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Space Colony 1: Steam Edition - Full Walkthrough with Tips and Puzzles

Space Colony: Steam Edition. Save the Colony! Conflicts have become more frequent in your team, a robotic collector is destroying oxygen supplies with a chainsaw, and alien life forms have taken over the cafeteria. You are halfway across the galaxy, resources are limited, a megacorporation is keeping a close eye on you, and team members are awaiting paychecks. Everyone has their own outlook on life, so remember the golden rule: a happy team is a productive team. You need to restore the base and repel alien attacks, so don’t ignore your employees. Train your colonists and they will work hard to protect your intergalactic empire.


  1. Cheat Codes
  2. General tips for the game
  3. Mission Tactics
  4. Walkthrough of the initial missions
  5. Walkthrough of Peaceful Missions
  6. Walkthrough of Military Missions
  7. Guide to Colonists
  8. The Colonists’ Needs
  9. Key Game Concepts
  10. The needs and desires of the colonists
  11. Basic Equipment
  12. Furniture
  13. Feeding the Colonists
  14. Buildings for People
  15. Recreational Equipment
  16. Industrial Buildings
  17. Weapons
  18. Tourism
  19. Vegetation
  20. Aliens
  21. Freebulans
  22. Steam Achievements

Space Colony: Cheat Codes

How to enter a cheat code? To enter, you need to go to the "Bridge" screen. To do this, press the spacebar or click the bridge next to the map in the lower left corner of the screen.

Skip the mission. On the "Bridge" screen, go to the "Mothership" tab, as shown in the screenshot. Press Alt + Shift + Y at the same time, then the Mission Success screen should appear.

Much money. On the "Bridge" screen, go to the "Finance" tab. Press Alt + Shift + letter O at the same time, this will give you +10000 credits. You can click many times until the amount reaches 100,000 credits (this is the maximum).

Cheats for Macintosh: You need to do the same thing, only instead of the Alt + Shift combination, press the Command (Apple) key.

Space Colony: General tips for the game

1. Follow the story. Read the dialogues before and after missions. This way you will become immersed in the plot of the game, and it will become more interesting for you. And what is happening on the screen will take on a new meaning.

2. Mastery comes with time. The more you play, the better you get at it. Don’t be afraid to lose and start the level over. Believe me, you will definitely be lucky!

3. Rest. When you are tired, you lose more often. If you often lose, rest, do other things, sleep, gain strength, and then you will definitely win!

4. Study the level’s objectives. Sometimes it is not enough to destroy all enemies to win. Carefully study the level goals, so you will bring your victory closer.

5. Save often. The game provides the ability to save at any time. There are many slots for saving, make the most of it to be able to load from the moment you need. Believe me, the game quite often presents unpleasant surprises.

6. Remember the levels. You need to remember where the minerals are located and where the enemy units appear from. This will allow you to effectively develop the colony and better destroy their enemies.

7. Optimal speed. You can use the toolbar to speed up or slow down the game. Set a speed that is comfortable for you and adjust it depending on the situation. If you don’t have time to give orders, reduce the speed or pause. If you have to wait a long time, speed it up.

8. Use hotkeys. They speed up gameplay and make it easier to give orders. Learn them and learn to use them. We also recommend that you study the game interface.

9. Plan your game. Even if you have little money, think about the future. Make a plan in your head for where you will spend your resources when you have them.

10. Don’t turn off the sound. The game can please you with excellent music. And the sounds will warn you about an enemy attack and other events.

11. Get training. At the beginning of the game there are missions that teach you the basics of the game. You can also read our article to master the controls in the game. Without this knowledge you cannot win.

Space Colony: Mission Tactics

1. Secure the base. If there are enemies at the level, then from the start of the mission you need to ensure the protection of your buildings. Build units and defensive structures, and only then scout the area and attack the enemy.

2. Build a lot. All buildings must be built in at least one copy. And some facilities should be in abundance.

3. Protect breadwinners. Enemies and aggressive fauna love to destroy your mining units. Protect them, send them to safe mining regions, otherwise the cash flow will dry up.

4. Don’t hoard. Invest all the money you earn into expanding your base. Warehouse space is limited, do not overproduce.

5. The more the merrier. The game is simple: the better your economy and stronger army, the higher your chances of winning. Therefore, before an attack, you need to form a strong production, reliable defense and a strong army.

6. Scout the area. Any forward movement begins with reconnaissance of the area. Even if you find a rich deposit or an enemy base, still explore further. The open map will allow you to find the best direction for developing success.

7. Don’t attack head-on. Look for the least protected passage to the enemy. This way you will achieve the best result with the least losses.

8. Destroy the economy. Search and destroy enemy mining units, this will undermine the enemy’s economy and deprive him of money. But keep in mind, the enemy may send troops to protect them, be prepared for this.

9. Lure out the enemy. Lure the enemy to your defenses. To do this, attack his single units and buildings.

10. Use all weapons. At the last levels you will have new weapons and exclusive units. Test them in battle, it is quite possible that they will be more effective.

11. Concentrate the fire. It is better to concentrate fire on one enemy and destroy them one by one. This way you will have more success than spraying your fire on a group of enemies.

12. Build on enemy territory. Build your defenses near the enemy. This way you will not only protect your base more reliably, but will also destroy enemy buildings and units. The Floating Mines Station is especially effective.

13. Read our article. We describe in detail the passage of each mission, building and units. Our content will allow you to quickly and easily complete all the missions of this game.

14. Repair structures. Be sure to repair your buildings and structures. It’s much cheaper than buying them again.

Space Colony: Walkthrough of the initial missions

All missions were completed on the basic difficulty level. After the initial two missions, you will be able to choose whether to complete Peaceful or Military missions. It is important to remember that all skills acquired in previous missions will be available for use in civilian and military missions. However, military and civilian missions are mutually exclusive, so skills learned in one mission are not transferable to the other.

1. Tami’s Training

This is a pretty simple guide. Send Tami to deal with the electricity, Stig to deal with the oxygen, and place a nutrient harvester next to the Hydromorphus so that Venus can deal with it.

2. Cleaning Up

Place two cleaning stations inside the base and leave them to Tami and Venus to keep things tidy. Also create a social area where Stig and Tami can hang out together to become friends.

3.Garden of Eden

Place two weeding posts north of your base and have Stig and Dean use them. Arrange a series of light poles, moving in a northerly direction until you reach the control beacon. Place two pedal boats near the base to help Stig and Dean get to the weeding sites faster. It might be worthwhile to provide a sleeping area for Dean near where he works so that this mission is short-lived.

4. Iron in the Valley

Place two iron mining devices near the metal deposits and direct Venus and Stig to work with them. Tami and Dean should have oxygen handling and resource management responsibilities.

Keep an eye out for the green and orange plants that grow just north of the base. If left unchecked, they will spread and enter buildings, and the wasps will wreak havoc on your base and colonists.

Once the plants appear, direct Dean to the nearest weeding station (it would be wise to place it next to them). Dean can also set up a medical room if you need one.

5. Bob and Boffin

Place two libraries and send Candy and Nikolai to study poultry farming. The poultry farm is already ready thanks to your efforts. You may be able to place another chicken farm near your base if you have enough space. Let Billy Bob work on the chicken farm first, but then send Nikolai or Candy out when they finish their training. You may need additional equipment to supply the base with oxygen, food and electricity. Don’t forget that you can sell extra resources if you need extra money.

6. Chicken Farm!

There are two ways to complete this mission. A quick way is to send Candy to the poultry farm so that the credits arrive faster. The slow way is to send Candy back to continue training since she is currently running slow.

Silicon is located in the southeast of the map, but be careful, if you place the silicon extractor in the wrong place, the robot can walk through the lava and this will cause serious damage to it. If the robot is destroyed, you will have to sell the extractor and buy a new one. To avoid this, place the extractor directly above the lava. Lava bugs sometimes cause damage, so I recommend setting up an engineer’s house outside of the base and having Venus do the work there.


From the very beginning, this mission will be more difficult than it seems. To begin with, the needs of your colonists are quite low, just like in the previous mission. Pause the game and direct everyone to do things they love until at least three of everyone’s needs are met. Then send them to work.

Build two Gas Mining Modules in a field next to your Silicon Mining Module. Send two newbies to work. Install one or two lava energy generators on the volcano vents and place three automatic lasers nearby for security. There are two more lasers north of the base, near where the wasps continue to spread their plants.

No sooner had the mission begun than new problems appeared. All your colonists (except Venus) have become problematic. Venus has good health and immunity. The colonists’ needs seem to be diminishing just as quickly.

You need to keep the colonists healthy, build 3 or 4 medical compartments and assign Dean and Candy to serve them. The problem is that you need to develop a romantic relationship between Dean and Candy, even though Dean is almost constantly busy in the medical department. But there are three good ways around this:

  1. Nikolai will study medical training to take on the responsibilities of Dean.
  2. Choose your off-duty dates carefully when Dean and Candy meet.
  3. Basically get your colonists in order, then relieve Dean and Candy of all duties and set them up on dates until the chance of romance is high enough.

Keep in mind that Dean is a workaholic and will not agree to a date if he is on duty. So if you need them to meet while he’s on duty, ask him about it. Don’t get so caught up in caring for the health and well-being of your colonists that you forget about romance. It won’t take long to complete, but the mission will take forever if you spend too much time keeping people healthy and happy. As for Vasilios, its main attraction is the Observatory.


First, sell off the goods you collected in the last mission and purchase a set of advanced medical supplies. They will be located at your medical stations. Now when people get treatment they will be completely healed.

Iridium is located north of your base, but you need to cross the lava zone to mine it. You can either replace the destroyed mining robots by selling the building and buying a new one, or build a robotics factory and create a new robot there.

Halfway through the ending, your lasers will turn off. This may indicate that you will lose your power plants as your laser will not be able to shoot the lava bugs. This also means that the creatures that infected you with the plague will come back and infect your colonists again.

You can now build an observatory for Vasilios, although it will take a very long time to build, you will probably only use it once.

Space Colony: Walkthrough of Peaceful Missions

1. Antidote

Buy a couple of medical devices and let Hoshi & Kita work on them. Let Mr. Zhang start creating androids. Build a space gas processing station and assign Venus to the job. Organize the process of creating androids in the following order: oxygen first, then nutrition, nutrient extraction, and finally cleaning. Once you have four androids, stop producing them until one fails, then create a new one. Place lasers near all valuable plants on the map. If problems arise, send Venus or one of the Androids to the nearest weeding site.

2. Contract Race

This is not an easy task, but it is quite doable. You will need to place your Titanium Extractors in the west of the map, just above the green lights. Be careful to keep them away from the other base’s lasers, otherwise they may destroy your extractors. I’m not sure you can win this battle because the enemy lasers can destroy your extractors before you can fill them with argon.

You need to build about six mining pods and assign them to Stig, Venus, Slim (after a few sessions in the training pod), and any androids you can find. Have Hoshi & Kita handle oxygen and nutrition and may require training. If you place your loot modules close enough, you can get ahead in the race.

If you look at the enemy base, you will see familiar names of colonists who will work with you in future missions, with the exception of Ashia, who no longer appears in the main storyline. Setting up multiple lasers can help if you can hit enemy mining pods or robots without getting in range of their weapons.

3. Pressure Cooker

Order all available workers to continue mining titanium, perhaps improving the lighting so they can see everything in the dark. Train Hoshi & Kita in the skills you need. If you need more money, sell some of your mined titanium. Only after completing the mission requirements to train the miners will you be able to use the training modules to train other colonists.

After this, you will have unused training left over. They can be used, for example, to teach Babette something other than oxygen, or to prepare Mr. Zhang for repairs. You can also train Hoshi & Kita to produce electricity and oxygen.

When you have enough funds, buy about 50 argon tanks and install 20 automatic lasers near your base near the crashed ship. Then build another laser to the west of the ship. This will destroy the ship and free the protoraptor horde. They will head straight to your base, where they will be met by 20 automatic lasers.

Now place about four automatic lasers to the left of the scavenger to destroy the nearby Protoraptor pods. Send Venus, Hoshi & Kita to control the scavenger. Don’t use any more lasers to avoid destroying the Protoraptor pods and you will complete the mission successfully.

4. Welcome to our home

Set up about six silicon mining rigs and send almost everyone with mining skills to them: Stig, Slim, Hoshi & Kita, Nailer and Greg. Leave the others at the base to perform other tasks. You may need to train Candy in electronics and have her turn some of the mined silicon into high-tech electronic devices, as they are more expensive and will be needed in the next mission.

As you clear the territory, build your buildings (preferably large bio-domes) and fill them with entertainment, food and medical devices. Be careful when placing tourist sites and hotels so that they do not block the view of the interior, and you can recommend the use of certain devices to the colonists.

You will also need additional oxygen and electrical supplies to serve the tourists who will arrive. Remember to sell your old silicon mining modules and build new ones, as the silicon reserves near the base will be depleted.

5. Fairway

Golf Course Prep : Select a gold tee from the list of camper options and place it outside. Then place the appropriate hole. Create five yews and holes and right click to stop. Find a biological research laboratory nearby and assign Mr. Zhang there. It will automatically target golf holes. You will know the hole is ready to play when the small icon next to the flag indicating otherwise disappears.

To complete this task, wait until the tourist plays a round, or send a colonist. If the hole is too blocked by something else and is not ready, you can make several holes. The five putts must be different, so place ten holes and complete the challenge when five of them are ready and played.

Preparing for the game: Assign Greg and Babette to the game. Just have Dean handle the oxygen and relieve Babette and Greg of all duties (use the trash can to get rid of their primary and secondary duties). First, invite them both to a social area so they can become friends. Then invite Babette and Greg to various date spots until Greg agrees and you’ve been to all of them. Then ask Babette to ask a question (she has a better chance of success than Greg). If that doesn’t work, ask again. Once the date is over, send them back to work.

In this mission, keep building your structures and increasing your hotel rating, as the next mission requires a 10 star rating, but it can be obtained in this mission. Be sure to click the help icon next to each criterion to get a list of the factors that influence it. A base trash of less than 3% is recommended for health criteria. Keep selling your silicon to make more money and free up storage space.

6. The Celensoan Ritz

If you successfully completed the last mission as we advised, and received a hotel rating of 10 stars, then everything in this mission will be simple. The 10 star task will disappear immediately, and you will have a stream of money from selling silicon and tourists. However, there are two main problems that may hinder you.

First, there is a small army of slugs that come from the east and try to infiltrate your base. If you install about fifteen automatic lasers on your bridge, they will destroy enemies before they can get inside the buildings.

Secondly, there is a small army of freelancers who come in search of scientific developments. These guys are ready to do anything, like soak in your jacuzzi or jump on your beds. I even saw them perform duties such as cleaning and oxygen monitoring work. There seems to be no way to stop them, they may even be selling your gateways. You will not be able to receive visitors if you do not complete the mission quickly enough.

7. The Host

You need to go east and get enough minerals in the given time. There will be no problems with this, because you have qualified miners.

Prepare three argon units, but do not maintain them. You won’t need argon for this mission, and you won’t be able to take it with you on your next mission.

I recommend training Venus, Stig and Vasilios in mining gas, as you will need a lot of this resource in the next mission. If any of them begin to behave erratically, send them straight to a robo-advisor or to an isolation ward until they calm down.


This mission is limited in time. You need to take out the remaining colonists to start building the rocket. The first step is to use the user manual to aim the laser at the target. However, your colonist will only be able to fire a few shots before the laser and himself are destroyed. Luckily, you have the ability to use a cryogenic resuscitation unit to bring a colonist back to life after a short time, and then send him back to continue shooting.

Unfortunately, you will have to create a new handheld laser each time and wait for it to be filled with argon. The host will also drive someone crazy every time you attack them. I suggest placing two hand lasers near where the host is hiding (near the obelisks). It is also worth sending two colonists with better shooting skills to get the argon. They will be able to take more pictures along the way if they arrive around the same time.

Of course, since you are starting without argon, you will have to face serious difficulties. We highly recommend sending Venus, Stig and Vasilios to mine argon gas, as they are the most dedicated workers you have. I also suggest maximizing your warehouse area for this mission. Additional work will ensure that supplies are delivered to your control room and laser silo in a timely manner. Don’t forget that after you build a rocket, you will need to fire it.

Space Colony: Walkthrough of Military Missions

1. Is anyone hearing this? Please help!

You need to create a "path" of automatic lasers that will lead to another base to ensure the safety of the path to Venus. I recommend installing lasers in pairs and placing each pair a short distance in front of the previous pair. Have your robots stand right behind the first pair of lasers. Keep an eye on your argon supplies and don’t try to advance too quickly, as rock hoppers can destroy the laser with one hit. Make sure you set up some lasers to protect the other base, as it will often be attacked by rock jumpers.

It is recommended to place a force field post in front of these lasers. If you want, you can speed up the process by laying a path of lasers from the second base to your base. Once the path is clear, make sure you have enough energy and oxygen reserves before sending Venus to another base through the intermediate bay.

2. Rescue

In this mission, rock jumpers will often attack you from both the main rock and others that appear on the map. Directly south of your base is a rock where the Cliffjumper Queen sits. She guards some of the iridium you need, and two more rocks just to the west that contain the rest.

You’ll need to make a few purchases first since you don’t have an oxygen machine and few solar panels. Your base also does not have everything you need. You will need food and argon. The problem is that once you’ve finished all your shopping and dealt with the cliff jumper queen in the south, you won’t have any money left to buy a trash bin.

You won’t have enough money to complete the entire mission if you don’t do anything. Therefore, install a titanium miner right in the southwest of the map, create a base and hire a colonist to work. Titan sells for a good profit, and you can use that money to develop your base.

Make sure you have placed lasers and force posts to protect the trash bin before you install it. Don’t worry about powerful force fields, as they are no better than regular ones. Remember that the rockjumpers appear on the map from the east, so place the lasers at a sufficient distance so that they have time to turn on before attacking. You will have more colonists than you need for this mission, so order Zhang and Slim to learn useful skills. We suggest they handle the repairs and cleaning accordingly.

3. Moonshaker

In this mission you will face many nasty enemies. Start by purchasing argon and installing two lasers in the southwest of the base. Surround them with a force field and light up the area, as Rockhoppers and Prothean Worms often attack in the area.

Next, place some automatic lasers next to the lava power plant, or sell it and install solar power plants. Place several lasers to the east and west of your base to protect against attacks from Ghirasks and Praetorian Worms.

The Gyrasks can be a threat, but you can deal with them using three or four lasers. Be careful and regularly save resources by placing your soldiers in positions to hit Girask before he gets close to the base.

Use your soldiers to destroy the Praetorian Worm Queens. They are located to the east and southwest of your base, as well as to the north.

Have Venus replace the soldiers ASAP and buy better electronics. Nailer and Greg should mine titanium to the west of your base, since titanium is your main source of income.

Invite Zhang to the repair shop and use the remaining colonists to supply the base with energy, oxygen, cleaning, and pharmaceuticals. Use the training capsule to train the colonists’ skills.

Hunt down the Praetorian Worm Queens and create your own robots to protect the colony. Keep an eye on the progress in pharmaceuticals, as there will not be enough drugs near the base, but there is a site to the west that will help you with this.

Don’t forget about protecting the base, your main goal is pharmaceuticals and you will not return to this base in future missions.

4. The Fribulan

At the beginning of this mission everything will be peaceful, but soon you will be attacked. Slow down and sell all three health kits and a hand laser that are near you. Then buy yourself some food and about ten argon gas cylinders. Set up an automatic laser as far west of your base as you can on the other side of the small pond. This is important because it will destroy the Fribulan lung, which creates the Fribulan spittoon. The Spitter is capable of destroying a number of buildings before you can eliminate it.

Place the titanium extractor in the north next to the titanium deposits. First get Venus working on the Nutrient Extractor to make room for the second Titan Extractor to the north. Next, place a training Pod and train Venus in two levels of nutrient extraction. After this, place the second Nutrient Extractor directly to the south of your landing strip and put it to work.

The area west of your base will be closed until all your colonists have arrived. After that, you can explore it a little and find that there are acid wings there. Place three silo launchers to defend your base and lay down a second titanium extractor for the southern titanium deposit.

After a while you will be informed that your weapon systems have been disabled. Shortly after this, plague-carrying rodents will appear, line up and try to defend your base. You might be wondering how to avoid death since we told you to sell your health kits. Simply sell all the airlocks facing west of your base. The rodents won’t be able to get in, and you can simply install one or two automatic lasers to destroy them once your weapon is back in service. Replace the airlocks when it’s all over.

You’ll eventually need some defenses to the north of your base to clear out the hostile creatures that start to appear. Don’t pack too many of them, as Gorilloids tend to deal damage in a specific area. I found two pairs of automatic lasers with a mine launcher and it worked just fine.

5. Spineweed

Yes, that’s right, this mission is one of the most difficult in the main campaign. In it, the Freebulans will attack you frequently, and they can be called ninjas, since their favorite tactic is to avoid your light so that you don’t see their units and can’t attack them. You can use this to your advantage if you continue to place light sources near enemy units. This will keep them busy shooting at the lights and not at your defenses.

Your lights may go out frequently if placed in front of your defenses. Some lights may die due to this. The constant battle requires your undivided attention. Therefore, when you need to satisfy the needs of the colonists, it is better to do this during a pause. You cannot leave the front line unattended, otherwise the defensive structures can be easily destroyed.

You need to have four or five titanium mines making money to provide the colonists with resources. Make sure that all the colonists’ needs are met so that they spend as much time as possible working.

Mr. Zhang and Candy (after training if necessary) can be sent for repairs. If possible, use training to improve the intellectual abilities of some colonists. Don’t follow the game’s advice, as the guards aren’t very effective and the robot soldiers won’t be needed in the final takeover mission.

Hover Mines are more effective against Acid Wings than Guardians, as two hover mines will instantly destroy an Acid Wing, while Guardians take a few seconds and the Acid Wings will still attack their patrol markers.

Essentially, you need to create a path of guided mine launchers between your base and the enemy base. Place the Hover Mines in groups of three in a row and add an Auto Laser to every other group. Each group should not be too far ahead of the previous one, as they will illuminate enemies within shooting range and destroy them. Create a full cluster of mines, reaching the enemy base will take time and you may be pushed back a bit, but keep pushing forward.

When you reach the enemy base, you will find that your main target is in the water. This means that you will not be able to place lasers or mine turrets near it. However, there is a small island underwater on which you can install two mine turrets.

You will have to accept the loss of some turrets due to the constant spawning of enemies, but in the end the Fribulan Mother will be destroyed.

Your most dangerous opponent in this battle is the Ogre. These are bipedal machines that attack your light buildings. Set up mortars in three rows and be prepared to lose one of them. However, the Ogre always targets your light structures and can attack them in the dark.

Be prepared for new light sources to come along to help you deal with this. When you get far enough into the enemy base, they will stop sending ogres due to lack of resources.

Another dangerous enemy in the game is the Prickly Weed. To combat it, simply buy more argon gas and create a defense line of cluster bombs around your settlement. Place the bombs about 3/4 of the way across the screen and make sure the areas around them are well lit.

All of these defenses require a lot of power, so make sure your operator (Hoshi in our case) is well trained and has access to plenty of power plants. Using an Iridium Electric Generator, which can help with energy shortages, however, it quickly consumes iridium.

This mission can be frustrating due to the fact that sometimes it appears as if your lights are being destroyed when in fact they are not. It looks like someone was attacking them. Just keep selling titanium and don’t stop there.

The main thing is not to place each group of hover mine launchers too far ahead of the last group and keep them about three in a row, otherwise the Freebulans will destroy them.

6. Betrayal on Aggerholm

After the grueling previous battle, you may be anxiously awaiting this mission, but you will be surprised at how easy it will be. Place three silicon extractors south of the silicon deposits below your base. Ignore the deposits east of the base.

Protoraptor eggs are located north of the space gas that is directly west of your base. Place an automatic laser to guard them and send your soldiers east. There are also eggs consecrated by plants. Use soldiers or laser to destroy them. There are even more eggs in the dark at your base that must be collected.

You need to light the path for your soldiers with flashlights, as they can only attack what they see, while protoraptors attack in the dark. Train two people in electronics and have them create advanced products. Mr. Zhang must do some repairs, although there won’t be much to fix. You can assign him electronics work or, if you prefer, place two argon gas drilling rigs on space gases, and send two trained colonists there to work.

Make sure you have enough space for additional droid storage and sell off any excess silicon. In this mission you will have a lot of space money, so upgrade your equipment and build many robot soldiers, 8 or more.

7. A Bad Thing

As part of this mission, you have the opportunity to earn some money by capturing Protoraptor eggs instead of destroying them. However, it is worth considering that the collection bin costs 5,000 credits, and each Protoraptor egg only contains 1,000 credits, so you will have to collect at least five eggs quickly.

There are several places where protoraptors live, and their nesting sites are marked by glowing plants. There are also areas that are in complete darkness. You don’t have a lot of goods in stock, so take a break and place lamps all over the map, except for the areas that are near your base, since you already cleared them in the previous mission.

The light will allow you to illuminate the area, although not completely, but it will give you the opportunity to slowly move forward by placing lamps. You can still place lights in dark areas if there is another light source close enough. Find all the hiding places with eggs and place an automatic laser installation next to them.

If you have enough warehouse droids, they should all be activated before the eggs hatch. There’s only one place where you don’t have to do this. At the top of the map, in the center, there is a large field with eggs and one orox. Orox has powerful beam weapons and will easily destroy your defenses. To avoid this, you need to send at least 12 soldiers. Oroxa targets one of the soldiers, and when he takes 50% damage, order him to retreat. The Orox will not pursue him and will hesitate for a few seconds before choosing another target.

It’s a good idea to surround the area where Orox is located with several automatic lasers to prevent the hatched Protoraptors from escaping. But do not place them in the range of Orox itself. Order Babette to practice repairing a few times and send her to the repair base to help fix your robots.

Note that installing all these lamps requires a lot of energy, so you may have to build several more solar power plants. Don’t sell the light towers, do it in the next mission when you need a cash injection.

8. Death or Glory

Put aside the talk of doom and darkness and ignore the advice on creating a static defense system for your base. Orox can easily break through defenses like paper. Instead, your best weapons are Floating Mine Stations, Robot Soldiers, and Commandos.

The first thing to do is sell all the lighting devices and automatic lasers that you installed in the previous mission. This will give you enough funds to get started. If you have a set of 12 robots, send them into battle right away. Otherwise, build a full set of 12 robots.

Commandos, although they don’t do much damage, are fast, so if you need to recuperate, focus on them. A small group of Orox will attack your base after each missile launch. They always spawn north of the base, so place your soldiers there to meet them. You’ll lose a few troops, but keep sending new commando units nearby to replace them and throw them into the fight.

After the first wave, wait until the repairs are completed, although the game may be a little unstable when repairing military robots). Build Floating Mine Stations and replenish your forces to a full complement of 12 robots. Wait until you have enough money to buy new commandos locally.

Continue to sell the silicon you mine, but don’t sell argon or advanced electronics as they are used to replenish rocket silos. You can sell soldier posts after each soldier dies. The same can be done with commando vacancies if you don’t want to spend the money to retool them in your robotics factory.

Once you’re ready, fire rocket #2. Note that the rocket can be aimed at the enemy base to deal more damage to the Orox. If your soldiers are quickly killed by the Orks, drop a rocket on their heads. The third wave should be smaller than the first two, so fire the last rocket when you’re ready.

Space Colony: Guide to Colonists

Venus is one of our most valuable employees. She has a wide range of skills that allow her to work in any field. She has no special preferences, and she is highly efficient, so she is always ready to begin her duties.

Tami is not the worst option, but not the most suitable. Tami needs constant communication, which can cause problems if there are no people nearby. However, since Tami is usually used to clean the base, there is always someone nearby, even if you need to go into a public place. Tami only moves quickly when she is sent to a bar or decides to go there herself. You can use this circumstance if you urgently need to deliver Tami to the right place.

Dean is an experienced and reliable colonist with outstanding medical skills. It may be worth training him in other specialties, since most missions do not require ongoing medical training. He has the same strong work ethic as Venus.

Barbara is a pretty good colonist. Barbara has an entry-level skill set, so she needs some training to become more useful. Her main need is money, and this simplifies everything.

Daisy is an ordinary colonist who rarely joins the game. However, she does have some useful skills, such as nutrient extraction.

Billy Bob is a valuable colonist who can benefit your colony. He has a unique skill in producing space chickens, which allows him to generate income and provide food for your base. Billy Bob is also hard-working and highly efficient.

Greg is perhaps the most difficult character on your team. He has many skills, but is also very demanding of living conditions. His need for communication and entertainment is decreasing at an incredible rate. To get the most out of his skills, place a hot tub next to his work area or position it near the airlock if he will be working outside.

Candy - has potential. Candy starts with a few skills, so it’s generally as good as you train for it to be. Usually its parameters are trained for any mission in the game. Her need for social interaction decreases a little faster than usual, so keep her close to base.

Slim is a good colonist, but lacks some skills. Train him so he can quickly move around the base and complete tasks efficiently.

Stig is an excellent colonist. He, like Venus, is blessed with a variety of skills and is committed to a strong work ethic. Stig eats frequently, so provide a feeding area near his work area or the nearest airlock.

Babette is a bad colonist. She is quite slow and only has one basic skill - oxygen. Perhaps it will be useful for some specific task.

Hoshi & Kita are very helpful colonists. They must work together to be effective. They start with basic nutrition and oxygen. We propose to give one of them oxygen work, and the other - an increase in power. Then use them to control your consoles. For one mission in the peace campaign, train them in mining. Although this is not the most suitable activity for them, it will make their work on the surface of the planet more difficult, which will help them communicate with each other more often.

Nailer is a good colonist, although his movement speed is not impressive. He has useful skills, so it is best to send him for repairs or resource extraction, so as not to create problems for other colonists.

Charles is another great colonist. This colonist has a wide range of skills and, most importantly, can quickly move around the base. This makes it easier to meet his needs and makes his work more efficient. In addition, Charles has a strong work ethic, which helps him perform his duties successfully.

Nikolai is a pretty good colonist. He doesn’t appear in many missions, but when he does, he has a handy skill set. Plus, he learns quickly when you put him in the library.

Ashia - no comment. Ashia is not featured in any of the main campaign missions where you have the opportunity to control her. You can see her only in one of the side missions of the galactic mission.

Vasilios is an almost perfect colonist. It would seem that his needs should be met approximately half as often as those of other colonists. This makes it very useful, because you can easily entrust it with work and not think about it for a long time. However, there is one problem: he needs an observatory for entertainment, and nothing else amuses him.

Bhoomi is a character with average utility. She has several skills, but she has one very useful feature: almost all of her friends. She can be asked to help with cleaning or used as a liaison in social interactions when colleagues need to communicate with each other.

Zhang - usefulness depends on the mission. If you need robots, then Zhang is the perfect candidate. He is an expert in cybernetics and bioresearch. But in most cases you won’t need either robots or these skills, so you’ll have to train him a little. Zhang moves slowly and often needs sleep, so it is best to place a bed and other necessary items near his work area. Teach him skills in repairing and maintaining objects, as well as quickly searching for information in the library.

Space Colony: The Colonists’ Needs

Energy and oxygen. Your job is to provide enough oxygen, plants and energy sources so that those in charge of these duties can perform them without compromising their main job. The minimum amount of resources required is 4 units for each of them. However, it is worth considering that power, as a rule, requires a little more oxygen.

Disobedience. Have you noticed that your colonists sometimes disobey your orders and want to know why? Here is a list of the most common reasons:

Needs. Most colonists will not take care of their needs until they become critical. This can lead to problems as their needs are reduced at the same time, and if their share is around 50%, it will reduce their working hours and they will not be able to work much. What irritates them most is that they are forced to stand around or sit on the bed instead of tending to their needs.

It is best to select colonists with less than 70% needs and contact them immediately. If you have a fast return colonist, make sure his entertainment is near his work station, or near the nearest airlock if he works outside. Remember to keep your base clean, as a dirty base means you’ll need to wash more often than usual.

Communication. The social need for communication is one of the most important priorities. If colonists don’t get enough communication, they will start talking to other colonists passing by. If another colonist turns out to be an enemy, their situation will worsen and they may come into conflict.

Entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, each colonist gets different results using different devices. To get an idea of ​​what the colonists like, click on their skills icon and view the psychiatrists’ report below. Since resources and space are usually limited, try to choose something that will appeal to the majority of colonists. Typically, a hot tub is suitable for almost everyone, as it is effective for most colonists. Keep in mind that some entertainment devices do not have any effect on some colonists, and their entertainment does not require charging.

Space Colony: Key Game Concepts

Schedule. Working time (A) and rest time (B). To increase working hours, you need to improve the employee’s mood.

On the right side of each employee’s information panel there are two icons corresponding to his primary and secondary responsibilities at the base. If for one reason or another an employee cannot engage in primary work (for example, if the equipment is already occupied), he will begin to perform secondary work.

  1. Basic work (oxygen).
  2. Secondary work (energy).

You can determine what work an employee is currently performing by looking at the icon: the corresponding icon is highlighted. It is also an indicator of the daily routine. The highlighted part of the circle shows the time the employee spends at work. When the arrow is inside the selected sector, the employee is working, and when the arrow is outside this sector, the employee is resting, unless you gave him a command to work.

  1. Work (top).
  2. Rest (bottom).

If an employee is in a bad mood, his work time is reduced. As a result, it may stop working completely.

  1. Sadness (above).
  2. Depression (bottom).

Relationships. To get acquainted with the list of friends and enemies of a base employee, click on the relationship button on his information panel. If an employee is a good boy, he may have a REALLY close friend. Enemies are displayed at the bottom of the panel. Please note that if relationships are not dealt with, they tend to deteriorate, and there will be more enemies. How to avoid this? Communicate, communicate and communicate! To build a relationship with someone, click this button and then click the character you want. Both employees will head to the nearest communication zone, where they will not only satisfy their need for communication, but also improve their relationship. If an employee just wants to chat, highlight him and then click on any of his friends.

Close friends. If you want your employee to fall in love, be careful about choosing the right partner. The right choice will make the task much easier. Also think about who the initiative should come from. For example, Slim has practically no chance of asking Venus on a date, but if she initiates, he will be simply happy!

Select the employee, then click the heart icon. The flirting panel has opened. You can immediately ask the main question ("Shall we be partners?") or try to improve the situation with the help of preliminary dates. Each of the six possible invitations has a different chance of success depending on the invitee. Check the success rate percentage and decide for yourself. If your actions are successful, the couple will agree on a date and go to the appointed place. At the same time, you will see an increase in the likelihood of successful development of the relationship (this can be done three times, one for each of the three heart icons).

Note that friends have a higher chance of developing relationships (enemies simply cannot become close friends). So the two found each other. Hooray! Consider that the maximum level of good mood is provided to them. How long? Some relationships only last a day, others... who knows?

Oxygen. The blue bar on the left side of the Bridge panel shows the amount of oxygen stored, and the small arrows next to it indicate whether the supply is decreasing or increasing. By left-clicking on the oxygen bar, you can open the oxygen system panel. This dashboard allows you to track your oxygen consumption rates.

Energy. The yellow bar on the left side of the Bridge panel shows the amount of energy stored, as well as increases or decreases in reserves. Clicking this bar opens the energy panel. From this panel you can monitor your energy consumption and connect or disconnect different consumers from the power supply.

Education. Employee training is done in the library (free, but very slow) or through a training module (almost instant, but expensive). If an employee who already knows it is trained in a profession, he improves his qualifications, and an asterisk appears on his profession icon. The training can be repeated several times until the employee receives the maximum professional rating of four stars.

Psychiatrist’s report. By clicking on the brain image next to the character, you can read the psychiatrist’s report. The conclusion contains a brief overview of the employee’s characteristics, likes and dislikes. From here you can go to the Professional Skills screen.

Noise pollution. Some items create noise that can disturb your employees’ sleep. The noise source in the biodome will get on people’s nerves. The problem can be solved simply: place the noisy equipment outside the station or in a nearby dome - and that’s it. Want an example? Please. Let’s say you put a bed and a slot machine in the same dome. Venus decided to sleep, but Tammy wants to play. The beeps and bells of the machine will wake up Venus and prevent her from satisfying her need for sleep. Do you need it?

Space Colony: The needs and desires of the colonists

Happiness. A smiling face on an employee dashboard indicates that they are in good spirits. When mood decreases, employees stop working and become unpredictable. All the employee’s needs and desires are summed up and make up his mood level. Mood level determines how long a person is willing to work, which affects daily routine.

Salary. Each employee has his own ideas about a good salary. Pay them accordingly or they won’t be happy. As soon as the salary satisfaction indicator drops, the employee will drop everything and go to the ATM for money. The increase in this indicator depends on how interested the employee is in money and how high the salary is. The salary amount can be changed on the "Bridge" screen. Click the finance button and you will have access to your salary settings.

Entertainment. The music symbol on the information panel corresponds to entertainment. Different people like different entertainment - you will have to adapt to individual preferences.

Communication. Communication on the information panel is indicated by an icon of people talking. Lack of communication reduces mood - as a result, a person can simply go crazy. You can command two employees to communicate. To do this, select one person you’re talking to, and then click the second one. This will solve the problem of the need for communication, but if the selected employees are not friendly, the consequences of their communication can be very unpleasant!

Hunger. The food requirement on the information panel corresponds to the hamburger icon. If the scale of this parameter is shortened, the employee’s mood deteriorates. Some individuals have a faster metabolism than others, so they become hungry much faster. You can feed them in a canteen or restaurant. The canteen needs a supply of nutrients to operate, and the restaurant needs a supply of chickens.

Fatigue. The need for sleep is indicated on the information panel with "zzz" icons. A decrease in this indicator also spoils people’s mood. Provide beds for employees.

Hygiene. The need for personal hygiene is indicated on the information panel with a shower icon. When this indicator decreases, the mood (and you guessed it?) deteriorates. Not surprising! When everyone you meet starts holding their nose when you appear, it’s not very pleasant. Some employees are particularly sensitive in this regard.

Health. Do not allow this indicator to decrease, or the employee will die! The deceased employee is evacuated by a team of doctors. He will not work until the next mission (i.e. until he is revived). The main reasons for declining health are diseases and aliens. If one employee hits another in the face, this also does not contribute to the latter’s health (although it is not fatal).

Space Colony: Basic Equipment

Shuttle landing pad. Shuttles with employees land here. Shopping shuttles also use the same platform.

Bridge. This is the main control center of your base. Here are the control panels for preparing the medical bays for operation, control panels for oxygen production and energy production.

Lighting mast. Serves to illuminate the area around the base and for reconnaissance of new territory. New buildings and installations can only be created in illuminated areas. The illuminated areas also define the area where robots search for resources and the area where defensive systems can conduct targeted fire.

Small biodome. Small ready-made living space. Here you can arrange everything for the life of employees, including beds, a dining room, a shower, etc.

Medium biodome. Finished living space of medium size. Here you can arrange everything for the life of employees, including beds, a dining room, a shower, etc.

Large biodome. Finished living space of medium size. Here you can arrange everything for the life of employees, including beds, a dining room, a shower, etc.

Corridor. Corridors filled with air connect the premises of the base.

Airlock. Serves for entering and exiting bio-domes.

Solar panels. These batteries capture solar radiation on the planet’s surface and convert it into electricity for the base’s needs. Like other power plants, they only work when a base employee is working at the power console on the bridge. This installation is not the most efficient way to generate energy, so you will have to place a large number of installations to ensure a strong enough flow of energy into the base.

Tectonic power plant. These power plants receive energy using the heat of volcanoes. They produce many times more energy than solar panels.

Iridium power plant. These power generators have high power and require little space to install. However, they require valuable iridium crystals to operate.

Oxygen module. Produces oxygen for bio-domes. As with energy, in order to produce oxygen, someone must work at the oxygen production console on the bridge. The more modules you create, the more oxygen you will produce - it’s very simple!

Stock. This is where your supplies are stored. Left clicking opens the trading panel. Warehouses must be placed one next to the other.

Engineering repair module. Good old repair module! Send one of your staff here to control the repair droid, which will repair outdoor structures and robots.

Spacebike hangar. This is your smart taxi. The space bikes have automatic controls; they will quickly deliver base employees to any location.

Sanitary block. Assign someone to clean the base areas. Garbage must be removed, otherwise the hygiene indicator at the base will begin to drop sharply.

Maintenance station. Frequently used equipment inside the base must be periodically repaired, otherwise it will fail. Assign someone to work here and all problems will be solved.

Space Colony: Furniture

Bed. This is where your employees sleep. After installing the bed, select an employee and assign the bed to him. The bed will take on a look that matches the personality of its owner. If you assign an employee to rest on someone else’s bed, he will switch beds with its owner.

Communication zone. These zones, which can be customized to your liking, allow employees to talk privately and resolve pent-up interpersonal problems. If two people talk in private, they will surely strengthen their friendship.

ATM. Here, base employees manage their finances: pay bills and regularly check their salary receipts. They will let you know what they think about their pay levels. If you cut their salary significantly, they will start to worry more about their financial situation and will spend more time at the ATM trying to solve problems paying bills.

Hygiene module. It’s human nature to get dirty. This module provides employees with everything they need to meet their personal hygiene needs. If your ward has a low hygiene score, send him here.

Plant. They bring rooms to life. True, some people don’t think so! Among other things, plants help deter gremlins and mentally unstable people.

Space Colony: Feeding the Colonists

Dining room. This is where your employees eat. It is necessary to ensure the delivery of nutrients from the warehouse. Here these substances will be processed into food. Or something you can eat...

Restaurant. This is a further development of the canteen idea, requiring a supply of space chickens. Some employees really enjoy eating here.

Bar. Essential nutrients can be processed into the green space beer served here. For some, the bar is a waste of valuable space, and for others, it is the axis around which the entire base rotates.

VIP bar. More careful processing of nutrients and a stylish environment provide entertainment for those employees who cannot be dragged into a regular bar on a lasso.

Space Colony: Buildings for People

Medical bay. Base employees come here for treatment. The effectiveness of medical bays can be increased through the use of drugs. Before use, the medical bay must be prepared for operation. To do this, it is necessary to direct a qualified employee to the medical panel located on the left side of the bridge.

Robot psychoanalyst. If an employee lacks communication, he can chat with a robot psychoanalyst! This is not a perfect solution to the problem, this technique is not suitable for everyone, but there are times when this robot is simply irreplaceable!

Punishment cell. If all other means fail, a couple of days locked up will help cool down your hot head! Sometimes it’s just the only way to deal with certain types.

Meditation hall. Some people can find their happiness here.

Relaxation chamber. People who value the opportunity to have a good rest will love this quiet place.

Library. Here you can teach employees how to use new equipment or improve their skills. Use of the library is free, but the speed at which employees learn is slow and depends on their mental abilities.

Training module. As in the library, here employees can acquire a new specialty or improve the level of existing professional skills. The training is very fast, but each training program is quite expensive.

Cryogenic resuscitator. Allows you to resuscitate a dead employee immediately during a mission, rather than waiting for his return at the beginning of the next one.

Space Colony: Recreational Equipment

Sauna. An ideal place for those who like to warm up.

Jacuzzi. Most of the staff love the jacuzzi, and one seems ready to settle down there.

Stepper (staircase trainer). Just what sports people need!

Trainer treadmill". Sports lovers can engage in physical training here.

Rowing machine. Sports lovers can engage in physical training here.

Zero gravity playroom. This place is loved by thrill-seekers, and even sports lovers can satisfy their need for entertainment here.

Virtual reality chair. A fun lovers dream.

Disco. Most employees love disco, and some simply cannot live without it!

Slot machine. This equipment is for those who don’t mind taking risks.

Observatory. Dreamers simply love this place.

Music block. Employees with higher cultural expectations will appreciate the opportunity to spend time listening to classical music.

Boxing ring. Designed to entertain the most aggressive members of society. Here they will get their dose of adrenaline.

Virtual store. This is the place for those who know a lot about shopping.

Space Colony: Industrial Buildings

Nutrient collection post. The module uses a harvester-harvester to harvest hydromorph. Inside the module, crushed stems and leaves are processed into nutrients.

Combine harvester. Six legs, two manipulators with circular saws and a gigantic vacuum cleaner - these are the main components of this monster. It is used to collect hydromorph plants containing nutrients. This is part of the chain that ends on the dining room plate.

Weeding post. Send some of your staff here. Using a flamethrower, he will destroy the advancing weeds.

Argon production module. Produces argon for lasers and other military equipment. These modules must be placed in black volcanic swamps - where gas bubbles burst out from under the water.

Poultry farm. Requires a large space, but can be located in any available space. After activation, eggs appear in the factory, from which chickens hatch. The chickens are then collected and packaged for sale to other planets or for use in restaurants.

Silicon mining module. Uses a large bulldozer to collect rocks containing low quality silica over large areas. The stones are delivered to a post where pure silicon is extracted from them.

Bulldozer. This six-legged "baby" clears space for your buildings. The silicon produced as a by-product can be processed and sold for a small income.

Silicon. Stones containing silicon scattered in large quantities on the surface of the planet can be mined using the silicon mining module. Recycled silicon is inexpensive, but can be used in electronics factories as the basis for electronic chips. The chips are used in the production of androids and much more.

Iron mining module. The Iron Miner finds and collects ores containing iron and delivers them to the module for processing.

Iron mining robot. This robot is smaller than large bulldozers, but more maneuverable. This is the main workhorse in mining.

Iron. Iron ore is collected by iron harvesting robots. They then deliver them to the iron mining module for processing. Iron itself is not particularly valuable, but it becomes more valuable when used together with other materials to produce industrial robots in an industrial robot factory.

Titanium mining module. Similar to the iron mining module, this module finds and processes stones containing titanium.

Robot titanium miner. This robot is a little more complicated than an iron miner, as it works with a more valuable resource.

Titanium. An expensive resource mined using the titanium mining module. Its price increases if it is used to create military robots.

Recycling module. A harvester harvester collects iridium crystals on the surface of the planet. The Scavenger also collects anything valuable that can be found around, such as proto-predator embryos, which can be stored and incubated in the included alien incubator.

Recycler. The prototype for this robot was a crab. The robot living in the recycling module is a specialist in collecting various valuable things, such as iridium crystals and proto-predator embryos.

Iridium crystals. Recent scientific research has led to the fact that the price of this precious metal has increased even more. If you find them on the surface of the planet, collect them using the recycling module and sell them for big money. They can also be stored for later use in the production of androids or as fuel for power plants.

Pharmaceutical module. A pharmaceutical droid collects plants rich in medicinal substances.

Factory of industrial robots. Here you can inexpensively produce spare robots for all industries.

Factory of military robots. It is much cheaper to produce military robots here than to purchase them.

Electronics factory. The silicon that comes here is used as the basis for electronic chips.

Cybernetic laboratory. Androids are manufactured here and can be used as tireless workers. Until they burn out, of course!

Biolab. Golf grass can be grown here, as well as GMO bamboo used as a substitute for edible plants.

Space Colony: Weapons

Automatic laser. This laser does not require manual control, but must be constantly supplied with argon.

Guided laser. This laser, in addition to a constant supply of argon, must be operated by a trained person. In skillful hands this is a deadly weapon, but in unskilled hands it is a piece of iron and plastic!

Force field generator. This is protection from small alien creatures.

High power force field generator. Deals more damage to the enemy, but also consumes more energy than its younger brother.

Robops post. A cybernetic security guard armed with a laser mounted on his "muzzle". The robotic dog tracks down the enemy perfectly.

Robopdog. Armed with a laser mounted on the "muzzle". Excellent for detecting the enemy.

Soldier’s post. Comes with a cyber soldier, more powerful and intelligent than a robotic dog, but also more expensive. If the intelligent bugs push you against the wall, you’ll have to call in the army. This is your standard robot infantryman.

Cyber ​​soldier. A cyber soldier is more powerful than a robot dog, both physically and mentally. If the alien bugs start to overwhelm you, you need to call the army. And this is exactly what the army is - your standard robot infantry.

Cyber ​​officer post. Expensive, but worth the money! This is the pinnacle of the development of combat robotics. Combines high speed and maneuverability with advanced weapons. Save it for special tasks.

Cyber ​​officer. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it! This is the pinnacle of the development of combat robotics. Combines speed and maneuverability with high firepower. Save it for special tasks.

Sentry post. Hangar of the sentry - protector of your sky. The best defense for your base from flying enemies. Create a nest for this hawk, set up a few patrol area markers and forget about your problems.

Sentinel patrol area marker. Sentinels patrol the area between these markers.

Station of floating mines. Hovering mines are manufactured and based here. As soon as an alien appears, they rush towards him and explode.

Cluster bomb. An expensive and deadly trap, perfect for defending canyons that are not covered by surveillance.

Missile launch silo. Alas, even in space sometimes you have to build a huge club to turn your enemy into fine dust.

Military radar. The radar allows for combat scanning and warning of approaching hordes of aliens.

Meteor shield. This is something that will protect the heads of your employees not only from huge meteorites, but also from small pebbles thrown out by the nearest volcano!

Bomb. These thermonuclear explosive devices were banned due to their high instability. If you are very unlucky and come across such a thing, you will have to discharge it using your android. The high levels of radiation inside the device are lethal to humans.

Space Colony: Tourism

Tourism. Tourists are willing to pay well for the opportunity to experience a "real space base," which means you have a chance to make some extra money. First, build a tourist terminal where shuttles with tourists can land. Next, you need to build a hotel to accommodate them. Each room can accommodate one tourist, a married couple or a whole family of tourists. The more hotels you have, the more tourists you can accommodate. However, this does not mean that guests will flock to you.

To attract tourists, your base must have a high rating (to check the rating, click the tourism icon on the "Bridge" screen). Your tourist rating may drop if you don’t have enough food or medical supplies. It is also reduced by events occurring at the base. If a tourist is eaten by an alien beast, this is unlikely to improve your rating! The main thing you can do to attract tourists is various attractions. For example, you can get an additional star by organizing a zoo of alien animals or a six-hole golf course.

Experiment! Of course, tourists also bring trouble. They consume oxygen, eat colonists’ food, litter, and use recreational equipment. All this adds problems to the day-to-day management of the base, and, frankly, the base staff doesn’t like tourists. Stig even punched one in the face!

Entertainment. Installing entertainment equipment increases your rating. Entertainment equipment in the tourism sector generates more income than employee entertainment. Placing similar devices will not increase your rating. Bet on variety!

Food and drinks. Canteens, bars, VIP bars and restaurants - everything works to increase the rating. Build several establishments of each type to achieve maximum results.

Health and hygiene. The presence of medical bays, showers and low levels of pollution affect the rating in the field of health and hygiene. Keep someone on duty to clean up trash all the time and the ratings will be high.

Safety. The rating in this area gradually increases, but drops sharply if any tourist is injured or killed. The rating also drops if one of the tourist buildings is damaged or destroyed.

Tourist terminal. Shuttles with tourists arrive here, and tourists are taken from the planet from here.

Hotel with single rooms. This is where your tourists are accommodated. The more rooms you have, the more potential tourists you can attract.

Hotel with double rooms. This is where your tourists are accommodated. The more rooms you have, the more potential tourists you can attract.

Hotel with triple rooms. This is where your tourists are accommodated. The more rooms you have, the more potential tourists you can attract.

Zoo exhibit. This will undoubtedly increase the number of stars in the tourist rating, and the more there are, the better. Some employees also like to come here.

Greenhouse. This is another way to increase your tourist rating.

Observation deck. This place is always popular with tourists. Here they can experience first-hand what it is like to live on a real space base.

Mark for the ball. Both tourists and base employees enjoy playing golf with equal pleasure. Of course, to play you need not only a mark, but also a hole.

Golf hole. After creating a tee for the ball, you will be prompted to create a hole. The holes should be located close to the markers in an area landscaped with the help of a bioresearch laboratory. (Remember to choose grass, not bamboo!)

Statue. A subject of admiration for both tourists and base employees.

Space Colony: Vegetation

Hydromorph. This is the main source of nutrients. Process them in a special module into food. They usually grow very slowly, but there are exceptions when they grow quite quickly.

Metafluxus. A poisonous plant whose spores are spread by fire flies nesting on it.

Giant sharpthorn. Another invention of fribulan. A hybrid of organic matter and metal, an almost indestructible killing machine. If its thickets are moving towards your base, it’s time to think about moving your base to another location!

Silinxus. A rare, low-growing plant that is processed in pharmaceutical modules for valuable DNA used to create powerful drugs.

Podulus toxicaria. At first these flowers look very cute, but they grow... And then space hornet mutants fly out of them. So you better burn them out as soon as you see them.

Bamboo. Produced in a bio-research laboratory and then dropped off by her droid. Sometimes bamboo becomes your only source of nutrients.

Termite mound. These are hard-barked plants that live in symbiosis with ferocious space termites.

Lupulus. The fastest growing of all known plants. It can very quickly fill the entire space around an unprepared base. It is best to destroy it using a weeding post.

Photocin. An accidental side effect of using genetically modified plants produced by our biological laboratory.

Pyrocin. Another by-product of the biolab.

Space Colony: Aliens

Acid player. This voracious predator extremely aggressively protects its young. If your base is unlucky enough to be in their path, watch out!

Archangel. Creepy flying heads working for the Masters.

Fire fly. Clouds of microscopic insects hatching on special plants, which they also spread across the planet. May cause serious health problems!

Angel of Death. We know almost nothing about them. And no one knows! They are extremely difficult to notice. They are using some type of subdimensional weapon.

Gorilloid. Some crazy scientist decided it would be funny to create a giant mutant gorilla... He uses a destructive roar as a weapon.

Master. Bad, very bad creatures! This is one of the two main enemies you will have to face. We can’t say anything more, except that they can damage the brains of your employees.

Hosts’ transporter. This alien structure must transport three Masters across the expanses of the galaxy. To build it you will have to spend fifty units of titanium.

Hairaskus. Huge and rather stupid animals. If you don’t touch them, they calmly raise their young. But if some idiot tries to fire a laser at them, they get angry and use their method of attack - earthquake! Really, Stig?

Stonefly. Mystery. It lives in lava, explodes on contact with a minimal amount of oxygen, and over the past month has chewed up eight expensive tectonic power plants. Did you guess it? That’s right, it’s her, so that she...

Mechanoid. Horrible mutants, consisting partly of mechanical, partly of biological components. They live in the deep dungeons of the base, occasionally rising to the surface to kill people. Just cuties!

Nirvana virus. Any employee in a bad mood can become infected with this virus through contact with a carrier. The only way to get rid of the virus is to improve the patient’s mood to the maximum.

Uuma. A pet that follows its owner everywhere and improves his mood. However, not everyone likes their presence at the base.

Orox. The second of our main enemies is the size of a small reactor and created almost entirely from stone. One thing is unclear - how have they managed to beat us every time?

Orox base. This is the entrance to the Orox base. To destroy it you will need several direct missile hits.

Amoeboid worm. A subterranean predator attracted by noise on the surface. Once these creatures target the noise around your base, you won’t be able to get rid of them.

Proto-predator. Nasty, destructive killing machines that escaped two years ago from a federal laboratory staffed by crazed scientists. They have not yet taken root on this planet.

Jumper. Like our common fleas, these flock-living insects can jump many times their height. Only on this planet they are as tall as a person.

The uterus of jumpers. Someone must love even the little, unfortunate jumpers! So, she loves them so much that she gives birth to them in flocks! So try to kill her first, okay?

Rodent. Funny fluffy animals jumping around the base and making people laugh. Can there be any harm from them?

Space chickens. Completely stupid creatures, created to gain fat in any conditions. Their tasty meat is prized in big cities of different planets and can be used in your restaurants.

Space Gremlin. They appear out of nowhere, break through the base and penetrate the internal equipment. And when they disappear, your equipment needs repair!

Space termites. These super termites are capable of devouring all the vegetation around your base faster than you can express your emotions about it!

Venus slug. What these things are full of is slime! Their sticky trail is non-toxic, but more than one of our tourist operations has "slipped" on it. All this can have a negative impact on the hygiene of your tourists.

Mutant space hornet. The insects are the size of a good pumpkin. A swarm of them, colliding with a base, can cause serious damage.

Proto-predator embryo. Military research establishments across the galaxy are willing to pay dearly to own this thing. If you find them on the planet, urgently place a disposal module nearby and collect them before the predators hatch. The collected embryos are placed in incubators where they are developed into expensive embryos.

Space Colony: Freebulans

Fribulanin. They come in peace! They build bases in the swamps, and before you even blink your eyes, they will strip your planet to bare stone!

Swamp fairy. Genetically primitive creatures emerging from the nests of swamp fairies. These flying jellyfish sting very painfully.

Fribulan harvester. One of the "living machines" of the Fribulans. A freebulan operator sits inside and controls this alien monster, stomping around and collecting OUR potential income!

Fribulan man-eater. Another hellish Fribulan creation that is extremely difficult to kill. They spit deadly green gum, so it is highly undesirable to let them close to the base.

Fribulan queen. This is an organic Fribulan base. Freebulans are born here. Resources are also collected and transported here. By destroying the queen, you destroy the Fribulan base.

Fribulan "Lung". The Fribulans use space gas to build bases. The more "lungs" they have, the faster the base develops.

Nest of swamp fairies. If you wanted to see the place where swamp fairies are born, then this is where you are looking. The nest breeds these creatures at an insane speed, which can very quickly destroy all your equipment.

Fribulan fire spitter. The Fribulan equivalent of a laser turret. Throws out fiery jets of semi-intelligent organic matter.

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