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Family Island Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

FAMILY ISLAND - Android game from Melsoft Games. Game Genre: Casual. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Will there be neighbors or interaction with other players in the game? A system of trade and exchange between players will appear in the future.

Is it possible to fish in the game? Not.

My warehouse is always full! What to do? If a warehouse runs out of time, it’s time to improve it. You can also exchange extra resources in the warehouse for a gaming experience.

Does Family Island have ratings or achievements? Developers plan to introduce ratings and achievements in future updates!

Is it possible to discover other islands? In future updates, it will be possible to move between the islands.

Can I feed my family more than one meal at a time? Not really. In addition, in future updates, the number of dishes that can be eaten to get extra energy will be limited. Thus, the limit of stored energy will be preserved.

Why do I see the message "Everyone is full" when I want to feed my family? This means that you have too much energy and the family can no longer eat. In this case, you need to spend energy.

Does the game have a trading system? Yes, there is a merchant and a shaman in the game with whom you can exchange resources and get rarer items.

Why can’t I fell big trees and smash big stones? This means that your level in the game is not high enough.Gain experience and unlock new levels to get more expensive resources.

How to clean an object in a warehouse? In Family Island, you can hide the decor and some items in a warehouse. In order to hide an item in a warehouse, you need to click on it, holding your finger for a few seconds.After the item rises, click on the cart icon.

Why did I cut down a tree, and in its place appeared two? Family Island runs auto-generation resources.This is done so that you can always replenish your supplies of stone, wood, clay and other things.

How can I travel in the game? In Family Island, you can travel to other islands and complete tasks there. To do this, click on the island icon (in the lower left part of the screen), select the island you need and click the "Forward!" Button.

What are Travel Points? Travel Points are spent for traveling around the world of Family Island. They recover automatically after a while.

Can i play Family Island on multiple devices? Yes. Just keep in mind that you cannot play on multiple devices at the same time. The game saves your latest progress. If you notice that the second device has an old save, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Turn off the Internet,
  2. Enter the game, close the game.
  3. Turn on the Internet again, log in to the game again, log in via Facebook. Thus, your last save should automatically load.

Is Family Island available to play on PC? At the moment, the game is available only for mobile devices on iOS and Android platforms.

I played Family Island on an emulator and something went wrong. What should I do? Developers do not support the game on any emulators or similar programs. The official version of the game is available only for mobile platforms iOS and Android.

Where to find salt in the game? In Family Island, salt can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Fulfill the orders of the merchant and the shaman. Salt can be in gifts that are issued for the execution of the chain of orders.
  2. With some probability, salt falls out of chests and starfish.

Where can I get the bumps? Cones fall out during the extraction of Christmas trees.

How to get an emerald? You need to break big stones. In addition, emeralds are sometimes found in gifts and chests.

How do i make paint? You can make the paint yourself in a mixer.

How do I make a palette? The palette is made in the carpentry. Available from level 31.

How to free up storage space? You can always exchange extra items for experience. Open the warehouse window by clicking on the corresponding icon in the lower right corner of the screen, then select the item that you want to exchange for experience, and click on the button under the product card.

Where to find a shaman and how to start fulfilling his orders? The shaman lives on the right side of the home island. To see his orders - click on the altar. Keep in mind that the shaman is not immediately available in the game.

How do i make a needle? Needles are made in carpentry.

How to get claws? Nails can be obtained in three ways:

  1. In the gifts of the shaman and the merchant, which you will receive for completing the order chain.
  2. Gifts and chests on the islands.
  3. On the island of the "Sun" you will find thorns. They also drop claws.

Where to find thorns? These plants can be found on some islands in the game. First of all, look for the "Sun" on the island. They also appear during some game events.

How to move buildings? In order to raise the building you need to click on it and hold your finger for a few seconds. Then a green arrow will appear and the building will rise. Now boldly move it around the map. To put a building, click on the green checkmark. Remember, you cannot move buildings that are currently producing items.

How to cook a meal? In the game, you can cook and eat food to replenish energy reserves. In order to cook, you need to open the hearth (boiler) or cutting table, then drag the food icon into the cooking slot.

How to feed a family? In order to feed the heroes, you need to open the dining table, drag the available dishes into an empty slot, and then click on the image of the plate (icon on the right). Remember, if you feed your family the same dishes, you get less energy.

What does the ash look like and where can I find it? Ashes are used to make items. It can be obtained as a reward for the shaman’s order chain.

I don’t have enough torches, what should I do? Torches are a scarce item in the game. They can only be obtained from the gifts of the shaman for completing the entire chain of orders.

How can I save my progress in the game? It is highly recommended that you keep your progress in the game! This can easily be done via Facebook. To do this, you need to log in to Facebook in the game by clicking on the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the screen.

I completed the task, but the quest did not count. What to do? This means that a new task is available!For example, you spent a lot of time to improve the main house. During this time you have increased your level. It seems that the quest did not count, but in fact, the next improvement for the main house just became available to you.

My purchase did not come into play. What to do? First of all, check your Internet connection. To add a purchase to the game, it must be stable enough. If the connection was interrupted during or immediately after the purchase, reboot the device, re-enter the game and check if the purchase has arrived. An in-game purchase can be credited to the game profile within 24 hours of payment. If after this period the purchase has not arrived, immediately contact technical support. Provide additional purchase information in the request:

  1. The exact amount of items purchased.
  2. The approximate time when the purchase was made.
  3. Screenshot of the receipt. After some time, the check is sent to the mail of the account from which the purchase was made. More information on purchase history can be found in the user support section on the websites of Apple and Google.

Depending on your operating system, you may contact the seller providing the transaction: Google Play or iTunes.

How do i make butter? Oil is produced in a mixer. Available from level 31.

Where to get the magic ball? A magic ball can be obtained for fulfilling orders of a shaman. He also falls out of an abandoned hut, which is located on the left side of the home island.

How to get premium items (shovels, saws, picks)? Some objects on the map can only be collected using special items. They can be found in chests on the home island.

How to get a golden key? Gold keys can be obtained for completing the merchant’s order chain.

How to feed animals? In order to feed animals, you need to make food for them. Feed is made in a mill.

Where can I get seashells? Seashells at Family Island are rewarded for fulfilling merchant orders. In addition, they drop out of starfish and chests.

What does clay look like and where to find it? Clay deposits are on many islands in the game. For example, on the home island you can easily find them at the top of the location. Keep in mind that resources in Family Island are automatically generated.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.