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Danger Dash WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

DANGER DASH - game for android from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Is it possible to turn the wrong way? There are no wrong ways in the game. Run wherever you like!

Does the environment give any bonuses? No, it doesn’t matter where to run, the main thing is not to stop!

How are points awarded? Points are awarded for collecting coins. The value of each coin is multiplied by your account multiplier. Miranda Rose increases the multiplier by 3 points. In addition, a certain amount of points is awarded for the distance traveled.

Why do we need improvements? Improvements give the character additional features. Improvements are a key component of setting records! In the store you can purchase an improvement to your taste.

Why do you need to complete tasks? Finishing tasks, you can permanently increase your score multiplier, and, accordingly, increase your record! Try to complete as many tasks as possible to get a chance to get on the leaderboards.

Where can I view assignments? To view tasks, go to the Goals section in the Main menu. Also, completing the task during the race, you will see a list of tasks in front of the results screen.

What is the scale at the top of the screen for? This bar shows your level of insanity! Fill this scale collecting coins and turn on the Call of the Jungle mode by clicking the icon that appears to make a desperate jerk!

What is the Jungle Call mode? In Call of the Jungle mode, you will temporarily receive an increase in the score multiplier. Collect coins to fill the Call of the Jungle scale (it is located at the top of the screen). After completing it, click on the icon that appears to enable the Jungle Call mode!

I constantly lose due to obstacles, what should I do? Remember the location of the obstacles and watch it carefully! A high obstacle must be circumvented; lying on the ground - to jump, under lying on the ground - to roll up! Do not get involved in collecting coins if it distracts you from dodging obstacles.

Why are achievements necessary? Achievements can be obtained for fulfilling long-term goals. For them you will not receive rewards, but each of them is a reward in itself!

How to purchase items in the game? All items can be bought at the store. Among them are improvements, characters, and currency sets. The Shop can be accessed from the Main Menu.

Can I pay for skipping a job? Yes, go to the Goals section of the Main Menu and use coins to instantly complete any task except training. Paid tasks will be counted after the next run!

What are green and red objects for? These are speed boosters. The greens speed up the player and increase by one multiplier the score until the end of the race. Reds slow down and decrease the score multiplier. To get the maximum number of points, collect as many green amplifiers as possible, but stay away from the red ones!

How to increase the score multiplier? There are several ways to do this. By completing tasks, you can permanently increase the multiplier to 20. During the race, you will collect green amplifiers that increase the multiplier by one. You can also activate the "Fever" mode by filling in the scale. In this mode, depending on the improvements, the multiplier increases by 5 - 10 points.

Can I connect to a social network if I’m under 13? No you can not.

How can I change the name in the game? The game will automatically set your name based on information from Facebook. However, if you are not connected to Facebook, at the beginning of the game you will receive the name Guest with the addition of a random character set. To change the name you need to connect to Facebook.

How to connect to Facebook? You can connect to Facebook at any time by clicking on the blue Facebook icon in the Settings menu, on the leaderboard screen or on the results screen.

How can I adjust the volume level? Select the Settings section in the Main menu or in the pause menu.

How to change language settings? Select the Settings section in the Main menu or in the pause menu. Select Languages, and then select your preferred language.

Does the game have a help section? Yes. Select the Settings section in the Main menu, then Information and the Help section. It contains several categories related to various aspects of the game.

How to control the character in the game? Swipe up - jump, swipe down - tackle, left and right - move in the appropriate directions.

How many types of coins are there? Three: gold, diamond (twice as expensive) and huge (four times as expensive).

How to use perks? Perks can be purchased and improved in the Store (you can get into it from the Main menu). During the race, perks can be picked up in green boxes with an exclamation mark or a tiger image. Found perks are activated automatically.

What types of currencies are present in the game? Coins are the only currency that can be collected during the race. You can watch videos in the Coin Store to earn coin sets and speed up game progress.

What can I buy with coins? You can buy almost anything in the game for coins. For example, improvements from the Store, open characters, skip tasks and revive the character during the race.

What are the benefits of connecting to Facebook? You will be able to compete with friends from Facebook for places in the leaderboards and view their records!

How to add friends to the game "Jungle Name"? All Facebook friends playing Jungle Call will join you automatically! You can invite new friends to the game by clicking the Invite icon. You can open the leaderboards from the Main menu.

Why do I need a share button? By clicking the Share icon, you will post news about your achievements on your Facebook wall.

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