goal: Destroy all enemy forces.

Mission order

1. Repel 3 attacks on the Mothership. The first attack will be the most numerous. We recommend capturing Destroyers and Cruisers and destroying frigates. Capital Ships and the Mothership heal on their own, but you can build a Support Frigate to speed up the process.

2. Destroy the enemy Mothership. After repelling the 3rd attack, reinforcements from the Emperor and Captain Alison will come to your aid. Alison’s ships will immediately rush into battle. Take all your warships and attack the enemy Mothership too. Not many ships guard it, but it will occasionally launch fighters and corvettes. In the fight against them, missile destroyers are very effective. After destroying the enemy units, destroy the mother ship itself.

3. Congratulations, you have completed Homeworld 1 Remastered! Watch the final video and enjoy the moment.

Homeworld 1: Walkthrough Bonus Mission "Raiders on the Run"

Mission Goal: Destroy enemy transport ships.

New Research: Plasma Bombs - Allows you to build the Strike Bomber.

Mission order

1. Preparation for battle. Let’s start collecting resources. We start the study. We build Frigates, Light Corvettes and Capture Corvettes.

2. We destroy the small ships of the Enemy. Enemy transport ships start launching Fighters and Corvettes after a while. As soon as they fly closer - destroy them.

3. Eliminate large ships. Enemy beam frigates are best captured. Transport ships cannot be captured, so they must be destroyed. During the battle they produce new fighters and corvettes, be careful.

4. We complete the mission. After destroying the enemy, you can collect the remaining resources. But it does not matter much, because. Nothing will carry over to the next mission.

Homeworld 1: Game Story

Background. For a long time, the inhabitants of the planet Kharak lived in the belief that their planet was not their home. An orbiting satellite discovered a gigantic spaceship of the ancients (Khar-Toba) buried in the sands. An expedition was sent to him immediately. Artifacts were found among the remains of the ship: the Guiding Stone and the hyperdrive.

The waystone contained a map of the galaxy and a simple, single-valued vector pointing to a specific location near the center of the galaxy. This place was signed with the word Hiigara, which meant "home" in all the Kharak dialects.

The entire population united for a great goal - the construction of a space Mothership containing a repaired hyperdrive. The ship was to travel to its home world at the center of the galaxy.

1 mission. The mother ship is ready. A scientist named Karan S Jet sacrificed herself and became the living control center of the colonists’ ship. The mother ship undocks from the construction yard and begins testing systems. All systems work normally, the ship can create other ships, extract resources, conduct research and manage a fleet of combat units. But most importantly, the ship can fire a Hyperspace Drive and jump to distant points in the galaxy.

2. Mission. We’re exiting hyperspace near our ship Khar-Selim. This support ship flew to the meeting place for 10 years on conventional jet propulsion. Upon arrival, we will find only the wreckage of the Khar-Selim ship. It was destroyed by unknown hostile ships, which are then trying to destroy our Mothership.

After repelling the attack, we take away the black box of Khar-Selim. From it it becomes clear that Khar-Selim wanted to warn us about the need to abort the experiment with the launch of the hyperspace drive. The enemy attacks us even harder, but we repulse the attack and jump back to the planet Kharak.

3 mission. We have met with a serious enemy and must increase our combat power to repel any attacks. However, when leaving hyperspace, we find that the shipyard is destroyed, and the planet has undergone a total planetary bombardment. We destroy enemy units and save the container with the colonists. From the decoding of enemy black boxes, it becomes clear that they have a powerful fleet. Therefore, we need to jump into the asteroid belt to accumulate resources, repair our ships and create new units based on the received blueprints.

4 Mission. All colonists in cryocontainers are normal. We are shown terrible footage of the destruction of the planet. The captive captain reported that we were facing a vast interstellar empire. And our planet was destroyed because of a treaty concluded 4,000 years ago. According to it, the use of hyperspace drive is prohibited. Although the enemy and other factions freely use this technology.

After collecting resources, a huge Bentusi ship gets in touch with us. The Bentusi are a race of merchants who sell technology for a very modest price. After the appearance of enemies, the Bentusi go into hyperspace, and we fight the Turanian raiders. We destroy enemies before they jump into hyperspace.

5 mission. We must destroy the fleet of the enemy guilty of the genocide of our planet. The fight will be hard, but we are winning. Revenge has come true, and we can even fly to our home world.

6 Mission. In order not to meet with enemy military outposts, we must fly through the asteroid field and the nebula. We’re trying to get through the asteroid field and protecting the Mothership from a collision. The Bentusi who have appeared warn us that the Great Nebula is a very dangerous place. Nobody comes back from it.

7 Mission. In the nebula, our sensors begin to fail. The ship that has appeared tells us that we are in the Gardens of Kadesh. They have protected their garden for 13 generations. Turian raiders have already been punished for their intrusion. We can either stay in the Gardens of Kadesh or we will be destroyed. They just won’t let us leave. The enemy mother ship launches many small drones that attack us. It also prevents us from jumping into hyperspace. Only after its destruction can we jump further, beyond the nebula.

8 Mission. It turned out that the enemy Mothership was equipped with a powerful field generator. This generator prevented us from making a hyperspace jump. We also learned that the enemy hyperspace drive is very similar to ours. We fell into a trap and reappeared in the nebula.

The enemy unit again offers us to join them. We refuse and say that we have a lot in common. In response, we are told that the evil forces will destroy us, and then them, so they cannot let us go. We destroy two of the three motherships. The remaining ship retreats to the wreckage, which is similar to those we found in the desert on our planet.

9 Mission. It turned out what happened in the nebula many years ago. One of the ships similar to Khar-Toba disappeared into the nebula. The settlers soon became involved in plundering ships passing through the nebula. They invented a hydraulic blocker to rob more efficiently. The nebula soon became their home and religion.

We appear near a strange ghost ship. All large ships that approach him become his and begin to attack us. The study of the ship showed that it is millions of years old and its purpose is not clear. We get new technology and meet Bentusi. They knew about the ship, but did not approach it. We exchange technologies with Bentusi and they promise to raise our issue at the Galaxy Council.

10 mission. We are near the outer borders of the Taiidan Empire. A vulnerability has been discovered in the defense of the enemy - this is a research station near the Supernova. The star burns out small ships, so we only use large ships. We destroy the defenders of the station and the station itself.

11 mission. Tayidane is furious that we crossed the outer perimeter. They order their troops to find and destroy us. They also want to prevent Bentusi from bringing our issue before the Council. We’re helping the Bentusi ship escape destruction. As a thank you, the Bentusi tell the story of our home world.

Our ancient empire was defeated in a terrible war. The defeated they sent into exile in different parts of the galaxy. No one was allowed to help our ancestors and follow them. Many died along the way until they found a new planet suitable for life. Some sentient races believe in our triumphant return.

12 mission. Our hyperdrive is malfunctioning, we are entering normal space. We’re trapped in the Taiidan Gravity Trap, fighters and corvettes can’t move. During the mission, we find and destroy the source of the anomaly. After the battle, Captain Elson gets in touch with us. He is trying to desert and asks for our protection. In return, Elson offers cooperation.

13 mission. The deserter captain reports that the Taiidan Empire has fallen into decline. The use of an atmosphere destroyer on our planet was the reason for the uprising. He asks us to help connect to the rebel network. In return, he will show us a passage through the defenses of our home world. We fly to the ship graveyard in Karos to find the relay inside the wreckage of one of the ships.

At the cemetery, automatic turrets and the Dump Dog, which steals our ships, will interfere with us. After docking with the necessary debris, we get in touch with the rebels. They report that they are preparing the fleet for battle and transmit the coordinates we need.

14 Mission. Our home world is surrounded by a network of hyperspace drive inhibitors. We’re heading for the most vulnerable inhibitor station. Our fleet is destroying the station in order to break through to the home world.

15 mission. The enemies are already aware of our approach and are preparing. However, we are also ready for the decisive battle. Tayidan is sending a huge asteroid and a large army to destroy our Mothership. We destroy all enemies and make a hyperjump to our home world.

16 mission. The enemy struck at the girl who controlled our Mothership. She was seriously injured, but did not die. Our home world is guarded by a serious army led by the Mothership. After repulsing several attacks, the Emperor’s army and Captain Alison come to our aid. Together we succeed in destroying the Rejection Fleet and reclaiming our Homeworld.

Epilogue. The Bentusi and the Galaxy Council recognized our rights to our home world. However, this victory cost us thousands of lives and much destruction. But the beauty of the native world is simply mesmerizing. Our colonists are awake and ready to explore the planet. The Taiidan Empire was destroyed, but we will never forget that. Karan S Jet recovered, she was removed from the core of the mother ship, and she was able to descend to the planet. End.

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