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Match Masters WiKi: Tips and tricks for beating the game

Match Masters is a casual game from Candivore. Unlike other Match 3 games, here you will challenge other players and prove your skill in making the right combinations of chips in large-scale tournaments and events. Use boosters, mixers and even items of equipment to win. Invite friends to the game, develop winning strategies, get trophies and climb up the rankings. And to make the game even more fun, collect your collection of trendy stickers.


  1. Game Mode Guide
  2. Getting Boosters and Boxes
  3. Hosting Tournaments
  4. Participation in events
  5. League of Legends
  6. Achievements and Trophies
  7. Friends in the game
  8. All about stickers
  9. Solving technical problems during matches
  10. Player Account Settings

Match Masters: Game Mode Guide

Normal mode. Play Mode/Normal Mode is the traditional way to play Match Masters. At the start of your journey, the Play/Normal mode will help you get to know the game and all the match-3 rules a little better. It will also help you progress towards unlocking studios. Studio advancement unlocks new and exciting ways to play Match Masters like Dustville Duel, Sugar Rush and more!

After completing all the studios and entering the Masters League ("Play" mode) / (Normal mode) will remain the classic way to play Match Masters. When you select (P1ay Mode) / (Normal Mode) in the Masters League, the system will randomly select a past arena based on previously unlocked studios that you and your opponent will play in.

Daily mode. The "Daily" mode is slightly different from the traditional mode. Every day a new combination of rules and modifiers will be added to the game - you can still win trophies and event points by playing the Daily mode, but with a little more excitement.

Game modifiers can include different speeds, new shapes, and interesting ways to score, so choose your boosters and perks wisely!

game modifiers. There are many different game modifiers that can be found in Tournaments, Events and Daily modes. Each modifier adds more fun to the game! They carry their own sets of rules and can be combined with two additional modifiers at the same time. The features of each modifier can be found by pressing the "i" button next to the logo of the modifier or mode.

Look out for different speeds, new pieces, and interesting scoring rules to help you decide which boosters and perks you should pick up and what your next move should be!

Adventure mode. Adventure modes will take you on a journey never seen before! Follow the path to the grand prize by defeating your opponents, winning many challenging games and collecting treasures along the way. Each adventure offers a path with multiple levels to complete. Each level consists of a specific game mode that must be won in order to continue on and win the grand prize at the end.

Also, in each adventure, a certain number of lives is given. If you lose a match, you lose a life. If you lose all your lives without reaching the top, the adventure will end. Each adventure also has its own theme and sticker album! Completing adventures will help you collect stickers from adventure albums, and completing a page or album will earn you epic prizes!

Star race. In Star Race, the number of stars you earn after each game is shown on the leaderboard as your Star Race score. The goal is to score the most stars among all participants on the leaderboard.

Score Smash. Score Smash has a special game mode that can be played throughout the event. The score in each match is accumulated after the game and then displayed on the leaderboard as your Score Smash score. The goal is to get the highest total score: the more you play and the higher your score, the more points you get. Your score counts whether you win or lose the match.

fire starter. In the Fire Starter event, the goal is to defeat your opponents by winning as many games in a row as possible. This will count as your win streak. The higher your winning streak, the higher your chances of winning the race! You will be able to see where you are on the Fire Starter leaderboard. Whether you’re playing Tournaments, Adventure Mode, or Normal Modes, if you win a match, it will count toward your win streak. Does not include games against friends.

Match Masters: Getting Boosters and Boxes

Legendary and SE boosters. Legendary and SE boosters are premium boosters and can only be obtained through:

  1. In-game prizes;
  2. Contests in social networks;
  3. In special offers;
  4. In the in-game store.

These boosters cannot be purchased with coins directly on the booster selection page. Given the strength of these boosters, in order to maintain a balanced game, their purchase is limited, and their use in friendly matches is also excluded. Keep an eye out for special offers for a chance to get these rare booster packs at a bargain price!

teambox. Team Box is a team achievement that must meet minimum requirements. Please check with your teammates first to see if they have received their Team Box. If they did and you didn’t, check the following terms to see if any of them apply to you:

If none of these conditions apply to you, please contact support. Please note: Team Box is issued once a week after the completion of the challenge.

Cannot replace Booster Box. When you receive a Booster Box, you can replace the boosters inside it up to three times by pressing the "Replace" button and watching the video. Sometimes the video inventory is empty and there are no more videos available, so you won’t be able to replace your boosters. The developers are constantly working on adding videos to the video inventory, and you will be able to watch more videos as soon as they become available.

Wrong result in Booster Box. If you received/purchased a Booster Box and received boosters that do not correspond to the level of this box, please contact support for help. If you are unhappy with the boosters you received, you can watch the promotional video to replace the content up to three times until you get a result you like more.

Boosters are lost/missing. Boosters are never removed from your account unless they were lost in a match. If you have lost your boosters due to a technical issue, the support team will be happy to assist you with your request. If you notice that the booster has disappeared from your account, you may have used it, and therefore it may seem that there are fewer of them than you initially thought. If it doesn’t, and you’re sure you had more boosters than shown on the booster selection page, try restarting the app and see if any of your boosters returned.

An opponent with a higher level booster. Where possible, matchmaking will pit you against players of roughly the same trophy level as you. This is to ensure that you play against a player with the same experience, which makes the game fair for all players. At the same time, boosters and perks can be selected even before you meet the enemy. Both players are free to choose any boosters and perks they would like to use in this match, from bronze to legendary boosters.

I have a lower level booster. Is it possible to win? If you decide to play with a less powerful booster than your opponent, this does not guarantee you an automatic loss. While playing with a higher level booster can give you an advantage, there are many examples of players defeating opponents with legendary boosters while using lower level boosters. Match Masters is a match 3 puzzle game that, like all other puzzle games, requires skill but also luck, so while it may be more challenging, it’s definitely not impossible to beat the highest level boosters!

Match Masters: Hosting Tournaments

Tournaments. Tournaments are a way to prove how good you really are in a match. They range from 8 to 64 players and combine different rules, game modifiers, and entry requirements (such as specific booster tiers or entry fees). They also offer great prizes like Event Points, Tournament Cups and even Boosters! All prizes and game rules can be seen in the "i" and "Prizes" icons on the tournament banner.

Selection of players. When joining a tournament, you will initially be paired with a random player, regardless of the booster or perk chosen. The tournament will start as soon as all places for participants are filled.

Mechanics. Each tournament is divided into blocks of 4, so if you beat your opponent in a match, your next opponent will be someone who also won their match in the same block as you. Before joining a tournament: You will use the same booster and the same perks throughout the tournament with no option to change them mid-tournament.

It is important to know that individual matches in tournaments also give you stars and trophies, unless the tournament is unranked. Unranked tournaments will be displayed with a "Non Ranked" icon on the banner.

Tournament tickets. Tournament tickets are an in-game currency used to enter exclusive tournaments. By participating in these tournaments, you have the opportunity to win special prizes. These tournaments will have a countdown timer before they start, so you’ll know exactly when you can use your tickets. Tournament tickets can be purchased as part of special offers or won as prizes.

Tournament prizes not received. Prizes are displayed on the banner of each tournament. Different tournaments have different prizes. Tournaments with more participants usually offer more prizes for 1st and 2nd place players. In small tournaments, prizes are awarded only for 1st place. Make sure the tournament you’re playing in doesn’t just give prizes for 1st place. If you were supposed to receive a prize, but received another one/did not receive it at all, please make sure that this did not happen for the following reasons:

Match Masters: Participation in events

Special event. Costing one Clash ticket, this exclusive event is the first of its kind. Tickets can be obtained at sales or as prizes. Each participant has a chance to keep his opponent’s booster. This event limits the levels of the participants’ boosters, so it will be equal and fair as you can win a booster of the same strength. In Booster Clash you won’t win trophies or stars, but you will win boosters and your opponent’s glory.

The perfect heist. If you want to plan the perfect heist, you need to complete the safes within a certain number of moves. Each collected safe will bring you a separate prize. You will have 15 minutes to plan your moves and score as many points as possible. To complete this task, receive prizes and save the booster, you need to collect all the safes. In this mode, some boosters will work a little differently:

You can try to complete this task as many times as you wish, however, the prizes received cannot be received again. Available to players with 16,000 trophies and above.

Score Rally. In Score Rally, you need to complete all the laps by reaching the checkpoints in a certain number of moves. Each milestone you reach earns you a fantastic prize once per event. In this challenge, you will have 15 minutes to reach all checkpoints and complete the task, thereby winning all the prizes and keeping your booster. Each checkpoint you reach will update your turn counter.

When starting a new circle, you will start from the last checkpoint you reached. However, if you manage to complete the circle with extra moves, they will be added to your booster’s energy. In this mode, some boosters will work a little differently:

You can try to complete this task as many times as you wish, however, the prizes received cannot be received again. Available to players with 16,000 trophies and above.

Top Masters. This is an exclusive event for any player who manages to complete one of the main events before it ends. This secret event offers upgraded prizes from the main events. If you have already reached the Top Masters event before, you will start the event from where you left off the last time.

This means that any previously received prizes cannot be redeemed and you will now be working towards the new available prizes. Once you complete the Top Masters event, your progress will be reset to the start and you can start your Top Masters journey all over again! Here are the Top Masters rules:

Remember that you can earn a lot of points for winning tournaments.

score party. There are no winners or losers in Score Party! Keep earning big match scores and you’ll see how fast you advance in the event! Score Party Rules:

Remember that you can also earn a lot of points by winning tournaments.

Win it Big Friends Edition. Unlike regular Win It Big, in the Friends Edition event you will receive a ticket when you add a new friend using the "Win It Big" link during the event. These tickets give you access to a big draw at the end of the event. The game has fantastic prizes that you can win. So remember, the more friends you refer, the higher your chances of winning these prizes!

The ticket has a one in ten chance of winning. There are several levels of prizes. If more than one of your tickets wins, the highest prize tier you have earned will be selected as your prize.

Seasonal events. Participate in festive seasonal events with unique designs and fun prizes. Stars - that’s the goal of the game: the more you collect, the more points you get. Here are the rules:

treasure temple. All you need for this event is trophies, so go ahead and start winning. Here are the rules:

Jurassic run. Collect these harmless dinosaur eggs by making special combinations and scoring more points than your opponent!

Digging Diamonds. Play with your Diamond Boosters in the glamorous Digging Diamonds event and earn double Event Points every game you play! Rules:

piggy bank. By earning stars while the Piggy Bank is active, you will add coins to your piggy bank, and as soon as it is full. You will be able to break the piggy bank by purchasing it to get the coins inside! After you break the piggy bank, you will get all the coins inside it, so you can buy coins at a lower price than they are usually available in the store. This will also unlock the next level of the piggy bank - so you can get even more coins at a discount!

Win It Big. This is a great opportunity to shop in the game. For every $1 spent on in-game products, you will receive a ticket that will give you access to the big draw at the end of the event. Huge prizes are waiting for you, so the more tickets you have, the higher your chances of getting these prizes. Note:

Event points or prizes not received. If you did not receive event points or received a different amount than you should have received, contact support. If you are unable to receive prizes at events, restart the application and try again. If this doesn’t work, or you received a different prize than shown, please contact support.

Match Masters: League of Legends

Concept. Legends League is where you will find the most elite players. You can climb many ranks in this league and win amazing prizes. The prizes you receive at the end of the season will depend on the rank you managed to achieve by the end of the season.

Getting trophies. At the end of each season, the number of Legends League player trophies resets to 30,000, so you can challenge yourself again every month. While it may seem difficult to climb the Legends League rankings, the game actually increases the number of trophies you can win the higher you climb in the league, so your way up will be much faster than you think!

No end-of-season prizes received. At the end of the Masters League season, you should receive a reward according to the rank at which you finished. Sometimes it can take some time for these prizes to be processed, which may result in a delay in claiming end-of-season prizes. Please wait until your prizes are sent to you.

Please note that only players who have reached the Masters League will receive end-of-season prizes.

Match Masters: Achievements and Trophies

Achievements. Achievements are a way to showcase your most important milestones in Match Masters. As you progress in the game, you’ll earn achievement badges based on various goals you complete, such as how long you’ve been playing the game, your longest win streak, or a certain number of points in a single game. There are even seasonal badges that you can earn by participating in the Legends League, as well as a host of other in-game achievements.

Achievement improvement. Many achievements can be improved as you progress in the game. For example, if you have a "Blazing Hot" badge that represents the number of win streaks you have, you’ll get a badge for winning 30 games in a row, another badge for winning 40 games, and finally a badge for winning 50 games in a row, the highest achievement for this category. icons!

You can find your badges by clicking on your profile icon in the top left corner of the home screen. Your Achievements page should then automatically open.

Major achievement. If you have more than one achievement, you can select the one you like best by clicking on the desired icon and confirming that you want this icon to appear as your main achievement. This badge will be displayed when entering a match against an opponent, so be sure to select your most impressive achievement :)

Trophies. Trophies represent your progress in the game. They will help you unlock new studios and join the Masters League. After reaching the Masters League, trophies will help you move forward and reach new ranks and prizes along the way. By default, in all Match Masters games, you can win or lose trophies, however, in unranked games, your number of trophies will not change. Unranked games will be marked with a "Not ranked" icon, indicating that these games will not affect your trophies.

The number of trophies earned or lost in a match depends on the player’s studio/rank.

Bonus trophies. Bonus trophies can be obtained after winning a match based on the following:

Bonus trophies for defeating an opponent with the strongest boosters. If your opponent uses a Diamond or Legendary level booster and you win the match, this is what you get:

Bonus trophies for defeating a higher ranked opponent. Bonus trophies are also earned by winning a match against a player with a higher number of trophies. The more trophies your opponent has, the more bonus trophies you get! You can get up to 5 additional bonus trophies per match.

Studios and mixers. After completing the Match Masters Academy, you will be able to receive trophies to unlock new studios in the game. Each studio has its own theme and a special feature called a mixer. Mixers will add zest to your match. It could be pieces with extra points or activating a special feature that will really spice up your game! Studios change every 300 trophies until you reach 3,800 trophies - then you can move up to the big league - Masters League.

Match Masters: Friends in the game

Invite friends. If you want to add new friends to your list, you can do so by clicking on the "Friends" button, which can be found in the main menu. After entering the list, a green button should appear that says "Invite Friends". When you click on this button, a unique link should appear and you can copy and send it to your friends or share it on any of the communication channels you use.

Choose 10 friends who have never played the game before and win rewards in the Friend Fiesta event! While it is recommended to invite your friends to play, they must be considered "new players" to be eligible for prizes.

Challenge friends. If you want to challenge your friend in the game, you can simply go to your friends list in the menu, find your friend and press the "Challenge" button! This should send him a notification that you have challenged him to a match and he can either accept or decline your challenge. If you defeat a friend and win the match, you keep their booster! But if you lose, you will lose your booster.

Please note that matches that are voided or canceled before the end of the game will not give the winner an opponent booster.

How to remove a friend? Friends connected via Facebook are automatically synced to the game, so if you remove them from your Facebook friends list, they will also be automatically removed from your in-game friends list. If you are not connected via Facebook, you can still remove them from the game by clicking "Remove Friend" on the respective friend.

Can’t add friends. If you are unable to add new friends to the game, you may have exceeded the maximum number of friends that can be in the game. You can have up to 100 friends, so if you want to add more friends, you can remove other friends by following the instructions.

Did not receive a prize for inviting friends. To be eligible for rewards for new friends who join the game, make sure you do not exceed the maximum number of rewards for inviting friends (30 friends). If you haven’t reached this limit yet, make sure the following conditions are met:

Your friend must meet both conditions in order for you to receive your rewards. If your friend meets both of these requirements, ask them to click the invite link again and then restart the game. If you still haven’t received your prize, please let support know the names of your friends so they can figure out what went wrong.

Please note that Facebook friends who are on your friends list but who were not invited by you do not qualify you for the prize, but do give you 150 coins for joining the game.

Match Masters: All about stickers

Sticker tokens. Sticker Tokens is the Match Masters solution for all your missing sticker problems. Each token can turn into any missing sticker you want. That’s right, even those missing old seasonal and elusive adventure album stickers can be yours, just like that! To use sticker tokens, simply navigate to the sticker you are missing, click on it, and voila, the missing sticker will appear.

Seasonal albums. Masters League players will now receive a brand new album to complete each season. These unique albums can only be completed in the current season. Season stickers can be obtained as prizes as you progress in the game. However, seasonal stickers will also be offered as part of special sales and as prizes throughout the season. There will also be days to exchange seasonal stickers, so keep an eye out for them.

Collection of stickers. Collecting stickers is the best way to get boosters, perks and rare outfits in the game. They can be obtained by purchasing them directly from the store, as prizes in main and side events, in special sales and trophy rewards. Stickers can also be earned through exciting daily giveaways and social media contests.

Unlock new albums. New albums are opened as soon as you receive a sticker from this album. You can get stickers as prizes in events, in the game’s social media channels, or by purchasing them directly with coins in the in-game store.

Prizes for albums. This is the last reward you get for collecting stickers. Prizes are awarded upon completion of the page with stickers and upon completion of the full album. Some outfits can only be obtained by completing pages and albums. These outfits are sure to impress your rivals.

Outfits can be switched at any time through the Wardrobe menu. Some albums open creative style packs that you can select from the "Style Packs" section. Albums contain many prizes such as coins, boosters, special boxes and On Fire games that you will receive when you complete some albums or individual pages.

Duplicate stickers. Stickers are a fun feature in the game and collecting them is a process that can take some time and effort. Sticker packs, like booster boxes, can contain stickers for multiple levels or just one level, so you won’t always get the results you want. The lower tier stickers (white) are easier to collect than the higher tier stickers (gold/diamond) and once you get most of the stickers it can be harder to get new ones.

The good news is that your duplicate stickers don’t go to waste! The Duplicate Scale converts any duplicate sticker you receive into points that accumulate and turn into valuable prizes. Each level of stickers brings a different number of points; gold or diamond stickers are worth more points than white or silver stickers. Once you get enough points to fill the scale, you will receive the main prize.

Duplicate stickers can be exchanged in the official Facebook group. There are many players offering stickers that might be the one you’re missing! Stickers can also be obtained as prizes in main and side events, for progress in trophies and in the store.

Missing stickers. A good way to quickly earn missing stickers is to try to get stickers marked "Missing Sticker". These stickers are always guaranteed to give you the missing sticker (if you haven’t already collected all the stickers for that level). There are several ways to get the missing stickers. You can get them in events, in draws at the office. pages of the game in social networks and adventures - if you reach the end!

Sticker exchange. When you have duplicates of the same stickers, you can trade those stickers with your friends, teammates or anyone for the stickers you are missing! This will help you complete your albums faster and win all the great prizes they offer! Every day you can send one silver and two white stickers.

There are also certain days when you can exchange gold and diamond stickers! You can exchange stickers with people on your friends list, which can be found in the game menu on the main screen, or with friends or teammates by going to "Stickers" - "Send Stickers"!

Exchange of diamond stickers. From time to time, the rarest type of stickers - Diamond Stickers - are opened for exchange. Each Diamond Sticker Exchange Event will feature 2 Diamond Stickers available for exchange. This means that only those 2 stickers will be available to trade on that particular day. You can exchange one for another, exchange for the desired sticker of another level, or even give as a gift! The available stickers change every time there is a diamond sticker exchange, so be on the lookout for these special days!

Join the official game group to find the stickers you need, and meet, chat and share your gaming achievements with other Match Masters players around the world.

Adventure album stickers. Adventure stickers can be earned by winning in adventure modes. Collecting these stickers may take some time, however the rewards are bigger than ever and definitely worth it. Also, you won’t get duplicates in these albums, which will definitely help you complete them faster. Keep winning in adventure modes and you’ll quickly fill up those albums. If your adventure album is completed, you will receive duplicate stickers from that album, which will give you 30 points in the duplicate track.

Emotions. Show your personality by playing Match Masters with emotions! You can activate emotes by pressing the chat button during a match. By default, you have six standard emotes, but you can replace them with unique collectible emotes to choose from from your collection. There are a lot of emotes to get - they will give you plenty of ways to show off your style in Match Masters! Emotes can be obtained from special sales and prizes received throughout the game. You can customize in the emotes tab on your profile page which six emotes you prefer to use in a match.

Match Masters: Solving technical problems during matches

Technical defeat. Technical defeats can occur due to several reasons. The most common cause of technical failure is a connection problem. Another reason a forfeit loss can occur is due to inactivity during a match. The match will be canceled if you or your opponent do not make a move for two rounds in a row. If you encounter a technical defeat for any other reason, the support team will be happy to help you.

Problems with the opponent’s timer. Sometimes you may find that it is as if your opponent can still make moves even after his timer has expired. While it may look like this, it doesn’t actually give the opponent extra time, but rather a visual timing issue.

It can occur when your opponent is using an older device that does not properly support the timeline feature. This causes all animations (matching up, activating boosters, and changing moves) to be slower for your opponent, so the opponent doesn’t actually gain any time advantage and both players get the same amount of time.

The game freezes during a match. A good way to fix this issue is to try restarting the application and see if the issue occurs again.

The search for an opponent takes too long. In rare cases, when entering a match, you may find that finding an opponent takes longer than usual. If you see that after the estimated time you still have no opponent, check your connection. Contact support if this issue persists.

Problems with connection. Match Masters requires a reliable and stable connection to run smoothly. Connection problem messages can sometimes occur when the servers are unable to establish a reliable connection. All this will be displayed in your game as a red clock (see screenshot). The system gives you 30 seconds to restore a stable connection. Try the following steps to help reconnect:

Opponent is offline, but playing. Sometimes, in the middle of a match, a green clock may appear on the screen, which means that your opponent has lost connection. Your opponent has 30 seconds to reconnect and if they don’t, you will win the game by technical victory. In some cases, the green clock may remain on your screen and continue (or even end) the countdown, but you will still see your opponent making moves.

This can happen when the connection is very slow and the game needs a few seconds to sync. This means that your opponent has already reconnected, but the game needs a few more seconds to sync, causing the game to continue with the error message still displayed.

Match Masters: Player Account Settings

Outfits. Keep up with the times and check out Match Masters outfits! By choosing one of the original stylish outfits, you choose both your avatar and your profile picture. Outfits can be purchased at the store for coins, or at one of the special sales. You can find your outfits in your profile under the "Outfits" tab. If you’re connected to Facebook, you can select either your Facebook photo or your outfit to appear as your profile picture.

Change name. To change your in-game name, please contact support via the support form. If you want to change the name of your team, please make sure you are the owner of the team before posting. If you are not the owner of the team, you can always ask the actual owner to consider changing the name and contact support about this.

showoffs. Showoffs, formerly known as Style Packs, can be unlocked by completing sticker albums! These Show Offs completely change the win animation in your matches. These themed animations will show up when you win a match, overriding the default animations for you and your opponent. To choose which Show Off you want to use, go to your profile menu under "Show Offs" and select your Show Off there.

How to change profile picture? Your profile picture is automatically synced with your Facebook account. This means that any changes you make to your Facebook profile image will also affect the image displayed in the game. It may take some time for the game to sync with your Facebook account, so your changes may not appear immediately. Unfortunately, there is currently no option to select a profile picture if you are not connected to Facebook, but this feature may come in the future.

Wrong flag next to my image. The flag icon that appears next to your in-game profile picture syncs with whatever country you’re currently in. If the flag of the wrong country appears next to your image, wait a couple of days as it may take some time to sync with your local servers.

Recover account. If you have already played Match Masters and want to restore your old account instead of a new one, or restore your progress on a new device, there are two ways to do this:

Delete your account. If you want to leave the game, you can simply delete the app from your device. You can also unlink your account from Facebook if you have previously linked it to the game by contacting support or by following Facebook’s instructions. Please note that by leaving your Facebook account linked to the game, you will be able to save your progress even if you delete the application if you want to return.

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