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Warzone 2100 - Full Walkthrough with Tips and Puzzles

Warzone 2100 is a real-time strategy game developed by Pumpkin Studios and released in 1999 for the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. In 2004, the copyright holder published the game resources under a free license. From that moment on, a company of enthusiasts was engaged in further development. The game brought many innovations to the RTS genre, and a great storyline and an unforgettable soundtrack made this game a favorite for millions of gamers.


  1. Game Tips
  2. Cheat Codes
  3. Don’t rush to win!!!
  4. Combat Tactics
  5. Artillery
  6. Alpha Company Walkthrough
  7. Beta Company Walkthrough
  8. Gamma Company Walkthrough
  9. Game Story (spoilers)

Warzone 2100: Game Tips

1. Where to download Warzone 2100? It is best to download from the site wz2100.net This is a company of enthusiasts who are refining and improving the game. You can play on Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms. When installing the game, we recommend downloading a video in good quality to enjoy the gameplay.

2. Save often. The game provides the ability to save at any time. There are a lot of save slots, use it to the maximum to be able to boot from the moment you need. Believe me, the game quite often presents unpleasant surprises.

3. Build a lot. Power plants, factories and research laboratories should be in sufficient numbers. There should be so many protective structures that the enemy does not even have time to reach you.

4. Weapon damage must be calculated by multiplying the rate of fire by the damage from one shot. So we get the amount of damage per minute. With it, you can compare one weapon with another and choose the best. However, you should pay attention to other characteristics of the weapon.

5. A bunker with a machine gun is the most durable building . I don’t know why, but a simple bunker with an assault gun is the best way to withstand the attack of enemies. He has a lot of health and high damage resistance. Build it in those directions where it is worth delaying the enemy. But do not forget to repair it, it is at least durable, but not immortal. The bunker pairs well with artillery, which quickly destroys stopped enemies.

Warzone 2100: Cheat Codes

Cheat codes will allow you to easily complete the mission. However, this is considered cheat technology, so if you want to really enjoy Warzone 2100 - do not use Cheat Codes.

Before you can use cheat codes, you need to press Shift+Backspace. The message "Codes enabled" should appear. To enter a cheat code, press Enter, enter the code and press Enter again.

time toggleTurns the mission timer on or off
hardSets the difficulty to high
normalSets normal difficulty
easySets easy difficulty
let me winLeads to victory in the current mission
build infoTells the date the game was created
count meDisplays the number of objects in the game
demoStarts demo mode
droid infoShows unit information and statistics
no faultsAudio clip
sensorsShows sensor ranges when sensors are selected
timedemoShows game information and statistics
show ordersShows the current order and action for the selected unit
clone warsCreates multiple copies of the selected units.
more powerAdds an additional 1000 strength
super powerMax power
whale finEnables infinite power
give allAllows you to build and explore everything
research allGives you everything you’ve learned
work harderCompletes all active research
biffer bakerYour units are stronger and deal more damage
double upYour units are twice as strong
get off my landKilled all visible enemy units and buildings on the map
reload meImmediately reloads the currently selected unit/structure
killKill selected unit
deityAllows you to see everything on the map
john kettleyChanges the weather to rain, snow or clear weather.

Warzone 2100: Don’t rush to win!!!

Don’t rush to complete the mission. All missions are time limited. In most cases, missions are completed when all enemy buildings and units are destroyed. Leave a few enemy buildings to be able to calmly do your business. Here is what must be done before completing the mission:

1. Conduct all research. As soon as you captured the artifact - immediately examine it. Build 2 or more research labs. New technologies can bring your victory closer.

2. Build the killed units. By the beginning of the next mission, your army should be fully equipped. If the enemy destroyed your units, stand them up again.

3. Build a base. Rebuild destroyed buildings. Create additional defensive structures. Your base must withstand a massive enemy offensive, both on the ground and from the air.

4. Accumulate resources. Resources are added over time. So just wait until your resources accumulate. There is a resource limit in the game, above which they are no longer added.

Make sure that all your oil rigs are built, if the enemy destroyed them, you may not notice it. Oil rigs only work when connected to a power plant.

5. Destroy your units and create stronger ones. As you explore, you will unlock new weapons, hulls, and chassis. By disposing of old units you save their ranks and experience. A newly created, modern unit will have the rank and experience of the salvaged one.

6. Speed ​​up time. If you don’t feel like waiting, you can speed up the time in the game by pressing Ctrl + plus. Slow down time Ctrl + minus.

Warzone 2100: Combat Tactics

The game has a lot of weapons, units and strategies for victory. We will tell you about tactics that will help you complete the game on maximum difficulty. For this you need:

1. Maximum health. You need to use technologies that give the maximum health of the unit. This is necessary so that the unit can withstand massive fire for a long time and then be able to get to the repair shop.

1.1. The best weapon. The best weapons that give maximum health are guns. Then you can install the Gauss weapon. Machine guns, flamethrowers, rockets, lasers have good damage, but such tanks do not last long. They are often killed before they reach the repair shop. All types of weapons in the game can be viewed at the link https://betaguide.wz2100.net/weapons.html

1.2. The best case. The best hulls are: Python, Tiger and Revenge. It is necessary to create tanks on these hulls as soon as you conduct the appropriate research. All types of cases can be viewed at the link https://betaguide.wz2100.net/body.html

1.3. The best chassis. The best chassis are tracks. However, at the beginning of the game you will be forced to use the wheels and then the floor tracks. Although tanks on tracks are slow, they are very tenacious. All chassis can be seen at https://betaguide.wz2100.net/propulsion.html

2. Try not to use cyborgs and planes. They have little health and die quickly. Their use can lead to high production costs and the loss of experienced units.

3. Command turret. Has great health and vitality. Allows you to conduct concentrated fire and destroy the enemy one by one. The higher the commander’s rank, the more units he can lead (maximum 22). Allows you to automatically send damaged units for repairs and return them to service. In the commander’s settings, you need to set Retreat at medium damage (picture above). So it is more likely that the tank will reach the repair, even when the enemy is chasing it.

4. Build repair shops. These buildings are best built closer to the battle. They have a high repair rate. You can build two or three buildings side by side to speed up the process. Beware of narrow places and turns, make sure there is free space, otherwise traffic jams will occur.

5. Move more often. Unfortunately, the front units will not be able to move back when they take damage. Therefore, move your squad more often so that the damaged tanks can pass through the formation of other units and get to the repair shop.

6. When a unit is destroyed, replay the battle. A unit’s experience affects its accuracy and effectiveness on the battlefield. If you have knocked out an experienced unit, then it is better to load the game and replay the battle again. Don’t lose experienced units.

Thus, the detachment created can boldly go into battle and destroy the enemy. Upon taking damage, he will automatically heal and return to battle again. In the late stages of the game, the combat power of 22 tanks may not be enough, so it is worth creating artillery. We will talk about the creation of artillery in the next section of the article.

Warzone 2100: Artillery

Artillery is the god of war. However, artillery units and buildings are very easy to destroy. Therefore, they do not need to attack. They are very effective in supporting your advancing squad when there are many enemies. Unlike the main offensive unit, artillery has several nuances.

1. Weapons. Use mortars first. As soon as you research howitzers, use them.

2. Sensors or radars. Artillery should be tied to a unit with a sensor tower. Such a unit must go next to the advancing unit. It will automatically aim artillery at all enemies in its line of sight. Artillery is ineffective without radar.

3. Hold position. Artillery units do not fire while riding. Therefore, they must be stopped and not moving. As soon as the enemy leaves the range of the gun, then the artillery should be moved closer.

Counter-battery fight

After the appearance of long-range artillery at the enemies, you will be fired very hard. It is worth fighting with her before you start the battle, otherwise she will destroy your artillery after the first shot.

1. Buildings. It is buildings that are needed for counter-battery combat. We recommend Ripple Rocket Battery, Seraph Missile Battery or Archangel Missile Emplacement.

2. Counter-battery radar. It automatically aims your artillery at the launch sites of enemy missiles. The very first volley of enemy artillery will give her location, and you will only have to destroy her.

3. Repair or rebuild. The enemy will also shoot at your guns. They need to be repaired or rebuilt. As soon as the counter-battery duel is over, you can safely go into battle.

Warzone 2100: Alpha Company Walkthrough

Alpha 1: Scavenger Raiders. You have to build your base. We recommend building it from the north side, because. from the south you will be attacked in the next mission. Build two research laboratories, they will be very useful. Before the start of the offensive, gather an army, 10-15 tanks will be enough. There is no repair shop here yet, so it is better to dispose of damaged units and create new ones so as not to lose their experience. Before the end of the mission, gather an army in the south of the map.

Alpha 2: Power Surge Detected. Go south and storm the high base on the left side of the road. Here you will be given repair technology. Build a repairman and repair damaged units. Be sure to order the tanks to retreat for repairs when damaged, so you save both equipment and resources.

Alpha 3: Power Module Artifact. Mission without time, so take your time. Research all technologies, build modern units, dig up resources. Concentrate units on your base, because. the next mission will be transport. Then upgrade the power plant and complete the mission.

Alpha 4: Locate and Recover Artifacts. Time is short, but enough. Load 1 repair unit and 9 tanks into the transport. Go on a mission. Destroy all enemies and their buildings, take the artifact and return to the landing zone. During the mission, do not leave units in the landing zone, otherwise they will be destroyed by enemies.

Alpha 5: Investigate Research Center. Transport mission, but reinforcements are available now. Load troops into vehicles and send them on a mission. Destroy all enemies and collect artifacts. Do all the research, dig up resources, and then return to the drop zone and complete the mission.

Alpha 6: Encoded Signals Detected. Here you will meet with a strong opponent - New Paradigm. Scout the location of the enemy in the center of the map and reinforcements will become available to you. Destroy the scavenger bases in the center and northeast of the map first. Then attack the fortified base in the northeast. Don’t forget to retreat and repair. You will capture a lot of useful technologies. Take your time to complete the mission, leave a couple of enemy buildings and do all the research. After that, destroy the remaining buildings and complete the mission.

Alpha 7: The New Paradigm. There are many enemies, the mission is long. Gradually dismantle old units and build tanks with guns. Be sure to create a command unit - this is the key to your victory. Build repair shops closer to the front line so that your tanks can be repaired faster. Gradually destroy all enemy bases and units.

Alpha 8: Establish a Forward Base. You need to build a second base and repel enemy attacks. Build Power Generator, Research Facility and Factory. Build a lot of defensive structures and they will come in handy. Before completing the mission, part of the troops must be sent to the landing zone, the next mission is transport.

Alpha 9: Enemy Transmissions Detected. Load a truck and 9 tanks into the transport. Upon arrival, destroy the nearest scavenger base. Go to the second landing zone, ignoring the New Paradigm troops. Having reached the second zone, reinforcements and additional time for the mission will be available to you. You can attack the enemy base directly, or you can go to the rear of the base along the road in the east, which is guarded by scavengers.

Alpha 10: Synaptic Link Location. Standard mission, you need to destroy the enemy and pick up artifacts. The enemy will drop in reinforcements, but if you have a command turret, modern tanks and a repair shop, then there should be no difficulties. However, bottlenecks can cause traffic jams.

Alpha 11: Counter Attack. New Paradigm will drop units in different parts of the map. Recommended tactic: defend the main base until the enemy stops landing. Then gradually bypass the entire map, destroying the enemies found. Does not pay attention to destruction, after the destruction of the enemy, you can build everything again.

Alpha 12: Stop the removal of artifacts (New Objectives). A very tricky mission. You need to take 1 truck and 9 tanks. Upon arrival, you need to go very quickly to the east and go down between the first and second scavenger base. At the bottom, stop and wait for the New Paradigm units from the west. After their destruction, an artifact will appear, take it. If you let the unit with the artifact leave, you will have to start the mission from the beginning. Destroy the New Paradigm troops and buildings, then return to the drop zone to complete the mission. We also recommend destroying the scavenger bases, otherwise they will torture you with their raids.

Alpha 13: Incoming Transmission. Attack on the main base of New Paradigm. Nothing complicated except that there will be a lot of enemies, but there will be plenty of time for the mission. Gradually, methodically destroy the enemy. First base in the southeast, and then go north to the main base. Bottlenecks are difficult, so build a repair shop in wide areas. The enemy will try to attack you on the water, but these units are weak and do not pose a big threat to you.

Warzone 2100: Beta Company Walkthrough

Beta 1: Defend and Fortify. You need to protect the Beta base from the Collective warriors. Attacks are both on the ground and from the air. We load 10 tanks into the transport and send them to the Beta base. The remaining units can be transported from the Alpha base as reinforcements throughout the mission. At the Beta base, we are building air defense from the northwestern part of the base. Tanks destroy all enemy units and buildings. We install oil derricks and finish building the base.

Beta 2: Transport Down. Transport mission, no reinforcements available. Be sure to take a truck to build a repair shop. You can immediately go to the green dot in the northeast and the mission will be completed. And you can first destroy all enemies by increasing the combat level of your troops.

Beta 3: Hold At All Costs. The northern part of the map opens near our main base. Almost once the Collective wars will attack your base. After repelling all attacks, destroy enemy bases. Don’t forget to build oil rigs and repair damaged units.

Beta 4: Intercept Convoy. Transport mission, reinforcements available. The enemy has 2 bases in the north. Build a lot of air defense and start attacking. Try to quickly move the fighting and the repair shop closer to the enemy bases, across the water. Otherwise, traffic jams from your units will be created on narrow bridges.

Beta 5: Destroy Enemy Air Base. A large part of the map opens in the west near your main base. You will also be attacked by airplanes, tanks and Collective cyborgs. First, we destroy the enemies and their base in the northwest. Then we go to the southeast and get a new task: to save civilians. We quickly destroy all the remaining enemies and occupy the enemy landing zone. The civilians will evacuate and the mission will end.

Beta 6: Destroy Reactor. Transport mission, reinforcements available. First, we recommend destroying the enemies in the east. Then go on the attack on the main base, located in the northeast.

Beta 7: Capture NASDA Central. Standard transport mission. A large enemy base is located almost in the center of the map. We recommend winning the counter-battery fight, this will simplify the passage of the mission.

Beta 8: Satellite Uplink Site. Another standard transport mission. Destroy enemy bases in the center, northeast and northwest of the map. Difficulties should not arise.

Beta 9: Destroy Enemy SAM Sites. Standard transport mission. At the beginning, we recommend building a lot of air defense, enemy aircraft will be very active. There are 4 enemy bases on the map. We go first to the east and destroy 2 bases. Then west along the northern part of the map. In the northwest is the largest enemy base.

Beta 10: Establish Safe Haven. Before sending the transport, you need to build a lot of defensive structures at the main base, this will greatly simplify the passage of the next mission. Air defense systems in the north and turrets in the north and southeast of the base. Build lots of artillery, radars and counter-battery radars. Then we send transport on a mission. We disembark and defend the landing zone from air raids. Then we destroy all enemies and collect artifacts.

Beta 11: Evacuate! The most difficult mission in this company. Your base will be attacked by enemy aircraft from the northeast and northwest, as well as tanks and infantry from the north and southeast. If you fortified your base in the previous mission, then there should be no problems. During the mission, you will be able to send 3 vehicles with units to the Gamma base. Be sure to send 2 trucks in the first transport, which will begin construction. The last 3 transports do not need to be sent immediately, so as not to prematurely lose combat units. Wait until the end of the mission is 2 minutes, load and send transport. Dispose of the remaining combat units. So you save the experience of all your tanks.

Warzone 2100: Gamma Company Walkthrough

Gamma 1: Establish a forward base. It’s also a pretty difficult mission. You have to repel the attacks of the NEXUS troops, and then build a base. The enemy is much stronger than you, his units are healed just by standing still. NEXUS cyborgs are plentiful and difficult to kill, but howitzers are effective against them. There will also be a lot of aviation, so build air defense. Reinforcements are available that you evacuated from Beta Base. When you build a base and gather your army, you can attack the enemy. First, you should destroy a small base in the north. Then go west and then northwest. At the end, build everything that you didn’t have time to build at the beginning. Be sure to craft at least 15 howitzers. Accumulate resources and you can complete the mission by destroying the last buildings of the enemy.

Gamma 2: Destroy missile site. Tricky transport mission. Reinforcements are available, but you should not take a lot of units, you will not meet strong resistance. The main base is in the west. After its destruction, NEXUS decides to detonate nuclear missiles in the mines. We advise you to act wisely. First, destroy all enemies on the map. Dispose of all your units except for one. Build them again at your base. With the remaining one unit, reach the green marker and complete the mission. So you save your strong army for subsequent missions.

Gamma 3: Assist Team Gamma. Difficult mission, the enemy is very selenium. First you need to suppress enemy artillery, how to do this is described in detail in the section on counter-battery combat. Build an air defense in the northwest of the explored map and place your howitzers next to them (15-20 pieces). Now you can send your main group north through the gorge. Together with them, a radar with tied howitzers should go. As soon as you meet the enemy, you will be given additional time for the mission. If everything is done correctly, then the combat power will be enough to defeat the enemies and destroy his bases. Before completing the mission, build additional research laboratories, they will be useful to you.

Gamma 4: Team Alpha Detected. Difficult transport mission. After passing a third of the map, reinforcements from the main base will be available to you. After that, NEXUS cyborgs will appear in different parts of the map. Of particular danger are enemies that appear in the northeast of the map and attack your landing zone. Build defenses and air defenses there. In addition to tanks, we recommend using howitzers, they effectively fight cyborgs. Having reached the green marker, you will find an artifact and receive troops with the rank of Hero. To complete the mission, everyone needs to return to the landing zone, but first we recommend doing research and digging up resources.

Gamma 5: Defend your base. The NEXUS virus will take over your buildings and units. Need to research the NEXUS resistance program as soon as possible. The study has 4 stages. Your base will be in chaos. As the study progresses, seizures will become less frequent, and then they will completely stop. Destroy the remaining enemies and the mission will be completed.

Gamma 6: Rescue the scout team. Move your small squad south to the green marker. You will get a new base and extra time. First you need to win the counter-battery fight. In parallel with this, strengthen the new base, attacks will be both from the air and on the ground. As soon as the enemy artillery is suppressed, and the attacks of the units are repulsed, you can attack the enemies. The main base is in the center, while the smaller ones are in the north and southeast of the new map. Before completing the mission, you need to do all the research, upgrade units and strengthen the base with artillery. Get ready for an enemy attack from the south.

Gamma 7: The missile silo. It is necessary to clear the entire territory of enemies. A new area will be opened in the south of the map. The enemy has 2 bases in the south. Enemy aircraft will attack in large numbers, build air defense. It is necessary to build your forward base with air defense and artillery near the missile silos.

Gamma 8: Missile codes. The map area with your first Gamma base will disappear. You will be attacked by NEXUS units. And from north to south, the satellite laser will gradually destroy your buildings and units. The main thing is to do the NEXUS resistance research as soon as possible, and then 3 rocket launch code researches. If you do not hesitate with research and competently destroy enemies, then the level will not be difficult to pass.

Gamma 9: Destroy Nexus Main Base. Final battle. First you need to restore your base, oil rigs, factories and other destroyed buildings. It is advisable to create all kinds of industrial buildings, since you will not return here anymore. Upon arrival at the NEXUS base, you need to suppress enemy artillery with Angel missiles. In the southwest of your landing zone there will be a small base with a valuable artifact (Vengeance Corps). In the south, an artifact with the most long-range rockets Archangel. To the west you will find the most powerful Gauss cannon. The main NEXUS base in the southwest needs to be stormed by a large squad with artillery support. When you open this base, NEXUS will start capturing your buildings and units one by one. Destroy this base as soon as possible before your entire army goes over to the side of the enemy.

Warzone 2100: Game Story (spoilers)

The game begins with a cutscene that tells of a nuclear war that has taken place. In 2085, a group of scientists, with the financial support of the US Department of Defense, designed and built a strategic defense control system. As part of the program, called NASDA (from the North American Strategic Defense Agency), a number of satellites were launched into low Earth orbit, carrying missiles with a nuclear warhead, as well as special laser installations.

Official sources report that the system failed during one of the health checks. However, there is a version that NASDA was originally programmed to commit the Collapse. One way or another, at the end of 2085, satellites launched nuclear strikes on all major cities in the world. When retaliatory missile strikes were launched, the orbital missile defense lasers did not fulfill their task and the whole world was completely destroyed.

Some time later, a nuclear winter set in, in which the remnants of humanity fought for their existence. Only a handful of people still held hope for the rebirth of the world. To do this, they reached an abandoned military base in the Rocky Mountains and settled there, waiting for the end of the nuclear winter. This was at the beginning of 2086.

In 2100, they again came to the surface. With the ground portion of the base restored, they were finally ready to begin the Project. To do this, they equipped three expeditionary groups, which were tasked with finding and restoring the lost technology. Fighting against a hostile world and developing, The Project gradually learns the truth about the events that happened in 2085.

Initially, you are confronted by Scavengers - the weakest enemy in the game. After that, you will come across New Paradigm, which has advanced technology. Gradually destroying enemies and collecting his technologies you become stronger. You will learn how to produce stronger tanks and cyborgs. After the destruction of the New Paradigm base, NEXUS will contact you and offer to open your systems for it. If he gets rejected, he gets angry.

The Collective Wars are attacking the Gamma base, you need to help repel the attack. Unfortunately, the enemy has aircraft and advanced technologies. By researching new technologies, you inflict significant damage on the enemy. At the end, NEXUS fires 2 missiles at the Alpha and Beta bases. Having collected all your troops, you go to the Gamma base.

After the evacuation, you are faced with NEXUS, led by a certain Artificial Intelligence. It is later revealed that it is NEXUS that is responsible for the destruction of the world. Moreover, the AI ​​that controls all AI is a system developed as part of the NASDA project that contains the identity of its creator, Dr. Reed. In one of the communication sessions, Reed himself reports that it was he who started the Collapse and that he is ready to repeat it in order to destroy the Project.

In the third part of the campaign, the Project fights exclusively with NEXUS. They manage to take over the NEXUS databanks, its missile silos, and destroy orbiting laser satellites. After all this, the final battle takes place at the NEXUS base in the northern part of the Rocky Mountains. The Project forces destroy the NEXUS command center and set about rebuilding civilization.

The game’s ending is ambiguous, as the final cutscene ends with one of the satellite communications centers beginning the nuclear missile launch sequence. Along with this, Reed’s laughter is heard ...

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