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Space Pirates and Zombies 2 - Full Walkthrough with Tips and Puzzles

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 is a space shooter with strategy and RPG elements from MinMax Games. In the game, you will survive in a post-apocalyptic world where the zombie apocalypse has passed, infrastructure has collapsed, fuel is running low, and your survival depends on collecting resources from debris and debris. At the beginning of the game, you will face hundreds of captains, each of which is trying to survive. The player is not the chosen one or the center of the galaxy, and the lack of resources is very critical. Captains fight for survival, make alliances and break them, yesterday’s allies become enemies.


  1. Game Tips and Tricks
  2. 10 Developer Tips
  3. Beginner’s Guide
  4. All weapons in the game
  5. All side missions of the game
  6. Character Traits of Hired Characters
  7. Ready ship layouts
  8. Arena Ships
  9. All Game History

Space Pirates and Zombies 2: Game Tips and Tricks

1. Flights, resource extraction and communication are carried out using the CARD. You can press the ASSEMBLY SHIP button at any time and edit your ship. Don’t forget to sell or throw away parts you don’t use. They slow down your ship and cause the engine to consume more REZ. The LEARN button will allow you to view all tips.

2. ATTENTION! The performance characteristics of the ship can be improved by installing additional blocks. The ASSEMBLING SHIP button allows you to edit your ship. Use the BLOCKS to build the "frame" of the ship. Install the WINGS, CABINET and ENGINES on the "frame". If you need low quality parts, visit the junkyard at any base.

3. Press the REPAIR button to begin the process of repairing the ship. In the process of repairing the ship, part of the TEAM will inevitably die. Get resources to survive. There are several team members per bed. There are too many people on board the ship. Consider trading people for something useful. A TEAM is needed to monitor the ship’s systems. TEAM members gradually consume REZ. Try to keep enough crew members, but don’t overcrowd the ship.

4. There are unfilled jobs in our coalition. It’s getting empty here. Try to recruit captains to your coalition. Coalition members will defend coalition territories.

5. The effectiveness of a ship in combat can be increased by using additional support ships. You should not take all the enemy fire on yourself. Click the HANGARS button to select support ships and edit their configuration.

6. Is the ship infected with an infection? Press the REPAIR button to disinfect the ship and clean the parts before the infection has time to spread. In the process of cleaning parts, part of the team will die.

7. Hives send bandits like bees to collect good. Bandits bring nectar and improve their hive. If we want to poke our noses in there, we need to steal their goodness, but we can also rake. Bandit hives periodically send out bandits in search of resources. When the bandits collect enough resources, the hive develops. Hives can be destroyed, which will force the bandits to gather in a flock and fly to another place. Packs of bandits can also be attacked to force them to change their destination.

8. Since we are starting our way to glory... for the second time, it would be nice to remember our reputation. People in the galaxy are very nervous, and bad rumors spread faster than any infection. Other captains see and remember your actions - both good and bad. The red line on the map shows that someone is about to attack you. The green line on the map shows that someone is trying to help you. Use the SPEED button to chase the captains or run away.

9. You can’t just throw pieces of hot metal at enemies. If we want to achieve something, we should choose carefully where we shoot. Opponents will definitely not hesitate to hit us on weak spots.

10. Every part of the ship has armor. The less armor a block has left, the more hull damage the ship will receive when that block is hit. Wings, cockpits and engines cover blocks from damage even if they have no armor left. When a part’s armor reaches zero, the part may break off on impact (especially when hit by cannons). Shoot at blocks to damage the hull of the enemy ship. If the part has darkened and a fire is raging in it, it will soon break off.

11. Collect debris to find resources and parts. Collecting debris takes some time. If there are a lot of debris, they will need to be collected several times.

12. Our ship would be incomplete without its own fleet. I recommend keeping fresh support ships in our hangars at all times. Unfortunately we don’t have a wide selection at the moment, but that will change soon. Every enemy support ship we destroy is an opportunity to collect a valuable blueprint. It will also allow Carl to finally do something useful and not annoy me.

13. The configuration of SUPPORT SHIPS can be easily changed ; you can choose the types of support ships and their weapons. Each hangar can launch only one ship into battle. Additional ships in the hangar are considered reinforcements, and will be launched into battle one at a time after the destruction of the previous ship. Command points limit the total strength of support ships in your hangars. Destroying enemy support ships can yield blueprints that unlock new ships and improve old ones.

14. If you want to retreat from the battle, fly up to the broken gate. If you retreat, your ship will lose some resources. Active support ships will be lost. On the battlefield, there are bonuses that restore shield, armor or energy - they can help you survive. Your opponents may try to escape if they are not sure of victory. Broken gates can be destroyed to prevent the enemy (and everyone else) from escaping.

15. Find ARCHIVES to learn more about the history of the universe. Each archive you scan will also give you some resources!

16. The weight of your ship and items in the cargo hold affects the REZ consumption of the engine. Get rid of cargo in time to save REZ. Unnecessary parts can be sold to other captains or at bases.

17. Resources and items in your cargo hold are on the left. The merchant’s assortment is on the right. Try to balance the trade to get the maximum profit. If you sell an installed part but buy a similar part, the new part will automatically replace the old one. Interface description:

18. Sometimes when selling a part, a rarity modifier will be applied to its price. This means that the sold part is rarely found on this base, but this does NOT affect the quality of the part. You can also sell REZ and the ship’s crew - they cost a lot more than scrap. If the slider turns red when selling crew members, you are trying to sell too many people, and the remaining crew members will not be enough to service the ship.

19. All wings, cockpits and engines are armed. Lasers are effective against shields. Cannons destroy armor, and explosives are good for destroying a hull. Of course, these rules are not carved in carbonite, and the galaxy is full of exotic weapons. It would be wise to familiarize yourself with the different tools and their features.

20. All guns deal a certain amount of damage to SHIELD, ARMOR or HULL. Green color means that the weapon is effective against this type of defense. Yellow means medium efficiency. Red - low. Gray color means that the gun will not deal any damage at all.

21. You can’t negotiate with bandits. Bandits-militants and bandits-authorities are stronger than ordinary bandits. Remember to check their threat level before fighting them. Fighting bandits is a good way to earn Scrap and XP, but it will NEVER bring you as much as defeating another captain.

22. Other captains see and remember the actions of everyone around them - both good and bad. Be friendly and make friends. Use the SPEED button to chase the captains or run away.

23. You can choose a new skill each time you level up. Without skills, you will be weak and lose. You can check the selected skills by clicking on the ABOUT CAPTAIN button (or by clicking on your ship on the map).

24. High speed movement consumes a lot of REZ. Don’t forget to sell or throw away unwanted parts. They slow down your ship, causing the engine to consume more REZ. Use the SPEED button to chase the captains or run away.

25. You can build bases for other coalitions. Building a base is a great way to claim territory. Bases are very strong, but also very expensive.

26. All provinces have some sort of advantage given to built bases. Base benefits also apply to other bases in the coalition if there is a trade route to them. The icon on the left shows the type of parts produced by the base, and the icon on the right shows the type of boost provided by the base. The more bases are connected by trade, the more often these bases will produce larger and better parts. The bases themselves also have a specialization that depends on which coalition developed the base (for example, all Nethergarde bases will produce parts with reinforced shields). Sometimes it is more profitable to trade with captains than with bases.

27. You can build your coalition and build your bases. You can manage the base yourself, or appoint another member of the coalition as the manager. Each subsequent base, which you manage personally, will cost you more and more. Appoint managers to maximize your coalition’s profits. Do not forget to sometimes return to your base to collect the resources and taxes accumulated by it.

28. Your bases will not develop automatically, but you can finance the development remotely. Bases can send raids to neighboring provinces. Raids will plunder the resources of the neighboring province and transfer them to you.

29. Bases produce and sell ship parts. Don’t forget the PRICE. The higher the markup, the worse the conditions for you.

30. There are arenas at all bases. Successfully completing the challenge will reward you with experience, scrap, and improved relationships. Your personal ship will be safe. Your skills affect the parameters of the ships used in trials. If you can’t pass the challenge - you can always come back later when you’re stronger.

31. Zombies aim to infect the entire galaxy. Fighting zombies can lead to contamination of parts of your ship. BEWARE! If the zombies hit the captain in combat, he also becomes a zombie captain. Zombies are stupid and constantly looking for resources. You can try throwing away some of the resources to attract zombies.

32. Each zombie base and ship has a special weapon called ZOMBIFIER. The explosion of the zombifier leaves a poisonous cloud. DO NOT linger in the zombifier cloud, because it quickly disables shields and infects ship parts. Infected parts can be disinfected using the REPAIR button. If the part is not disinfected, the infection will spread to other parts. If you can’t disinfect the part right now, disconnect it from the ship so as not to spread the infection. If you plan to fight zombies, make sure you have enough free crew members on board.

33. You can "order" almost everything! Hit "ordered" targets to get bounties on your head, or just damage them for part of the reward. Try to avoid situations where you are "ordered" ... for obvious reasons. To see who "ordered" whom, select the captain you are interested in and go to the ABOUT CAPTAIN menu. If you want to have your bounty removed from you, you can contact the captain and pay him reparations, or challenge him to a duel.

34. Usually, after a battle, parts that have broken off from enemy ships remain in space. You can use the grapple to place them on your ship before leaving the area. After winning, you will receive up to 4 of the most expensive parts. All remaining parts and resources form a WRECKAGE FIELD that other captains (or you) can collect. You can collect debris even if you didn’t fight.

35. Any member of your coalition can be appointed as your SLANDER. Wingman will follow you and help you in battles. You can only have one follower. If you want to hire someone else, you will have to fire the current follower.

36. In ship build mode, you have access to advanced building options. Select a part in compare mode, then select a different part or attachment point to quickly place the selected part there. The compare mode can also be used to compare part characteristics.

37. Excavations are a great way to get REZ. You can mine REZ from asteroids, but special REZ rich asteroids are hard to spot among useless rocks. The boxes contain REZ collected by other researchers. If you try to rob them, they will raise the alarm and attack you. You can leave the excavation at any time if there are no enemy ships in it. Excavations are conducted in secret, so your actions in them do not affect relations with captains or coalitions.

38. Complete EXTRA CHALLENGES to get REWARDS. Each side mission will require you to take a different approach to interacting with the galaxy - sometimes unkindly. Select an optional task to see how to complete it.

39. Blocks reinforce each other when they are connected. The more connections, the stronger the gain. You can see the synergy by looking at the flashing wires between the blocks. The wires on the block will flash to indicate the number of connections. Put the best blocks in the places of the ship with the strongest synergy. Wings, cockpits and engines connected to blocks with synergy will take increased damage.

40. You can use disguise in map mode. Disguise is a great way to avoid enemies. Moving with cloaking enabled will consume a lot more REZ. Stealth has a limited duration and will start a long cooldown when it expires. Performing any actions that require time (participating in battles, collecting resources) will disable the disguise. Only you have this unique technology. Use it wisely.

Space Pirates and Zombies 2: 10 Developer Tips

1. Custom made parts carry a very high markup. Shipping is free as there is no pickup option.

2. Feel free to steal loot from foreign debris fields. They usually contain resources and parts left over from recent battles. The owner will be unhappy, but it’s worth it.

3. Join other captains in battles to make new friends and get some loot and experience.

4. Fight in arenas to earn a name for yourself and get a discount at your local base.

5. If you want to please any coalition, build them a base. Expensive but effective.

6. It’s best to build relationships first with the coalition leader, then with provincial governors, and only then with everyone else.

7. If two coalitions are at war with each other, attacking the ships of the first coalition will improve the attitude of the second coalition towards you.

8. Repairing a ship at your coalition’s bases is free.

9. To strengthen the defense of the province and make friends with its owner, finance the modernization of its base.

10. If the captain doesn’t want to join your coalition, just bribe him!

Space Pirates and Zombies 2: Beginner’s Guide

1. Your ship is made up of parts. You can dismantle the ship and reassemble it in a new configuration that suits your needs. Use the BLOCKS to expand the "frame" of the ship. Install WINGS, CABINET and ENGINES on the "frame". WINGS, CABINS and ENGINES are always armed.

2. The camera can be customized according to your needs. The view from above is better for building a ship and tracking the battlefield. It is more convenient to control the ship and aim the guns in the third-person view.

3. Shields work independently of the ship’s battery, but they can be strengthened. If shields are buffed, they will only take half damage and reload twice as fast, but you won’t be able to shoot. Strengthening shields requires energy, so it will not be possible to strengthen shields during cooldown.

4. Acceleration of engines improves the speed and maneuverability of the ship. The booster works independently of the battery and recharges itself.

5. TIME IS GOING ONLY IF YOU ARE MOVING. Interstellar travel, resource extraction, debris collection and communication with other captains takes place in MAP mode. Don’t rush, think ahead. Explore new provinces.

6. REZ is needed for the ship to move. The faster you fly, the more cut the engine consumes. REZ is sold and bought. Scrap is a basic resource used as a currency.

7. A TEAM is needed to maintain and repair the ship. If the ship’s crew is too small, it will fall into disrepair and start taking damage. Please note that TEAM members gradually consume REZ. Team members are bought and sold.

8. Make sure you have SUPPORT SHIPS in your ship’s hangars to help your ship in combat. In map mode, SUPPORT SHIPS can be selected and configured. To do this, press the HANGARS button in map mode.

9. Practice using the command system on asteroids and space debris. Leave the space when you’re ready.

10. Neighboring provinces of different coalitions often conflict with each other. Destroying raids is a great way to befriend the defending side... ...and make enemies in the attacking side. Destroying support ships can earn you blueprints that unlock new support ships and upgrade existing ones. Find a run.

11. Auto fire mode will ALWAYS fire at the center of mass. If you want to manually fire on a specific part, you can temporarily take control of the weapons by holding the FIRE button. You can set up weapon groups and automatic firing mode in the WEAPON CONTROLS menu, located in the SETTINGS section.

12. Buy quality parts for your ship. Avoid using junk if possible. If you really need parts - there is a dump at each base. Junk can be collected from the landfill for free. Each base has an arena. Win competitions to win resources and buy new parts.

13. Find a bandit. Defeat this bandit. If you kill a bandit in the territory of the coalition, then your relations with the coalition will improve. Befriend other captains by helping them fight bandits.

14. Join a coalition. You can apply for membership in the capital of the coalition, or by contacting the leader. Improve relationships by trading, giving gifts, or helping coalition comrades in battles. Use the COALITION INFO menu to view details about coalition members and how they relate to you. All your actions will be noticed by the surrounding captains.

Space Pirates and Zombies 2: All weapons in the game

A gunRapid-firing double-barreled gun.
anti-aircraft gunAn automatic cannon designed for anti-aircraft fire against large clusters of small targets (missiles, fighters, bombs, and so on).
railgunA mass accelerator that fires long-range projectiles that pierce ships through.
long-range cannonA long-range weapon that fires in short bursts.
PulsatorFires slow but powerful energy projectiles.
LaserStandard direct-action beam gun.
ROYLaunches a hail of small rockets.
Ionic ROYLaunches a hail of small ion missiles that are effective against shields.
Turret laserA direct-action beam gun with a wide angle of fire.
grid rocketA fast and agile missile that latches onto a target and slows it down.
RocketStandard missile, fast and agile, easily hitting even fast targets.
TorpedoA slow torpedo that carries a powerful explosive charge.
Anti-aircraft machine gunAn automatic machine gun designed to counter small targets (missiles, fighters, bombs, and so on).
Long Range LaserA low power continuous laser with a long range.
laser cutterA powerful, continuous beam weapon with a short range.
parasitic beamA direct beam weapon that slows down the target.
ion beamA beam designed to counter shields.
Turret gunA fast-firing gun with a wide angle of fire.
BlasterFires a "shot" that is effective at destroying small, maneuverable targets.
Fighter DefendersA squadron of long-range fighter-defenders (8 pcs.), armed with cannons and protecting the ship.
FightersA squadron of long-range fighters (8 pcs.), armed with lasers.

Bombers (ion bombs)A squadron of long-range bombers (6 pcs.), Armed with small ion bombs.
BombersA squadron of long-range bombers (6 pcs.), Armed with small bombs.
BombA slow and clumsy bomb that carries a huge amount of explosives.
ion bombA slow and clumsy bomb that, when detonated, creates an electromagnetic field that is extremely effective against shields.
acid bombA slow and clumsy bomb that releases a cloud of acid when it explodes.
funnel bombA slow and clumsy bomb that creates a funnel when it explodes, sucking in everything around it.
cuttingA controlled circular saw capable of cutting through targets.
microrocketSmall and weak rocket.
Ion micro-rocketSmall and weak ion missile, effective against shields.
microlaserWeak laser with short range.
microgunSmall-caliber machine gun with a short range.
potochnikA cannon with a very high rate of fire.
Plasma DischargerFires a burst of slow explosive charges.
ion blasterFires an ion "shot" that is effective against shields.
ChipperA fast-firing blaster, effective against small and maneuverable targets.
Pair of fightersA pair of short-range fighters (2 pcs.), Armed with lasers.
A pair of fighter defendersA pair of short-range defender fighters (2 pcs.), armed with cannons and protecting the ship.
Fighter PlatoonA platoon of medium-range fighters (4 pcs.), Armed with lasers.
Fighter Defender PlatoonA platoon of medium-range fighter-defenders (4 pcs.), armed with cannons and protecting the ship.
cluster torpedoA slow torpedo that launches additional warheads during flight.

Space Pirates and Zombies 2: All side missions of the game

"Order" the captain. Not powerful enough to make everyone around you obey you? If you have money - no problem! You can "order" someone by placing a bounty on their head. The larger the reward, the higher the chance that someone will pay attention to your "order". Head bounties are a great tool to allow you to achieve your goals with the wrong hands. You can "order" captains remotely.

"Order" the base. Destroying a base is not an easy task. You can "order" the base so that others do all the dirty work for you. Bases are very dangerous, and no one will take such a risk without a sufficient reward. While the mercenaries are preparing for the assault, you can join the attack and get guaranteed fire support. You can "order" bases remotely.

"Order" the zombie base. Destroying a zombie base is not an easy task. You can "order" the base so that others do all the dirty work for you. Zombie bases are very dangerous, no one will take such a risk without a sufficient reward. While the mercenaries are preparing for the assault, you can join the attack and get guaranteed fire support. You can "order" zombie bases remotely.

Gather resources from your base. The bases that you own will accumulate resources obtained from trade, taxes and resource gathering in the system. Do not forget to return to your base and collect the accumulated.

Rob the captain. A real pirate relies on extortion, not murder. You can threaten other captains, forcing them to give you the cargo. Of course, threats and robbery lead to a deterioration in relations.

Fund development. You can finance the development of the base, helping it become more powerful. Only you can develop your own base. You can help develop the bases of other coalitions, which will improve relations. You can finance the development of bases remotely.

Assign a follower. You can assign yourself a follower who will help you in battle. Your wingman will receive part of the loot and experience. You can only assign a wingman if you are the leader of the coalition. You can assign a slave remotely.

Attack the captain. Sometimes the use of violence is inevitable. Attack the captain for loot and experience. Defeating other captains is one of the best ways to progress. Battles lead to a deterioration in relations, especially if the captain is in a coalition. Attacking the captain can improve relations with nearby captains if they also do not like your victim.

Destroy the base. Destroying the base is one of the most difficult tasks. The province will become neutral if the base in it was destroyed. The allies of the owner coalition will try to come to the aid of the besieged base. You can "order" a base to provide yourself with fire support. Of course, the destruction of the base will lead to a deterioration in relations with the owner of the base and his coalition. Destroying the base will improve relations with coalitions waging war against the owning coalition.

Attack zombies. Nobody needs a reason to attack zombies! Defeating zombies will earn you loot and experience. Zombies almost never fight alone. Beware of dangerous zombie weapon - ZOMBIFIER.

Destroy the zombie base. Destroying the zombie base will earn you loot and experience. A province will become neutral if the zombie base in it has been destroyed. Beware of dangerous zombie weapon - ZOMBIFIER.

Participate in an excavation. Excavations are a great way to get more REZ. Excavations often disappear and appear in different parts of the galaxy. Theft of boxes will be punished! Since the excavations are illegal and carried out in secret, they do not affect the relationship in any way.

Make a gift. Make a gift to the captain to quickly improve your relationship. You can donate resources, parts, and support ships. The increase in relations from gifts is limited. You can make gifts remotely.

Send a raid. Owning your own base gives you the ability to send raids to neighboring provinces. Raids allow you to steal some of the neighbors’ resources for some time. Once the target province has been selected, raids will be sent automatically.

Become a champion. Each base has its own arena with a set of challenges. Pass any of them. Tests in arenas are conducted on issued ships; your personal ship remains safe. The Arena is a good way to gain experience and scrap, improve relations with the owner of the station, and also get acquainted with different configurations of ships and weapons.

Pay reparations. Some captain "ordered" you with a bounty on your head! To keep him behind you, pay him reparations. If you are "ordered", various captains will constantly attack you. Reparations can be paid remotely. To see who "ordered" you, use the ABOUT CAPTAIN menu.

Set up a duel. Some captain "ordered" you with a bounty on your head! Find him and challenge him to a duel! If you are "ordered", various captains will constantly attack you. The duel is always played one on one. To see who "ordered" you, use the ABOUT CAPTAIN menu.

Recruit someone. During the development of your empire, you will inevitably need help in the defense of territories. If you are friends with the captain, you can recruit him into your coalition. Members of the coalition will, if possible, help you in battles. Sometimes the captains themselves will ask to join your coalition. The more bases your coalition has, the more captains you can recruit. To recruit a captain, you must be near him.

Joint building. Starting a joint building in a neutral province will allow the captains to add resources that are missing to build the base. You can take advantage of a joint building started by someone to build a base cheaper. Joint construction is only possible with coalitions. If a shared building has more resources than it takes to build a station, even neutral captains will build bases for you.

Join the fight. Starting a fight yourself is dangerous, but joining an existing one can be a tempting idea. Hide in some rubble and watch the more powerful ships destroy each other. You will receive some of the loot and experience, even if you did not mark in the battle.

Get rid of the junk. You are carrying junk - useless parts that only slow down your ship. Throw out this garbage! You can get rid of junk in any database. Junk has no price, and can be obtained for free at the junkyard of any base. Always try to replace junk with better parts.

Space Pirates and Zombies 2: Character Traits of Hired Characters

Space Pirates and Zombies 2: Ready ship layouts

Plasma Storm. The PLASMA STORM is armed with DEFENDER FIGHTERS, as well as two large wings that carry devastating PLASMA BARs. If something was caught by this ship in the sight, then, most likely, it has already been torn to pieces.

The Power of Synergy. A ship built with an emphasis on maximum synergy between parts, the main weapon of which is a powerful LASER CUTTER. FIGHTER DEFENDERS will help you deal with enemy missiles as well as provide close range fire support. Four CLUSTER TORPEDOES will easily take down shields and weaken the target.

Mindflow. This ship carries a lot of POTOCHNIKS capable of quickly dealing with any detail with aimed fire. Mounted on the right side of the ship is an ION SWAR, effective against shields. A pair of AA GUNS on the stern will take care of enemy missiles.

Rocket City. An unusual ship, mostly made up of engines and cockpits, giving it great speed and lots of shields. Two ION BOMBs will destroy the shields, helping ten TORPEDOMS to reach their potential and reduce the target to dust. Four NET ROCKETS will slow down the enemy, allowing the ROCKET BAILLE to keep its distance.

Simple Divider. The SIMPLE SPLITTER is equipped with an ION Swarm at the stern, as well as an AA GUN and DEFENDER FIGHTERS. Any opponent trying to catch up with this ship will lose their shields very quickly. All that’s left to do is turn your nose to him and let the five BLASTERS finish what they started.

Crusher. The hardened cockpit of the SHUTTER allows the ship to ram into enemies, literally tearing them apart. A barrage of "shot" from four SHAPERS will weaken the enemy, and FIGHTER-PROTECTORs will take care of the threats while the ship picks up speed for the next run.

Invader. The INVADER is a medium-sized maneuverable ship. Three LONG-RANGE GUNS allow you to fire from a long distance, and a pair of CLUSTER TORPEDOES will not let the enemy relax. Four AA GUNS will provide protection against missiles and fighters.

Space Pirates and Zombies 2: Arena Ships

Gunner. As you can easily guess from the name of the ship, the GUNNER is equipped with a huge number of GUNS. The ship’s ability to withstand shields is limited, but for close range combat, the ship is equipped with a powerful CUTTER BEAM.

Deathwing. DEATHwing is equipped with LASERS and ION BEAM to keep enemy shields disabled. Any ship without shields will be an easy prey for four TORPEDOES.

Sharp Answer. Perhaps, the SHARP ANSWER is one of the most difficult ships to master. He uses CUT - a cursor controlled weapon. CUT is unable to withstand shields, but (as the name implies) it can also be used to cut off parts of enemy ships. Two LONG-RANGE GUNS are mounted on the bow of the ship, and an ION SWAR will help against the shields.

Proper fraction. On its two large wings, the RIGHT SHOT ship carries multiple BLASTERS that fire "shot" ideal for taking out large or fast targets. The ship also has ION BAYS to disable enemy shields, and anti-aircraft machine guns to protect against small targets.

Sniper. The SNIPER relies on LONG RANGE GUNS designed to hit targets at long range. AA GUNS on the stern will take care of enemy missiles, and BLASTERS will teach those who want to get close.

Bes. IMP is a balanced ship with no obvious strengths or weaknesses. LASERS and ION BAYS will help you deal with shields, while GUNS and ROCKETS will take care of armor and durability. The AA MG at the stern will protect you from enemy missiles.

Bloodsucker. BLOODSUCKER uses an arsenal of standard weapons such as LASERS, PULSATORS and ION SWAR. However, the "highlight of the program" is the ACID BOMB. Bombs travel slowly and hit in an area, but PARASITE BEAMS and MESH ROCKETS will help slow down and hold the target.

Aircraft carrier. The CARRIER relies almost entirely on the small fighters it launches. The wings are equipped with BOMBERS and FIGHTERS, while LONG-ROUND BEAMS and SHORT allow the ship to support its little helpers from a long distance. Note: Fighters are controlled by the same orders as support ships.

Tornado. SMERCH has enough LASERS and BLASTERS, but his main weapon is a FUNNEL BOMB, the explosion of which draws everything around into itself. Although the FUNNEL BOMB is a threat to shields, its full potential is only revealed when they are disabled - in this case, the funnel can literally tear the victim ship apart.

Wedge. Although the WEDGE cannot boast of powerful shields, the entire right side of the ship is littered with ANTI-AGIC MACHINE GUN. If you see a bunch of rockets flying in your direction - just turn to starboard and enjoy the fireworks. PULSATORS are installed on the left side of the ship, which perfectly complements the ION SWAR.

Grobaidarka. GROBAYDARKA has almost no shields, and only two AA machine guns are installed for protection. To counter enemy shields, an ION Swarm is installed on the left side of the ship. The right side is completely occupied by RAILGUNS, piercing through ships and damaging every part that the projectile passes through. Note: RAILGUNS projectiles literally bounce off shields without causing damage. Use them only if the enemy ship’s shields are disabled.

Goblin. The GOBLIN lacks shields and defenses, but is a very fast ship. ION BEAM will disable enemy shields, and ROY will deal damage with a hail of small missiles. This ship is best suited for lightning attacks followed by a retreat.

Aegis. With five cabins, Aegis has very strong shields. The LASERS on the bow of the ship will deal with enemy shields, and the TORPEDOS and PULSATORS will finish what they started. The GRID ROCKET will help you retreat if your shields are disabled.

Space Pirates and Zombies 2: All Game History

Gear. The Gear was a huge carrier ship built by Don Gibson to break the blockade during the Frontier Wars. During the long journey to the center of the galaxy, the ship served as a home for thousands of desperate people. When Don betrayed the team for the Dark Entity, the unexpected happened: Don, Gear, and the Entity united to form a single entity.

It took the surviving team members 5 years to build the new Gear; their creation was used to destroy the original carrier ship harboring the Dark Entity.

Unfortunately, the existence of Gear 2 was short-lived. After the jump gate system was destroyed, the TA confiscated the ship, explaining that the ship was composed of TA parts and belonged to them. The ship was later broken up for scrap.

A Brief History of Interstellar Travel. When the bright green oceans of the Earth began to glow brighter than the sun, mankind came to the conclusion that it was time to look for a new home. Having expanded the horizons of science, people have stirred up space and time to create artificial wormholes. These wormholes allowed matter to be transported enormous distances, but needed a reliable exit point. To create this point, an automated builder ship was sent to the nearest star - Alpha Centauri. After a 250-year journey, the first interstellar gates were built, and humanity quickly fled to a new colony from a fading Earth.

Interstellar travel was impossible without gates. With the discovery of new inhabited worlds, new elements were added to the periodic table. One of these was element 126, also known as REZ.

The gate system developed rapidly, and a huge number of new builder ships were launched to expand it. Over the millennium, a whole network of interstellar gates was built, and travel through them became commonplace.

Through stargate technology, almost every corner of the galaxy has been mined, cleaned out and left to rot - just like the world that once served as home to humanity. The consumption of REZ exceeded the rate of its formation. This stimulated the colonization of the central parts of the galaxy, where heavy elements - such as REZ - were more common.

The mixing of worlds has led to epidemics, forcing people to consume even more REZ in an attempt to escape from infected systems. Sandwiched between the fear of infections and the rampant thirst for REZ, the Terran Alliance began to fight the problem by forbidding the use of the interstellar gate. The period that followed was called the Frontier Wars.

The Border Wars lasted for centuries and were not effective in preventing disease. REZ-afflicted miners often broke stellar gate blockades, spreading infections. After the Black Epidemic, which almost destroyed the entire human race, the gate network was destroyed.

After a short period of isolation, the combined scientific knowledge of all mankind gave birth to a technology that allows interstellar flight without the use of gates. The invented REZ engine quickly became a bestseller in the coming sales season.

REZ engine for dummies. Unlike its predecessor technology, the REZ drive allows free interstellar flight and does not require gates. The system creates a jump point at a fixed distance in front of the ship. In an effort to reach the destination, the ship flies to the jump point - like a donkey led by a carrot. The ship is controlled by changing the parabolic arc of the "carrot", forcing the field of the "donkey" to bend at the will of the operator.

A side effect of the REZ engine is poor accuracy. Ships are prone to jump-out near large sources of gravity; the error is several light years. However, unlike real donkeys (often having a bad temper and preferring loneliness), "interstellar donkeys" are attracted to each other. This pull allows ships to exit the jump next to each other, compensating for the low accuracy of the REZ thrusters.

What is REZ? REZ is a slang term for element 126, discovered during the colonization of the Alpha Centauri system. In the free form, the substance is unstable; it jumps back and forth from the space-time continuum, making it hard to find. The discovery of the element explained the missing gravitational forces previously explained by dark matter. REZ "floats" through matter, randomly changing phase and sticking to matter - only in this state is modern technology able to capture its presence and influence.

Under the influence of gamma radiation, REZ slows down the natural process of changing phases, which allows it to be cleaned and stabilized. Pure REZ has countless uses. It can be molded into other matter, so REZ is like dough. REZ can also be put into a power-generating state, in which it is often used as fuel for interstellar propulsion. REZ also makes an excellent tea - despite its intimidating origins.

Amazingly, since the discovery, the substance has been constantly changing. Over the past decade, the frequency of REZ phase changes has tripled, allowing the element to stay in the material phase longer. Although it was almost impossible to detect REZ in the past, recently it has been increasingly seen with the naked eye.

The scientific community has been amazed at REZ’s ability to transmute and change phases. Some felt that this was a defensive reaction to the massive extraction of the resource. However, the truth turned out to be much more sinister: the purpose of the existence of REZ is to lure life forms that can learn its special properties. Like a series of breadcrumbs, the quantity and quality of REZ improves as you get closer to the Dark Entity.

After the Entity is destroyed, the amount of REZ steadily decreases and the prices of REZ rise exponentially. Despite higher costs and diminishing availability, REZ is still the main driver of interstellar travel.

Clean Language Initiative. Human history is full of repetitions, regressions, revolutions and revelations. One such repetition is the use of vivid metaphors to heighten the conveyance of emotion. Although for almost a thousand years, cursing was the norm even in kindergartens, recently it has become obscene.

The Clean Language Initiative is a public program aimed at cleaning up human speech and removing slang and parasitic words to improve communication. The initiative was a huge success, while the "Program for the Prevention of Aggression and Violence" did not receive a single vote. No one expects the "Friends don’t shoot each other" program to even get to the voting phase.

Moon Burger. The Moon Burger Company was founded in 2899. The company originally used real beef, but after the Great Abattoir, they replaced the disgusting animal flesh with nano-printed meat. Today, all Moon Burger products use artificial meat blocks cooked to a special recipe using radiation and spices. Recent rumors that Moon Burger food exceeds the norm of pyroclastic materials by 50% have been debunked.

Don Gibson. Although Don Gibson was born on Earth, the lion’s share of his youth he was a slave laborer on the moons of Uranus. At the start of the Frontier Wars, he was called into service by the Terran Alliance. During the years of service in the TA, Don lost the desire to obey orders. He resigned to take on a freelance mining job. The TAs continued to obstruct the free mining of REZ, and in order to survive, Don became involved in the delivery of contraband.

After contact with the Dark Entity, Don developed a mental breakdown. Possessed by The Entity, he built the Cog in hopes of reuniting with The Entity. Don worked tirelessly on the ship for 200 years, untouched by old age. He owed his eternal youth to the Dark Corruption that poisoned his body and mind. To hide his suffering from others, he lived in seclusion until he needed serious help building the Gear.

Thanks to the promise of fabulous riches held at the center of the galaxy, Don has assembled a team of prospectors full of hope. Elsa, Carl, and the rest of the crew were unaware of the true purpose of the journey, and it wasn’t until Gear reached the center of the galaxy that the crew realized his true motives. In the end, Elsa Young killed Don along with the Dark Entity hitting him.

Border Wars. While humanity colonized space, the state power made half-hearted attempts to maintain order in countless worlds. The expansion continued, and the old government was unable to back up the laws with action. Interplanetary epidemics raged. Systems plunged into anarchy and began to raid neighbors without fear of legal punishment.

To restore order and prevent epidemics, the Terran Alliance was founded. Failing democratic governments have been replaced by military ones. The first step was isolation. The interstellar gate was temporarily closed, and only TA members had access to encrypted keys. This measure prevented the systems from going to war with each other while TA established a new power system on each planet.

Upon arriving in the system, the Terran Alliance imposed a ban on REZ trading in order to control the consumption of a valuable resource. Building infrastructure across all systems took hundreds of years, and some worlds remained isolated for years. In these systems, TA was met with resentment and open hostility, and each subsequent system became more and more hostile. The resistance forces fought against the TA’s prohibitions, destroying their ships and hacking into the interstellar gates.

Realizing that the distant systems were of little use due to their lack of REZ, the Terran Alliance simply stopped trying to control them. On worlds isolated from the central part of the galaxy, epidemics decimated the population, while the central systems were behind several layers of defenses that kept the Dark Entity. Through strict border controls, the TAs were able to slow down the Black Plague as the infected worlds descended into chaos. Although the Border Wars began as a peacekeeping mission, they turned into the isolation needed to save humanity.

Admiral Jameson. For 30 years, Jameson was a high-ranking commander in the Terran Alliance. During the Border Wars, he participated in more than 200 battles, 3 of which ended in success. Jameson gained recognition by tracking down the traitor Don Gibson during the Breakout. Jameson single-handedly averted an outbreak caused by a border breach, earning him the Galactic Medal of Excellence. He is the perfect example of the best in people.

Jameson seemed to have stepped off the page of an encyclopedia listing the worst qualities of the human race. Perhaps he is the worst of all living creatures imprisoned in a human body. Even a tapeworm would have scoffed at his intelligence. Even the fact that he has the brains to stand upright on two legs is a scientific miracle - not to mention the use of intelligible speech.

Black Epidemic. Black Epidemic (pathogen Xeno-71B) is an infectious mutagenic compound. Unlike other diseases, the pathogen infects any form of life, regardless of the degree of its foreignness. In addition, the pathogen is able to absorb the surrounding matter and incorporate it into its body - thus, living tissue and technology can merge both physically and functionally. Over time, the infected ship turns into a mixture of flesh and technology that does not need a crew.

Symbiont ships have basic skills in working with absorbed technologies and systems, which implies the presence of a mind. It is known that the source of the epidemic is the Dark Entity, but it is not clear whether the mind is acquired naturally or transmitted telepathically by the Dark Entity.

When the epidemic began, few people took the news seriously. Stories of ships covered in living flesh have been distorted by each successive storyteller. The Terran Alliance, preoccupied with the Frontier Wars, ignored the reports of yet another infection. When the situation finally caught their attention, it was no longer possible to isolate the problem. Leaving extermination as a fallback, the TA began to reinforce the defenses of the interstellar gates leading to the infected systems.

Regardless of the presence of signs of infection, all ships were destroyed from afar. In a few months, the TA lost almost a hundred merchant ships, destroyed by the guards of the blocked gates. Every time an unknown ship made its way past, TA had to retreat, shifting the front. In desperation, the TA cut off the central systems from the rest of the galaxy using a highly secured Titan-class stargate.

The Terran Alliance waged a secret bloody war against the epidemic for 200 years. The galaxy only became aware of the existence of this war after it had ended.

Guardians of the Void. When the Terran Alliance lost control of the central systems, the Void Guardians took their place and began to maintain peace and order among the population. For a time, they honored their code, but after running out of REZ supplies, they turned to robbery and hired labor - like everyone else. They view the rest of the coalitions as an obstacle to peace, and seek to subdue them with military superiority.

Sun Catchers. During the Black Plague, the Suncatchers were a tight-knit band of itinerant mercenaries. Realizing that the destruction of the interstellar gate system had rendered their work worthless, the former mercenaries gathered on the outskirts of the galaxy, calling themselves the Sunchasers. Hoping to turn other coalitions away from their territory, they adopted the aggressive look of ships and bases from their predecessors.

Union of Miners. Some mining bases were forgotten by the Terran Alliance during the Black Plague. Without his patronage, many bases were devastated or destroyed, and the rest had to learn how to survive. The few that managed to get REZ to mine have banded together to guard the mine from other coalitions.

Dominion of the Mind. After the Black Epidemic, several scientists founded a group to investigate the Dark Entity; it included the best of the survivors. Unfortunately, continuous bandit attacks have forced them to cut off almost all contact with the outside world. Now they, like everyone else, are just trying to survive, forgetting about their scientific aspirations.

Civil Will. Some pirates want to destroy the galaxy. Others simply enjoy it. This is how the Civil Will perceives the world. They believe that life is not worth it if you are not happy with it. That doesn’t stop them from hypocritically using slave labor on many of their ships - however, the range of entertainment on their ships is so lavish that you can find VHS and Beta at the same time.

Initially, the coalition was going to be named "Civil Defense", but the galactic search system showed that, unfortunately, the name was already taken by someone.

Elsa Young. Elsa was born on Earth, one of the last planets to come under the control of the Terran Alliance during the Frontier Wars. Together with their father, they were called upon by the TA to mine the meager REZ reserves in the solar system. When her father died, Elsa was consumed by grief. Finally, she met Don Gibson, leader of the Terran Alliance resistance forces. Being very devoted to Don, Elsa became his right hand.

Despite a difficult past, Elsa was able to maintain her kindness and principles. The news of Don’s betrayal knocked her down. Enraged, she took control of Team Gear to wipe Don and the Dark Entity from the face of the earth. After reaching her goal, Elsa became so distant that the crew hardly recognizes her. Guilt-ridden, she leads Gear through the void, wiping out the last signs of the plague.

Professor Carl Memford. Despite the phenomenal level of intelligence, Carl Memford has long and colorfully suffered from mental imbalance. Physically harmless, the professor has worked on many controversial TA projects - for example, the "vaccination" of children from crossing borders (now canceled). Carl ended his TA career by hijacking an experimental science ship.

After a short time on the run, he discovered Don Gibson and his huge unfinished ship, the Gear. Horrified by the flaws in the project, he offered his services as chief engineer. Constantly irritating the ship’s crew with his mannerisms, Karl proved his indispensability by assisting in reaching the center of the galaxy and destroying the Dark Entity.

Mackenzie. Attempts to determine the name of Mackenzie, as well as the class of his mental retardation, are innumerable. Due to his inability to speak coherently, the ship’s personnel treat him like a pet rather than a human. Quite often he plays pranks, eating and drinking everything that is not nailed to the frame of the ship. Despite all this, he is obsessed with the operational state of the ship, which makes him an excellent caretaker.

Bandits. Little is known about the culture or internal politics of the bandits. They make their living by plundering other people’s ships and building infrastructure from wreckage and stolen goods. They store the stolen goods in their bases in an attempt to lure imprudent pilots.

The bandits do not have enough brains to form a real army, but their fearlessness and lack of a sense of self-preservation turn them into a thunderstorm of the voids of space. Most simply avoid them, though the lone bandit ship is not a serious threat. Bandit Scrap Ships are ideal targets for captains looking to gain combat experience.

Titan class gate. Titan-class gates were created during the Border Wars to seal off the outer worlds from the core systems. Unlike normal gates that use encrypted keys, the Titan gate needed an external power source to operate. Even if a would-be thief could get hold of a special device and gather enough power to activate it, it still wouldn’t work without a special key. For a long time, the Titan Gate was unshakable, until Professor Memford found a way to use the Gear Reflector as an access device, which led to the famous Breakthrough.

Breakthrough. The breach marked the end of the Frontier Wars when an unidentified ship entered the Titan-class gate. Although no infected ships ever left the core systems, it was the Breakthrough that was put on the news as the cause of the epidemic. At that time, people did not yet know that the epidemic had been raging in the central systems for hundreds of years. The Terran Alliance used the Breakthrough to cover up years of a secret war.

Dark Essence. No one knows where the Dark Entity came from. Some believe that it existed before the beginning of time; someone thinks that by her will she keeps the cosmos in balance. It is this creature that is known to be the source of REZ. Although the Entity cannot be physically detected, it is able to influence the universe by filling it with REZ. REZ attracts the tech races and lures them to the Dark Entity, where she infects them with the Black Plague.

The opening of ancient interstellar gates gave birth to the theory that the Dark Entity swallowed up all life in the galaxy, and then gave birth to a new one, only to absorb it again later. Perhaps this process was a closed loop, explaining the origin of life. Although the architects of the ancient gates died out long ago, humanity was able to restore their gates, which led people to the dimension where the Essence was. Like all other life forms known to mankind, it did not survive the hail of bullets and bombs.

Someone thinks that without the Dark Entity, life, like locusts, will violently fill the galaxy, or that the universe will tear itself to pieces. Some believe that the Essence is eternal and cannot be destroyed. There are reasons to believe that the Dark Entity is older than the galaxy itself. Since such a creature was able to survive a big bang, it is reasonable to assume that humanity is incapable of harming the Entity. The destruction of the Essence could be an inevitable part of its recurring life cycle, or the next step in its evolution.

Chronology of events. Mankind filled space and needed new ways of transmitting and storing information. Despite the fact that the interstellar gates reliably moved matter, it was not profitable to use them for communications. Data got lost in curved space, didn’t arrive on time, or was transmitted to random gates. Some systems have developed the use of jump beacons to transmit messages, but the beacons have often been attacked by bandits or reprogrammed to send spam.

Colonization continued, and the distances between worlds continued to grow. Each system kept records of its events and occurrences, and many of the original worlds were destroyed along with their rich historical archives.

Important historical events - such as the discovery of REZ - have remained in human memory, but it is now impossible to determine the exact time when these events occurred, or their duration.

Broken gates. After the destruction of the gate network, many scientists gathered to solve the problem of interstellar travel. While the REZ engine was becoming the main means of flight, a second gate system was under construction. Based on the technology of the architects of the ancient gates discovered at the center of the galaxy, the new gates were smaller and more efficient. A special "streamline" system based on REZ engine technology seeded the galaxy with trillions of new gates, but a fatal flaw was discovered in the system near the end of the project.

The tangled quantum connections of the new gates began to interfere with each other even at distances of several light years. The interference increased with the number of gates and resulted in random "pulling" ships out of the jump, which put an end to the use of the system. The company abandoned the project, leaving the gate in half working condition. The "flow" system, however, became the prototype of the REZ engine used today.

The only advantage left to the broken gate system is the time it takes to prepare for the jump. Instead of preparing a REZ drive for a long time, some ships use broken gates to escape the battlefield.

On-board computer. JaneFrame 9000 Integrated is a self-aware, super-intelligent operating system (that’s me) designed specifically for space pirates. The standard weapon and protection modules have remained unchanged from the last generation of operating systems, but now I have special handrails on escalators and a dedicated slot for a coffee machine. My systems consume 1.21 gigawatts less power, reducing the chance of explosions and fires by 80%.

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