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Nancy Drew 17: Legend of the Crystal Skull - Full Walkthrough with Tips and Puzzles

Nancy Drew 17: Legend of the Crystal Skull. Detective Nancy Drew arrives at the home of the late Bruno Bole to visit his grandson Henry. Having crossed the threshold, the girl is immediately attacked by a stranger in a skeleton costume. When Nancy wakes up, she talks to Henry and housekeeper Renee, but neither of them knows anything about the skeleton man, and Henry doesn’t believe her at all. After such a strange incident, Nancy decides to conduct her own investigation, and her friend Bess will help her. Throughout the game, you will explore Bruno’s house and its gloomy surroundings, solve riddles, complete mini-games and learn the secrets that the unsociable owner of the estate was hiding.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Chapter 1
  3. Chapter 2
  4. Chapter 3
  5. Chapter 4
  6. Chapter 5
  7. Game Achievements

Nancy Drew 17: A Beginner’s Guide

Control features. In this game you will control Nancy’s actions and see the world through her eyes. You will also have a cell phone at your disposal so you can contact Bess Marvin and others. After calling Bess, you will temporarily switch to playing as her to complete some objectives and help Nancy with her investigation.

Junior and senior detective. Before you start the game, select your difficulty level: junior or senior detective. If you started the game as a junior detective, you will be given more clues than a senior detective, and the puzzles will be a little easier.

Movement. To move from one location to another, move the cursor to the desired side of the screen and click when the arrow appears. If you need to turn around, click on the rounded arrow.

Actions in the game. To study objects in locations, use a magnifying glass. If the magnifying glass turns red, then something interesting awaits you ahead. Turning the magnifying glass into a question mark means you can talk to someone. The palm icon indicates that you can open or close something, pick up an item, or move it.

If you hover your palm cursor over an item and left-click, it will appear in your inventory.

Inventory. To view your inventory, click on the bag at the bottom of the screen, which lights up every time you receive a new item.

Interface. All interface elements are located at the bottom of the screen. This:

Attention! The game does not save automatically. Be sure to click on the floppy disk icon and save your current game before exiting, otherwise you will lose your progress.

Nancy Drew 17: Chapter 1

  1. Playing as Nancy. Walk along the path to the house, open the door, go inside. You meet a skeleton man, he attacks you, you lose consciousness.
  2. You open your eyes - there is a woman in front of you, handing you some kind of medicine. Skip the drink.
  3. Talk to the woman - this is Rene Armand, the former housekeeper of the late owner of the house.
  4. After talking with Rene, take one step forward and then to the left.
  5. Talk to Henry about all the topics on the list. Refuse to leave, get permission to inspect the house.

  1. Move to the left, approach the cups.
  2. Enlarge the central goblet, remove the lid from it, get a 1/25 glass eye.
  3. Move left.

Leave the library.

Go left, straight twice and left into the living room.

  1. Walk straight and approach the layout on the table; increase.
  2. Hold down the left mouse button and move the cursor to the right, find the Mausoleum of Eternal Sleep building.
  3. Click on the crypt model and open its door; take GLASS EYE 2/25.

  1. Step away from the layout; turn left.
  2. Take a piece of paper from the floor with a picture of a bird on it.
  3. Enlarge the fireplace.

Take the Guido receipt and the coal from the fireplace.

Turn towards the sofa and increase the table.

  1. Complete the mini-game: neutralize the three lasers and get to the glass eye on the right. To do this, use the arrows to move the figure on the left along the playing field and use it to move the movable plate and marble balls.
  2. Move the slab up four squares and then two squares to the right.
  3. Move the marble ball up.

  1. Move the slab two spaces to the right, one space down, and two spaces to the right.
  2. Move the marble ball to the right.

  1. Move the marble ball up.
  2. Move the second marble to the left.

Move the stove: right, up, right, up, right twice, down three times, left three times.

Move the stove: down, right, down, right.

  1. Move right; take GLASS EYE 3/25.
  2. Move away from the table and go out into the corridor.

  1. Climb the stairs to the second floor and go straight.
  2. Go into Henry’s room.

  1. Go to the bedside table; open.
  2. Take the 4/25 glass eye.
  3. Use the phone and try to call a taxi; next call Ned and Bess.

  1. Playing as Bess. Cross the pavement and open the door.
  2. Go to an antique shop.

  1. Go straight and right.
  2. Talk to the shop owner, Lamont.

Go right; go to the cabinets where there are various drugs.

  1. Take sneezing powder.
  2. Move away and go left.

  1. Arrange items on shelves so that when one item moves, other items move in sequence. Place sneezing powder on the top shelf. An example of the arrangement is shown in the screenshot.
  2. Click on the scales on the right.

  1. After a little trickery on Lamont, turn around and go straight.
  2. Turn right twice and enter the warehouse.

  1. Approach the box with Henry’s things.
  2. Click on it to turn it over and inspect the contents.

  1. Examine the framed photographs and the skeleton costume on the right.
  2. Click on the note on the lid of the chest, turn the pages, read the numbers on the back - 2.10.33, 10.7.23,
  3. To decipher the secret message, match the numbers and letters in the note. For example, 2.10.33: the second letter in the note (T), from it you need to count 10 letters (A), from it - another 33 letters (Y). Decipher the entire code in the same way. You will get "Bruno’s Mystery".
  4. Click on the combination lock in the center of the chest.

  1. Dial the code "THE MYSTERY OF BRUNO".
  2. Open the chest and read the secret letter. You call Nancy and tell her about the contents of the box. Control passes to Nancy.

Nancy Drew 17: Chapter 2

  1. Playing as Nancy. Go to the library.
  2. Go to the bookshelf where the iguana is sitting.
  3. Examine the books.

The iguana will jump down and scatter books on the floor. Henry will ask you to put them back in place. Click on the book on the right to activate a mini-game.

  1. Complete the mini-game: stack the books on the shelf.
  2. Take the book "Crystal Skull: Fact or Fiction?"

  1. Open the book, turn the pages.
  2. Take the letter card and continue flipping through the pages of the book.
  3. On the last page you will find Beatrice Hotchkiss’s phone number.
  4. Talk to Henry again about all the topics on the list, ask him about the causes of Bruno’s death - this way you will find out the name of his attending physician and his phone number.

  1. From the chair with Henry, move to the right.
  2. Open the door to the street and go out into the garden.
  3. Use the phone and call Beatrice Hotchkiss. Talk to her about the crystal skull. After that, call Gilbert Beaufort and talk to his secretary.
  4. Call Bess and ask her to meet with Beaufort. Control automatically passes to your friend.

  1. Playing as Bess. Approach the man at the table. This is Gilbert Beaufort. Talk to him about all the topics on the list. Find out about the missing letter, the late Bruno’s iguana and her passion for collecting pieces of paper.
  2. After the conversation, go to Guido’s shop and talk with Lamont about all the topics on the list.

  1. After talking with Lamont, move right and forward; turn around.
  2. Approach the sarcophagus.

  1. Open the sarcophagus and get a note. Remember its contents.
  2. Call Nancy.

  1. Playing as Nancy. Go back into the house and exit the library.
  2. Turn around and approach the grandfather clock.

  1. The note that Bess took out of the sarcophagus contains words consonant with numbers or denoting numbers: noon - 12, everyone - 7, autumn - 8, do - 9, decided - 4, alone - 1. Set the time on the clock in the indicated order : 12.00, 7.00, 8.00, 9.00, 4.00, 1.00. After each movement of the hands, press the button at the top of the dial.
  2. Take Easter egg 1/3.
  3. Return to the library and go outside.

  1. Go left.
  2. Talk to Rene about Bruno’s will. Renee will tell you that she also saw a skeleton man.
  3. After the conversation, turn around, go left and along the path to the fountain.

  1. From the fountain, go left, straight twice and go around the fountain on the right side twice.
  2. Go to the wall near which the fireflies are flying.

  1. Push two stones out of the wall.
  2. Step away and turn around.
  3. Go out onto the path along the fountain.

  1. Go to the cemetery gate.
  2. Open the gate, take one step forward and turn around.

Move to the right and then up.

  1. Take the lightning rod.
  2. Go back, turn around and walk straight along the cemetery path.

At intersections, follow the top arrow twice.

  1. Approach the crypt and zoom in on it.
  2. Inspect the panels. Now you need paper to sketch.
  3. Also check the crypt door - it is closed.
  4. Turn around, follow the arrow to the right and down twice.

  1. Open the gate, go out onto the path along the fountain and go to the house.
  2. Turn right onto Rene’s veranda.

  1. Talk to Renee and ask her for pieces of paper. Renee will give you the key to her room and ask you to bring her some chocolate.
  2. Turn around, enter the house and exit the library into the corridor.

  1. Go straight, turn towards the stairs and go up to the third floor.
  2. Use Rene’s key on the door of the room and go inside.

  1. Go to the bedside table.
  2. Open the top drawer and take the sheets of paper.
  3. Go down to the bottom of the nightstand, open the door, take the chocolate bar for Rene.
  4. Since we were treated to chocolate, grab a few more bars and eat it. After the sixth chocolate bar you will feel dizzy.

  1. Step away from the nightstand and look around.
  2. Go to the dressing table to the left of the bed.

  1. Open the bottle of hiccup solution.
  2. Move away from the table and move to the left.

You will see strange symbols on the wall - this is a hint for a future task.

  1. Examine the doll on the rocking chair.
  2. Click the chest on the right and zoom in on its lid.

  1. Complete the mini-game: press the buttons and alternately reproduce on the central circle the designs placed on the four side circles.
  2. Solution 1 - buttons 1, 4, 7, 15.
  3. Solution 2 - buttons 5, 8, 10, 12.
  4. Solution 3 - buttons 2, 9, 16, 17.
  5. Solution 4 - buttons 11, 13, 14, 18.
  6. Move away from the opened chest and click on its lid again.
  7. Click on the buttons: 3, 12, 13, 17; 1, 2, 6, 9 and 3, 4, 11, 14.

  1. Take Easter egg 2/3 from the opened chest.
  2. Study the book "Signs and Symbols of Voodoo."

  1. Match the symbols in the book with the symbols on the wall in Rene’s room; you will get the syllables "ba-za-lu-pa-di-mu-ka". Remember them.
  2. Leave the room and go to the veranda to Rene.
  3. Give Rena the chocolate bar and talk about all the topics on the list.
  4. After the conversation, turn around and head to the cemetery, and then to the crypt.

  1. Use the paper on the four panels of the crypt and make sketches. Remember the order of their location: bird, bones, snake, coffin.
  2. Turn around, return to the house and go to the living room.

  1. Go to the cemetery model and find a crypt on it.
  2. Enlarge the panels on the roof of the layout.

  1. Use the arrows next to each panel to arrange the images according to the order we learned from the sketches.
  2. Take the key.
  3. Return to the real crypt.

  1. As you approach the crypt, you will see Henry crying. Noticing you, he runs away. Use the received key on the crypt door and go inside.
  2. Take the rolled up picture from the floor.
  3. Return to the house and go to the living room.

Nancy Drew 17: Chapter 3

  1. Approach the wall with paintings; hang on the empty picture you found in the crypt.
  2. Study all the paintings. Pay attention to the objects people are holding. We are interested in the first letters in the names of these items. For example, in the picture above on the left, the girls are holding candy. Thus, this picture corresponds to the letter "K".
  3. Take the card with letters from your inventory and arrange the pictures in the order indicated on it.

The final solution is shown in the screenshot. From left to right: brush, banana, fan, monkey, candy, hat, axe, poodle, umbrella.

  1. Click and open the secret door.
  2. Go to the peephole behind the door and zoom in on it.

  1. Click on the "+" in the upper right corner to enlarge the bookshelf. There is clearly something interesting on it.
  2. Move to the left, eavesdrop on Henry’s conversation with a certain Kimberly.
  3. Go up the stairs.

  1. Try to open the door - it is locked.
  2. Carefully examine the pattern next to the keyhole.

  1. The pattern depicts a web, from which go "web rays". All "rays" have a different number of divisions. By counting these divisions you will get a hint for solving the next puzzle.
  2. Get out of the approach and leave the secret room.
  3. Go to the library.

  1. Approach the bookcase to the right of the door.
  2. Enlarge the book "Eye of the Observer"; open it; take GLASS EYE 5/25.
  3. Go outside and go to the fountain.

  1. Enlarge the drain hole in the fountain.
  2. There is a web here, along the edges of which there are cobweb strings. Click on them in the required sequence to scare away the spider and get the key.
  3. We saw a hint for solving this puzzle earlier. Solution: EAFBCGHD.
  4. Take the key.
  5. Return to the living room and go into the secret room; go up the stairs and open the door.

  1. Come into the room.
  2. Look around; go to the closet and open the doors.
  3. Take a 6/25 glass eye.

  1. Examine the poster on the wall.
  2. Enlarge the table.

  1. Take the calendar on the left, flip it to the last page, remember the password "Crossbones".
  2. Take Bruno’s book "Short Stories for Tired Eyes."
  3. Examine the papers on the right and the framed photo.
  4. Zoom in on the pendulum; wind it up (handle on the left) and take the 7/25 glass eye. If you fail to take the eye, stop the pendulum (button on the right) and try again.
  5. Move away; turn left; increase the slot machine.

  1. Click on the ball on the right to place it on the playing field. Set the direction of movement of the ball and the force of its impact (the longer the arrow, the farther the ball will fly). Release the ball. Repeat the action to complete the mini-game.
  2. You need to turn over the cards on the left side of the field by hitting the balls. You need to do this three times: first, set the image of a rooster, then set the image of the teeth, and then the image of the eye.
  3. After the third game, take the glass eye 8/25 and the easter egg 3/3.

  1. Approach the doll.
  2. Click on the tool.

  1. In Rene’s room, you deciphered the symbols on the wall and received the syllables "ba-za-lu-pa-di-mu-ka". Now they need to be reproduced on this instrument.
  2. Click on the FJCEGIH buttons. Next, click on the "Voice" button.
  3. Take the 9/25 glass eye from the doll’s eye socket.

Also take a note and a machine token from the socket.

  1. Go to the table where there is a music box and a gum machine.
  2. Twist the handle of the box until a spider jumps out. Remember the notes you heard when you turned the knob.
  3. Use the machine token on the gum machine. Take a 10/25 glass eye.
  4. After you take the glass eye, continue using the gum machine. To do this, press the button on the machine and take the chewing gum from it. Repeat the action several times to fill up on sweets.

  1. Move away; click on the lamp that is located above the table.
  2. Exit the secret room to Henry’s room.
  3. Go to the library.

  1. Talk to Henry and ask him to give you the keychain with the glass eye. Henry refuses.
  2. Tell him what you know about selling Bruno’s things and ask him about Kimberly. After that, you can pick up the keychain and get the 11/25 glass eye.

  1. Go to the bookcase where there are models of teeth.
  2. Increase the bottom shelf.

  1. Open your inventory and take out Bruno’s book "Short Stories for Tired Eyes". Find the story "The Teeth of Quincy T. Kniger."
  2. The story is divided into two parts. The first part concerns baby teeth. Entries in the medical history are the order in which books are clicked on a given shelf. Remember the diagram with the names of teeth that hung in the secret room. Guided by it, click on the books in the desired sequence: 1 top, 5 top, 6 top, 17 bottom.

  1. Increase the top shelf of your closet.
  2. Turn the page of the book. The second part of the story concerns molars. Here the order of pressing is as follows: 22 lower, 12 upper, 27 lower, 32 lower.
  3. Take a 12/25 glass eye.

  1. Go to the bookcase next to the goblets; enlarge its central part and open the library card file.
  2. In Bruno’s book there is a note about "The Librarian’s Tale". Find the indicated story among the library cards.
  3. Now look for all the cards with book titles that have the word "eye" in them. Note the edition numbers. These are: "My Eye and Other Interesting Stories" (401), "The Desert through the Eyes of Foreigners" (608), "Cat’s Eye" (010), "Diamond Eye" (004), "Grinding Glass Eyes" (511) and " With eyes wide open" (006).
  4. Add the resulting numbers: 401+608+10+4+511+6=1540.

  1. Go up to the top shelf of the closet.
  2. Zoom into the book on the right and enter the code (1540) on its lock.
  3. Take a 13/25 glass eye.
  4. Move away; go outside and go to the fountain.

  1. Enlarge the drain hole in the fountain.
  2. You need to play the melody that you heard in the secret room when you turn the handle of the music box.
  3. Click: 1; 1; 1; 2; 3; 3; 3; 2; 1; 2; 3; 1.
  4. Take a 14/25 glass eye from the bottom of the hole.
  5. Enter the house, exit the library and go into the corridor to the grandfather clock.

  1. Open Bruno’s book and find his story "Time Will Tell", divided into three parts. In individual phrases of each part of the story you need to guess the temporary meanings. Let’s take the first part as an example. Answers: noon (12), in three (3), add two to it (5), return for nine hours (8), six hours ago (2), add nine (11).
  2. Set the time on the grandfather clock in the order: 12.00, 3.00, 5.00, 8.00, 2.00, 11.00. After each movement of the hands, press the button at the top of the dial.
  3. Take a 15/25 glass eye.
  4. Answers from the second part of the story: 12.00, 7.00, 10.00, 3.00, 2.00, 1.00.
  5. Take a 16/25 glass eye.
  6. Answers from the third part of the story: 12.00, 8.00, 10.00, 4.00, 9.00, 11.00.
  7. Take a 17/25 glass eye.
  8. Go to the library and go outside.

  1. Open Bruno’s book and find the story "Steps in the Right Direction." The story tells about a clue that will help you find the next item. Bruno’s shovel is also mentioned. Now you need to get it.
  2. Go to Rene’s veranda and ask for a shovel. Renee agrees, but only if you collect five special mushrooms for her. Take the bag from the stand and go searching.

  1. Turn around and follow the path to the fountain; near the fountain, turn left and go straight twice.
  2. Take mushroom 1/5.

  1. Come close to the cemetery gate and turn around.
  2. Take mushroom 2/5.
  3. Enter the cemetery area.

  1. Go straight.
  2. From the cemetery fountain, go up, then right three times.
  3. Once on the shore of the swamp, go straight.
  4. Take mushroom 3/5. Also, some crocodile will try to attack you.

  1. Turn around; go straight twice (out of the gate) and left.
  2. Follow the path down (to the dry tree), then up (to the crypt) and then down.

  1. Go up (under the arch).
  2. Take mushroom 4/5.

  1. Turn around and go down the steps to the right.
  2. Return to the fountain (right and down).
  3. From the fountain, go left.
  4. Take mushroom 5/5.
  5. Return to Rena’s veranda and give her the mushrooms.

  1. Take the shovel from the wall.
  2. Turn around and go to the cemetery, to the crypt.

From the crypt, follow the path down and then along the steps to the left.

  1. Use the sheets of paper from the inventory to the letters on the facade of the tomb and take the hint - the initial letters of the names of the cardinal directions.
  2. Go forward.

  1. Use the letter clue to find out which direction you need to go. To set the direction, click on the desired letter on the compass.
  2. To take steps, click on the "Step" button in the middle of the compass. The number of steps in a certain direction is shown by a bone hand.
  3. Solution: west (4 steps), north (2 steps), east (1 step), south (3 steps), west (2 steps), north (2 steps), west (3 steps), south (3 steps), east (1 step), north (2 steps), east (1 step), north (3 steps), east (4 steps), south (5 steps), west (2 steps).

  1. Use the shovel on the piece of land you come to.
  2. Use the shovel on the lid of the box.
  3. Take an 18/25 glass eye and a broken stem.

  1. Return to the fountain and go right.
  2. Go straight to the bird statues.
  3. Go up the arrow; examine the griffin’s head; go down once and turn around.

  1. Open Bruno’s book, find the story "Keys to the Statues". You need to install the feathers on the griffin’s head as shown in the picture in the book. To do this, click on the eyes of the stone birds in the sequence: A-C-C-B-A-D.
  2. Take the fallen key from the ground and use it on the covers of all four statues.
  3. Get glass eyes 19/25, 20/25, 21/25 and 22/25.

Nancy Drew 17: Chapter 4

  1. Go to the living room.
  2. Go to the burial registration book.

  1. Take the note from your inventory that you found in the doll’s eye socket in the secret room.
  2. As the note suggests, you need to find out the name of the last person buried in the cemetery. Flip the book to the last page (91) - this is Tammy Tusleman.
  3. Open the note; Enter the given first and last name in the empty line. Press "Enter". As follows from the records, Talsman is buried in the Terra Siesta complex.
  4. Leave the house and go to the cemetery.

Go to the dry tree, then go right and up.

  1. Click on the plaque. Read the inscription on the tombstone.
  2. Return to the registration book in the living room.
  3. Find the name Agent Tessa - page 79 (if you pronounce it together, you get "agent" or "spy", which was mentioned in the inscription on the tombstone). Look where this man is buried - the Gloomy Crypts complex.
  4. Write the appropriate name on the note.
  5. Go to the cemetery.

  1. Move to the cemetery fountain, then to the right and left.
  2. Click on the plaque and read the inscription on the tombstone.
  3. Return to the registration book in the living room.

  1. Following the above scheme, you need to guess the riddles from the memorial tablets, find the names in the registration book, write them down in the note and look for the burial places of the indicated people.
  2. Name 3. Answer to the riddle: tyrant. Name in the book: Tir An - page 84. Complex "Grief Park". Route: Go to the crypt and to the left.
  3. Name 4. Answer to the riddle: mannequin. Name in the book: Mane Ken - page 85. "Old Tombs" complex. Route: Go to the dry tree and to the left.
  4. Name 5. Answer to the riddle: Chancellor. Name in the book: Kanz Lehr - page 77. Complex "Grief Park". Route: Go to the crypt and to the left.
  5. Name 6. Answer to the riddle: graphomaniac. Name in the book: Count Oman - page 84. Complex "Gloomy Crypts". Route: go to the fountain, right and left.
  6. Name 7. Answer to the riddle: princess. Name in the book: Prin Cessa - page 86. Terra Siesta complex. Route: go to the dry tree, right and up.
  7. Name 8. Answer to the riddle: compass rose. Name in the book: Rosa Vetroff - page 85. Complex "Sleepy Garden". Route: go to the dry tree, right and left.
  8. Name 9. Answer to the riddle: merciful. Name in the book: Milo Serdnaya - page 78. Complex "Mausoleum of Eternal Sleep". Route: Go to the fountain and right twice.

  1. Click on the stove.
  2. Take the scroll from the niche and open it.
  3. Use the phone, call Ned and tell him all the news.
  4. Call Bess. Ask her to sneak into the warehouse of an antique shop and find out the name of little Bruno’s dog.

  1. Playing as Bess. Approach Lamont and talk; offer to bring him lunch.
  2. Leave the shop.
  3. Head over to the hot food truck and order Grandma’s Seafood Gumbo.

  1. Use hot sauce on the dish.
  2. Close the container with a lid; move away.
  3. Approach Gilbert Beaufort, who is sitting at the table, and ask him about the Jolly Roger society.
  4. Return to the shop.
You can also feed Bess all the dishes offered at the hot food truck. If hot sauce is added to every dish, you’ll notice the screen turning red when you step away from the wagon.

  1. Talk to Lamont and give him the gombo.
  2. When Lamont runs to the toilet, go behind his counter and turn right; go to the warehouse.

  1. Head to the box with Bruno’s things.
  2. Click on the box.

We are interested in a photo of little Bruno with a dog. Enlarge the photo and remove the frame. You call Nancy and tell her the dog’s name - Grant.

  1. Playing as Nancy. Go to the registration book in the living room.
  2. Find the name Derek Grant - page 82. This man is buried in the Old Tombs complex.
  3. Go outside and head to the cemetery. Go to the dry tree and to the left.
  4. Click on the plaque; then click on the niche at the bottom of the memorial inscription.
  5. Take the glass eye 23/25 and the pirate hat for the iguana from the cache.
  6. Go to the house.

  1. Turn left on the path to the house.
  2. Go straight along the path.

Click on the sprayer.

  1. Complete the mini-game: use the left mouse button to spray the spray on the wasps. If you fail to apply the spray quickly, you will get bitten. In this case, you will call Bess and say that after the investigation you will immediately go home.
  2. Having completed the task, take the medlar from the tree.
  3. Go to the living room and go into the secret room.

  1. Enlarge the ventilation shaft.
  2. Place the medlar on the edge of the shaft.

  1. Iggy the iguana emerges from the mine. Click on the clothes cabinet to the left of the iguana.
  2. Dress up Iggy in a pirate costume: select clothing items from the locker in the specified order.
  3. Move away from the mine.

  1. Iggy disappears into the mine and returns with the chest.
  2. Click on the chest lid and read the inscription.
  3. Call Professor Hotchkiss and ask her about the connection between the Whisperer and the Jolly Roger society.
  4. Call Bess and ask her to sneak into the Jolly Roger meeting. Tell your friend the password - "Crossbones" (you learned it from Bruno’s calendar).

Nancy Drew 17: Chapter 5

  1. Playing as Bess. Walk along the pavement; go straight twice.
  2. Turn left.

  1. Enlarge the combination lock and use the powder from your inventory on it to find out the sequence of pressing the buttons.
  2. Enter code: 28905.
  3. Enter the warehouse through the emergency exit.

  1. Approach the box with Bruno’s things; turn it over.
  2. Take the skeleton suit - you will automatically put it on.
  3. Leave the warehouse.

  1. Go left.
  2. Go to the door and knock; tell the guard the password "Crossbones".
  3. Go inside and watch the video.

  1. Playing as Nancy. After talking with Bess, go to the mine where there is a chest brought by Iggy.
  2. Enlarge the panel with letters and enter the code word that Bess told you - "Jean Lafitte". The order of pressing the buttons is shown in the screenshot.
  3. Take the glass eye 24/25 from the chest.
  4. Click on the lamp on the wall, leave the room and go outside.
  5. On the path to the fountain, turn right (on the stone steps), take the spray bottle and apply the spray on the wasps again. Take medlar.
  6. Return to the secret room.

  1. Place the loquat on the edge of the shaft to lure Iggy out.
  2. Click on the clothes locker and dress the iguana in a mailman costume.
  3. Move away from the mine. Iggy brings you a letter from an expert named Chas Milo. Read the letter - Milo’s number will be in your contacts.
  4. Call Milo, then call Ned and tell him what you found out.
  5. Return to the sprayer and get another loquat for Iggy.
  6. Go to the veranda and talk to Renee about Milo’s letter.
  7. Return to the secret room.

  1. Use loquats and dress up Iggy as an ophthalmologist.
  2. Move away from the mine. Take the glass eye 25/25 that Iggy brought.

  1. Go to the cabinet with the octopus on it. Open it - all collected glass eyes will automatically be placed in slots.
  2. Open Bruno’s book and find the story "Pirates and the Sea Monster". We are interested in the highlighted letters in the story and references to the cardinal directions. Read the story to the end, find all the highlighted letters and words. Each letter and cardinal direction indicates the desired direction of the pupils of the glass eyes.

  1. Having received a hint, adjust the direction of all pupils. Row 1: down-left-down-right-left. Row 2: down-down, up, down, right. Row 3: right-left-right-down-down. Row 4: down-down-left-up-left. Row 5: right-left-down-right-left.
  2. Take the diagram and the eye key from the cache.
  3. Exit the secret room, go outside and turn right from the fountain, towards Bruno’s crypt.

Enlarge the crypt lid and use the diagram to construct a key.

  1. Place a lightning rod on the lid, place a handle from a broken shovel on the lightning rod. Place the eye key into the bone hand.
  2. Go downstairs.

  1. Take the crystal skull.
  2. Watch the video.

  1. Follow the arrow down and enlarge the panel.
  2. Find all pairs of identical symbols - the order of symbols is random. Wait for lightning to appear, which illuminates the panel for a few seconds.

  1. Climb up and go to the fountain; examine the tracks on the path.
  2. Head to the cemetery, go to the dry tree and right three times.
  3. Watch the video.

  1. Click on the tree when Bernie the crocodile appears in the area.
  2. Watch the final video. Congratulations! You have successfully completed the game "Nancy Drew 17: Legend of the Crystal Skull".

Nancy Drew 17: Game Achievements

At the end of the game you will be able to see the achievements you have received. Here is their list:

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