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Starcom Nexus - Full Walkthrough with Tips and Puzzles

Starcom: Nexus is a space RPG from Wx3 Labs LLC. You have successfully completed your training at the academy and are now ready for your first assignment. You have to manage a light shuttle, but this is only the beginning. In Starcom Nexus, you will find yourself in an unknown galaxy where you will have to fight or make alliances with alien races. You will find ancient artifacts and learn advanced technologies to create your own unique starship.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Walking the Caves
  3. Walkthrough of difficult quests
  4. The Complete Exploration Guide
  5. How to find random anomalies?
  6. Trading Guide
  7. All Achievements
  8. Is it worth playing?

Starcom Nexus: Beginner’s Guide

What is this game? This is a space RPG in which you get into a completely different galaxy on your ship. You have to manage a small shuttle and gradually build it up to the size of a huge ship. Perform tasks, conduct research, negotiate or fight with alien races.

Some quests cannot be solved until the end of the game. Do not divide quests into main and side quests, it is better to complete all the tasks that are possible.

Study the map! The entire map of the game is presented in the screenshot above. To open the map, it is better to click on the mouse wheel, it is easier and faster. The map can be scaled with the same mouse wheel. Also on the map, you can put notes with the right mouse button so as not to forget anything.

The most recent location is not displayed on the map. She is in the center of the map. Quest about a snake with a green eye.

How to properly explore the planets? On the planets you will meet anomalies. The study is made in the form of a quest, the solution of which will bring you not only resources, but also positive emotions. Examined planets will have a mark, it makes no sense to study them again. Planets with an exclamation point (!) contain additional actions, it is better to study them first. The quest "Sunken Ship" will require you to explore the planet several times.

The choice you make during the quest will have consequences in the future, so approach it consciously. Save your game before exploring planets so you can replay everything.

Make friends with friends, fight enemies! With some races you can be friends and trade, with others - to fight. However, you will not be able to make friends with the Chikits race, it will always be hostile. It is better not to fight with other races, but to trade. But if your shot accidentally hits a neutral race, it will become hostile, so shoot carefully and save often.

Open dialogue with other ships more often, they may have new items for sale or new tasks

Battles give a lot of new and interesting things! Fight enemies more often, so you will get a lot of material for development:

  1. If you see enemies with the technology you need, then engage him in battle and hope that the necessary element of the ship will fall off from him and give you the necessary technological breakthrough.
  2. Destroyed enemy ships can become a source of needed resources. That is why the enemies are respawned to supply you with the necessary resources.

How to get more resources:

  1. Battles. You can attack not only enemies, but also neutral races. However, then they will become hostile. The battle will bring the resources remaining after the explosion of the ships.
  2. Trade. You can not attack, but trade with neutral races and earn money by reselling goods.
  3. Completing quests and tasks. Explore the planets and complete the tasks of other ships, so you will get a lot of resources.
  4. Asteroids and debris from abandoned sites. This is an endless source of resources, because. it is constantly recovering. Mark these areas on the map with notes.
  5. Mines. Resources in the mines accumulate gradually and in small quantities. To get them, you need to fly to the mine every time and pick them up.

Shield Secrets. You will receive shields towards the end of the game and only if you look for them. Shields need to be activated, they won’t be on all the time. The F key is the default key to turn shields on/off. Use them often, they will help save your ship and resources.

Starcom Nexus: Walking the Caves

The passage of the most difficult cave in the game. The figure shows a diagram of the largest cave in the game. You will get to this cave by studying the Anomaly "Stone Spheres". The labyrinth is located to the left of the group of systems at coordinates 39.44 x 7.47. For completing it, you will receive 150 units of research and the achievement "The Beast". Numbers on the map of the cave:

  1. Starting position. Entrance to the cave.
  2. Switch to open the passage to the Research Center.
  3. Research center with weapons.

After the research center, go south again and roam around until the beast tries to kill your team. Don’t worry about being attacked. Although you will lose part of the team, but you will receive an achievement.

Passage of the Underwater Labyrinth. We send divers to explore the underwater cave. At the forks we turn in the following directions: East - South - South - East - South. At the end of the cave you will find 210 research points.

Passage Labyrinth with a watering hole. Go: East - South - South - East - South. At the end you will find a dead body with research goggles.

Passage of other caves. There are other caves in the game, passing them is not so difficult. You can randomly choose directions until you find a way out. Or you can make a map of the cave, which will make it easier for you to find the exit.

Starcom Nexus: Walkthrough of difficult quests

Passage of the quest Crashed surveyor. At some point, you will find an anomaly to which the map is attached. Unfortunately, this drawing is incomplete and does not fit any place on the game map. However, you can find this place by some signs: a lilac nebula and a binary system. In the figure below, we marked the desired system, from where it is necessary to start and the path itself to the desired star.

After flying 4 cells to the north and 1 to the south, you will find a planetoid with a Progent artifact. But be careful, depending on the scale, the cells can be different in size, do not miss. To access the artifact, you will need 10 Neutronium. As a result, you will receive 25 Adamantine and 250 Research Points.

Passage of the quest Sunken ship . At some point on the sunken ship you will find a map with a planet. Attention should be paid not to the image of the planet itself, but to the small planets below it. On the star map, you need to find the place where all these planets are located on the diagram. The coordinates of this system are: -18.68 X -42.49, just one hop from the Provisional Capital of the Araona. Even if you have studied this planet - return to it again, because. without this quest you will not find anything on it.

Starcom Nexus: The Complete Exploration Guide

Where to look for technology? There are many technologies in Starcom Nexus that are blocked at first. They must be sought in the world so that they can be studied and used. We have described where it is better to look for technologies and what they give. Starcom Nexus is an open world game, so it’s up to you to discover the technologies in the order in which you unlock them.

Rockets. This is one of the first technologies that many will find. It allows your ship to fire missiles. Although rockets are a fairly effective weapon, their production consumes resources that can be useful for building a ship.

We do not recommend learning this technology, as you will spend a lot of resources on shooting. And the Enemies will eventually be able to shoot down your missiles. It is better to study weapons that shoot for free.

How to get a? You need to find 3 pieces of rocket launchers. They are dropped by any ship that fires missiles at you. The first of these are probably the Chitik battlecruisers or larger ships of the same race.

Extra speed in deep space. Technology gives you a speed boost as long as you are not near a star system.

How to get them? As you travel, you will see a flash and your officer will remark that "the warp geometry is off the charts". A small, damaged warp ship has arrived. Researching it will give you the Primitive Vessel quest: find the planet that launched it (no quest objective marker). Finding a planet (an anomaly called "Prespace Travelers") and then landing on it will give you three points of additional technology research for the speed of movement in the void. The location of this planet is random.

Less power consumption of the turret (Bose-Einstein-Condensate). Reduces the power consumption of turrets by 10%.

How to get them? Visit the Antarca Citadel. It’s a bit off the beaten track at 15.65 X 7.51 (the easiest way to get there is through the sequence of portals starting at 10.50 X 0.48 if you’ve never been there). They will ignore you if you land there initially.

Find the Ulooquo merchant, usually in the same system or wormhole. Buy "History of Citadel Antarka" from them for 35 platinum, which will give you the password needed for the Citadel. When you visit again, buy the "Progent Turret" for 225 titanium. This will give you the opportunity to research this technology.

Solar converter. Increases energy when approaching a star. Provides a small amount of extra energy near the star.

How to get a? Unlock and visit the Antarca Citadel. Buy Uncommon Crystal Shard for 187 Titan to unlock this technology.

Havoc defense. Automated protection against small objects such as asteroids, missiles and drones.

Recommended for study, because. it helps very well in the battle against ships with missiles and drones.

How to get them? Somewhere in a random place is a Planet with an anomaly called "Excavations". There is a huge downed starship, which has already been partially plundered. One of the zones remained untouched, thanks to automatic sentry turrets. Have your team try to destroy these turrets to gain access to this area. This will give you a small turret that will allow you to research this technology.

Warp Hopper. Gives you Warp Drive, allowing you to make small ultra-fast jumps at the expense of a lot of energy.

Pretty efficient and fast way to move. When fully trained, it gives an advantage in combat. Recommended for study, but not in the first place.

How to get a? At 6.40 x -25.49, near Pulsar, you’ll find the remains of a drive system. After that, return to the Kite station and talk to Pilman. Log out of the Kite station, wait a bit or just log out, come back and talk to Pilman again and he’ll open up the research for you.

comet detection. Sends you a message when you are within a certain distance from a comet. You will not receive any indication of the exact coordinates of the comet. But comets usually fly in ellipses around the Sun in the system where you received the message.

How to get a? At coordinates 10.55 x -0.47 is a planet with an anomaly called the Frozen Observatory. Exploring this planet will give you the Lost Probe quest, a marker will appear on the map. Find the probe in the location marked with the marker to get this research.

Laser weapons. Gives you lasers, the most useful thing in the game.

Lasers are truly the most effective weapon in the game. It is powerful and self-guided. With a large number of weapons allows you to win almost any battle.

How to get a? Like missiles, laser weapon parts drop from enemies using them. By collecting 3 laser weapon parts, you get laser technology. Examples of enemies with laser weapons: Sentinel Cutter and Sentinel Cutter Scouts.

Drones. Gives you the ability to create drone modules that allow you to send miniature warships against the enemy. Similar to rockets, only reusable and less durable.

Like rockets, drones require resources to produce. They are easy to destroy, so they are ineffective. Not recommended for study.

How to get a? Like missiles and lasers, you need to collect 3 drone components from enemies. There are only a few enemies that carry drones, one of them is the Chikits Carrier: A good way to quickly get all three parts is to invade the isolated system at coordinates -19.50 x -27.55. Perhaps this is their native system. Be prepared for strong resistance from the Chikits.

Axial Ultragun. The weapon has a long charge time, but high damage. Reminds me of the death star’s main laser.

The most effective weapon against large ships and stations. Though slow, but long-range and very powerful.

How to get a? As is the case with any other secondary weapon, in order to create it, you need to collect 3 parts of this weapon. There is only one enemy that leaves these pieces: Sentinel Super Stations. You can find these Super Stations by the coordinates:

Shields. Provides you with an excellent energy shield. The operation of the shield does not require energy, unlike charging.

Shields give a great advantage in any battle. Very effective against enemy fire. Recommended to study first.

How to get a? There is a desert planet with an anomaly called "The Bubble". It is the only city preserved in a force field bubble on a dead planet. Help them fix it for 55 Adamantine and they’ll share the shield technology with you. The location of this planet is random.

Debye Sheets. Ship armor allows you to protect your Ship from enemy shots.

Protection technology. Effective until you have shields.

How to get a? Destroy the Ulooquo ships. If they are friendly, you can even make it so that they don’t become hostile. If you can’t hit them with lasers or plasma, ram them.

Swarm Probe Suppressor. Helps to capture swarm probes more easily.

How to get a? At some point while visiting the Kite Station, Lieutenant John Chan tells you that he saw a swarm probe flying through the system. He could not catch him, but noticed that he was signaling somewhere. This gives you a quest with a marker pointing to a point on the map. If you research this control station, it will give you technology.

Kolnar treatment. Heals your team from Kolnar’s disease. It is needed to complete the mission to cure this disease, but then it becomes useless.

How to get a? In random locations you will find the "Strange Jungle" anomaly. This is a recurring anomaly, it can be found four times in total. If you send your team there, there is a chance that they will become infected with fungus spores. Save before visiting a planet with a cross. Reload your save until you are "sprayed with sticky red spores".

Ask Pilman about it at the Kite Station and he will ask you to ask the other races about it. Do this and ask your old Saurid friends and you will learn about healing with kolnar leaves. Go to the citadel, refer to the "Less power consumption of turrets" section to buy a "Shrub in a Pot with Silver Leaves" for 325 titanium. Talking to Pilman after that will unlock the research.

Phage counter molecule. Allows you to resist Phage.

How to get a? Visit the phage system northwest of the kite station, such as the one at -2.52 x 6.42. After meeting them, return to the base and talk to Pilman. Return and visit the forbidden planet Red Tina Prime at coordinates -9.58 x 3.58. Land several times until you get the research data. Return to Pilman to unlock this research. Return to the forbidden planet again to complete the quest.

Starcom Nexus: How to find random anomalies?

This is a bit of a cheat, but you can easily spot random anomalies. This can be done by looking at the save file. The location of these planets will be set immediately after the launch of the game.

Navigate to your saved game directory, which is located at C:users(your username)AppDataLocalLowWx3 Labs, LLCStarcom Nexussaves. Find the save by file modification date. Open the file in a text editor.

At the top you should see your player name and ship name to confirm it’s from the playthrough you want. Then just click "Search" and find the name of the anomaly mentioned in the manual. Be sure to search in a case-insensitive manner.

You should find an object with type "PlanetData". Scroll down a bit to the coordinates section. uX and uZ are the approximate position of where you will find this planet in your universe. This location is not entirely accurate, it may differ slightly from the actual coordinates, but finding the planets will be easy.

Starcom Nexus: Trading Guide

reserve currencies. Please note that each species/race you can trade with on Starcom Nexus has its own reserve currency. When you are in the trading window, the items are listed in the same order each time, with one reserve currency removed from the list and instead listed at the top of the window.


It should be noted that neither species uses Adamantine or Yttrium as a reserve currency. In the game, you can take a couple of goods as an analogue of the reserve currency for some races:

Popular goods. Each of the race has goods that will gladly sell or buy you:

Best deals. We will list the best deals, according to the pilots. Following this route, you can get rich on exchange transactions:

  1. Buy Adamantine and Cobalt-60 from the Ulooquo race.
  2. Sell ​​Yttrium to the Ulooquo race.
  3. Buy Adamantine, Cobalt-60, Yttrium, Chiralite, Gold and Titanium from the Tycoeden race.
  4. Do not trade with the Tycoeden race.
  5. Buy Cobalt-60, Platinum, Neutronium from the Araona race.
  6. Sell ​​the Gold to the Araona race.
  7. Buy Adamantine and Cobalt-60 from the Saurid race.
  8. Sell ​​Neutronium to the Saurid race.

Why is it so difficult? Because of the complex web of odds involved in calculating the true cost of a trade, there are several tricky ways to figure out which trade is efficient and which is wasteful. This is slightly complicated by the fact that whenever you make a trade, you get slightly different values ​​from the same trading partners.

Price spread table. The table below shows the average price spread between buying and selling for the same race. For example, Citadel’s bid prices will be 27%-31% higher than the ask prices, while Saurid’s bid prices will be only 10-12% higher than the ask prices.

RacePrice spread

Quick sale or purchase. If you want to sell/buy something quickly, this reference table should help you:

Large trading table. One of the players created a large table, where the selling and buying prices of all resources from all races in the game are calculated in detail. Here is a link to this table.

Starcom Nexus: All Achievements

How to get all Steam achievements? The game has 23 achievements on Steam. You have to work hard to get them all. However, after reading our article, it will be faster and easier to do this. Below is a list of achievements and how to get them from easy to hard.

Greetings Commander. Just meet Commodore Price.

A Hole in Our Universe. Travel the Warp Nexus.

Saurid Survey Survivors. Help Saurid find their missing research team.

planetary scout. For exploring 25 planets.

The Morningstar. Find evidence for the existence of the "Morning Star". There are anomalies and escape pods. You won’t be able to miss it.

Balance of Power Tilted. Destroy the Chitik hive (space station). The Saurids will be asked to do this.

star trader. For trading with another race.

sector surveyor. For exploring 100 planets.

The Citadel. Gain access to Entarq Citadel. Ulooquo will sell you a login password.

Phage eradicated. Destroy the phage. Just follow your officer’s instructions.

Galactic Explorer. For exploring 250 planets.

Spelunker. Go through the labyrinth with a waterhole. Go East - South - South - East - South. At the end you will find a dead body with research goggles.

The Hidden Lab. Explore the hidden ice lab at 7.77 x 0.69. It won’t be easy.

Under New Management. Gather the ore from the Chitik mine a second time. To do this, do not disassemble the droids for the first time.

Fine Feathered Friends. Visit the Provisional Araonian Capital. If you go far south from their temporary capital, you can find their main systems and the Real capital. Alternatively, there is a portal to them at coordinates -3.37 x -30.31. After you get a license in the main capital, go back to the stranded scouts and tell them about the Real Capital. As a sign of gratitude, they will throw a party for you in the Provisional Capital.

Star and Bars. Achieve the rank of captain. Get two promotions. Promotions are related to the morale of your team and the progress of the game.

Our Nyctian Friends . Get a bonus for researching Nyctian. At coordinates -2.30 x 7.32 you will find the "Empty Colony" and one gate on the planet, and the other above. Now you can activate the gate and go to the Lost Colony (you can find it at coordinates -6.24 x 10.67). Now help build a colony with two of your team members. After a while, we return, and some Nyctian out of gratitude want to visit the kite station. As a thank you, they will increase the speed of research.

Wild Goose Chase. Find wild geese. The planet with them is located northeast of the Citadel at coordinates 20.24 x 10.63.

Lost Island. Visit Lost Island. The second gate of the Empyt colony throws you in an undefined direction to the Lost Planet (coordinates 1.45 x 12.45).

thank you. For finding an anomaly in the latest system.

Comet chaser. Discover all comets: White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Prismatic.

Zoar Destroyer. Destroy the Zoar station. It is better to destroy it before the end of the game, when you buy everything on it.

The Beast. Defeat the beast from the maze. The "Stone Spheres" anomaly is located on the planet to the left of the group of systems at coordinates 39.44 x 7.47. The passage of the cave is described in detail in our article.

Asteroid Hunter. Destroy all asteroids in the Alpha Galaxy at the very beginning before heading through the rift. This is the most difficult achievement, because. everyone forgets about it, and then it cannot be fulfilled.

Starcom Nexus: Is it worth playing?

Starcom: Nexus - the game universe is a completely open and large world filled with a large number of quests, storylines and planets. It has many unique anomalies, discoveries, artifacts that need to be studied. You can build your ship using a modular system and also trade with alien races that have their own motivations and dynamic AIs. The game has many secrets, side quests and quick save options.

Pros of the game:

  1. Interesting gameplay.
  2. Sophisticated research system.
  3. Interesting story.
  4. Low system requirements.
  5. Good balance.
  6. Freedom in building a ship.
  7. Space game.
  8. Interesting ending.

Cons of the game:

  1. Simple graphics.
  2. Difficult trade, no money.
  3. Some technologies cannot be learned.
  4. Lots of difficult quests.
  5. There are bugs.

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