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Homeworld 2 - Full Walkthrough with Tips and Puzzles

Homeworld 2 Remastered is a reboot of the second part of the legendary game from Gearbox Software. Space real-time strategy with new and improved graphics for modern PCs. You are in command of a large Mothership, which must take on a new enemy. Gather resources, research technologies, build ships and fight enemies. All units, research and resources are transferred from one mission to another.


  1. Tips from experienced players
  2. Don’t rush to win!!!
  3. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 1 Tanis
  4. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 2 Angel Moon
  5. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 3 Sarum
  6. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 4 Gehenna’s Perimeter
  7. Walkthrough of mission 5 Geena
  8. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 6 Karos Cemetery
  9. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 7 Abandoned Ships
  10. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 8 Dreadnought Parking
  11. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 9 Counterattack
  12. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 10 Guardians of Sujuk
  13. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 11 Self Sacrifice
  14. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 12 Thaddis Sabbah
  15. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 13 Gates of Balcora
  16. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 14 Balkor
  17. Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 15 Return to Hiigaru
  18. Game Story

Homeworld 2: Tips from experienced players

1. Be sure to complete the training. Here you will learn about the main game mechanics. Without this knowledge, victory will be impossible.

2. Capture enemy ships. To do this, use the Space Infantry Frigate. A captured ship can be used in battle or decommissioned, receiving resources for it. Any ships except fighters are captured.

3. Destroyed ships give you resources. When you destroy large ships, a debris field remains in their place. Collecting debris will give you a lot of the necessary resources.

4. Pause the game. In it you can give orders and assess the combat situation. The pause will allow you to give thoughtful and timely orders.

5. Destroy enemies gradually. Break enemy troops into small groups and destroy them. If you fight with a large number of enemy troops at the same time, you will suffer huge losses.

6. Destroy capital ships piece by piece. Enemy ships also have modules. Destroying a module is much easier than destroying an entire unit. Destroying them reduces the attacking potential of the enemy ship and it will be easier for you to defeat it.

7. Save often. So you can download the right moment of the game and act differently.

8. Study your ships. In the descriptions for units, it is written against whom they are effective, and against whom they are useless. Use your troops wisely.

9. Hide assemblers and unneeded units. At the beginning of the game, as a rule, the most fierce battles take place. Unused units can be taken to a safe area or docked with the mother ship. That way they stay safe and sound.

10. Study the goals and conditions of the mission. Each location has its own specifics. Ignoring the features of the mission will lead to heavy losses or defeat. Read the dialogues and mission objectives carefully.

11. Don’t interrupt scenes and videos. So you will better understand the plot of the game and save yourself from bugs that occur when you skip them. Dialogues and messages can always be read in the Journal.

12. Repair damaged squadrons and equipment. You should not wait until your units are destroyed. Send them to dock with the mother ship for repairs. Or use special repair units. Frigates and capital ships are being repaired on their own, but slowly.

13. Destroy enemy resource collectors. So you will not only slow down the construction of the enemy fleet, but also save resources for yourself.

14. Do not use gun platforms. They can’t fly, they don’t carry over to the next missions, they can’t be disposed of. Instead of platforms, it is better to build ordinary ships.

Homeworld 2: Don’t rush to win!!!

After completing all the tasks, you automatically make a hyperjump and start the next level. A distinctive feature of Homeworld 2 is that all resources, research and units that you have before the hyperjump are automatically transferred to the new mission. Therefore, outside of battles, you must perform the following actions:

1. Do not rush to do all the tasks. Usually, the trigger for completing a level is the completion of all mission objectives. Therefore, do not rush to destroy all enemies and perform other tasks. This can be difficult, but necessary for the successful completion of the entire game.

2. Collect all available resources. Send your collectors until they say that there are no resources left and there is nothing more to collect. The game has one single resource that is used for construction and research. The more resources you have, the higher your chances of successfully completing the game. At the end of the mission, all resources are collected automatically, but you should not rely too much on this.

The game has a bug. Collectors need to be sent several times to collect resources (H button), until they say that there are no more resources.

3. Conduct research. There are quite a lot of technologies in the game. Therefore, all necessary research must be completed before hyperjumping. At the beginning of the game, there will be few resources, you need to choose only the most important technologies and study them.

4. Write off all obsolete ships. If you have the opportunity to build more efficient ships, then the old ones must be written off. When writing off, you will receive a part of the cost of the vessel.

5. Build a modern fleet. In the game you will meet a lot of enemies. You need to have a strong army to defeat any enemy.

It should be remembered that in order to produce certain ships, it is necessary to carry out research or build an additional module.

6. Don’t repair damaged ships. When hyperjumping, repairs will be carried out automatically. And in the next mission, you will receive your ships with full health.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 1 Tanis

Mission Goals:

  1. Start collecting resources. Collect 700 units.
  2. Build a fighter factory.
  3. Build a squadron of interceptors.
  4. Use interceptors to destroy target drones.
  5. Destroy the Vaygr forces on the Chimera.
  6. Protect the Mothership.
  7. Destroy the hyperspace gate and the Vaygr fighters.
  8. Build a squadron of bombers.

New features: Fighter Factory - allows you to build Fighters.

Mission order

1. We collect resources. We send the collector to collect resources (button H). There are a lot of containers with resources, it is advisable to collect them before building fighters.

2. We build fighters. We are building a fighter factory. She appears as a module on the Mothership. We build fighters, and 1 construction slot is a squadron of 5 fighters.

3. We destroy opponents. First, we destroy the target drones. Then Vaygr bombers appear, which also need to be destroyed. It is better to set the fighters to aggressive tactics, so they will attack enemies even during game scenes.

4. We destroy new enemies. Near the mothership, more Bombers appear, led by a Heavy Missile Frigate. It starts attacking the Mothership and buildings near it. We build a squadron of Bombers and with their help we destroy enemies.

5. Destroy the hyperspace gates and bombers. After a while, three gates and three squadrons of Bombers will appear. We put your units on aggressive tactics, and they will gradually destroy the enemy. Your Mothership then jumps into hyperspace to avoid being destroyed.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 2 Angel Moon

Mission Goals:

  1. Protect the transport ships carrying the crew.
  2. Build resource collectors.
  3. Build a corvette factory.
  4. Destroy the Vaygr Slayer Factory.
  5. Destroy the Vaygr transport ship. Don’t let him get away.

New opportunities:

Mission order

1. Destroy enemy fighters. Send having ships to protect the transport. You should not approach the enemy fighter factory yet.

2. We build Resource Collectors and corvettes. Build 3-5 Collectors and send them to collect resources. After docking the first Transport ship, you will be able to build a corvette factory. Produce several squadrons of corvettes of different classes.

3. Destroy the Weigr Slayer Factory. You only need to destroy the factory - this is a module on the Transport ship. Bombers are better at this task. The whole ship is not attacked, it is very large. Then we destroy the fighters that he produced.

4. We ignore the frigates of the Weigr. You cannot destroy them, you are not strong enough yet. Moreover, heavy ships will come to your aid pretty soon. Instead, you should focus on destroying the remaining fighters, this will be within your power. We send your ships for repairs.

5. We destroy the engines of the enemy Transport ship. After the destruction of the frigates, the enemy tries to hide. Destroy the transport’s engines and it will be immobilized. The ship itself will be destroyed by Captain Soban.

6. We complete the mission. If you did everything correctly and promptly, then you will be able to save all 6 Transport ships. After docking them, you will receive new studies and ships. Do all your research. You can dispose of fighters and replace them with corvettes. Collect all available resources.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 3 Sarum

Mission Goals:

  1. Start collecting resources.
  2. Protect resource collectors and transporters.
  3. Protect the shipyard "Nabaal"
  4. Repair the shipyard.
  5. Destroy the Vaygr probes.
  6. Eliminate the attacking Vaygrs.

New opportunities:

Mission order

1. Weaken the enemy. We destroy the main enemy ships that attack the shipyard. However, you need to leave a few enemy ships so that they continue to attack. This will give you time to collect resources. We launch collectors to extract resources. We move the mother ship closer to the shipyard.

2. We collect resources. While the enemy continues to attack the shipyard with a small fleet, you build a Mobile Refinery. It must be sent to the point indicated on the map so that the mission goal is counted and you extract resources more efficiently. We build modules and replenish the fleet. Repairing damaged units, conducting research. We are waiting for the collectors to collect all the resources on the map, otherwise the enemies will collect them later.

3. We ignore the second wave of enemies. It is not necessary to repair the shipyard, it restores its health on its own. Soon, an enemy transport ship, corvettes and fighters appear near large asteroids. Withdraw your troops from this zone to the shipyard, because. the enemy will soon try to capture it.

4. We reflect the third enemy wave. The enemy will try to capture your shipyard with the help of scout frigates. Destroy the fighters first, and then the enemy frigates. We are building a frigate factory.

5. We capture enemy ships. Build 4 Capture Frigates. With the help of them we capture combat enemy frigates. Unfortunately, you will not be able to capture the Transport ships and Scout Frigates.

6. Destroy the remaining enemy ships. Enemy Transport ships will constantly launch fighters and invaders. Don’t let them take over your shipyard. Destroy them and then eliminate the Transport ships. Frigates will be especially effective.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 4 Gehenna’s Perimeter

Mission Goals:

  1. Destroy the hyperspace inhibitors.
  2. Capture the Vaygr hyperspace gate.
  3. Destroy the control center.
  4. Destroy the rest of the Weyg forces.

New opportunities:

Mission order

1. Preparation for battle. We do all the research. Dispose of unnecessary ships (fighters and corvettes). We build Corvettes to the maximum (more Torpedo Corvettes) and the Installed Sensor System. We dock the mining ships with the mother ship.

2. Survive the first blow. We move the mother ship closer to the left inhibitor. As soon as the enemies start attacking your mothership, stop and destroy them with your corvettes. Open the destroyed ships and fly further to the inhibitor. It is important not to allow the Vys to attack a large number of enemies at the same time, otherwise the damage will be huge. Eliminate enemy units gradually and systematically.

3. We destroy the remnants of enemies. As soon as all attacks on your Mothership are over, and you arrive at the first inhibitor, proceed to the next phase. Destroy the inhibitor. Capture the nearest Vaygr hyperspace gate. Destroy or capture an enemy Transport ship. Run the resource collectors. Similarly, destroy the second and third inhibitor.

4. Destroy the Control Center. After destroying the last inhibitor, you automatically hyperjump to the Control Center. Better to act quickly. Destroy the small guards of the Center and the center itself. Torpedo corvettes are very effective. Build new corvettes instead of destroyed ones.

5. Destroy the shipyard and the remnants of the enemy forces. You will be attacked by heavy torpedo frigates. They will be constantly built by the Shipyard and the Transport ship. It is better to first destroy the modules that these ships produce, then the frigates themselves. And then destroy the factories themselves.

Homeworld 2: Walkthrough of mission 5 Geena

Mission Goals:

  1. Capture the oracle.
  2. Destroy the Weyg garrisons.
  3. Destroy the Veyg Shipyard.

New opportunities:

Mission order

1. Getting ready for the mission. We are conducting research and standing missile corvettes. We send the mother ship with a small fleet to the left marker.

2. We destroy the garrisons of the Weigr. First we fly to the right marker and destroy the enemies, then to the central one, and then to the left one. When flying, you must remain in the dust cloud, otherwise you will be detected and all available enemy units will start attacking you at once.

3. Destroy the guards at the Weigr shipyard. She is well guarded. At first, you can send a small ship away from your main fleet so that the enemies chase it. So it will be easier for you to destroy the remaining guards. We destroy combat platforms. Send the Torpedo Frigate to the resources near the spawn point at the beginning of the mission to destroy the enemy harvesters.

4. We destroy the shipyard. The shipyard and transport ship will constantly produce new units. Destroy all shipyard modules to stop production. Then we destroy the Transport ship. After that, we proceed to the liquidation of the shipyard itself.

5. We capture the oracle. We direct the landing ship to the asteroid near the destroyed shipyard. After a small capture, the mission will be completed.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 6 Karos Cemetery

Mission Goals:

  1. Start collecting resources.
  2. Protect the Mothership.
  3. Capture an abandoned ship.
  4. Start researching the anti-vehicle weapon module.

New opportunities:

Mission order

1. We reflect the first attack of the enemy. We do research. We build torpedo frigates. All other ships, including new ones, will be ineffective against local enemies. After the video you will be attacked by enemy corvettes. Repel attacks, defend the Mothership and build new frigates. We organize the extraction of resources.

2. We reflect the second attack of enemies. The mothership teleports to the center of the sector. We fly to him and destroy all the enemies that are approaching him. We build new units to replace the destroyed ones.

3. We capture the enemy. Equip a combat squad along with a resource gatherer as soon as possible. Direct the squad to the marker on the map. Repel enemy attacks and capture an enemy unit with the picker. Do your research.

4. We reflect the third attack of enemies. The mother ship teleports to the northeast sector of the map. We send our units there. The mother ship flies slowly towards one of the wrecks. At this time, he is attacked from four sides by many enemy units. As soon as he reaches the mission will end.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 7 Abandoned Ships

Mission Goals:

  1. Explore abandoned ships.
  2. Build Transport Corvettes to clean up radioactive debris.
  3. Use Transport Corvettes to clean up radioactive debris.

New opportunities:

Mission order

1. Preparation. We do all the research. We build 6 destroyers, and the rest of the ships can be disposed of. We build fighters and send to one of the wreckage.

2. Destroy the Weigr probe. We send a small detachment of Scouts a little forward from the Mothership. As soon as the Weigr probe appears, we destroy it. Build 5 Transport Corvettes.

3. Destroy the Weigr army. Even after the probe is destroyed, the Weygrs will still start attacking, although not as much. Two large enemy ships, which are constantly producing new units, are in front to the left and right of the Mothership. You need to destroy them with the help of destroyers from a long distance, otherwise the radiation from the wreckage will quickly destroy your units. Or you can destroy this wreckage with the help of Transport Corvettes.

4. We destroy enemy collectors. After the appearance of the Weigrs, they actively begin to collect resources. Create a small fleet to seek out and destroy these harvesters. Otherwise, you will be completely without resources.

5. Destroy the Veygr shipyard. The shipyard is located next to the radioactive debris, and the radiation does not cause any damage to them. We destroy the wreckage with the help of Transport corvettes. Then destroy the enemy ships and the Shipyard itself. Immediately after this, the mission will end, it is not necessary to destroy the remaining debris.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 8 Dreadnought Parking

Mission Goals:

  1. Confirm the location of the Dreadnought.
  2. Use Transport Corvettes to capture the Dreadnought.
  3. Protect the fleet.
  4. Use Probes to find activators.
  5. Use Transport Corvettes to capture various Forerunner devices.

Mission order

1. Capture the Dreadnought. We send all Destroyers, 6 Transport ships to the Dreadnought (marked with a marker on the map). We give them aggressive tactics. We bring the Mothership closer to the center of the sector. We destroy Forerunner Drones, Missile Frigates are effective against them. We capture the Dreadnought.

2. Search and capture of activators. We build 6 Probes and send them to 6 points marked with markers on the map. We send your army to the right marker. After the discovery of the activator, Forerunner Drones will be added to them. Destroy them, and then capture 3 activators. When transporting activators, you will be attacked, guard your Transport corvettes.

3. Beware of the Forerunner Keeper. This is a large ship that can quickly destroy your destroyer. He also releases Drones. You won’t be able to destroy him until the end of the mission. Inflict serious damage on him as quickly as possible, then he will jump back into hyperspace.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 9 Counterattack

Mission Goals:

  1. Protect the Dreadnought.
  2. Start the Dreadnought’s engine.
  3. Destroy the Hyperspace Gate.
  4. Moor the Dreadnought to the shipyard for repairs.
  5. Destroy the surviving Weygr.
  6. Destroy the Weyg transport ships.

New features: Shipyard - allows you to build all ships.

Mission order

1. We reflect the first attack. After the video, we send our ships to protect the Dreadnought. We build 6 assemblers who will be and send them to repair the Dreadnought. We build as many anti-aircraft frigates and destroyers as possible.

2. We reflect the second attack. Basically, fighters and corvettes will attack you. Built ships will be effective against them. As soon as the Dreadnought can fly on its own, we unhook the assemblers from it. After a while, your shipyard will appear. We direct the Dreadnought and all our ships to this shipyard.

3. We protect the Shipyard and Dreadnought. You will be constantly attacked by ships of all classes. And after a while, enemy transport ships will appear. We destroy all the enemies, and then we eliminate the Veigr transport ships.

4. Destroy Veigr transport ships. Attacks on you will go constantly. We break through one by one to the Transport ships and destroy them. We build Frigates and Destroyers to replace those destroyed.

5. We destroy the remnants of the Weigr. After repairing the Dreadnought, the attacks will intensify, large enemy ships will appear. Gradually destroy all enemies.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 10 Guardians of Sujuk

Mission Goals:

  1. Defeat the Guardians.
  2. Repair the Dreadnought.
  3. Protect the Bentusi.

New features: Dreadnought’s main weapon.

Mission order

1. Send the first wave of Guardians. From the very beginning, you will be attacked by 2 Guardians and several Precursor Drones. Drones are well destroyed with Torpedo Frigates. However, you will not be able to destroy the Guardians, you can make them teleport, causing serious damage. It is better to attack them with Destroyers and Dreadnoughts. Keep fighting off the attacks until the Bentusi show up.

2. Dreadnought repair. We send the dreadnought to dock with the Bentusi ship. Repair starts for 7 minutes and many enemy ships appear. We fight off attacks in the usual way.

3. The end of the Bentusi. After successfully repairing the Dreadnought, Forerunner attacks do not stop. Fight them off, especially the attack of the Drones, which can be destroyed. Rebuild destroyed ships. After some time, the Bentusi will self-destruct in order to give us the core and blow up the remaining Forerunner ships.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 11 Self Sacrifice

Mission Goals:

  1. Capture the Hyperspace Core from the Bentusi ship.
  2. Investigate the radiation shield and capture the core fragments of the Bentusi ship.

New opportunities:

Mission order

1. Preparation. At the beginning of the mission no one attacks you. Do all the research. Build two battlecruisers at the shipyard. Build a Fire Adjustment Tower on cruisers. Make up for the losses of the last mission. Here you will be attacked mainly by large ships.

2. We are waiting for the appearance of the enemy. We divide your troops into 2 squads and send them between the markers on the map. A serious enemy fleet will soon appear in these places. We destroy it and conduct a study of the Protective Field.

3. We investigate protection. If the enemy fleet did not appear, then we send the probe to any place marked with a marker on the map. We are conducting a study of the Protective Field.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 12 Thaddis Sabbah

Mission Goals:

  1. Attack the control center of Thaddis Sabbah.
  2. Destroy Makaan.

Mission order

1. Preparation for battle. We move our mothership closer to the center of the sector. On the way we build large ships. It is desirable to have 1 Dreadnought, 3 Battle Cruisers and 6 Destroyers for the first battle. Missile frigates may also come in handy.

2. Destroy the first enemy Shipyard. It is located to the left of Thaddis Sabbah and constantly produces new ships. Destroy all her surroundings, the assemblers and the shipyard itself.

3. Fly up to Taddis Sabbah. On the way you will be attacked by ships of all classes. The main thing - do not rush to fly forward. Stop, repel the attack, start building destroyed ships, and only then continue moving. Enemy Battlecruisers and Destroyers are on duty near Thaddis Sabbah. First you need to destroy the Battlecruisers, because. they do a lot of damage.

4. Capture of Taddis Sabbah. You don’t need to attack the station. With the help of one frigate of the space infantry, we capture the station. After docking the frigate, a friendly ship will fly out of it and head towards our Mother ship. And the station itself will be automatically destroyed.

5. Destroy the second enemy shipyard. To the right away from the Thaddis Sabbah is the second shipyard. We fly up and destroy all the debaters, platforms and other enemy ships. And then the shipyard itself.

6. Destroy Makaan. The largest enemy ship was left defenseless. He has a very weak weapon, so you can destroy him quite easily and quickly. But before that, you need to rebuild your destroyed ships, since in the next mission you will immediately enter the battle. After making up for losses, attack Makaan. After receiving critical damage, he will teleport, and the mission will immediately end.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 13 Gates of Balcora

Mission Goals:

  1. Destroy all Weyg ships attacking the gate’s power generators.
  2. Destroy the Veyg Shipyard.

Mission order

1. Repulse the attack. A flock of fighters and corvettes, reinforced by frigates, will immediately attack us. We beat off the attack with our heavy ships. We make up for losses and fly further, you can’t rest.

2. We destroy the transport ship. To the left in front of our positions is an enemy transport ship. He mines resources and produces new ships. Let’s destroy it. As well as a flock of ships that covers it.

3. We destroy the enemy shipyard. Not far from us is an enemy Shipyard. We destroy the battle cruiser, and then other ships near the shipyard. We destroy the shipyard itself.

4. We destroy the remaining enemies. There are two enemy units left. We choose one of them and fly to it. You won’t have enough time to destroy two at the same time. Eliminate the ships attacking the Gate first. Then eliminate the remaining enemies.

5. Tips. Quickly build new ships to replace the destroyed ones. Don’t pay too much attention to the fighters, they won’t do much damage to you. Frigates and large ships are especially dangerous.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 14 Balkor

Mission Goals:

  1. Protect the Mothership.
  2. Destroy the Veyg Shipyard.
  3. Destroy Makaan.

Mission order

1. We repel the attack on the Mothership. Immediately at the beginning of the mission, you are being attacked by many ships led by 3 destroyers. We destroy all enemies, repair, make up for losses and fly further.

2. Destroy the Veygor shipyard. The enemy shipyard is located in the western sector. It is guarded by a Battlecruiser, Destroyers and other smaller ships. We destroy enemy units one at a time, and then the shipyard itself. Getting ready for the final battle.

3. Destroy Makaan. His security is very strong: Dreadnought, Battle Cruisers, many Destroyers and smaller ships. Climbing through is suicide! We need to wait until the troops of Makaan begin to attack the Mothership, and then we destroy them one by one. Then try to provoke the enemy to attack and gradually destroy his units. The most dangerous ship is the Dreadnought. Attack him only when he attacks you. Without guards, Makaan’s ship is an easy target.

Homeworld 2 Walkthrough Mission 15 Return to Hiigaru

Mission Goals:

  1. Destroy the Weyg blockade fleet.
  2. Use the Sajuuk to destroy the three planetary bombardment platforms.
  3. Save Hiigara from destruction by shooting down all missiles fired in her direction.

New Features: Sajuuk is the most powerful ship in the game.

Mission order

1. Preparation. There will be no mother ship in the mission, only your shipyard. Build the missing modules on it. Send your troops to the center of the northwestern and northeastern sectors.

2. Destroy enemy shipyards. Sajuuk can hyperjump anywhere in the sector. Teleport him to the left marker on the map. Destroy the shipyard there. Immediately teleport him to the right marker and destroy the shipyard there as well.

3. Destroy the Central Platform. Quickly teleport Sajuuk to the northernmost point on the map. One of the planetary destroyer platforms appears there. Shoot at it until it is completely destroyed.

4. Destruction of torpedoes. As soon as the platforms start firing projectiles, destroy them. This can be done by Sazhduk, who is located near the platform. Or the units that you sent at the beginning of the mission. They are easily destroyed, the main thing is to be careful. In total, you can only miss 6 shells.

5. Destroy the left and right platforms. Similar to the central platform, destroy the left and right platforms. It is not necessary to destroy the remaining Weygrian troops. Congratulations, mission completed, you completed the game.

Homeworld 2: Game Story

Background. The hyperspace core made it possible to travel in space. One of them made it possible for the exiles to return to their home world - Hiigaru (Homeworld 1 story). Under the influence of the third core, the Weygr raised a new leader for themselves - Makaan. He had already conquered many star systems, but now he turned his gaze to Hiigara.

1 mission. In secret from everyone, the construction of a new mother ship with a hyperspace core, the Pride of Hiigara, has been completed. The ship has only half the crew and many non-working systems. During testing, we are attacked and we hyperjump. Veygrs are attacking all our bases, a full-scale invasion has begun. The mother ship is sent to the rally point.

2. Mission. 6 transport workers with a crew for our Mothership are flying to meet us. On the way they are attacked by Weygrs, our task is to protect them. After docking each of them, a certain function is activated in the Mothership. Captain Soban’s fleet comes to our aid and helps to defeat the enemy. However, we are being hunted by a huge army of Weygr, so we’d better fly away.

3. Mission. The Veygrs have occupied Hiigara. Makaan promises to spare us if we give him the Hyperspace Core. With the help of the shipyard, we will be able to rebuild our fleet, but it was also attacked. We repel the attack and repair the shipyard. The Bentusi then appear and talk about the prophecy. Sajuuk (Great Forerunner) created 3 cores. The first - it turned out at Bentusi, the second - with us. By combining three cores, you can awaken Sajuuk. Only he will help defeat the Weygr and Makaan. We hyperjump and the shipyard stays behind to make ships for Hiigara.

4. Mission. Sujuku is not a myth, he was worshiped by all the great clans. Bentusi gave us the coordinates of the oracle, which is located in the possession of the Weygr. But first we need to destroy the huge military base that guards this sector. We destroy the hyperspace gates, enemy units and the base itself.

5. Mission. In the sector where the oracle is located, the Veygrs are conducting large-scale excavations. We must get to the oracle before the enemies. We use dust clouds to remain unnoticed. We destroy the enemies and take away the oracle.

6. Mission. The oracle changed our course and led us to the Kars cemetery. He is in complete control of our hyperspace core, and it is making new leaps. We reflect the attacks of automated ships. Capture an enemy ship and develop effective weapons against enemy ships. Thanks to one of the wreckage, the oracle managed to deactivate enemy units and obtain the coordinates of the forerunner artifact.

7. Mission. We appear at the location of the wreckage of the Forerunner Dreadnought, which was called the "Sajuuk Gatekeeper". We need to destroy the debris that keeps us from going into hyperspace. We use for this transport corvettes, which we have learned to build. The Veygrs have learned of our location and have sent troops to destroy us.

8. Mission. Transport corvettes are forerunner ships controlled by artificial intelligence. The Forerunners themselves were from our galaxy. On this fragment of the ship, 3 hyperspace engines were made. We are flying to the coordinates where the huge Dreadnought-class ship is located. According to the prophecy, whoever combines the 3 cores will release Sajuuk. We capture the dreadnought and activate some of its systems. During the mission, we will be attacked by the Precursor Guardian - this is a powerful ship that cannot be destroyed by conventional weapons. But we find energy modules that will help destroy the Guardian.

9. Mission. The Dreadnought is many years old, but we can control it. He has tremendous power, but many of his systems do not work. The Dreadnought can also control some Forerunner Artifact. We’re heading to the coordinates given to the captains of Soban. Using the Dreadnought, we will inflict devastating damage on the Weigers. However, Makaan also has a Dreadnought. We destroy the capital ship of the Weygr, but they disable our Dreadnought. We protect and repair our ship with the help of a friendly shipyard. We reflect powerful attacks of enemies. The Veygrs capture Captain Sabaan.

10. Mission. We’ve tracked Soban’s coordinates and are flying to rescue him. But on the way we are intercepted by the Guardians. There are many of them, and they are still invulnerable. Bentusi appear nearby and repair the Dreadnought’s main weapon. We defend ourselves from many attacks of the ships of the Guardians. The Bentusi complete the repairs and blow up their ship to destroy the Guardians. We’re going into hyperspace so we don’t get hit by the blast.

11. Mission. The Bentusi sacrificed themselves for the prophecy. The Bentusi hyperspace core is left at the site of the explosion, we need to pick it up. However, Veygr ships also flock to the explosion. The core of Bentusi broke into 3 parts, and they became radioactive. We pick them up using frigates with a protective field, and also do not let the Weigrs do it.

12. Mission. Captain Soban is transported to the Weyg base for interrogation. We are heading to this base to rescue him from captivity. We destroy the enemies and pick up Captain Soban. After leaving the base, Soban blows it up. Makaan appears and again offers us to give the cores, in return he promises to spare us. We’re trying to destroy Makaan, but he’s jumping into hyperspace. Soban gives us the coordinates of the Balcora Gate, where we go.

13. Mission. Balcor is a cluster of black holes at the center of a galaxy. The hyperspace gates of the Forerunners are located there. Balcora’s Gate is the path to Sajuuk. Let’s go to this section. Makaan wants to get Sajuuk using the Dreadnought. For some reason, the Veygrs are trying to destroy the gate. We destroy all opponents and launch the gate.

14. Mission. We opened the gate and released Sajuuk. However, Makaan only expected this. Now he wants to get Sajuuk by combining 3 hyperspace cores to control him. We fight off a massive attack of enemies and defend the Mothership. We destroy Makaan and take away his core. Before dying, he says that Hiigara is in great danger. The triad of nuclei is assembled, we will integrate it into Sajuuk. We make a jump to Hiigara.

15. Mission. In orbit around Hiigara, the Weygrian forces battle the remnants of the planet’s defending fleet. Sajuuk is a large and strong ship, but it can be destroyed. We use our fleet to destroy the enemy. After a while, huge ships of unknown origin appear. They begin to destroy all life on the planet. Normal weapons are useless against them, use Sajuuk to destroy them. With ordinary ships we shoot down torpedoes of planetary bombers.

Epilogue. We have become the chosen ones and keepers of the three cores. The millennial era of wars is over, the time has come for peace and great discoveries. But the nuclear triad opened the Eye of Arran. The discovery silenced the entire galaxy in amazement. The hyperspace gate system has been preserved in excellent condition. Therefore, the era of peace will soon end, because we are waiting for new battles in Homeworld 3.

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