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Immortal Love 10: Polar Lights - Full Walkthrough with Tips and Puzzles

Immortal Love 10: Northern Lights. Astrid and Ulf were preparing for the wedding, but the God of mischief Loki intervened in their plans and turned Ulf into a wolf. Now Loki insists that what happened is an accident, but Astrid doesn’t believe him. To return her beloved human form, she needs to follow the instructions of the God of Mischief and go to the fantastic world of magic. What game is Loki playing? Will he let Ulf become human again? And how does this relate to the ancient prophecy of Ragnarok? This article describes a complete and detailed walkthrough of the game with pictures. An overview of all the secrets, tips, tactics and features of game mechanics from start to finish is given.


  1. General Tips
  2. Chapter 1 Wolf Amulet
  3. Chapter 2 Magic Ivy
  4. Chapter 3 Sigin
  5. Chapter 4 Asgard
  6. Chapter 5 Goat hair cloak
  7. Bonus Chapter
  8. Collections
  9. Achievements in the game

Immortal Love 10: General Tips

How to play? In this beautiful game you will find references to northern legends and traditions. The story revolves around a young Scandinavian couple who have experienced difficult trials through the fault of the god of mischief, Loki. To complete the game, you need to move around the locations, look for useful inventory and use it correctly. So you will cope with game tasks and be able to develop the plot.

You will also play through various mini-games and hidden object scenes. If desired, mini-games can be skipped ("Skip" button). For any difficulties in the game, use the "Advice" button to get a hint. Don’t forget to look at the Map to quickly navigate through the locations. This guide will not mention the need to zoom in every time. Screenshots will show an already enlarged image.

Complexity. The game has several difficulty modes:

Search for items. All Hidden Object Puzzles are referred to as HOPs in the manual. This walkthrough does not explain the decisions of the HOP. It only shows the location of the HOP and the resulting inventory item.

Mini games. The guide will describe step-by-step solutions for those mini-games that have a single solution and are not randomly generated. For other mini-games, read the explanations and rules carefully.

Immortal Love 10: Chapter 1 Wolf Amulet

  1. Talk; take the GLOWING AMULET (A).
  2. Move on; take the YARN (B).
  3. Take the FLOWER (C).

  1. Take map (D); take the FELTING NEEDLE (E).
  2. Use the FELTING NEEDLE and FLOWER on the YARN; make TOY MOUSE.
  5. Offer TOY MOUSE; take the FOX Cub and YARN 1/2 (G).

  1. Release the FOX CUP; take YARN 2/2 (H).
  2. Select yarn x5; put down the YARN and CORD (I).
  3. Take the BRIE (J).

  1. Put on the BRIDLE (K).
  2. Play the HOP (L).
  3. Swap: (1-2)-(2-3) (M). Receive the JAR OF OIL.
  4. Take the WOLF AMULET (N).

  1. Select and place WOLF AMULET (O).
  2. Find the pairs (P).
  3. Open (Q); take the money.
  4. Go (R).

  1. Take FREY’S IMAGE (S).
  2. Place FREY’S IMAGE. Select Freyr (T).
  3. Take the SCROLL and FISH BISCUITS (U).

  1. Talk; take CHEST KEYS (V).
  2. Take the CORD and TUFL RULES from the SCROLL.
  3. Use OIL CAN and CHEST KEY (W).
  4. Solution (X). Select: (4-5)-(6-7)-(2-3)-(5-6)-(3-4)-(1-2).

  1. Take KNIGHTS TUFF 1/2; open (Y).
  2. Offer FISH BISCUITS (Z).
  4. Use CORD; take TUFL KNIGHTS 2/2 (A).

  1. Select burner; take NEEDLE 1/2 (B).
  2. Arrange RULES, PAINTS, and KNIGHTS; take the TUFFLE SET (C).
  3. Put down the TUFFLE SET and MONEY (D).
  4. Move the king piece to any corner of the board (arbitrarily) (E).

  1. Receive SKIDBLADNIR (F).
  2. Put down the SKIDBLADNIR; go (G).

  1. Take the SWORD HILT (H).
  2. Touch the crab; take CRAB FOOD.
  3. Place SWORD HILT; take the SWORD (I).
  4. Use the SWORD (J); take ROPE (K).

  1. Use ROPE; take the KEG WITH WATER (L).
  2. Use KEG WITH WATER; take the BAG PIECE and CANVAS (M).
  3. Place PIECE OF BAG (N); take note and CHEST PIECE (O).

  1. Find pairs; take NEEDLE AND THREAD 2/2 (P).
  2. Take the TORN SAIL (Q).
  3. Use the NEEDLE, THREAD and CANVAS on the TORN SAIL; take SAIL.
  4. Offer SAIL (R).

  1. Place CHEST PIECE (S).
  2. Solution (T): (4-5)-(5-6)-(7-8)-(8-9)-(7-4)-(4-1)-(8-5)-(5- 2).
  3. (6-3)-(9-6)-(9-8)-(8-7)-(7-4)-(7-8)-(8-9).
  4. Take STICKS. Move items; take COMPASS (U).
  5. Offer COMPASS (V).
  6. Play the HOP (W).

Immortal Love 10: Chapter 2 Magic Ivy

  1. Take the SAIL (X).
  2. Take 1/3 WREATH PARTS; move the tarp (Y).
  3. Offer the CRABS to eat; take the LANTERN (Z).
  4. Use the LANTERN (A); receive a GLOWING LANTERN.

  1. Break the ladder; arrange the STICKS (B).
  2. Make a move: 1-2-3-4; place the SAIL (C).
  3. Take the DRAKKAR TILE (D).

  1. Place the GLOWING LANTERN; find pairs. Take the PIPE (E).
  2. Put down the DRAKKAR TILE; swap: (2-3)-(3-4).
  3. Take WREATH 2/3 (F).
  4. Access the PIPE; swap: (1-2)-(3-4).
  5. Take the AMULET (G).

  1. Place AMULET (H); swap: (1-4)-(3-5)-(5-6); take the KEY.
  2. Take WREATH 3/3; move the ivy.
  3. Use KEY (I).

  1. Simple solution (J).
  2. Difficult decision (K).
  3. Take note, OIL, and HORN (L).

  1. Place HORN and WREATH (M).
  2. Select and place WOLF AMULET (N).
  3. Find the pairs (O).

  1. Take the MAGIC SICKLE (P).
  2. Use the MAGIC SICKLE (Q).
  3. Walk forward (R).

  1. Take Rattle; use OIL for mini HOP (S).
  2. Receive WHISTLE.
  3. Play: 1-2-3 (T).
  4. Use WHISTLE; take note and FRIGG FIGURINE (U).

  1. Take PAINTS; place FRIGG FIGURINE (V).
  2. Take the TUSK and CHISEL (W).

  1. Arrange the PAINTS; draw a crow.
  2. Take 1/3 RAVEN TOKENS (X).
  3. Use MAGIC SICKLE; receive TORCH and BOX (Y).
  4. Select the pairs of knots on the BOX (Z); take note and CHEST KEYS.

  1. Use CHEST KEYS (A).
  2. Place keys (B).
  3. Place the CHISEL; follow the lines (C). Take FIGURINE ONE.

  1. Place FIGURINE ONE; take CROW TOKENS 2/3 (D).
  2. Use the TORCH (E).
  3. Get the wolf into the cage (F).

  1. Take CROW TOKENS 3/3 (G).
  2. Arrange the RAVEN TOKENS; move wings and heads (H).
  3. Go (I).

  1. Take METAL FLOWER 1/3 (J).
  2. Take the PEN and PHARMACIST TOKENS (K).
  3. Take the GLASS KNIFE; place HANDLE (L).

  1. Move Items: (MNO); take SUNBEAM and SEEDS.
  2. Use Rattle; use spatula x3 (P).
  3. Use SEEDS; take 1/2 POTION INGREDIENTS (Q).

  1. Place SUNBEAM. Swap: (1-4)-(3-6)-(2-5)-(3-4) (R).
  2. Take RUNESTONE 1/2 (S).
  3. Place the PHARMACY TOKEN; put 1-2-3 for a HOP (T).
  4. Solution: 1-4-3-2-1-5 (U). Receive the POTION RECIPE.
  5. Take the BRUSH from the POTION RECIPE.

  1. Use BRUSH; place TUSK.
  3. Use the POTION INGREDIENTS on the POTION RECIPE; select: 1-2-3-4.
  4. Take the POTION (W).
  5. Offer POTION; take RUNESTONE PARTS 2/2 (X).

  2. Select and place WOLF AMULET (Z).
  3. Find the pairs (A).
  4. Take the DIARY TOKEN (B).
  5. Go (C).

Immortal Love 10: Chapter 3 Sigin

  1. Take the HERBALIST’S BOOK (D).
  2. Take the CLOAK (E).
  3. Take the METAL FLOWERS 2/3 from the CLOAK.
  4. Use GLASS KNIFE; take the KEY.
  5. Use KEY (F); take HERB LABEL and RAG (G).
  6. Place HERB LABEL; sort the herbs.

  1. Take the CATNIP (H).
  2. Offer CATNIP (I); take TONGS.
  3. Open (J).
  4. Go (K).

  1. Take DIARY and FEATHER (L).
  2. Use the TOKEN on the DIARY for a HOP; take the TOKEN HALF.
  3. Take the CLAY (M).
  4. Knead the CLAY; place the TOKEN HALF.
  5. Take CLAY MOLD; receive the READY TOKEN.
  6. Take the BROKEN AMULET with the GLASS KNIFE (N).
  8. Place CLAY MOLD and BROKEN AMULET; take the READY TOKEN (O).

  2. Move (Q).
  3. Use the FEATHER WITH RESIN and PREPARED TOKEN on the DIARY for a HOP; receive a KEY.

  1. Use KEY (R); take MORTAR, POTION RECIPE, and METAL FLOWERS 3/3 (S).
  2. Use the METAL FLOWERS on the HERBALIST’S BOOK; turn the page.
  3. Use COAL (T); take CLUE.

  1. Use RAG and CLUE; solution (U).
  2. Take note and WOODEN KEY (V).
  3. Go (W).
  4. Use the WOODEN KEY (X).
  5. Go (Y).

  1. Take the HAY (Z).
  2. Take CHEESE, 1/2 FROG EYE, and note (A).
  3. Use the HAY; receive BURNING HAY (B).
  4. Use BURNING HAY; take ROPE, FLOWER, and STICK (C).

  1. Take BERRIES x12; offer CHEESE (D).
  2. Take FROG EYES 2/2 and FUR (E).
  3. Place FROG EYES; take the KEY (F).
  4. Use KEY; take note and BOTTLE (G).

  1. Use WAND and BOTTLE; receive POISON (H).
  3. Mix MORTAR and INGREDIENTS; 1 on 2, 2-3-4 on 5.
  4. Use pestle (6); take the bottle (7), mix the potion (8).
  5. Take the POTION (IJK).
  6. Walk back.

  1. Offer POTION (L).
  2. Take the SHOVEL (M).
  3. Go (N).

  1. Use the SHOVEL; take the SICKLE (O).
  2. Use the SICKLE; go (P).

  1. Take 1/3 PUZZLE PARTS (Q).
  2. Use ROPE (R).
  3. Move the pillow; take the BLUE HEART HALF and HOOK (S).
  4. Move notes (T); find runes x6 (U).
  5. Take the FLOWER TOKEN and PUZZLE PIECES 2/3 (T).

  1. Place BLUE HEART HALF; take the CHAIN ​​(V).
  2. Hook the CHAIN; take HOOK ON CHAIN.
  3. Use HOOK ON CHAIN ​​(W).
  4. Use FLOWER TOKEN (X).
  5. Take note, HAIRPIN, and PUZZLE PIECES 3/3 (Y).

  1. Take GLOWING MUSHROOM; arrange the PUZZLE PIECES (Z).
  2. Solution (A): (1-5)-(6-1)-(4-9)-(12-8)-(16-11)-(10-12)-(3-13)-(14- 15)-(7-14).
  3. Play a mini HOP; take the GREEN HEART HALF (B).
  4. Put down the GREEN HEART HALF; take the BOWL (C).
  5. Walk back.

  1. Use BOWL (D); receive a BOWL OF WATER.
  2. Move (E).
  3. Use BOWL OF WATER x4 (F).
  4. Go (G).

Immortal Love 10: Chapter 4 Asgard

  1. Take the HAMMER HANDLE (H).
  2. Take OBJECT PIECE 1/6 (I).
  3. Go (J).

  1. Take LOKI’S BAG (K).
  2. Take the NAIL PULLER and OBJECT PIECE 2/6 (L).
  3. Walk back.

  1. Use the NAIL PULLER (M); take the HAMMER.
  2. Place the HAMMER on the HANDLE; take the HAMMER.
  3. Use the HAMMER (N).
  4. Take SCISSORS and OBJECT PIECE 3/6 (O).
  5. Walk forward (P).

  1. Take BRANCH; take the BOARD (Q).
  2. Put down the BOARD; use HAMMER.
  3. Take the KEY and OBJECT PIECE 4/6 (R).
  4. Use KEY (S).

  1. Take the SCROLL (T).
  2. Open; take BRUSH, WOOD PIECE 1/2, and OBJECT PIECE 5/6 (U).
  3. Use BRUSH (V); select and place WOLF AMULET (W).

  1. Find the pairs (X).
  2. Take note and GEAR DIAGRAM (Y).
  3. Walk back.

  1. Place the GEAR DIAGRAM for a HOP (Z); receive CRYSTALS.
  2. Use the Twig and GLOWING MUSHROOM.
  3. Take OBJECT PIECE 6/6 and WOODEN PARTS 2/2 (A).
  4. Move (B).

  1. Attach the ITEMS PIECE to the SCROLL; restore the image.
  2. Put down the SCROLL and WOODEN FIGURES (C); decision: 7-8-4-2-3.
  3. Take the BRIDGING TOOL (D).

  1. Put down the CRYSTALS and BRIDGING TOOL; solution (E).
  2. Take note and AMULET from LOKI’S BAG.
  3. Use AMULET (F).

  1. Take the SPOON (G).
  2. Move the straw (H).
  3. Take the COIN (I).
  4. Use COIN (J).
  5. Talk; take the STONE (K).

  1. Use STONE; take the HIDDEN SACK and CLOTH (L).
  2. Use CLOTH; receive WET CLOTH (M).
  3. Use WET CLOTH; receive a BELT.
  4. Take the MIRROR PIECE (N).
  5. Use the MIRROR PIECE on the HIDDEN BAG; take THREAD 1/2 and PIN.
  6. Use the PIN on the BELT; take HOOK ON BELT.
  7. Use HOOK ON BELT (O); aim (P).

  1. Take OIL and METAL PLATE 1/2.
  2. Take LOKI’S BAG (Q).
  3. Offer LOKI’S BAG (R).
  4. Go (S).

Simple and complex solution (T).

  1. Take the KNIFE (U).
  2. Take NEEDLE AND THREAD 2/2; use the KNIFE (V).
  3. Take the KEY (W).
  4. Use KEY; play the HOP (X). Receive DOOR LOCK.
  5. Place DOOR LOCK; move the wolves (Y).
  6. Go (Z).

  1. Talk; take the HORSE TOKEN (A).
  2. Take the STEEL and TORN FLAG (B).
  3. Walk back.

  1. Use OIL and STEEL (C); take the TORN FLAG (D).
  2. Move the box; place the HORSE TOKEN (E).
  3. Take the PATTERN PIECE and touch the HANDLE (F).
  4. Place the PATTERN PIECE (G). Solution: 1-1-2-3-3-3-4-6-6-7-7-7-9-9.
  5. Take 1/2 FEATHER and PIECE OF HORN (H).
  6. Take the METAL PLATES 2/2 from the TORN FLAG.

  1. Use NEEDLE AND THREAD and TORN FLAG; take the FLAG.
  2. Place METAL PLATES and FLAG (I).
  3. Solution: (6-1-4-3-5-2-6)-(7-8-7)-(9-10-12-11-9).
  4. Use HANDLE and KNIFE; take the MEAT (J).
  5. Use and get the GOBLET (L).
  6. Go (M).

  1. Offer the GOBLET (N); receive a CROW.
  2. Offer the MEAT (O).
  3. Move the papers; take the REEL and SHARPENER (P).
  4. Walk back.

  1. Use COIL (Q); select and place WOLF AMULET (R).
  2. Find the pairs (S).
  3. Take FEATHERS 2/2 (T).
  4. Move (U).

  1. Use SHARPENER; place FEATHERS (V).
  2. Easy (W): X-Yx2-Zx3-Ax2-B-Cx2-Dx2-EF-Gx2-Ix3-Jx3-Kx2-Nx3-Rx3.
  3. Hard (W): X-Yx2-Zx3-Ax2-B-Cx2-Dx2-EF-Gx2-Ix3-Jx3-Kx2-Lx3-Mx3.
  4. Nx3-O-Px2-Qx3-Rx3.
  5. Take the ASH LEAF and CLUE (S).
  6. Walk back.

  1. Play the HOP (T); receive the LADDER.
  2. Go (U).
  3. Place the LADDER (V).
  4. Place HORN PIECE and CLUE; select: 2-3-4-1-3-4 (W).
  5. Take the KEY (X).
  6. Use KEY (Y); take note and SKIN (Z).
  7. Offer the LEATHER (A).

Immortal Love 10: Chapter 5 Goat hair cloak

  1. Play the HOP (B); receive HALF CUTTERS.
  2. Release the CROW (C); receive HALF CUTTERS.
  3. Take the BOLT (D).

  1. Connect the BOLT HALF CUTTERS; take CUTTERS.
  2. Take note; use CUTTERS (E).
  3. Remove the CHAIN ​​in order (FG).
  4. Move on (H).

  1. Take LIST OF HERBS (I).
  2. Take the BUCKET (J).
  3. Find the pairs (K).
  4. Open; take WHEAT EARS and HAY (L).

  1. Put down the HAY (M).
  2. Take the PEN and WOLF TOKEN (N).
  3. Walk back.
  4. Put down HANDLE, CHAIN ​​and BUCKET; take the BUCKET OF WATER (O).
  5. Go (P).

  1. Use BUCKET WITH WATER; take the KEYS (Q).
  2. Use KEYS (R); take BROKEN BELLOWS and SHARP TOOL (S).
  3. Walk back.

  1. Take the ICUCLE (T).
  2. Move the ladder (U).
  3. Put down the WOLF TOKEN (V); take the EMBROIDERY KIT and BLADE.
  5. Go (X).

  2. Arrange HERBS; take the MAGIC DUST (Z).
  3. Use the MAGIC DUST (A).
  4. Talk; offer EMBROIDERY KIT (B).

Solution; take the EMBROIDERY (C).

  1. Use EMBROIDERY; take the MAGIC MIRROR (D).
  2. Use the MAGIC MIRROR (E).
  3. Select and place WOLF AMULET (F).
  4. Find the pairs (G).
  5. Take the SPINDLE (H).
  6. Walk back.

  1. Use MAGIC MIRROR; play the HOP (I).
  2. Receive HIDDEN NOTE.
  3. Offer HIDDEN NOTE (J).
  4. Go (K).

  1. Take the PIECE OF WHEELS and BOILER (L).
  2. Take the POKER (M).
  3. Open; take WOODEN TOKEN 1/2 and BELLOW HANDLE (N).

  2. Move the pillow; put down the MINI HOP TOKEN (P).
  3. Receive the WINDOW KEY.
  4. Use WINDOW KEY; take WOODEN TOKENS 2/2 and CLOTH (Q).

  1. Put down the WOODEN TOKENS (R).
  2. Take METAL TOKEN and PEDAL (S).
  3. Put down the METAL TOKEN for a HOP (T); receive a BRUSH.
  4. Go down.

  1. Use the BOILER; take the BOILER WITH WATER (U).
  2. Go (V).
  3. Use the Icicle and BELLOW HANDLE on the BROKEN BELLOWS; take BELLOWS.
  4. Use BELLOWS.
  5. Place the POT WITH WATER; take the HOT WATER with the POCKET (W).

  1. Use HOT WATER; take the HANDLE (X).
  2. Use KNITTING NEEDLE and HANDLE; take the RESIN and NEEDLE (Y).
  3. Put down the RESIN; use POKER x2.
  4. Use BRUSH; receive BRUSH WITH RESIN (Z).

  2. Take the FUR and BROOCH (B).
  3. Put down the FUR; take the YARN (C).

  1. Use the YARN (D).
  2. Put down the BROOCH; take the CLOAK (E).
  3. Offer the CLOAK (F).
  4. Get 5 in a Row (Random) (G).

Immortal Love 10: Bonus Chapter

  1. Take the AMULET (A).
  2. Take the GLOVE (B).
  3. Take the FLINT (C).
  4. Move the chair (D).
  5. Use the FLINT (E).

  1. Take the KNIFE (F).
  2. Move items; take SWAN 1/2 and RUBY 1/3.
  3. Take 2/3 RUBY WITH GLOVE (G).
  4. Put the KNIFE on the AMULET; receive 3/3 RUBIES.

  1. Place RUBIES (H).
  2. Solution 1 (I): (1-4)-(4-9)-(9-6)-(6-4).
  3. Solution 2 (J): (1-7)-(5-8).
  4. Take SEEDS and KEY (K).

  1. Use the KEY (L).
  2. Play the HOP (M); receive DOOR HANDLE.
  3. Place the DOOR HANDLE (N).
  4. Go (Oh).

  1. Take the FEATHER (P).
  2. Take the LADDER (Q).
  3. Offer SEEDS; take TOKEN 2/2 (R).
  4. Place FEATHER; take CRYSTAL and SYMBOL (S).

  1. Place the TOKEN (T).
  2. Solution (U): 8-(7-8)-2-(1-7)-11-(1-2)-10-9-8-(7-8)-6-5-4-(3- 4).
  3. 2-(1-7)-11-(1-2)-3-(2-3)-10-(11-1).
  4. (1-2)-9-(10-11)-8-(9-10)-(7-8)-(8-9)-6-(1-7)-5-4-3-(2 -3).
  5. 11-(1-2)-10-(9-10)-(7-8)-(8-9)-13-(8-7).
  6. 9-(8-13)-(7-8)-(8-9)-6-(1-7)-(7-8)-5-(6-1)-(1-7)-4- (5-6).
  7. 3-(4-5)-(2-3)-(3-4)-11-10-9-8-7-(1-7).
  8. 11-10-9-8-7-(1-7)-11-(1-2)-12-10-9-8-13.
  9. Walk back.

  1. Play the HOP (V); receive a BRIDLE.
  2. Go (W).
  3. Place the BRIDLE (X).
  4. Place SYMBOL (Y); take MAP and HAMMER (Z).
  5. Break the LADDER; take BOARDS and NAILS.

  1. Place the BOARDS, NAILS and HAMMER. Location map (A).
  2. Play the HOP (B).

  1. Take the MEDALLION (C).
  2. Take the SICKLE and RECIPE (D).
  3. Take NUTS and MORTAR (E).
  4. Use the SICKLE; take BROOCH 1/2 (F).

  1. Use the SICKLE; take the HANDKERCHIEF and BOWL (G).
  2. Use BOWL (H); take BOWL OF WATER.
  3. Take note; use the SICKLE (I).
  4. Take the SPATULA and DIARY (J).
  5. Use the MEDALLION on the DIARY; take BOTTLE.

  3. Play the HOP (M).

  1. Take EMERALD 1/2 (N).
  2. Use the SHOVEL; take FIRE POWDER and DAMAGED YARN (O).
  3. Take the IVY; offer NUT (P).
  4. Take EMERALDS 2/2 and LOCK PIECE 1/2 (Q).

  1. Place EMERALDS. Swap: (1-3)-(1-5)-(2-6).
  2. Take note, LOCK PIECE 2/2, and MAGIC RIBBON (R).
  3. Place LOCK PARTS; solution (S).
  4. Take the SMOKER (T).

  1. Use the IVY and FIRE POWDER on the SMOKER.
  2. Use the SMOKER (U).
  3. Take the DRAWING (V).
  4. Place DRAWING (W).
  5. Solution; take the FLOWERS (X).
  6. Use the MAGIC RIBBON on the FLOWERS; collect and take the BOUQUET.
  7. Offer BOUQUET (U).
  8. Go (Y).

  1. Take OWL 1/4 (Z).
  2. Take STATUETTE 2/4 (A). Take the SYMBOL (B).
  3. Take the WHEEL (C).

  1. Place SYMBOL for HOP (D); receive the EMBROIDERY.
  3. Use DAGGER (E).
  4. Take STATUETTE H/4 and FRAME (F).

  1. Move documents (G).
  3. Place STATUETTE (I).
  4. Swap: (1-2)-(2-3)-(2-4).
  5. Open; take the PIN PAD WITH NEEDLE (J).

  2. Collect and use the wheel; take the YARN (K).
  4. Solution (L). Take EMBROIDERY, NEEDLE AND YARN.

  1. Offer EMBROIDERY; take the MAP (M).
  2. Walk back.
  3. Go (N).

  1. Take OAR 1/2 (O).
  2. Take NET and LOCK 1/2 (P).
  3. Take the HARPOON (Q).
  4. Travel to Midgard.

  1. Play the HOP (R); receive CLOTH.
  2. Go to the pier.
  3. Use the NEEDLE, YARN and CLOTH on the NET; restore and take the NET.
  4. Use the HARPOON (S); use the NET (T).
  5. Take LOCK 2/2 (U).

  1. Place the LOCK (V).
  2. Solution (W1-W3).
  3. Take the JAR and KEY (X).

  1. Use KEY (Y).
  2. Take ROARS 2/2 (Z).
  3. Move the envelope; take the GEM and HAIRPIN (A).
  4. Use HAIRPIN (B); take the TWEEZERS and BRUSH (C).

  1. Use JAR, OAR, BRUSH, and MAP (D).
  2. Move (E).
  3. Solution (F).

  1. Move the papers; take MUSHROOM and FEATHER 1/5 each (G).
  2. Take the GEAR; offer MUSHROOM (H).
  3. Take FEATHERS 2/5 and SCARF (I).
  4. Place GEAR (J).
  5. Solution: Lx3-Mx8-Nx9-Ox10-Px7-Q11.
  6. Take note, BOX, and BELT (R).

  1. Take the TWEEZERS 3/5 FEATHERS (S).
  2. Use BELT; take the BROOM (T).
  3. Use BROOM; take FEATHERS 4/5 and 5/5 (U).
  4. Use the FEATHERS on the BOX. Place as shown (V).
  5. Take RING, GOLDEN ROPE, note and AMULET.

  1. Use AMULET (W).
  2. Use the GEM and SCARF on the RING; take LOKI’S RING.
  3. Offer LOKI’S RING (X).
  4. Use the GOLDEN ROPE (Y).

  1. Defeat Skuld (ZE).
  2. Choose forgiveness or punishment. Congratulations! You have successfully completed the game "Immortal Love 10: Northern Lights Collector’s Edition".

Immortal Love 10: Collections

Collections of morphs (yellow) and animals (orange) (AD).

Collection items (EG).

Immortal Love 10: Achievements in the game

Types of achievements. Complete the game and get the following achievements during the gameplay:

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