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Need for Speed: Underground - Full Walkthrough with Tips and Puzzles

NEED FOR SPEED: UNDERGROUND (NFS: Underground) was released back in 2003. And now it can be run even on a budget computer. The game came out on consoles Xbox, PlayStation 2, etc. Game Genre: Racing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Game system requirements
  2. How in Need for Speed to change the language?
  3. Walkthrough
  4. How to get drift?
  5. NFS secrets
  6. Best machines
  7. List of all machines

Game system requirements

We recommend using version 1.4.0 from the Soft Club company, since it is in this version that you can enable the maximum resolution of 1980 to 1080. For this version, the following system requirements:

How to make a resolution of 1920 x 1080 in Need for Speed: Underground?

To do this, go to the game options in the main menu, then select the display item, click the video card configuration and set the resolution you need. More clearly this is presented in the screenshot below.

Change resolution

How in Need for Speed: Underground to change the language into Russian?

This is a very common question. He has 2 solutions: for optimists and for masochists.

1. The easy way is to find this game in the publishing company Soft Club. Version 1.4.0 is fully Russified (text and sound) and works at a maximum resolution of 1980 to 1080.

2. The hard way - if you have an English version of the game, then you need a crack. Without it, changing the language to Russian will not work. Russifier can be easily found on the Internet, for example, by clicking on this link . This crack is easy to download and install. And the game will also be completely Russified.


All the passing game is carried out in the "Career" section. Passing straight as an arrow, only occasionally you can choose the order of the race. There are 112 out of 111 races in total. Yes, after passing the game (111 races), a special prize race awaits you.

In the game, only one currency matters - money (original, true))). Style points influence the receipt of various stylish buns at the end of the race. Good buns that affect the passage of the game you get only for the passage of certain routes.

Examples of buns, see the screenshot below.

reward for arrival

All the improvements in the game can be reduced to two types: tuning - improves speed, acceleration and controllability of the car on the track; styling - improves the appearance of the car and affects the speed of scoring style points at the end of the race. If you listen to our advice, you can buy all the elements of tuning and styling and have a substantial amount of money at the end of the game.

During the game, you can change cars as you like, all improvements are saved, and the difference in price is credited, or debited from your account.

Races are of the following types:

In the game there are 2 training videos. They are not difficult to find, the main thing is to know where to look.They are in the "Quick Check" section. See screenshot below. There are only 2 educational videos (Drag racing and Drift). To reproduce them, select the corresponding menu item and press "T" as in the screenshot below. In this article I will not describe the things described in these videos.

where to find a training video

After a certain number of regular races you will participate in tournaments. 4 riders compete in them, including you on three race tracks. After each track you will receive 8, 6, 4 or 2 points depending on the place you occupied.At the end of the tournament, the player who wins the sum of these points wins.

Races are held only once, you can’t, and you won’t have to win several times on the same tracks to save money. If you use the advice below, then you will have plenty of money.

Before each race you will need to choose the level of difficulty. From him will hang a monetary reward, which you will receive after the race (see screenshot below).

choice of difficulty level of arrival

Recommended tactic: at the beginning of a career, choose the maximum difficulty when the races become difficult - choose the average level of difficulty. If at the middle level you hardly go through the tracks, then the subsequent races take place at the easiest level. Such tactics will allow you not only to quickly go through the game, but also to fully buy all the improvements to the car (see the screenshot below).

End of the game

How to get drift in NFS: underground?

This type of competition is the need to go at a certain angle to the track and the ability to enter a controlled drift.Place in this competition is determined by the number of points received. The scoring system is very tricky, it is influenced by the following factors (see the screenshot below):

Drift elements

The multiplier in the drift increases due to a set of points for 1 skid. The steps of increasing the multiplier at the initial stage of the game: 250, 1000, 3000, 8000. i.e. to get the multiplier "4" you need to score more than 3000 points for one skid. These steps will grow as you progress through the game. The multiplier decreases when you drive too slowly and is reset when you bump.

Drift tips :

NFS secrets: underground

Choosing a kit to improve

We use a mirror

ram an opponent


  1. When buying an improvement, the dialing number does not affect anything, so you can choose any.
  2. If you lose - still finish the race, because You will be awarded earned points of style, and at the end there can be a pleasant surprise: the opponent can crash, and you will be the first.
  3. Some alternative routes are very difficult and instead of catching up with your opponents you will fall behind them even more.
  4. The worst is driving in dense traffic, because Sometimes it is difficult to avoid accidents with embedded machines.They may appear very unexpectedly, so that this would not happen, there are a few rules:
    • Look into the distance to see the oncoming cars in advance,
    • Make turns on a larger radius, so that you can see a larger section of the road,
    • Try not to drive in the oncoming lane, head-on collision is not the most pleasant incident.
  5. Cut corners when turning when you eat without traffic.
  6. The car accelerates better on asphalt, so move out faster from roadsides, pavements, land and other non-asphalt sections of the road.
  7. Look in the mirror, stop the enemy from overtaking you. If an opponent hits you in the rear bumper, your speed will increase, and it will decrease. But do not get carried away, and then you risk becoming an unconventional driver)))
  8. Study the track, its turns and difficult sections. Remember your loss is another step to victory.
  9. Nitrous oxide (acceleration) is better to use at the end of the race.
  10. Lagging cars quickly reduce the gap, and those who are ahead start to go slower. Therefore, when you are strongly ahead, do not relax, you will quickly catch up. And when hopelessly lagging behind - do not despair, the situation can quickly change.
  11. Opponents can charge you. Take an example from them and ram them too. This is especially true in races 1 to 1. It is better to ram on the side to the rear bumper, so they can be turned across the road, after which the opponent will be far behind you.
  12. Remember: it is better to slow down than crash.
  13. The machine bounces off the side when ramming.
  14. Passing the competition in career mode, you automatically rise in the ranking of the relevant types of races.

Best machines Need for speed: Underground:

  1. Mazda Miata MX5.
  2. Toyota Supra;
  3. Acura RSX for drag racing;
  4. Nissan Skyline R34 GTR.

List of all machines NFS: underground

  1. Acura Integra Type R.
  2. Acura RSX.
  3. Dodge neon.
  4. Ford Focus ZX3.
  5. Honda Civic Si Coupe.
  6. Honda S2000.
  7. Hyundai Tiburon GT.
  8. Mazda Miata MX5.
  9. Mazda RX-7.
  10. Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX.
  11. Mitsubishi Lancer ES.
  12. Nissan 240SX.
  13. Nissan 350Z.
  14. Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V.
  15. Nissan Skyline R34 GTR.
  16. Peugeot 206 S16.
  17. Subaru impreza.
  18. Toyota Celica GT-S.
  19. Toyota Supra.
  20. Volkswagen Golf GTi.

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