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The Love Boat 2: Second Chances - Full walkthrough with hints and puzzles

Love Boat 2: Second Chance. A new Love Boat adventure starts, where you will meet new heroes and learn more funny stories that take place on board a cruise ship. Your task is to competently carry out the duties of the captain of the ship, monitor the mood of tourists and quickly fulfill their wishes. Be careful: unforeseen situations can happen on the ship, try to resolve them in time! This article describes a complete and detailed walkthrough of the game with pictures. An overview of all the secrets, tips, tactics and features of game mechanics from start to finish is given.


  1. How to play?
  2. Secrets of a Successful Game
  3. Achievements in the game

Love Boat 2: How to play?

Help passengers. In this game, you help passengers and fulfill their requests. Passengers say what they need. Click on the passenger and then on the desired location to send them there.

Services. When the passenger is in the right place, you can start helping him. Normal services are indicated by a decreasing blue gauge. Such requests can be completed immediately, but they may also require an item. Sometimes passengers require several services on the spot.

It is more efficient to fulfill multiple requests in a row. By providing several services in a row, you will receive a bonus for consistency.

Items. To pick up an item, click on it. Some items can be obtained by combining others. Some are running low and need to be replenished. You can usually resupply somewhere nearby.

Mini games. A shrinking blue gauge indicates a mini-game. Sometimes, in order to help a passenger, you need to participate in an additional test.

Calculation. A served customer either asks for another favor or heads to the cash register or the elevator. Check in guests by pressing the computer or the elevator button. The faster you calculate the passengers, the more points you get.

You will also get more points if you count multiple passengers at a time.

Love Boat 2: Secrets of a Successful Game

Next passenger button. If you enjoy working under stressful conditions, use the next passenger button. Each time you press it, the next passenger will appear. This way you can improve your score. Just do not invite all the passengers at once: guests do not like to wait for a long time.

How to get golden hearts? If all the passenger’s requests are met quickly enough, his heart will turn to gold and he will no longer lose his patience. Such passengers will bring more points during the calculation or at the elevator.

How to get bonuses for speed? By helping passengers quickly, you improve your score.

End of shift. At the end of each shift, you can earn up to three stars at the regular level. The number of stars depends on your account. One star allows you to go to the next level. Three stars open oysters - levels with tests where you can earn more diamonds.

Goals. At each level, in addition to meeting the needs of passengers, there is a purpose. Taking care of a particular passenger or cleaning will earn you diamonds.

Diamonds. By achieving goals at different levels, you earn diamonds. Pass tests on already completed three-star levels and get even more diamonds. Diamonds can be spent on improving crew abilities.

The shops. Each star received brings money. With this money, you can buy items that speed up scoring and replenishment of supplies and reduce the time it takes to pick up and deliver items.

Love Boat 2: Achievements in the game

Types of achievements. As you progress through the levels, you can get the following achievements:

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