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Return to Mysterious Island 2 - Full Walkthrough with Tips and Puzzles

Return to the mysterious island 2. The adventures of Mina and Yup are not over. The rescue helicopter is blown up by a bomb and falls to the seabed, but our heroes miraculously survive and return to land. What happened on this island? What great secret has it kept for 150 years? It seems that until Mina finds out the whole truth, she is not destined to return home. Continue exploring the lands, learn new recipes, create items, cope with difficulties and save the island from destruction! In this part of the game, you will be able to play not only as Mina, but also as Yupa, performing some tasks that are impossible for a person.


  1. Tips for completing the game
  2. Guide for Beginners
  3. Chapter 1 Mina’s Treatment
  4. Chapter 2 Robot Repair
  5. Chapter 3 The Other Shore
  6. Chapter 4 Frequency 340 feet
  7. Chapter 5 Cooking, Making and Experimenting
  8. Chapter 6 Cove
  9. Chapter 7 Resident X
  10. Chapter 8 Nemo’s Base

Return to the Mysterious Island 2: Tips for completing the game

1. Collect savvy points. Earn savvy points by being creative. The more game features you master, the higher your final savvy score will be. Read the description of items in your inventory and experiment. Try to synthesize new items from those received earlier. In the fourth chapter of the game, Mina will find the "Book of Tests" of the colonists. Repeating all the recipes from it is a great way to get a lot of ingenuity points!

2. Prepare interesting food. As you progress, your heroes will need to restore their energy and eat food. You can feed Mina and Yupa in absolutely any way, but we recommend resorting to culinary skills. First of all, it’s interesting. Secondly, by combining cooking products and baking them over a fire, you will get a lot of ingenuity points and quickly saturate the heroes.

3. Be sure to explore each new location. Carefully read all the explanatory notes at the bottom of the screen, listen to what Mina says, read the notes/names of objects, etc. Think about how best to solve the problem that arises in the game using the items you have. It is very useful to study the items in your inventory to quickly navigate and use the right thing when you need it.

4. Memorize routes. The game has a huge number of locations and, accordingly, paths to them. We advise you to choose landmarks for yourself and use them to quickly move to the desired objects. For example, on the shore of the lake there is a fairly noticeable bright maple tree, which is visible in many other locations. By choosing a maple as a landmark, you can accurately navigate in the right direction and quickly get to the water. When you open the "Places" option, you can automatically navigate to important places without wasting time.

5. Store food and water. Once you have made the dish, you can fill it with water. We recommend having 2-3 vases of water in your inventory in reserve, because it is often needed to synthesize other items. Also, don’t forget about dishes and edible plants - your heroes and their friends may get hungry.

6. Save the game. Before exiting the game, do not forget to save it. Otherwise you will lose your game progress. The game provides the ability to create multiple accounts, where each player can make their own saves.

Return to the Mysterious Island 2: Guide for Beginners

Inventory. The inventory opens/closes with the right mouse button. Mina and Yupe share an inventory, but only Mina can combine items. Initially, all collected items go into the section on the right side. Click "Auto" to arrange items in cells. You can use inventory tabs to sort items for different purposes (food, materials, liquids, etc.). On the left side of the inventory there are tabs:

Mina and Jupe indicators. Energy replenishment. The inventory displays the health indicator of Mina and Yupa. Green scale - the hero is well-fed and cheerful. Orange scale - the hero is tired and hungry. Red scale - the hero is extremely exhausted. To replenish your character’s health, feed him or give him gifts, such as flowers. This can be done in the inventory by dragging the desired item onto the hero’s image. You can also make Mina/Yup feel better by hugging each other or playing a musical instrument.

Play as characters individually. Jupe’s thoughts. Sometimes some play action is only feasible for a human or a monkey. In this case, you will be prompted to continue playing as the desired character. Sometimes you can see a bubble with Jupe’s thoughts:

Ingenuity points. Earn Smart Points by being curious and creative in the game. Collect as many items as possible, combine them, use them and look for a way out of difficult situations - ingenuity is awarded for all this. The more options you explore, the higher your final score will be. You can view your current ingenuity score in your inventory.

Pride points. The pride indicator is located in the inventory above the ingenuity points. Whenever you go into easy mode while completing mini-games, you will lose pride points. To activate the mini-game’s easy mode, you must play the hard mode more than five times.

Character interaction. Jupe and Mina can interact with each other. For example, they can hug. Jupe can also bring items to Mina and play a musical instrument for her. To start interacting, you must play as one of the characters. In this case, hover the "Speak" cursor over the second hero - you will be offered a list of available actions. In the same way, Yup can communicate with his relatives. During the game he will meet several monkeys, and will be able to interact with each of them.

Cursors in the game. During the passage, the cursor will change, which means the possibility of a certain action:

Return to the Mysterious Island 2: Chapter 1 Mina’s Treatment

  1. Play as Jupa. Unscrew the valve on Mina’s life jacket.
  2. Unfasten your seat belt.
  3. Try adjusting the lever at the bottom; check the condition of the pilot on the left - he is dead.

  1. Turn right.
  2. Click on the door. Jupe leaves the crashed helicopter with Mina.

  1. Talk to Mina. The girl is wounded and needs a bandage. Mina currently has a red health bar, you need to upgrade it to orange.
  2. Hug Mina to give her 10 health points.

  1. Turn around and follow the path towards the mill one screen.
  2. Look around; take the TREE LEAVES.
  3. Take the right path.

  1. Take the SNAKE SKIN.
  2. Turn left.

  1. Take the ORANGES.
  2. Go to the water.

  1. Take the CLAY.
  2. Turn left.

Take the RAW EGG.

  1. Turn around; take the STICK.
  2. Go to the ruins where the monkey Amber sits.

  1. Click on the clay crucible; take OCARINA, WORMS and DRY TRANGS.
  2. Approach the monkey Amber.

  1. Talk to the monkey; use the "Court" option.
  2. Ask Amber for seeds and she will invite you to play a game.

  1. You need to hit the fruit with just the right amount of force to make it split. The first click of the mouse is a swing, the second click is to stop the swing, the third click is to strike. Hit at the moment when the circle around the nut turns green. You need to play 10 times. The screenshot shows an example of a successful game.
  2. Get SEEDS 10/10.
  3. Go to the mill two screens away.

  1. Click on the chest; take the HOOK and DIRTY RAG.
  2. Follow the path to the right.


Turn around; take PINE NUTS.

The leader Bugai, who is nearby, will demand that the nuts be returned. In response, select the "Refuse" option.

  1. Once at the fork, follow the path to the left (towards the yellow smoke); then follow the path to the right.
  2. Look around; try thyme.

  1. If a snake appears, it doesn’t matter. Play the snake on the OCARINA by clicking on the left mouse button and then on the instrument.
  2. Grab the THYME while the snake is distracted.

  1. From the snake, follow the path to the right; further - straight ahead.
  2. Take the SHORT BRANCH.
  3. In inventory, give the SHORT BRANCH to Jupe; receive SHARP SHORT STICK.

  1. Go straight and go down to the shore.

  1. Look to the right; take the SEA ALGE and WHEAT WITH SAND.
  2. Go to Mina.

Use the DIRTY RAG on the water; receive a CLEAN RAG.

  1. Give Mina the CLEAN RAG and THYME.
  2. When Jupe receives the task to eat, eat from the inventory: ORANGE, RAW EGG, SEEDS (6 pieces) and PINE NUTS (your choice of diet may be different).
  3. Select the "Hug" option with Mina - now Jupe is well-fed and in great shape.

  1. Mina hears familiar sounds and asks Yupa to go investigate. Go to the mill, then two screens to the sulfur spring.
  2. Jupe sees a flying robot and hears Mina screaming in the distance. Return to the mill.

Take the DIRTY BANDAGE. There is a jaguar walking around the mill, and Mina is clearly inside the mill.

  1. Look up and climb up the tree. Jupe will automatically end up in the mill building.
  2. Talk to Mina. The girl was trapped by a jaguar that was walking near the building. In addition, she lost the bandage and her wound opened. You need to help Mina and deal with the jaguar.
  3. Exit the mill through the window.

  1. Go to the pond.
  2. Use the DIRTY BANDAGE on the water; receive a CLEAN RAG.
  3. Turn around; walk forward once; further along the path to the left and to the water (Jupe got smeared in clay and became dirty).

  1. Walk back once.
  2. Look around; look at the top of the tree where the scarecrow once hung.
  3. Climb up.

  1. Use the STICK on the hive.
  2. Go down and go to the mill.

Scare away the jaguar.

  1. Take the HORNET LARVA and STICK.
  2. Go to the ruins (to the room where the monkey Amber was).

  1. Wash in a vat of water.
  2. Return to the mill and follow the path to the right (where the leader Bugai was).

  1. Take the GUN and GRASS BLADE.
  2. Approach the animal carcass.

  1. Use the GRASS BLADE; click on the carcass.
  2. Collect ants on a blade of grass; receive ANTS.
  3. Go to Mina.

  1. Give the ANTS MINE; help stitch up the wound. Take one ant from a blade of grass and apply each one to the wound from top to bottom. Left-click on the attached ant to tear off its head. You will need seven ants in total.
  2. Give Mina the CLEAN RAG.
If you don’t have enough ants, return to the porcupine carcass and repeat the collection procedure.

After Mina gets better, jump on her shoulder.

Return to Mysterious Island 2: Chapter 2 Robot Repair

  1. Exit the mill building. Mina hears a familiar sound and sees a robot in the window, which falls somewhere nearby.
  2. From the mill, go straight, then left twice, and to the water.

  1. Switch to playing as Mina.
  2. Dive into the water.

The air reserve scale is shown at the top. When it resets, Mina will return to shore. Take the FRESH MUSSELS.

  1. Turn around; take the STEEL ROPE.
  2. Swim into the cabin of the crashed helicopter.


Take the PENKKNIFE and ROPE.

  1. Catch LANGUESTS (3 pieces) from the dead pilot’s jacket.
  2. Return to land.

  1. Talk to Jupe; put the monkey on your shoulder.
  2. Turn around; walk forward once and then towards the yellow smoke in the distance.

  1. Talk to the robot. Apparently it is broken and needs to be fixed.
  2. From the robot, follow the path to the right and go down to the beach.


  1. Approach the robot that Mina hit in the first part of the game.
  2. Enlarge the control panel.

  1. Use the PENK KNIFE on all the bolts; take BOARD PARTS.
  2. Go back.

  1. Mina sees a jaguar wandering above. We need to deal with him. Go down one step as shown in the screenshot.
  2. Enlarge the gun control panel.

  1. Use the PENK KNIFE and unscrew the panel cover on the left.
  2. Remove burnt parts.

  1. Use the BOARD PARTS from inventory.
  2. Arrange them in the device so that the number of green lights on each side of the part being installed corresponds to the number of green lights on the touching sides of adjacent parts. The correct arrangement is shown in the screenshot.

  1. Close the lid. All lights are green.
  2. Click on any of the red buttons on the control panel (remember this button). The lights turned red.
  3. Move away from the device. The Jaguar will see Mina and try to attack, falling into the trap. The beast is defeated.

  1. Zoom in on the gun control panel again. Click on the button you pressed earlier to deactivate the cannon. The lights should turn green again.
  2. Click the "X" at the bottom right and automatically take back the BOARD DETAILS.
  3. Go up the empty path.
  4. From the robot, go along the leftmost path (to where there is smoke from the lava in the distance).

  1. Use the PENKNIFE on the ROPE ROLL three times; receive ROPES 3/3.
  2. Combine ROPES 3/3; receive STRONG ROPE.
  3. Try to go forward - to the monkey who is sitting on the other side of the destroyed bridge. Mina can’t walk, switch to playing as Jupa.
  4. Go forward and talk to the inconsolable mother monkey. Her cub is stuck on a pillar in the middle of hot lava and can’t get out. Urgent help!

  1. Use the STRONG ROPE on the post where the cub is sitting; receive BABY MONKEY.
  2. Give the BABY MONKEY to the mother monkey.
  3. Return to Mina and jump on her shoulder.
  4. Return to the robot.

  1. Click on the robot’s control panel. You must enter the code on the bottom line to deactivate the robot’s protection.
  2. The code is entered using the selection method. Enter values ​​(0-1-2-3, etc.) to determine which numbers on the top line match the numbers on the bottom line.
  3. If after dialing the last digit some lights on the panel turn green, then you have dialed the correct number. For example, in our case, the numbers on the top line were: 0-3-6-8. We entered 0-0-3-2 and three green lights came on. So we determined that the upper number 3 corresponds to the lower number 0, the upper number 6 corresponds to the lower number 3, and 8 - 2. Remember all the correspondences.
  4. After any incorrect entry, the numbers on the top line will change. Continue to select values ​​using the described method, and eventually you will find out all the matches between the numbers on the top and bottom lines.

  1. After entering the correct code, click on the robot control panel again.
  2. Use the PENK KNIFE on all the bolts to open the panel.
  3. Remove burnt parts; use BOARD DETAILS.

  1. Place the BOARD PARTS on the robot’s control panel according to the rules of the previous puzzle with the cannon control panel.
  2. This time the panel already has some details. You need to place the new parts so that the number of green lights on each side matches the number of green lights on each side of any other parts that are touching. The correct location of all parts is shown in the screenshot.

  1. The robot explains to Mina the reasons for the crash of the Nautilus and says that her rescue helicopter was hit by a volcanic bomb. Moreover, explosions may recur because the geothermal engine is not working. The island may be destroyed.
  2. Take the MAP from the robot and examine it in your inventory.
  3. Find out from the robot the coordinate by which you can get to the geothermal engine. The robot is broken, so it prints a piece of paper for you with an unreadable black card. Take the SHEET OF PAPER WITH UNREADABLE TEXT.
  4. Turn left and go forward two screens.

  1. Examine the volcanic bomb.
  2. Go to the swamp.

Return to the Mysterious Island 2: Chapter 3 The Other Shore

  1. To get to the other side, you will have to go through the swamp. Mina has a bad leg, so all hope lies only in Jupe. Switch to playing as a monkey.
  2. Enter the sw take the STICK in your paws.

  1. Using a stick, you need to determine the depth and find a path along which you can get to the other side.
  2. Stand still and look around. When a gear-shaped cursor appears, lower the stick down. If it sinks almost to its entire length, then this place is very deep and you cannot go. If the stick is not completely immersed, then there is the possibility of passage. So you need to find the right path.
  3. The screenshot above shows the first point for a successful passage forward.

Second point.

Third point.

  1. Jupe moved to the other side of the swamp. Now we need to figure out how to get Mina here.
  2. Go right.

  1. On the other bank stands Mina, and on the bank of Yupa there is a large tree. If you push it, you will get a bridge. But Jup is still weak and needs to strengthen himself.
  2. Go forward (to the fork of three roads).

  1. Take CHARCOAL.
  2. From the log where the coal lay, go along the right path (into the forest).

  1. Turn around; take the HONEY HONEYBOX on the tree.
  2. Use the SHARP SHORT STICK in inventory; take the LEMURE in the bushes.

  1. Turn around; take WATER POTATO; wash in water.
  2. Return to the fork and go to the forge.

  1. Go up the stone steps.
  2. Use the SHARP SHORT STICK on the birds; receive the BIRDS.
  3. Return to the fork and go towards the mountains.

  1. Turn around; take the OIL PALM FRUIT and TAHITIAN GARDENIA.
  2. Feed Jupe. Use the products from your inventory (one of the options): BIRDS, WATER POTATO, OIL PALM, HONEY HONEY and LEMURE.
  3. Jupe’s vitality bar has been filled to maximum. Return to the location where Mina is standing on the other side.

Push the large tree near the water to make Mina cross the bridge. Jupe automatically ends up on Mina’s shoulder.

Return to the Mysterious Island 2: Chapter 4 Frequency 340 feet

  1. Go forward; further along the path into the forest and to the sawmill.
  2. Take the NAIL and RUSTY SAW BLADE.
Save the game here. Next there will be a small test with a thief monkey who can steal things from your inventory.

Move the plate.

Get rid of the thief monkey. Grab those items in your inventory that the monkey wants to steal. Try not to let any things disappear into the clutches of a thief.

  1. Open the chest.
  2. Take the "Book of Tests" and study it (it will now be in the documents). Here are descriptions of the colonists’ experiments that you can repeat.
  3. Take the items from the chest: RED EXHAUSTER, GRINDING WHEEL, WEIGHT, RUSTY AX and CHALK.

  1. Place the GRINDING WHEEL on the circular saw; secure it with a NAIL.
  2. Step on the pedal and alternately use the RUSTY AX and RUSTY SAW BLADE on the grinding wheel; take SHARP SAW BLADE and SHARP AX.
  3. Press the pedal again to turn off the device.
  4. Turn around and follow the path towards the mountain.

Use the SHARP AX on the trees.

Take the POLES (4 pieces) from the ground.

  1. Turn towards the mountain where the thorny bushes grow; use SIX.
  2. Try to go forward to the edible red fruit; switch to playing as Jupe.
  3. Go forward.

  1. Use another Pole and knock down the fruit at the top.
  2. Take the berries that fell on the ground - TRULCKA.

Climb up the rock (at the sound of a monkey’s voice).

  1. We are greeted by an old company in the form of Amber and an irritated Brute. Apparently, you won’t be able to talk to them.
  2. Return to Mina and jump on her shoulder.
  3. Go to the sawmill.

  1. Remove NAIL and GRINDING WHEELS; Place the SHARP SAW BLADE on the saw and secure it with the NAIL.
  2. Place the PEN on the tabletop; hover over it as shown in the screenshot.
  3. Move the pole to the right; let go; move the cursor to the lever (A). You want it to say "21 foot pole = 6 foot pole + 15 foot pole." Repeat the described procedure until the desired inscription appears. When you see it, press the pedal under the circular saw (B) and the lever itself (A).
  4. Receive the 6 FEET LONG Pole and the 15 FEET LONG Pole; press the pedal to turn off the saw.
  5. Take back the NAIL and SHARP SAW BLADE.
  6. Go to the forge.

  1. Approach the survey marker at 325 feet; place the 15 FEET LONG Pole in it.
  2. Use the PENKNIFE on the ROPE; receive ROPE.
  3. Combine the ROPE, WEIGHT, and SEXSTANT LENS; receive LEVEL.
  4. Go to the crossroads.

  1. Use LEVEL; look through it towards the forge.
  2. Hold down the left mouse button to move the cursor vertically; Swipe left and right to move the cursor horizontally.
  3. Fix the point at the top of the pole.

  1. Move the mouse at the set height; fix the second point at 340 feet - this is the sawn top of the tree on which the bird is sitting.
  2. Go to the forge; take the SIX from the geodesic sign.
  3. Head to the sawmill.

  1. Place the Pole on the survey sign that is located at the sawmill.
  2. Use LEVEL.

  1. Look through the level at the top of the tree on which the bird is sitting.
  2. Move your mouse along the set height towards the mountain.

Here Mina should notice a movement. Remove the level, head towards the mountain, where there are signs of life.

Look at the mountain, somewhere on it you can see a monkey - this is the passage the robot was talking about! Before climbing up, Mina needs to refresh herself.

Return to the Mysterious Island 2: Chapter 5 Cooking, Making and Experimenting

  1. Go across the bridge to the other side.
  2. Head towards the ruined building where Jupe first met Amber the monkey.

  1. Approach the potter’s wheel.
  2. Place CLAY on it.

  1. Wet your hands in water (A).
  2. Click on the clay (B).
  3. Click on the pottery wheel (C).

  1. During the manufacturing process, press on the areas of the product (bottom, middle, top) to give the dishes the desired shape.
  2. When the product is ready, the cursor changes from a gear to a hand - such dishes can be taken into inventory.

In total, you can make six pairs of pottery of different shapes (see screenshot). In total, you will receive WAREWARE READY FOR FIRMING (12 pieces).

  1. Disassemble the LEVEL.
  2. Combine the SEXSTANT LENS, DRY TRANCHES, and 6’ POLE; receive IGNITION KIT.
  3. Use the IGNITION KIT on the stove next to the building; click on the bellows on the right to fan the fire.

  1. Place the Utensils into the oven one at a time. Watch when the cursor on the dish changes from a gear to a hand. After this, immediately take the finished dishes into your inventory (if they burst from overheating, you will need to make a new item). In total you will receive VASES (12 pieces).
  2. Go right (to the swamp).

  1. Play as Jupa.
  2. Use the 21 FT LONG Pole; take out the DIRTY FRUIT.
  3. Return to the pottery workshop.
  4. Take a bath and wash the DIRTY FRUIT.
  5. Return to Mina and sit on her shoulder.
  6. From the swamp, go left and towards the water (to the shore from which Mina dived to the helicopter).

  1. Turn around; use the two VASES on the tree bark; receive MAPLE SYRUP (2 pieces).
  2. Use the VASE on the water; receive WATER.
  3. Combine WATER and WHEAT WITH SAND; receive VASE WITH SAND and WHEAT.
  4. Take the WATER with the VASE again; repeat the combination of items.
  5. Fill three more vases with WATER.
  6. Go to the mill building.

  1. Use the WHEAT on the funnel (A).
  2. Use VASE; take the FLOUR from the container (B). Repeat the procedure two more times.
  3. Similarly, use the OIL PALM FRUITS on the funnel.
  4. Use the VASE to take the PALM OIL from the container.
  5. Combine FLOUR, EGG, WATER and HONEY HONEY; receive CAKE BATTER.
  6. Combine CAKE BATTER and BLUE TREAT; receive OVEN PIE.
  7. Go to the stove where Mina burned the dishes.
  8. Use the OVEN PIE on the stove; receive PIE.
  9. Use one MAPLE SYRUP on the stove; receive SUGAR.
  10. Give the PIE to Mina.
  11. Combine THYME and TAHITIAN GARDENIA; receive a BOUQUET; give the BOUQUET to Mina.
  12. Also give Mina the OIL PALM FRUIT. Now Mina is full, but our experiments continue.
  13. Place the LANGOUSTE in the oven; receive COOKED LANGOUSTE.
  14. Use the PENK KNIFE on the FRESH MUSSEL; receive OPEN MUSSEL. Place the OPEN MUSSEL in the oven; receive COOKED MUSSEL.
  15. Place the WATER in the furnace; receive BOILING WATER.
  16. Combine PALM OIL and WATER POTATO (if you didn’t feed it to Yupa); receive SALAD.
  17. Also bake a CAKE: combine FLOUR, WATER, EGG and HONEY HONEY; Next, bake in the oven.
  18. Return to the other side and go to the sawmill.

  1. Install a COIL on the distiller.
  2. Combine the Pole, SEXSTANT LENS and DRY TRANGS; receive IGNITION KIT.
  3. Use the IGNITION KIT under the distiller.
  4. Pour WATER into the cooler (A).
  5. Open the door (B); place SUGAR inside the device.
  6. Use VASE; take the ALCOHOL from the compartment (C).
  7. Open the door again; place the TAHITIAN GARDENIA inside.
  8. Use VASE; take PERFUME.
  9. Head to the forge.

  1. Light the fire in the furnace (SEXSTANT LENS, DRY TRANGS and Pole).
  2. Take the NAIL from inventory; place it in the fire.
  3. Take the tongs (A) from the wall next to the stove, remove the hot nail from the stove, place it on the anvil (B); click the right mouse button.
  4. Take the hammer (C); use it on the hot nail; click the right mouse button.

  1. Left-click to pick up the tongs and transfer them to the water tray on the left (D); click the right mouse button.
  2. Take the BENT NAIL.
  3. Go to the sawmill.

  1. Go to the mountain, where there are thorns at the foot. Play as Jupa.
  2. Jump onto the platform where Jupe met Amber and Brute.

  1. Use BENT NAIL; take the BONE MARROW.
  2. Return to Mina and sit on her shoulder.

  1. Combine ALCOHOL and RED QUICKENER; receive RED PAINT.
  2. Use the PENKNIFE on the BROKEN CLAY BOTTLE and ROPE; receive CORK and ROPE.
  3. Combine the CORK and RED PAINT; receive RED CAP.
  4. Combine the ROPE, STICK, HOOK and RED CORK; receive a LIGHT FISHING ROD.
  6. Go to the shore where Mina was diving towards the helicopter. This is where Mina will go fishing.
  7. Use a LIGHT FISHING ROD WITH BAITED on the water.
  8. Watch the float. As soon as he shows a bite, press the left mouse button. A scale with a green fish will appear on the right. As soon as the color of the fish changes to red, release the left mouse button.
  9. Watch how the red fish on the scale goes up. As soon as it turns green again, press the left mouse button again.
  10. Repeat the above steps to catch 2-3 fish.
  11. After the first fishing, disassemble the FISHING ROCK in your inventory. Also disassemble the STEEL ROPE and get the WIRE.
  14. Continue fishing according to the described pattern and catch 4-5 fish.
  15. After receiving the FISH, return to any stove. You can bake fish in the oven to get FRIED FISH.
  16. Make FISH PIE: Combine FLOUR, WATER, PALM OIL and FRIED FISH (small ones only). Bake in the oven.
  17. After all the culinary experiences, go to the mountain and climb into the passage under the cliff.

Return to the Mysterious Island 2: Chapter 6 Cove

  1. Enter the bay; look around.
  2. A thief monkey is waiting for you. This time let him steal one item from you. The thief runs away, you will meet him again.
  3. Go downstairs.
After opening a location in the bay, a new tab in your inventory "Places" will become available to you. Click on it to quickly move to the most significant locations in the game.

  1. Mina sees her broken boat in the water. Cannot be repaired. Turn around; take the WILD PEA.
  2. Go to the water and then along the beach.


Turn around; take SHELLS.

  1. Look at the top of the palm tree. Play as Jupa.
  2. Climb to the top; turn towards the rocks.

You need to jump onto the platform in the distance. This can be done at the moment when the indicator on the scale at the top is in the green zone.

  1. Remove the branch.
  2. Zoom in on the device at the top.

  2. Jump back onto the palm tree and return to Mina’s shoulder.

Go to the mountain.

  1. Someone upstairs is desperately throwing objects at Mina. Look at your feet; take the COCONUT SHELL.
  2. Dig up the sand nearby; examine the glowing object; increase it.

  1. Use the CLAY on the item; receive a Mold WITH SIX UNBARNED CLAY CHIPS.
  2. Turn around and walk forward along the mountain.

  1. Take the MOUNTAIN REED.
  2. Use the SHARP SHORT STICK and use it on the termite mound.

  1. Carefully move the stick to the left to remove it, avoiding contact with the walls of the canal. If unsuccessful, the termites on the stick crumble. If you play successfully, you get TERMITES to eat.
  2. Return to the main island; go to the forge.

  1. Use the PENKNIFE on one set of SHELLS; next - combine SHELLS with ROPE; receive the SHELL NECKLACE.
  2. Place the SEA ALGE in the oven; receive SODA ASH.
  3. Try climbing up the steps onto the stove; play as Jupe.
  4. Climb up.

  1. Pour the remaining SHELLS into the oven.
  2. Come down; sit on Mina’s shoulder.

  1. Use VASE; take the QUICKLIME from the stove.
  3. Use the QUICKLIME on the WATER; receive SLASHED LIME.
  6. Take the CHISEL (A) from the stove; put it on the anvil.
  7. Take the chisel to the sawmill and sharpen it on a circular saw; receive SHARP CHISEL.
  8. Return to the forge.
If you use a grinding wheel nail as part of your fishing rod, first disassemble the fishing rod and straighten the nail on the anvil.

  1. Place the SHARP CHISEL on the anvil.
  2. Take the GUN from the Inventory; place it in the fire.
  3. Take the tongs from the wall, remove the red-hot gun from the oven, place it on the anvil; click the right mouse button.
  4. Take a hammer, use it on the hot gun from all sides; click the right mouse button.
  5. Use the left mouse button to pick up the tongs and move them to the tray with water on the left; click the right mouse button.
  6. Take the STEEL TUBE.
  7. Go across the bridge to the other side, to the destroyed building with a pottery workshop.

Place the UNBARNED CLAY CHIPS in the furnace; take the BURNED CHIPS.

  1. Place the CLAY CRUCCIBLE in the furnace; place the GLASS MATCH in it.
  2. Use the STEEL TUBE on the heated crucible; receive the BOTTLE.
  3. Combine the BOILING WATER and one serving of WILD PEAs in your inventory; receive PEA SOUP.
  4. Use the KNIFE on the MOUNTAIN REED; receive CANE STALK and TASSLE.

  1. Go to the building where Jupe was cracking nuts with Amber. Play as Jupa.
  2. Click on the nut cracker. Place the NUTS from your inventory on it (left over from eating the palm fruits).
  3. Crack the nuts; receive SEEDS.
  4. Return to Mina’s shoulder; go to the bay together.

  1. Go down to the water.
  2. Turn around; remove sand from the puzzle; increase.

  1. Use the BURNED CHIPS on the puzzle. You need to arrange them correctly on the tiles.
  2. Look at the tiles and chips: six of them have the lower right corner cut off, and nine of them have the upper left corner cut off. Thus, each chip corresponds to a tile with a certain angle inclination.
  3. Look at the pattern in the upper left corner of the puzzle: this is what the complete pattern looks like that you must complete. The chips depict different elements of the complete picture.
  4. Group all the chips according to the characteristic features of their elements, establish relationships and place all the chips in their places. An example solution is shown in the screenshot.

  1. Take the ESCAPE that grew on top of the puzzle.
  2. Go forward, then to the mountain.

  1. Use the ESCAPE on the small flowerbed at the base of the mountain.
  2. Water the shoot.

  1. Use the VASE on the turquoise liquid in the plant flower; receive TURQUOISE LIQUID.
  2. Go left along the mountain; climb up the vine; try to climb the rock on the left. Play as Jupa.

Climb up.

  1. You will be greeted by a thief we know - male Leonardo. It turns out he is an artist.
  2. Give Leonard the TURQUOISE LIQUID.
  3. While he is drawing, you can jump ahead.
  4. If something you need is stolen, jump onto the palm tree on the left, where Leonard stores the stolen items. Look down; take the required item. After this, Leonard will drive you out to the site again.
  5. If something you don’t really need (for example, some food) is stolen, jump to the right, towards the wall.
  6. Use the SHARP STICK and take the LIZARD out of the gap. Turn right and return to Leonard.

  1. While you were away, the artist painted some symbols on the wall. Remember them.
  2. To further progress through the game, the heroes need to make friends with three monkeys. They are already friends with the first one - this is the mother whose baby Jup saved. Next in line is Leonard.
  3. To make friends with the artist, give him RED, WHITE and GREEN PAINT; give Leonard the BLUE FRUIT, FISH PIE, LIZARD and SEEDS.

  1. Take out the OCARINA, play any melody.
  2. Leonard will whistle his tune in response; repeat it. Press: 1-5-2-3. If you need to play a second melody, press: 1-4-3-5-2.

Take the BRUSH, dip it in paint next to Leonard, and draw a portrait of Mina on the empty wall.

  1. Now you need to make friends with Amber. From the bay, go to the main island, get to the sawmill and then to the platform where Amber and Bugai were sitting.
  2. Use the SNAKE SKIN on the Bug. When your opponent runs away in fear, you and Amber will be left alone.
  3. Offer her CAKE, TRULKA, SHELL NECKLACE, ORANGE, THYME, GARDENIA and other food/decorations.

  1. Play Amber on the ocarina. Press: 1-4-3. If you need to play a second melody, press: 1-4-2-3.
  2. When Amber’s friendliness bar turns green, return to where you left Mina and jump on her shoulder.

  1. Go to the plant with the turquoise liquid.
  2. Find the active point; increase.

Use the BRUSH on the turquoise paint, left click on the active area on the wall; draw the symbols that Leonard depicted.

Click on the symbol; come inside.

Return to the Mysterious Island 2: Chapter 7 Resident X

  1. Go downstairs and go to the entrance to the monastery.
  2. Combine the CANE STALK and WILD PEA; receive the BLOW PIPE.
  3. Ahead of you is a guard of monkeys. Three of them (Mom, Amber and Leonard) are our friends. Two (Bugai and an unknown monkey) are enemies.
  4. Use the BLOWPIPE, aim the target and shoot the Brute. When his icon at the top turns red, shoot the unknown hostile monkey on the left. Repeat the steps. Eventually, Bully and the second monkey will run away.

  1. Go down to the pedestals on which you need to place the vases.
  2. Study the design on each stone pedestal. They are all different. The pedestal on which the old vase stands has a pattern with frequent lines at the top and sparse lines at the bottom. At the same time, the vase itself is narrowed at the bottom. So we can conclude that the frequency of the lines in the drawings indicates the shape of the vases that should stand on them. The vases themselves should be turquoise.
  3. Leave the monastery and go to the pottery workshop.

  1. Make six vases of different shapes; burn them; paint with turquoise paint using a brush and burn again; receive ENAMEL WAREWARE.
  2. Return to the monastery.

  1. Remove the old vase from the pedestal. Arrange the ENAMEL WAREWARE on the shelves according to the instructions in the pictures.
  2. Solution (from left to right): a vase, narrowed at the top - a vase, narrowed at the bottom - a vase, narrowed at the center - a vase, narrowed at the top and in the center - a vase, narrowed at the bottom and in the center.

  1. Turn right towards the vessel that appears.
  2. Take the OCARINA and repeat the tune the mechanism plays. Solution: ADCA.

  1. The portal is open. Click on the symbol; go straight ahead.
  2. Go down the stairs.

  1. Mina stops next to a strange instrument that resembles an organ. Try to go straight. The grate in front lowers, blocking the entrance.
  2. Look at the wall above the organ. There are objects on it that resemble eggs.
  3. Click on the left egg-shaped one in the bottom row (A) - smoke will come out of the niche in the opposite wall. Take the EGG-SHAPED OBJECT into inventory.
  4. Click on the right egg-shaped object in the bottom row (B) - see Mina’s memories.
  5. Click on other egg-shaped objects to view the memories of different people who were on this island in the distant past. You cannot read the memories of the monkeys and the stranger girl.

  1. Consider the organ. It is necessary to place the samples in the organ pipes in the correct places so that the sounds produced by the organ begin to sound in human language. A total of 11 samples need to be installed.
  2. The solution to the puzzle is shown in the screenshot above. The red number is the starting position of the sample, the green number is the place where the sample should be installed. After placement, press the button in the center of the organ.
  3. In your inventory, take the EGG-SHAPED OBJECT and drag it onto the Jupe icon; then return the EGG-SHAPED OBJECT to its place in the wall. Click on it. Now you can read everything Jupe was thinking about during the game. Also now you can read the memories of other monkeys and a stranger girl.
  4. Turn right and go straight - now the passage further is open to you.

  1. Turn left, go down the steps to Nemo’s closed cabin.
  2. Try to open the door.

  1. Look to the right; take the CURVED HOLDER from the water.
  2. Turn around; go forward and left.

Go to the engine control panel.

To pass the device verification, play a mini-game. A mechanical voice will tell you the numbers, you need to press the buttons where the corresponding number of dots is marked. The numbers are given randomly.

  1. The panel opens. At the same time, water begins to flow to the turbine.
  2. Try moving the levers at the bottom of the panel. Mina hears a warning about a lack of energy due to an obstruction in the waterway. There is also a requirement to clean the gas stream.
  3. Click the button at the bottom of the panel; move away.

  1. Go to the door.
  2. Click on the symbol.

  1. Go into the corridor and go right, to the mouth of the volcano.
  2. Go right and forward.

  1. Look around; use the SHARP AX on the crystal in the wall.
  2. Take the CRYSTAL.

  1. Click on the steam line and play as Jupe.
  2. Climb inside the pipe.

  1. Use the COCONUT SHELL on the hole.
  2. Return to Mina and jump on her shoulder.

  1. Move (using the "Locations" option) to the forge.
  2. Place the BROKEN HOLDER on the fire, use the tongs, place the holder on the anvil and use the hammer. Next, use tongs to cool the holder in a basin of water on the left; receive HOLDER.
  3. Combine the HOLDER and CRYSTAL; receive INSULATOR.
  4. Return to the engine room (via the "Places" option).

  1. Use the INSULATOR on the wire in the water and place it on the empty slot on the wall.
  2. Go to Nemo’s base.

Return to Mysterious Island 2: Chapter 8 Nemo’s Base

  1. Go forward and right.
  3. Turn around and go left (to the shield control panel).

  1. Use the SPONGE on the machine oil; receive SPONGE WITH OIL.
  2. Go to the organ with the egg-shaped objects on the wall.
If your sponge is dirty, rinse it in clean water or combine it with water in your inventory.

  1. Replace the metal egg-shaped object with the ALTERED EGG-shaped object from Nemo’s room.
  2. Listen to Nemo’s story about the experiments and the protective shield.
  3. Return to Nemo’s base.

  1. Go forward two screens.
  2. Turn to the desk where Pasteur’s book lies; read Nemo’s note paper.
  3. Also read the note in the jacket pocket. It talks about creating a device for breathing underwater for short periods of time.

  1. Take the MASK.
  2. Use the SPONGE WITH OIL on the hatch cover.
  3. Combine MASK and SLASHED LIME; receive DIVER’S MASK.
  4. Drag the DIVER’S MASK onto the Mine image in your inventory.
  5. Play as Mina; go down into the airlock chamber.
You have quicklime in your inventory. To make slaked lime, combine it with water.

  1. Turn the valve and fill the chamber with water.
  2. Swim forward to the sunken helicopter; then go right and forward one screen.

  1. Turn around; remove the helicopter landing gear; take STEEL HOOK. A huge stone fell on the water intake grate - it will need to be removed.
  2. Swim to the helicopter.

  1. Take the CRANK from inventory and attach it to the winch; click.
  2. Attach the STEEL HOOK to the winch and press it down.
  3. Swim into the opened compartment.

  2. Swim outside and swim to the water intake grate.

  1. Use the NET on the stone; attach NOT an INFLATED BOAT to it, but to the boat - A CYLINDER WITH HELIUM. Click on the cylinder.
  2. When the boat pulls the stone from the grate, swim to the helicopter, then to the right. Swim into the airlock; turn the valve.
  3. Look up. Mina screams at Jupe to open the hatch. Jupe tries, but he doesn’t have the strength.

  1. Look up again. Wait until Jupe appears behind the glass.
  2. Click on Jupa and then on the left photo. He will turn it over for Mina.

  1. Study the pattern on the photo frame. It has the same lines as the combination lock in the airlock.
  2. Place the frame pattern on the combination lock, starting from the top left corner. Press: A - 1 time; B - 4 times; C - 2 times; D - 1 time; E - 3 times; F - 2 times.
  3. Go upstairs.

  1. Place Jupe on your shoulder.
  2. Clean up the room: hang the pictures and the map in their places, pick up the box, read the note that fell out of the box.
  3. Leave the room and go to the engine control panel.

  1. Click on the button; Drag the left slider to the top position. Slowly drag the right slider towards the green zone.
  2. Adjust the slider so that it does not reach the red bars. All the green lights at the bottom should light up - this is a signal that the engine is running.
  3. Go up the stairs to the exit from the monastery (without using the "Places" option).

  1. Click on the symbol on the door to exit the organ room. Bugai runs towards Mina - he runs into the room with the engine and turns it off.
  2. Return to the organ; take the ORGANIC EGG-SHAPED OBJECT; use it on Brugey’s remaining fur; receive ALTERED EGG-SHAPED OBJECT.
  3. Use the CHANGED EGG-SHAPED OBJECT on the empty slot above the organ; view the contents of Bugai’s memory.
  4. Go to the geothermal engine.

  1. The bull climbed into the steam pipeline. Turn around and go to the door with the symbol; click on the symbol.
  2. Go into the corridor and go right, to the mouth of the volcano.
  3. Stop at the entrance to the steam line.

  1. Feed Jupa and restore his health to the green level. Play as Jupa. Get inside the steam pipe.
  2. You need to catch the capacitors that the Big Guy throws. After you catch the fifth capacitor, the Brute will fall unconscious.
  3. Get closer and click on the Brute.

  1. Jupe pulls the Brute out of the steam line. Approach the geothermal engine. Complete the device verification. Press the engine start button. Mina starts the engine. The bully is dying. Jupe loses consciousness. Mina takes Jupe to Nemo’s base.
  2. Go forward and left (to the table with flasks and instruments).

  2. Go to the pottery workshop (using the "Locations" option).

  1. Place the PURPLE GLASS SHARDS in the crucible; blow the bellows; use STEEL TUBE.
  2. Receive the PURPLE BOTTLE.
  3. Go to the other side of the swamp.

  1. Go to the fork in the road.
  2. Take the EYE CASE and COCONUT SHELL.
  3. Go to the monastery, to the location with the organ.

  1. Turn around; use the BOTTLE on the pink gas; receive COLORED GAS.
  2. Combine the BLOTTEN FUSE and STEEL WIRE; receive RECOVERED FUSE.
  3. Go to Jupe.

  1. Hug Jupe and take a blood test from him using the SAMPLER.
  2. Return to the table with the flasks.

  1. Place the RECOVERED FUSE in place.
  2. Place the CAPACITORS (which Jupe caught while fighting the Brute) into the adjacent sockets.
  3. Place the PURPLE BOTTLE under the center flask.
  4. Place the COLORED GAS on the mixer.
  5. Attach the OCULAR to the tripod.
  6. Click on the valves one by one to experiment with gases.
  7. Press the red button (A); replace the SAMPLER.
  8. Look through the microscope (B).
  9. Step away from the microscope; release pink gas into the flask (C).

  1. Look through the microscope again; turn the valve.
  2. Listen to Nemo.

Go right - to the shield control panel. Mina sees rescuers approaching the island. Now you have to make a choice: restore the shield and stay on the island forever, or not restore the shield and return home.

You will be able to play both endings - the game itself will offer you to replay if you make the wrong choice. But we immediately give a hint - ending 1 will be correct.

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